Rue de Rivoli

Another early evening walk that I wished I had time to do more than once, I began on the Rue de Rivoli and wandered down quite a few streets in the very center of Paris. To orient you just a bit, the Rue de Rivoli is the street that runs behind the infamous Louvre museum and the Tuilleries Gardens and it is towards the beginning of one of the great shopping areas in Paris. It might not be quite as well known as the Champs de Elysees or quite as fancy as the Galleries Lafayette & the Boulevard Hausmann but Rue de Rivoli & the streets surrounding it like the Rue Saint Honore, Rue des Capucines and Rue Paix, have countless high fashion neighbors with some of the most charming & beautiful holiday window displays I have ever seen. The closer you walk toward the Opera and the Galleries Lafayette, the greater the names of the stores become, names like Tiffany, Cartier, Versace, Chanel and the names go on… all ending in the Plac de Vendome which you can see here lit up at night.


Now the flavor of this area is quite different than the areas I have shared about on the previous two posts. This is definitely an area of chic and high fashion, upscale stores with glitzy windows. Intermixed here and there are beautiful little boutiques, like the one you see me in browsing through handmade and painted utensils [ don’t even ask me how many of those cute little utensils came home with me… let’s just say that I could almost start a small restaurant.. and no 2 match…. playing them was just like playing with fabric swatches… oh, the patterns & the colors….].


One of the most upscale fabric stores in all of Paris, Henri Maupiou, just stepping inside for a few minutes felt like being in a different world… and the fabrics… well, lets just say that I wasn’t even sure that I dare touch them… but to look …


Some of these other shots are just beautiful window displays that caught my eye. Some so simple, yet so elegant, others like the chocolate store, I could just stare at… the pattern arrangements of chocolates, who would have thought that would be inspiring, but it was LOL!








Hope your Holiday preparations are going well & that you are finding peace in this sometimes stresful season.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Jeanie | 13th Dec 07

    I love seeing the pictures of your adventures in Paris. Is it not one of the most perfect places in the world? I could easily live there:)

  2. joanna | 13th Dec 07

    … me too. In fact, when I was there I emailed my best friend that I could easily live here and gave her a heart attack becuase she thought I was seriously considering it!

  3. libby d | 14th Dec 07

    Wonderful pictures! I’ve got to go there someday! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Libby

  4. mar | 14th Dec 07

    ok, I just sit here with my mouth wide open looking at all of this eye candy! Beautiful!

  5. Angela | 14th Dec 07

    Oooh — just beautiful!

  6. josie | 14th Dec 07

    Oooooo La Laaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!
    Your pictures and descriptions are magical! Some day I will get there – but in the meantime, I can wallow in your recollections. Did you get the chance to play “DaVinci Code” and see the Mona Lisa? THANKS so much for sharing!!!

  7. Laurie | 14th Dec 07

    ahhh, I need to go to Paris!!!

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