The moment I designed the “cheater cloth” PATCHWORK as a part of my DENIM & DAISIES collection, I envisioned bags, purses, tote bags and all the things!

The PATCHWORK comes in denim as well as ivory backgrounds and is designed to look and feel like a vintage scrappy nine patch patchwork. The denim one is a variety of all blues, whereas the ivory one has tangerines and oranges scattered throughout…they are both soooo good!

It is the perfect fabric to use for this bag as it looks like you have pieced the whole bag when in fact…you have not! And that, my friends, is what I consider a win-win.

In fact this was what I would call a super simple bag construction. I eliminated anything complicated, any reverse thinking, trying to figure out small components… all of it. You are basically making a bag shell, using all of the techniques you know and love from quilting. Soooo…if you find that you are always telling yourself that bags are just too complicated for you, this one is not!

Even the handles can be made by hand… or use pre-made leather handles [our favorite genuine leather handles used in this bag will be available in our shop within the week so be sure to check back if you are intrigued by those]. Which are… by the way… fantastic!

You can, of course, use any fabric or create actual pieced sections for your own bag…the world is your oyster!

If you decide you want to mimic the look of this bag and make your *own* patchwork, here is some info:

  • The nine-patches are approximately 4 ⅛” finished in the patchwork panel and set on point. This means your unfinished nine-patches will be 4 ⅝” before you sew them in.
  • The more scrappy you make the patches, the better in my opinion. Use up all the scraps!
  • Cut each of your various patches 1 ⅞” square each and piece them into nine-patch blocks.
  • Cut your alternate denim blocks 4 ⅝” squares.
  • You will want to make (6) nine-patches for the front and for the back, and then at least (3) more that you can play with for the bottom portion [the partials sticking out on the bottom…since you only need a portion of it for your construction, you might consider making a few and cutting them in half to make your panels in the bag instructions].
  • Follow the info in the pattern for the rest using your very own pieced patchwork.


DENIM PATCHWORK TOTE Pattern available via PAPER or PDF.


BAG SIZE: app. 15″ x 16″ w/o handles

  • Lining: 5/8 yd. small cream print
  • Handles: 3/8 yd. caramel brown print -OR- leather handles*
  • Bag Bottom: 1/2 yd. Kraft-tex Paper in “natural color” -OR- 3/8 yd. caramel fabric to mimic the leather Kraft-tex color
  • Bag Binding: 3/8 yd. woven denim fabric [woven from DENIM & DAISIES collection -OR- MODA chambray denim]
  • Other Bag Supply Needs:
    • 5/8 yd. fusible fleece -OR- batting scraps
    • Basting Spray
    • (4) D-Rings (1″ size) -OR- (4) D-Ring (1″ size) + Swivel Hook Hardware
  • Helpful Notions:
    • Binding clips
    • Coordinating blue -OR- tan colored thread

*Leather or faux leather handles are suggested in the pattern as a ready-made alternative to fabric made handles. See photos for the ones we love to use [as discussed above, more handle info coming soon].

Both directions and more info inside pattern for materials, handles, etc.


Happy Sewing!


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  1. Christine Chamberlain | 27th Mar 24

    I love this pattern and the fabric! I checked your shop for the leather handles, I would like to purchase them. Your blog post says they will be in your shop within the week but it is 4 weeks since you wrote that. Will you be getting them in soon? I plan on purchasing the pattern and the cheater fabric as soon as the leather handles are available. Thank you!!

    • | 28th Mar 24

      They are delayed from supplier. Hopefully in April or May. The cheater fabric will not be available till August.

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