Only if it “fits”

Okay we all know that this is market prep time and that when it comes to technical computer stuff… well, the less said the better.
More importantly, I’m sure you have figured out by now that for me, everything has to “fit” in with the feel of Fig Tree to work for me. So when, Holly told me I had to put this cute little button up…. I had a little problem, becuase the original color scheme just didn’t go with my site LOL!. You can see the original button here, or here.

I felt the need to make a few slight alterations to my button…. I hope I didnn’t offend anyone.
Oh and for putting it on my side bar, well, that will have to wait until I have a few more minutes to rub together….

On an unrelated topic, my friend Jackie has come back to us, see her wonderful kitchen shots.
And, I’m taking a poll on my French music. Some of you have told me that you love it and a few of you… not so much. So if you have an opinion one way or the other, lets hear it!

talk soon.


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  1. Jackie | 4th Sep 07

    Thanks for the plus Miss Joanna! For the record, I like the French music, but then I like French music anyway, so there! I like your coming soon button (in the figgy color scheme!).

  2. elizabeth | 4th Sep 07

    Yum! Your button looks like brown sugar. As for the music, all depends on the mood I’m in. But with the touch of a button I can turn it off, so no big deal. Do what you like!

  3. Pam | 4th Sep 07

    The music is always a surprise when I’m sneaking in here when everyone is asleep.

    The button is cute, in any color way!

    And I’m very glad Jackie is back!

  4. Sipiweske Quilts | 4th Sep 07

    I like the music! Sometimes I have the speaker turned up too high and then I get a big surprise when I stop by your site. Otherwise sounds good – variety is the spice of life. Love your quilts and fabric – keep up the great work! M.

  5. Sandi Henderson | 4th Sep 07

    I swear-I’m such a dork. I thought it was Greek music. It reminds me very much of you. 🙂 (Which is a good thing!) You can put it on the side bar with other songs and people can pick what they listen to. ??


  6. Vickie E | 4th Sep 07

    I LOVE the french music and sometimes just click your link to hear the music to relax LOL….

  7. Tanya Whelan | 5th Sep 07

    I LOVE IT!!! Was kinda confused when the music started but wow, that is so lovely, reminds me of a 70’s art house film. Your work is beautiful Joanna.

  8. Kimberly | 6th Sep 07

    I like the music. I loved France and got to go to Paris this last April. Love Paris! As long as it’s not fiddlin’ hillbilly tunes – I like it!


  9. LakeHouseHolly | 6th Sep 07

    You crack me up.

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the button colors with my existing banner, etc.

    But I thought it wouldn’t be fair to all of the others, since I will be the mother ship.

    It’s nice to know that I have company when they drag me off to the loony bin…

    You know that’s what so many are thinking, right?

    It’s start’s with an eye roll and gets worse from there.



  10. sara | 7th Sep 07

    What Great tunes!

  11. amanda | 8th Sep 07

    I love the music. In fact, the song that is on now “Those Were the Days My Friend” was one of my favortie songs when I was 4 or 5 years old! That brought back a lot of fun memories sitting in the living room with my dad and his “reel to reel” music. That was a long time ago!

    I think your button looks adorable.

  12. Nicole | 12th Sep 07

    Not so crazy about the music…Sorry!

  13. Jennifer Lewis | 13th Sep 07

    I LOVE the music. It caught me off guard at first, but now it just totally fits…except I cannot read the full title of the song. It totally goes with your website. (And I don’t normally like French music, but it’s an awesome song. I hum it around the house.)

  14. Laurie | 13th Sep 07

    Cute button, Joanna…….and as for the muzik (as my littlest one calls it) we love it! I have to log into your blog once or twice a day just so my kids can dance! Silly kids!

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