Paris: A little more

When most people go to Paris, they go see landmarks and take pictures that might look something like this.


Well, when we go to Paris, we get looked at a bit funny because we are seen mostly taking pictures of things like this…


in fact we seem to have a real thing for fencing…


And we seem to spend a lot of our time looking up…



 When our necks hurt from looking up, we would stop in for one or both of these…


So we could spend some more time looking at these…


When we got our fill of the beautiful blooms that seemed to be on every street corner, we reveled some more in, well, in food… just looking though…





Usually that would make us hungry enough to sit down and have a snack, or two. Its good that we were walking about 10 miles a day because otherwise I would have to be at the gym and not here!


 More yummies tomorrow. Making me nostalgic just looking at it all.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Tammy W. | 22nd Jul 10

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Annessa | 22nd Jul 10

    Amazing patterns in the ironwork! Great photos.

  3. beritbunny | 22nd Jul 10

    Love it all; I’ve always loved “fencing” because it has “parallel lines”–my fondness for them was ever a great joke amongst my classmates in design school.

    Me: “Gee; IDK…somehow I just really favor this one. It seems more dynamic.”
    Morgan: “I knew you would, but back to the client.”
    Me: “How would you know that?”
    Morgan: “Because it has ‘parallel lines’.”
    Me: “Well, that’s still no guaran–”
    Morgan: (interrupting) “And they’re set on the diagonal.”
    Me: “…”

    I love it and am so looking forward to another installment. Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this.


    P.S. Have you seen my friend Lili’s blog?

    A photo or two you may like. 😉

  4. elizabeth | 22nd Jul 10

    Oh, it makes me nostalgic looking at it too! Wonderful pictures!

  5. Stephanie | 22nd Jul 10

    I definitely love your views of Paris more than the “traditional” views. You have a wonderful eye.

  6. viv | 22nd Jul 10

    Love your pictures. While we were in Paris in 2007, my first time, I was fascinated by the ironwork in the balconies, the Eiffel Tower, and fences. My pictures were close up shots of the patterns as well. Also loved shots of architectural features. Oh, and I loved the big doors opening to the courtyards. So glad to know I am in good company.

  7. Chookyblue | 22nd Jul 10

    great photos thanks for sharing……….

  8. Sandra Davidson | 22nd Jul 10

    I love your views of Paris they are about real life and not just the touristy things. Especially the flowers and food.

  9. Jean | 22nd Jul 10

    If I were ever to go to Paris I would want you as the guide!!! Have you seen the iron work on the balconies in the French Quarter of New Orleans? It’s like lace. Just beautiful.

  10. Kathryn | 23rd Jul 10

    Ooh la la, I love the Paris pictures and oh my goodness would love to take those walks and enjoy such feasts for the eyes as well as the palate!

  11. Clairellen | 23rd Jul 10

    Thanks, Joanna, for the gorgeous photos of Paris…bringing wonderful memories of my first trip there in 2007….hope to return soon! And I love your music too!

  12. Mary Ann | 23rd Jul 10

    Such beautiful photos and as someone said a bit earlier this is more the Paris of the Parisians and not the tourists. Although one of my personal favorite Paris photos is the one of my daughter and SIL getting engaged at the Eiffel Tower several years ago.

  13. sherri | 23rd Jul 10

    These photos are so gorgeous…what a wonderful perspective you have. I love the photo with the steeple in the background and the lantern on the side of the building…so quaint! This has been a wonderful tour!

  14. Karen | 24th Jul 10

    Your pictures are fabulous.

  15. tina | 25th Jul 10

    I’ve loved the photos, merci for sharing!

  16. daisy | 25th Jul 10

    yum yum yum

  17. Megan | 29th Jul 10

    The photos are a-mazing – I could look at them all day! Post more!! Now I see how you’re able to crank out so many beautiful fabric collections. You’re able to capture the scenery around in a way that’s so inspiring!

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