sorry, so sorry about the week long absence…. book, pattern and fabric deadlines. I swore I would not let them get the best of me…. well, let’s just say I’m trying to be true to my word [I’m sure my husband would say I was failing, LOL].

As I’m cleaning up my studio after a flurry of design, I often find myself designing a whole new slew of projects in the process. I don’t set out to do it and don’t intend to work, just to clean. But somehow in the process of cleaning up and playing with all those discarded scraps and swatches of fabric and putting away all those design resources, my mind quickly starts a fresh…Sherbet_wools_2

This time around I was so inspired by my wheels of wool swatches. Their texture and their colors just called out to me. The first picture is Acorn Quilt & Gift Co [but she is in the process of changing her wool colors… yummy, can’t wait to see them] & the latter 2 pictures are Weeks Dye Works. Scrumptious!! I might see an all-wool project in my future….Multi_wools

I also just finished a quilt that has quickly become my new favorite. I know I always say that but it always feels true at the time… I really am fickle in loving my new designs. It’s not always the case though. Sometimes, by the time I’m done with a project… I’m done with the project, if you know what I mean! I don’t want to have much to do with it and I am glad when it is off to be quilted or to be photographed because I’m not seeing much redeeming value in at the time. This time, I love this project as much as I did when it was just a vision in my head. Here’s a quick pic of the block. Of course, I’ve never met a red, cream and green quilt I didn’t like so I guess I really set myself up to succeed on this one. I don’t have a name for it yet. Or I did, “Strawberry Blooms” but now I’m thinking “Strawberry Lilies”, for the color and for the traditional block, Carolina Lily, that it mimics. I don’t know , I might still change my mind…. 20-30 times!!! sorry, the image keeps coming out distorted. I will try to fix it tonite… Cheers!

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  1. josie | 5th Apr 07

    Just thought I’d check to see if you had a new post…and to my delight, you do! You are now one of my favorite blogs to visit. Now, I want to make something of wool, too. And I can’t wait to see your new “Strawberry” quilt – hope you can fix the pic tonight.

  2. barbara brandeburg | 5th Apr 07

    I kinda like it distorted!

  3. Cyndi Walker | 6th Apr 07

    I love the wool from Weeks Dye Works and Brenda at Acorn Quilt & Gift Co. does such a lovely job with hers! What project might you be working on with all these lucious colors? Hmmmm?

  4. Marlene | 6th Apr 07

    this is agony! waiting a glimpse 🙂

  5. Zegi | 10th Apr 07

    The wool colors are beautiful! Also loved the photo at Quilter’s Buzz of you on the bike…totally worth it to make them stay open until someone would snap it!

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