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Well… here are a few more shots of the booth from Market and look someone actually managed to get me in the shot… that's a rarity! I have a few more to share after this with a couple more great MODA booth shots but with all that has been going on around here… Well lets just recap: We are still trying to tie up Market orders as they have been pleasantly overwhelming; Fresh Vintage auto ships are almost all out; working on tieing up our next collection; designing patterns to go with it; we're trying to work out the kinks in a couple of website updates we are doing; I'm training a few new people this week; our entire network and phone system crashed a few days ago and we have been building it back up from scratch ever since… you don't even want to know more about that; all 3 of my munchkins have end-of-year activities this week and my beloved husband is in Tahoe for a conference for his other job… need I say more? If you have emailed and I have not responded, please bear with me. I am not ignoring you all!
On the sane side, Ella and I have picked some beautiful herb and flower bouquets this week; I have played card games with the boys and I have completely redecorated my living room… well, maybe I have just reslipcovered and redecorated my couch, but it makes the whole room feel brand new! What do you think?



Talk to you soon.

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  1. Danielle | 4th Jun 08

    I saw your white slip covers in APQ and I thought they were just for the shoot! You must have the cleanest most well behaved kiddos in the world for them to stay so clean! It would not last a month in my family 🙁 I also read that you are and expert on cream colored paint, any recomendations for making a north east oriented room feel warm? Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  2. elizabeth | 4th Jun 08

    Could your house BE any more darling? I doubt it!

  3. Amy | 4th Jun 08

    Your living room looks great! Too bad that everything else has been a mess =) I can’t get enough of the QM pictures – love it all.

  4. joanna | 4th Jun 08

    white slipcovers only come on every once in a while 🙂 and they are actually the easiest to clean becuase you can bleach the heck out of them….
    Clean children…. HAH!! My sons don’t know the meaning of the word and Ella, well…. we like to call her Sticky Fingers!

    As for cream paint… I would try several quarts in warm creams and paint huge swatches on the wall of that room and see what it looks like at different times of the day [“lyndhurst cream” is a good cream]. Then add taupe as the accent color on trim, etc. instead of white. That adds even more warmth. Add warm things to the room like soft brown or caramel rugs, lots of linens or quilts, soft white curtains, light or warm wood…. splashes of color…. That is my general decorating scheme in any room actually. Good luck….

  5. Mary Anne Drury | 4th Jun 08

    How pretty!!! (everything from the Quilt Market pictures to the flowers and the living room!) Sorry to hear about your chaos! (actually, your hubby and I chatted on the phone yesterday … he was very nice and explained some of my info that he needed to mail my Fresh Vintage out got lost in the shuffle …. all this while he was telling one of your kids to fold something or other and while I was telling my kid to stop interrupting me while I was on the phone …. and my kids are 15 and soon to be 18 and graduating from high school in 2 days ….. so….. I can definately relate/sympathize with the crazy chaos !!!!) Hang in there !!! (and enjoy the little kid chaos …. cause the teenager chaos can really drive you NUTS!!:)

  6. kathie | 5th Jun 08

    Love seeing the quilts in your both.
    I love how you use antique quilts for inspiration and use your fabrics to update traditional patterns for todays colors.
    Your living room looks so inviting…

  7. Stephanie | 5th Jun 08

    Gorgeous redecorated living room! Thanks for sharing all the Quilt Market photos.

  8. elizabethandjeff | 5th Jun 08

    I love it!

  9. elizabethandjeff | 5th Jun 08

    I love it!

  10. Jean C. | 5th Jun 08

    The flowers and the room are brillant! The beautiful colors (flowers) just draw me into them! I really like your wood floors too. Hang in there… enjoy the kids, they have a tendency to grow up wayyyy to fast… as hard as it is sometimes to be in 20 places at one time… think of it this way. Someday it will slow down and you want to have had some womderful memories to think about. Sometimes we have to slow the kids activities down a bit too. Our 4 kids didn’t do “everything” but they were involved in a lot of things… but mostly
    Hang in there… Don’t get your thread in a knot! Jean

  11. Miss Jean | 7th Jun 08

    You’re living room looks just wonderful and has great lighting! How lucky to have so many wonderful quilts by THE Joanna Figueroa? Wow!!! LOL!

  12. The Purloined Letter | 9th Jun 08

    What lovely and inspiring work!

  13. Camille | 9th Jun 08

    Oh Joanna- your house is beautiful! And SO you!

  14. pinkpincushion | 10th Jun 08

    Joanna, Your living room looks very comfortable and should I say “fresh”! Love the slip covers… I would like some myself. I saw your traveling quilts up close and personal at Cottage Quilts. My “FTQ’s I want to do” quilt list is getting longer! You are amazing!

  15. Pink pincushion | 10th Jun 08

    I think I lost my post… I just wanted to say that your living room looks comfortable and “fresh”! I got to see your newest group of traveling quilts and loved them! You are amazing.

  16. Diana | 12th Jun 08

    Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures! I have not been interested in sewing/quilting in a few years, but your website, pictures and products have inspired me! I hope it is a compliment to try to copy the look of your living space as you have posted pictures and conducted magazine interviews. I am keeping a scrapbook to use when I paint/re-decorate next spring. It really is fresh vintage and so beautiful!

  17. Tif | 12th Jun 08

    Everything is just beautiful! I really love the colors and “feelings” your combinations of fabrics.

    I especially love that quilt behind your sofa.

  18. sharon | 22nd Jun 08

    What a beautiful living room!! And the flowers are so pretty!! I love your quilts and your fabric. so soft and pretty.

  19. susie harris | 24th Jun 08

    Ok .. I think I may have found my new favorite blog! I just love yours. I cant wait to tell my sister about youe blog. She loves quilts more than I do! Susie H.. sorry where are my manners. Nice to meet you!

  20. brigette | 15th Jul 08

    okay, so first of all, i want to move into your house!!!! beautiful! as soon as i saw your market photos i called thimblecreek and had them send me the pattern for the irish chain, i think it was called daisy chain, anyway… i just got it from the post office yesterday and i’m so excited. i’m making it for my bed in my room!!!
    my kids are older now. i’m savoring every moment before they leave home. they are 17,18, 23. they’ll be up and out in a whisper. just slow down and enjoy their personalities, their senses of humor, their expressions, the funny little things they say… i wish i’d known, people told me, but we never listen….
    love your colors… and your quilts, and your photos.. thanks for sharing.

  21. Carolyn Cady | 2nd Aug 08

    Joanna, You’re so fortunate to be able to travel to England, France, and everywhere else just now, but I think you know that! And while you have these beautiful, delightful kids——My husband and I long to return to England – Yorkshire in particular because we were able to spend time when he worked there and took me with him. That was after our children were grown. At least I can now vicariously travel to those places again and be inspired by your lovely work. Now that we are retired we find ourselves somewhat cramped in style, but one can always travel someplace and be inspired and QUILT!
    Enjoy the kids, work (play?!) and continue to inspire us all. Love all that you do and look for your blog weekly (at least!)


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