On the 7th Day of Christmas


On the  7th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven Swans a Swimming .

Now swans are beatiful creatures but we don't have a pond. And if the hub is not up for a chicken coop, i don't suppose he would be up for builidng me a pond.  So I guess I will have to trade in the swans as well. I  guess I am turning out to be a bit of a bad gift receiver!

Instead we thought we might kit up a few of our newest THREAD PATTERNS.

First up, our LE RADISH PATTERN KIT. Each kit has enough fabric, ribbon, wire and wool to make 1 large radish and enough fabric to make a coordinating smaller radish. A fun project to make for some pincushions or for a little table decor!





Next up, the TOOTSIE POPS TABLE RUNNER KIT [ we just have a small quantity of these because we didn't have that many MODA 2 1/2" CANDIES left to use] made up out of our upcoming AVALON collection on the pattern cover, but we made these kits out of our current TAPESTRY group exactly as shown below. Perfect for the holidays or for year round use.


Last, the SMARTIES TABLE RUNNER KIT [we just have a small quantity of these too becuase they also use the MODA CANDY CHARMS that we had in very limited quantity] uses those same 2 1/2" charms to start and embellishes with one of my favorite fabrics from the whole collection. A perfect fall project.




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And the goodie for today is our NOTIONS TO GO pattern. 



For more info on any of the projects above, CLICK HERE.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Nicola | 30th Nov 12

    Just picked a couple of Radishes: such fun 😉

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