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Yes! Its that time again. Time again for our quarterly editorial with Quilts & More. Can I just tell you how much I love this gig?!


This time Camille and I were joined by Jo Morton and her earthy, reproduction style fabrics. Such perfect quilting fabrics for the traditionalist!

The challenge this time around was to use 6 out of 7 fat quarters provided. So I chose our favorite 6 and got to cutting. After a bit of playing with fabric and working with ideas, this is what I came up with. 





Go here to see Jo's simple, graphic project for her version of the challenge.

Camille also did something lovely but I will have to wait until she posts about it to steal borrrow an image to show!

I have to share that these are the kinds of fabrics I started working with 10 years ago when I worked on my very first quilt. Can you believe it? It was fun to think back over the progression of my design aesthetic! 

I have changed a lot over the years but I know that this is the palette that still appeals to so many of you quilters out there and it was fun to think of you all as I sewed.

As soon as we were done with the challenge, however, we felt the need to make another version, with our upcoming California Girl collection, to see how the design would translate. And translate it did… I think! One of my favorite things ever, is seeing one of my patterns or designs worked out in a completely different color palette and style.

This bag has gotten a lot of use lately as it has become my daughter's favorite school bag. I could barely convince her to go to school without it today so I could snap a few shots. But, you know, we moms have our ways!









For those of you who want to make your own, be sure to go find yourself the latest issue of Quilts & More, gather up 6 fat quarters of your own and get started! 

 If you are particularly interested in these fabrics [California Girl], the precuts are starting to be available now and the yardage will be out in stores shortly, in March 2012.

Happy Sewing,


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  1. Gabriella | 6th Feb 12

    Love love love.
    I love your taste and the colours you chose … and of course in my hands I have the California Girl collection!!!!

    Thank you for the inspirations

    Hugs from Italy

  2. Marge | 6th Feb 12

    I will be picking up the magazine tomorrow, and the fabric as soon as I can find it in a quilt shop. I love it! Thanks!

  3. Brooke | 6th Feb 12

    I am so excited that precuts are here for California Girl. I caught a glimpse on a blog a few months ago and have been waiting patiently……I’m completely itching to start my SWOON quilt, and the moment I saw that collection I knew it would be perfect!! SO, I have been hanging on to my pattern for months. I’ve been seeing lots of swooning going on out there and I can’t wait to join the ranks with that gorgeous California Girl palette!

    Love your cute bag design too. I’m anxious to pick up a copy of the magazine.

  4. teresamnj | 7th Feb 12

    I absolutely love, love, love this bag!!!

  5. Ruth Zahler | 7th Feb 12

    Lovely fabrics from the California Girl Collection. Waiting impatiently to go out and get these fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Marianne Perry | 7th Feb 12

    I love the colors, the purses, I quess I just love all your work.

  7. Hildy | 7th Feb 12

    What a beautiful bag! And a smart girl you have because I wouldn’t let go of the bag either!

  8. Carole Kurth | 7th Feb 12

    Very cute, Joanna! The covered button is a really great gourmet touch, too. Can’t wait to see the California Girl ‘in person’–that blue is really lovely.

  9. Jannette | 7th Feb 12

    I already have 2 California Girl charm packs – can’t wait to start using them!

  10. janita | 7th Feb 12

    delightfully lovely as always. love what you do:)


  11. SandyG | 7th Feb 12

    Love the bag style, the fabrics and yes the button. Everything about it is too cute. It’s a must make purse/bag.

  12. Mary Deckert | 7th Feb 12

    I’ve been waiting for the California Girl yardage to make your Star Blooms quilt! Now I’ve got to make the bag too!

  13. Mary Kay | 7th Feb 12

    Such a cute pattern with beautiful fabric!

  14. Susan | 7th Feb 12

    I agree Joanna, about colour & the palette used. When soeting through my stash to find a ‘hidden’ FQ and wonder did I really buy that patter/colour/design. Just love the bags and especially your journey which you so kindly share.

  15. Robbienae | 9th Feb 12

    I’m a Carolina Girl and I so love this California Girl fabric collection! From the east coast to the west coast us quilty girls love to sew. I’ve been making some duffle bags and quilted handbags for my sister and daughter with their names embroidered on the front of the bags. They love, love, love them. Now it’s my turn to make something for myself. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Sandy Muir | 9th Feb 12

    What a lucky girl to have such a cute book bag!

  17. Katie | 9th Feb 12

    Lovely bag and fabric as always.
    Is there any chance that the bag pattern will be released via your site? I don’t think we can get it here in the UK 🙁

  18. Joanna | 9th Feb 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Katie submitted a comment on Quilts More Time

    The bag pattern is a magazine only deal but I think that they might sell the magazine as a download/pdf as well. Go to their site to check it out…


    Good luck,


  19. ~ Julie ~ | 11th Feb 12

    Too cute!!! The bag and the California Girl fabric!!! 🙂

  20. SandyG | 14th Feb 12

    Did I say? I love that bag and your fabric and the button yet? Yep, I did. That is sew cute! I’ve been shopping for the issue, I’ll find yet!

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