Peonies & other little pretties

So here's the deal folks…

I am so far behind in the things I have wanted to post about that I keep not posting because I am so far behind in posts so I keep getting farther behind while I think about how far behind I am… can you follow that wonderfully twisted logic… catch 22 in the biggest sort of way!

So I have decided I am going to start going backwards…. so don't be surprised if you get belated Market shots in 10 days. I am going to start with today, then post about Chicago, then about life, then about Pittsburgh, then about… who knows what else I have forgotten!

Market mixed with the finishing up of a new collection mixed with my Chicago trip mixed with Memorial Day celebrations that included an emergency room trip mixed with end of school celebrations that include my oldest graduating from elementary and my youngest graduating from preschool mixed with the finishing up of the newest patterns mixed with Spring Ballet performances…. basically lots of things, mixed with lots of things.

But one of my favorite things these days is playing with my new lens recommended by Miss Camille.gotta love that girl's photography skills! It takes a bit of getting used to but I am loving some of the results as I learn how to actually use the darn thing…

Every year when I go to Spring Market, I leave my three bushes of Peonies in wonderful, waiting, expecting buds. And every year when I am gone to Spring Market, they bloom… and I miss it!  There is nothing more heavenly than the sight and smell of fully open, blooming Peonies in various shades of cream, pink and yellow and every year I miss it!  Well this year I came home to this wonderful sight and so have been taking pictures of them ever since. I don't know if you can imagine the scent, the sweet, heady perfumed scent of peonies…. its truly wonderful!




A few small Market booth closeups.  These cherries, the lack of more and their journey became somewhat legendary at Market. Let's just say that my husband would not want to hear the story again and its not quite appropriate for a blog post. If you know me on a personal level, one day you'll have to ask me about them…


One of my favorite new little projects. We just whipped up a few more in  the studio the other day… couldn't resist….  so simple, so many uses… such a little thing that can make you so happy. I should have called them happy little bowls.


Loving these little shade pretties. In fact we will be giving a few of these away along with some other fun booth furnishings in a future post this week so stay tuned.


Talk to you soon.

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  1. barbara | 4th Jun 09

    as usual amazing and beautiful! it makes me want to take the day off, get out my credit card, and order some fabric. in a perfect world right????

  2. jaybird | 4th Jun 09

    great pictures… i’m allergic to 99% of flowers so its nice for me to get to look without the smell! … my brother is a photographer and i need to spend more time learning from him… i was amazed when he took some photos of my quilts once at how different they looked from my photos! i’ll be back to read your backwards thoughts and so on… you have rachel (ps.i.quilt) and I addicted… but we have a plan… you’ll just have to wait till October to see!

  3. Stephanie | 4th Jun 09

    I think if Camille every needs another career photography should definitely be it! Your photos are gorgeous as well…and so are the projects.

  4. Karin | 4th Jun 09

    I completely understood your first sentence. In fact, I am ususally in that same boat so you have found an understanding heart here. Take a deep breath, take your time and we’ll be here waiting for the next sweet thing from you.

    Oh, I love the little flower bowl. It is adorable!

  5. Katie | 4th Jun 09

    Your flower bowl is so cute! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  6. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 4th Jun 09

    Great peonies photos and the litte bowl and lamp share are so cute!

  7. elizabeth | 4th Jun 09

    You truly do live an enchanted life. I mean I’m really not THAT many miles away from you and yet there is NO WAY a peony would grow in my yard.
    Excuse me while I go fondle my clothesline thingie.

  8. rachel | 4th Jun 09

    oh yes miss joann…
    we have a plan, me & miss jaybird, for fall market.
    i promise you will love it and don’t be afraid.

  9. dotti | 4th Jun 09

    Joanna…I absolutely love the little shade pretties and the other things that you shared on your blog. My life is kind of mixed up like that a lot of the time. I love my peonies, too. Mine are a deep burgundy but I am really wanting some pink ones. I planted bulbs for pink ones last year but they did not produce. I will try again! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Magnolia Bay Quilts | 4th Jun 09

    Your photographs are unbelievable! Ilove the little fabric bowl. It’s precious.

  11. Jocelyn | 4th Jun 09

    The little shades are so cute. Looking forward to all of your updates.

  12. Dawn | 4th Jun 09


  13. Jean | 4th Jun 09

    I LOVE Peonies! We had some really beautiful ones down the lane from our house at an older home. They home was sold and, alas, there went the peonies. I think the new owners dug them up or something! I’m cultivating mine but they are still young to be doing much. Love those little bowlies! Life is just a chair of bowlies! Now where did I hear that?

  14. Sandra Murphy | 5th Jun 09

    That first sentence really got me – sounds like my organising ability at the moment with my graphic design assignments which are fast becoming due – what was I thinking going back to study! I’m having photoshop and indesign nightmares! On a more positive note I absolutely adore your photos (and Camille’s as well) – You girls are so clever!!

  15. Page | 6th Jun 09

    I love those pillows. So does my favorite little guy who happens to be 4 and has a fascination with tassels. Fortunately, it seems his curiosity over these has been satisfied so maybe now I can get some new pillow covers with new tassels that will be “safe”. (: izazbz at yahoo dot com

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