We have our own exclusive special embroidery scissors my friends and I am in love!!

They are the perfect 4″ size for so many things and the teardrop shaped handles ensure that my fingers never get squished or cramped… handle perfection!

I have tried out so many different handles over the years and truly these are the best shape and feel!

They are so very stylish with the delicate decorative details… just beautiful with the play of black and gold! I am not sure I will ever use anything else! The scissors area beautiful gunmetal color with a little bit of gold filigree design in between and on the blades.

NOTE: If you are a LITTLE BOX OF FIGS subscription member… you might want to hold off on getting one of these lovelies… unless you would like to have two. They are definitely a limited quantity exclusive so you might want two…

The blades are high quality, stainless steel blades with extra sharp points for those delicate cutting and trimming tasks. They are long and thin and so functional!

The scissors come in a small classy sage colored leather sheath with a tiny little floral design for the perfect little addition. I wanted a tiny little design on there and I think the little Fig Tree flower was the perfect little accent, no?

Scissors are available now. Click HERE.

They are limited quantity notion and we do have inventory but we will not be able to re order after these are gone. They would make a lovely gift for a Fig Tree friend!

Designed by me and produced by the lovely ladies of Its Sew Emma.

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  1. Sharon Bennett | 10th Aug 21

    Love these scissors! I had already purchased from FQS, so I guess I’ll “suffer” with two pair…lol! Looking forward to the figgy box too! 🙂

    • | 11th Aug 21

      That is so very sad for you :-). I think you will live… or a very good quilty friend might get lucky 🙂

  2. Connie Stanley | 19th Aug 21

    Oh I cannot wait to get my box! That’s so exciting! They are sew pretty 🤩

  3. Kathy Davis | 20th Aug 21

    No scisssors in my Box of Figs! Are they going to be in the next box?

    • | 24th Aug 21

      Box contents are a surprise :-). All contents of each box are outlined in your box. I guess we will have to stay tuned to see what is in the next box!

  4. Lois | 24th Aug 21

    No scissors in my box either.😕
    Are all boxes the same?

    • | 24th Aug 21

      All of the contents of your Little Box are on the “contents sheet”. There were no scissors in this box. Thanks!

  5. PP | 2nd Sep 21

    I would like to subscribe to the Little box of Figs where do I sign up? Ty

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