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Jumping a bit into the future [although I am still reserving the right to go
backwards!], I wanted to share a fun new program with you. We have been talking
about doing something like this for quite a while and just have never managed
to get it off the FIG TREE WISH LIST [ can I just share with you that that list
is REALLY, really long and seems to get longer all the time]! 

But at Spring Market we finally announced & filled the Pilot Program for our new FIG TREE CLUB. We only took the first 20 stores to start off so that we can see how it all goes this first time around. We will of course open up the club
to more stores at the next Quilt Market but for now, these are the lucky few
[or the brave few who we will work out all of our club program kinks on]! 

The Fig Tree Club is an in store or in some cases an online program available at the participating store. Four
times a year we are designing an exclusive pattern for club members, releasing
some special coupons and generally giving folks another opportunity to have fun
with Fig Tree fabrics- what could be better I ask you? 

Each pattern will be based on a precut [Jelly Roll™, HoneyBun™ or Layer Cake™] of one of our new fabric collections for MODA fabrics. The 4th project [since we usually only release 3 collections a year] will be what we are calling a “Sunday Brunch” project. Get it? What do restaurants use for their Sunday Brunch? Well… all of the leftovers from the week! Hope you already knew that and I am not bursting your Sunday Brunch bubble…its still a great meal, right?  Or in this case a fabric project, its just a medley! So the project will be designed and kitted from a variety of Fig Tree collections in such a way that each store should easily be able to make from what they have leftover. 

Each store will be offering classes or club meetings and kits for all 4 projects a year. Your subscription from the store of your choice gives you a slot for all 4 exclusive patterns & kits for that year.

you think that this might sound like fun, go to the Fig Tree Club icon on the
sidebar and see the list of participating stores. Remember that the stores all
have only a limited amount of spots since we are still in “PILOT MODE” so if you are interested don’t
miss out! 


Talk to you later.

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  1. sherri | 19th Jun 09

    Thanks so much for blogging about the limited availability…I definitely wanted to sign up but was waiting for no reason…so I’ve signed up today!

  2. rachel | 19th Jun 09

    oh yes mam.
    i’m in. like. flin.

    i even wrote a letter to santa and everything.

  3. Jessica Defibaugh | 20th Jun 09

    Sound Fantastic! We love your fabric and patterns. Keep us in mind for a spot nest time – We are just getting ready to open our doors. Visit our blog at
    We are working on a website – letting you know in the future. Keep the good ideas a rollin’

  4. Jean | 20th Jun 09

    I definitely signed up at a store as soon as I heard about it. I’m doing mine via the mail as I live too far to attend the meetings. I’m jealous, cause I bet they are going to have a great time.

    Great idea, Joanna!

  5. jaybird | 21st Jun 09

    i signed up!… couldn’t miss it! and found a ton of figgy fabric at a new shop this weekend… figness is taking over my sewing room!

  6. Dorothee | 22nd Jun 09

    I would love to join but am in Germany. Can you recommend a retailer that would ship here or alternatively, will you be bringing the club to Europe too?

  7. Brittany | 23rd Jun 09

    What a great idea. I love the quilt!

  8. Halu*Halo | 23rd Jun 09

    woo hoo!!!! I’m there! what a great idea!

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