Happy 4th of July 2023 Fig Tree Friends!

I’ve designed a lot of patriotic-themed quilt patterns over the years. In addition, we have a TON of fun re-colorings of many of my other patterns that may not have been initially created with this theme in mind. I love that in doing so, it gives a whole new, fresh look to a pattern. It inspires me to want to remake quilts I haven’t made in so long! Hopefully some of these will inspire you too!

I decided it was time to put a few of my favorites into a single blog post so you guys can access it all in one spot.

Let’s get started!

Black Dahlia

I absolutely love the fact that these traditional blocks set in a new way look so classic and yet so contemporary all at the same time. It is a fun quilt to make and even though it looks complicated and time consuming, it’s really not. All traditional strip piecing and my simple SEW & FLIP method. No templates or specialty techniques.

Available in PAPER or PDF

65″ x 65″

Medallion Sampler

This quilt consists of a center medallion and a collection of 6″ blocks that go around the outside. This is definitely one of those projects that looks so much more involved than it is. We have broken up the blocks into manageable portions in the pattern and used simple piecing techniques for all of them. Even we have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily this quilt comes together! If you want to do a private sew along with your friends or if you are a shop, this is a great choice!

BOOKLET available in the shop!

72.5″ x 72.5″

Fly Away

I am not sure if you are in the same boat with me, but I kind of love making flying geese. In any size, at any time. I always use the SEW & FLIP method that our patterns are famous for, and the process is methodical and simple. I can even sneak in a little TV marathon while I crank out these flying geese! We have made this quilt in so many different colorways, and this patriotic one is extra good!

FREE PATTERN on the blog!

52.5″ x 60.5″

Fresh Laundry

Simple to construct and fun to make, these blocks only look complicated. Quick strip piecing and straightforward construction makes this project a joy to work on. This is definitely one of those super “CLASSIC” Fig Tree patterns that has been around for over a decade and I keep forgetting how much I love it until I recolor it in some new way.

Available in PAPER or PDF

80.5″ x 80.5″

See THIS BLOG POST from our “From the Vault” series for more color ideas for FRESH LAUNDRY!


I love the feel of six-pointed stars so much. I had stayed away from them for a pattern because I am not crazy about templates or inset seams or any of the other things one usually has to do to get this shape. I was very excited to work out a fairly simple way to get the look of the six-pointed star that I wanted without any of those above-mentioned things! With just a few simple measurements, you can make some of these fabulous stars, too! If you have been working on our current APPLE BLOSSOM program, you have just made a few of these!

Available in PAPER or PDF

55.25″ x 67.5″

Annie’s Wreaths

This quilt was inspired by a vintage beauty that my quilty friend Susan fell in love with. The challenge to get the block to feel like a circle but be easily pieced with basic piecing techniques was a design challenge that I really enjoyed. The original quilt is red and white, which is also perfect for this Patriotic theme, but this one is extra special!

Available in PAPER or PDF

68″ x 68″

Harvest Thistles

As is often the case for me, this is [yet another] pattern inspired by a vintage quilt find. It was one of those designs that I just could not get out of my head until it was down on paper. It has a small touch of applique, but the leaf shape is a perfect beginner shape to try!

Available in PAPER or PDF

59″ x 68″

Prairie Sweets Revisited

This was originally recolored for our FIGS & FRIENDS COLLAB subscription [bundle #2 for 2022]. Visit THIS BLOG POST for more details on this one! This is another one of those patterns that has been a Fig Tree classic and around forever but this Americana version is so new and fresh!

Available in PAPER or PDF

63″ x 73.5″

Vintage Red Cross

Pattern sheet available in PAPER or PDF

This is literally a weekend quilt and so much fun to put together!

We did this one as a sew along in 2022, and we have a couple blog posts with more info:

Vintage Red Cross: Quilt Info & Sew Along

Vintage Red Cross Sew Along Update

Milky Way

Beautiful star blocks created with a simple strip technique make this quilt a joy to assemble . . .  and only 9 blocks! Perfect opportunity to “up your game” and try a little strip pieced angle cutting. Don’t they look like fireworks in the night sky?! 🙂

Available in PAPER or PDF

Catalina Stars

A few basic stars, a few favorite cream prints and voila … a summertime throw!

Available in PAPER or PDF

44.5″ x 52.5″

Stars & Stripes Forever

This is a classic quilt that will instantly decorate your porch or living room with that patriotic feel or even for use year-round. Simple flags mixed with a great collection of stars makes up a quilt that is fresh, classic, and traditional all at the same time! It is a bit of a project but it will be one of your favorite summertime quilts to come back to each year, I promise.

Available in PAPER or PDF

58″ x 71″

Seasonal Patchwork – Americana Version

This pattern is actually 3-in-1! You can interchange the blocks to be: Americana (flags/stars), Fall/Halloween (pumpkins/stars), or Christmas (trees/stars)! They are the perfect throw-size and so much fun to make! Perfect as a stash buster for sure!

Available in PAPER or PDF

44″ x 52″

Happy 4th of July!

In sum, you may have noticed a recurring theme here. I always attempt to create patterns that look detailed and intricate, but actually use straightforward piecing techniques to accomplish.

Are you inspired to make one of your own. Don’t worry if its already the 4th today, sometimes starting a new project during the season you are in is the most fun… even if you don’t actually finish it to use until much later. I know I love to do that.

Tell me… do you have a favorite from the bunch? I would love to hear what you think below in comments?! Happy 4th of July my friends! -Joanna

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  1. Sharon Lenertz | 4th Jul 23

    It is hard to pick a favorite. But I love Fly Away and Stars and Stripes Forever.
    Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

    • | 5th Jul 23

      Hope you had a lovely day. You have named two of my top favorites too!

  2. Phyllis Skalko | 4th Jul 23

    Prairie Sweets Revisited, THAT’S MY FAVORITE Thanks for always thinking of new color ways

    • | 5th Jul 23

      I almost love this recolor more than the original and might have to make it too!

  3. Jan Tjerne | 4th Jul 23

    I’m working on the Americana. Was hoping to have it finished for today but life got in the way.

    • | 5th Jul 23

      Still a great finish for the rest of the summer!

  4. Kim Beiswenger | 4th Jul 23

    I love ❤️ the black dahlia remix!

    • | 5th Jul 23

      That one was fun to re imagine.

  5. shirley pearce | 4th Jul 23

    What a beautiful selection of Fourth of July of Quilts! My favorite one is Anne’s Wreaths, my second choice is Seasonal Patch2work-Americana version, and third is Milky Way! Anne’s Wreaths is my first choice because of the bold blues and the flying geese adds a bright sparle oc colr in contrast. Milky Way reminds me of all the fireworks exploding during the Grand Finale Celebration in out town here is Missouri!

    • | 5th Jul 23

      Oh my, I love your choices and your description! You could write my pattern descriptions :-).

  6. Beth Russell | 4th Jul 23

    Milky Way all the way! I’m going to have to breakdown and get the pattern ❤️💙

    • | 5th Jul 23

      I do believe that is a classic!

  7. Ann W | 4th Jul 23

    Love the milky way pattern. It’s been on my short list for a while now. Wish I would have started on it this spring and I could be enjoying it today!

    • | 5th Jul 23

      I always find a renewed love for this quilt every July!

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