When I first created our popular SEASONAL PATCHWORK pattern, I knew this quilt would be SO GOOD with other seasons and holidays and it was so hard to choose. We decided to include CHRISTMAS, AUTUMN, AND PATRIOTIC in the pattern itself but we ran out of room for more variations after that!

Of course, a heart was first on the “want” list but also a clover or a daisy or so many other things would be great.


For this special ADDITIONAL HEART BLOCK, we used the CHRISTMAS layout within the pattern and simply substituted a large and a double mini heart block for the trees.

You can of course make your own variations on amounts of blocks or how many of each kind but this gives you an idea on how it would look…

…this is the large block that replaces the large tree.
…this is the small pair of blocks replacing the small double trees.

Notice that on the small double hearts, we changed the layout a bit so that the hearts are staggered.


Here BELOW is some of the technical info you will need to create these fun blocks for this patchwork [feel free to drag and drop them onto your own device].

For the rest of the info and how to make the full quilt, you will also need the original SEASONAL PATCHWORK pattern available HERE or HERE for a downloadable version too.

Lastly… we are working on some fun Valentine’s projects over in our Facebook Group CLICK HERE and we invite you to come join us!

Hope you enjoy this little addition. Please remember that this is for personal use ONLY and not to be reprinted, sold or distributed. If you are a shop and would like to use this addition as a class or a kit, please email us and we will get you taken care of. Thanks so much!

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  1. Diana | 2nd Feb 22

    Love this! These Patchwork patterns are so wonderful! Thank you for this one too. ❤️

  2. Diane Nagle | 3rd Feb 22

    Thankyou so very much for this bonus pattern! I have all the other patterns and this is going to be a great addition!! Quilts like this make such great gifts!

  3. Jeanie | 3rd Feb 22

    Thank you!

  4. Symantha Thomas | 3rd Feb 22

    Thank You so much for these sweet heart blocks!❤️ I have been looking for the perfect Valentine quilt to make and luckily for me, I managed to order your beautiful fabric and Seasonal Quilts patterns before it sold out! And now you’re offering this perfect addition?? Glad I made my way over to check your blog tonight, or I would have missed this. You certainly have a special purpose in this world. Look how happy you make us, your Figgy fans.

  5. shelley | 4th Feb 22

    Thank you for this block addition! Adding it to the list of quilts to make!

  6. bobbie rumler | 4th Feb 22

    this is sweet…thanks

  7. Laurie Evans | 5th Feb 22

    Thank you! You are the best!! I’m not a “heart/valentine” person, but I am a fan of your seasonal patchwork so this one will be made!

  8. Martha | 14th Feb 22

    Excellent patterns. Love your final hart design. The perfect fit for Valentine’s Day 😉

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