Mill House Inn Debut

I know its been one of those MIA times for me… it seems to happen every time that MARKET  preparations come around. Best laid plans to be ready and finished way ahead of time just somehow never materialize. To tell you the truth, I was actually ready a bit ahead of time this go around. I had hired a few extra hands to assist in the process and all was going smoothly… until my desktop blew up!  Literally blew up. We had a power surge and the very nice surge protector we had… well lets just say that it didn't protect and the very nice back up system we had in place, well lets just say it had some human error involved.

So many days, much weeping and gnashing of teeth, many trips to the computer store and a 5 hour stint with my brother-in-law the computer genius on the phone and I am happy to report that we have all of our information out of the old and into the new. So enough about that because I know you are all just looking at the pictures below all of this text anyhow.

I am very pleased to show you the first official pictures of my newest collection, Mill House Inn. Inspired by last year's trip to the wonderful British countryside known as the Cotswolds….
Will definitely try to show some more pattern sneak peaks before I leave for Market in a few days. 
Hope you enjoy.
Talk to you later.

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  1. Karin | 9th May 09

    Lovely colors! It would all look perfect stacked in my sewing room. 🙂
    Hope things go well at Market. How exciting!

  2. Magnolia Bay Quilts | 9th May 09

    I’m so sorry about your computer catastrophe. My heart was breaking for you as I read your post. I’m so glad you were able to recover all your hard work. And I’m SO HAPPY you were able to share these pictures of your new fabric line. I think this may be my favorite Fig Tree line ever! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    Good luck at Quilt Market!

  3. Stephanie | 9th May 09

    Computer horrors are awful! A lovely new line already? I’m just now playing with Patisserie and LOVE what I’m making. Such silky fabric. Can’t wait to see Mill House Inn in person.

  4. Carrie P. | 9th May 09

    Love those colors. Oh the joys of owning a computer! bad computer

  5. rachel | 9th May 09

    i love it already!!!
    i can’t wait to work with it!!!

    i’m still playing with patisserie!!!

    sorry about your computer. boo.

  6. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 9th May 09

    I’m completely intrigued with the new line. It looks beautiful.

  7. Sue | 9th May 09

    Sorry about the computer. Been there myself. One reason I got my apple.

    I AM very excited about your new fabric line. Is it in stores yet. Looks gorgeous! Looks like I need to get busy and find out who will be handling it.

  8. sherri | 9th May 09

    Computers…we can’t do without them…but sometimes they cause so many problems! I love the fabric…can’t wait to see more sneak peeks and pictures of the new patterns as well!

  9. Stefanie | 9th May 09

    Those darn computers! Somehow they make our lives easier, but when they fail, our lives stop!

    BTW-I must have some of the new fabric! Maybe it will be at Sample Spree?????

  10. Joanna | 9th May 09

    This line won¹t release into stores until September so you still have plenty
    of time to play with Patisserie!

    So glad you all like it!


  11. Joanna | 9th May 09

    It will indeed be at Sample Spree in Pittsburgh!


  12. SarahB | 9th May 09

    Mill House Inn is beautiful! Love the colors and I can’t wait to get a closer peek!

    Sorry for your computer troubles! So glad you were able to recover your data.

  13. Amy @ parkcitygirl | 9th May 09

    So beautiful! Can’t wait to see more of it later 🙂

  14. Brittany | 9th May 09

    Thanks for the peek into your new fabric line. Looks like I have something to look forward to in the Fall. Can’t wait to see more!

  15. Jackie Von Tobel | 9th May 09

    Just went through the same thing last week and of course it always happens when you are getting ready for shows or deadlines! It’s amazing how much we all rely on our machines now – how did anything get done before the computer? Glad you’re up and running again. Looking forward to seeing your fabrics at market.

  16. Pam | 10th May 09

    Joanna, glad all of that is over! Lovely fabric! I have been loving Patissiere all month! I think a nice fabric line I would like to see you do is from the wonderful chalk board photos you took in France….red white black…cream of course…Happy Mother’s Day to you! Pam in Chico

  17. Bari Ackerman | 10th May 09

    Gorgeous. The line and the photos are just wonderful! See you soon. Happy mother’s day!

  18. Cathy | 11th May 09

    Your fabric is my absolute favorite and I am slowly buying all of your collections when I can find them and now you have to go and tempt me with more!!! My poor banking account ;-).. Seriously though, I love it and will be buying it when it comes out.

  19. Christy Romine | 11th May 09

    Computers…such a blessing…and such a curse! The fabrics are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see them (and feel them) in person! Thanks again for your creativity and artistry!

  20. tina | 11th May 09

    well what can I say? I want that too. I can say with absolute certainty that I want whatever you have whenever you have it. So there.

    Kind of sad………….

    But, I am in the middle of a big ole Patisserie Playin!

  21. josie | 11th May 09

    Worth the wait!! It’s terrific and I can’t wait to this one. Have a successful and happy market…

  22. Trelly | 12th May 09

    Wonderful fabrics!!!!! I hope to buy them soon…. kisses from Spain and happy market!

  23. Polly Minick | 12th May 09

    Hey Pal
    I am going to miss market and all of you – keep me in your thoughts – see you at Houston, your collection looks lovely. Looking forward to our time together.

  24. Wanda Sotkowy | 12th May 09

    What a beautiful collection! I’ll have to get some too!

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