So here's the scoop…. ha, ha… that's ice cream humor!

Usually we don't release our brand new patterns until a bit closer to Market but this time might just be a special circumstance….


We released our first LITTLE BOXES OF FIGS subscription box last week and most of you who are in the program will have received yours by now. I do want to share that at least one of your boxes decided to take the scenic route courtesy of the US Postal Service. We had a New York customer whose box ended up in Guam first, then Honolulu Hawaii and then finally back to the mainland and on its way to NY. Wouldn't you like to have been on that little boxes travel plan LOL?

We featured a special project in there that we are super excited about. Something that just screams summer! From the emails and comments we have received, it looks like those of you who didn't make it into the subscription program would also like a chance to make this little lovely.

So here she is…. MINI POPSICLES!



[that does beg the question if there is a non-mini version coming as well? All I can say on that one is to stay tuned for just a bit longer].

We think she is just a little bit perfect. What do you think?


Also in the box was a fun summer towel project, called Summer… I know, I know, not the most creative name ever. But it was just right for this.




The Summer towel is available now in our shop as a STARTER KIT for everyone who missed out on the box. It comes with a simple handout, the towel, floss and a pen.

The fabric is perfect for scraps from your stash or using our SHERBET SOLIDS bundle and your favorite selection of cream prints!

Available in the SHOP.




Size: 12" x 53"

Fabrics: MODA Bella Solids and a selection of cream prints




Size: app. 28" x 28", the size of the flour sack towel

Supplies: MODA Bella Solids, floss and a selection of cream prints

Kit Contents:  Flour sack towel, Frixion pen, floss, towel handout. No fabric.


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  1. Pam Landolt | 29th Apr 16

    I was THRILLED when I opened my pretty little green box! It’s so nice that those who didn’t make it on the subscription will have the opportunity to do this also. The fabrics are so pretty in person – love those sherbet selections. The colors are just perfect. Thanks for putting this together for us. I cannot wait to get mine done.

  2. Hildy | 29th Apr 16

    Such a fun and cute little pattern! But I’m tempted to see what the ‘big’ version will look like.

  3. Joanna | 29th Apr 16

    Its pretty great too! 🙂

  4. Sinta | 29th Apr 16

    How cute! (I scream you scream…) more ice cream humor! I am loving those sherbet solids!

  5. Joanna | 29th Apr 16

    Can’t wait to see you make it Sinta!

  6. Joanna | 29th Apr 16

    I think you should make both…!!

  7. Joanna | 29th Apr 16

    So very glad you are enjoying it! It seems that pretty much everyone is enjoying it and we are so glad!

  8. gailss1 | 30th Apr 16

    Perfect little “summer” projects and loving the the mini as I do can’t wait to see what is coming for a larger project….perhaps fall “Ice Cream Sundae’s” ;)))

  9. Karen Shackleford | 30th Apr 16

    Those are too cute, Joanna. Make my mouth start to water! Hurry up summer . . .

  10. laceyg@geoprobe.com | 30th Apr 16

    I received my beautiful little Bo’s and I LOVE IT! You’re right, they’re just TOO cute! Great idea! Gayle

  11. Sharon B. | 1st May 16

    Absolutely LOVE this Summer design! After a stressful week at work… opening the little box of figs and seeing this design (and those wonderful sherbets) just instantly calmed me down! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  12. Holly | 2nd May 16

    This is adorable! This summer design is so fresh and inviting!

  13. Quiltingholliday | 3rd May 16

    I was so excited when I made the list to receive the Fig Tree little green box. I just knew that anything offered by Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts would be wonderful! Now I just wish I could convey w/ my written words how exciting it was to open that little box generously stuffed to the brim with Joanna’s unique designs of popsicles projects w/ the patterns, supplies including the new sherbets fabrics needed to make table runner & “Summer” tea towel & a couple of other wonderful surprise goodies! I feel so fortunate to receive this pretty little box & it’s contents & I thank you so much!

  14. Joanna | 3rd May 16

    Thank you so much!!! Your sweet words just made my day :-))  Joanna

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