Summertime projects

I know that this might sound a bit like whining, but it is just now, a good week after I have returned from my vacation that I feel like I have finally recovered. Now don’t get me wrong… I loved my vacation. I always love my vacation. Every year right around this time, our closest friends and their 3 children along with us and our 3 children pack our whole lives into our mini vans, including our dog and whatever vacation project I have dreamed up and we drive a few hours into Sonoma County to the Russian River Valley. There we unpack those same minivans, buy a lot of good food, blow up a lot of inflatable toys and spend the next week swimming, eating, playing games, talking, canoing, sunbathing, rock skipping, eating some more, just to name a few activities. In between all of that vacation goodness, we cook, we clean, we referee a hundred little fights and arguments, we bathe a lot of dirty kids, we smear on a lot of SPF 45, and somewhere in between all of that we manage to get in a few deep conversations and we try to relax and rest…Russian_riverLarge_yellow_flowers

On the last day we watch a homemade slide show set to cheesy music of all 534 pictures that we have taken over said week and we feel like we have really vacationed. Every one is happy… until one of the kids wants what someone else has….
Every year when we finally get home [which was another experience all together this year which included sidetracking to 2 towns, blowing a tire, a cofee shop refusing to sell me iced coffee and sampling about 25 mustards at a wonderful little winery], all I want to do is sleep and sit on my couch, watch whatever TiVO has taped while I was gone and go through all of my mail. Its like an annual ritual and my husband knows that he shouldn’t expect me to move off of the couch that day. It’s just what I do. You could call it my transition time 🙂
Somehow this time around, my transition time has taken all week. I’ve made it off the couch… some days… but not others. I have accomplished alot of sorting and organizing… mostly from my couch.

But back to designing… I almost forgot that that’s what I was supposed to be writing about! Before I went on vacation I actually managed to start 3 different projects and sent them off the three lovely ladies in various stages of doneness to work on while I was gone. One of them is made all out of Allspice Tapestry and the other 2 are a mix of Allspice Tapestry and colors from the next line that we will be releasing at Fall Market. If you haven’t already guessed from my earlier hints… the line will be called Dandelion Girl. The swatches coming back are wonderful so far and I can’t wait to see the larger prints which should be coming soon… as soon as I’ve made some choices I will give you a sneak peek….Dandelion_pin_wheel

This line will have woven fabrics again and this time we have some really fun Spring specialty fabrics for you… I can’t wait to share them with you all as soon as I can. I have to tell you that when I was choosing woven stripes and plaids, I had so many wonderful swatch choices that I could have made at least 3 different lines with what I had. It was really, really hard to narrow the swatches down into a small enough group to make a collection. Anyway, that was one of the things I was accomplishing from my couch this week :-)…

Back soon.
P.S. All of our leather handles have sold but we will be placing another order soon so if you didn’t get a chance, please feel free to email and we will add you to the next order. We will be adding green as well.

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  1. Jeanie | 16th Jul 07

    Hey, Joanna! Sounds like you all had a fun trip. Kevin the kids and I are still trying to get back in the “swing” from our vacation. It has been two weeks. As a testament, I sit here writing this e-mail in my PJ’s at 2:30pm:) I have reserved my fat bundle of the All Spice Tapestry-it is really beautiful. I can’t wait to see your new patterns for the fabric line. I guess I will see you at PIQF??? I hope so-until then, enjoy the rest of summer:)

  2. Diana | 16th Jul 07

    I love the dandelions in the basket!

  3. mary | 16th Jul 07

    Cool vacation! I have a friend who says “you can always sleep when you get home from your vacation” Sounds like it was fun. now go get some sleep 🙂

  4. Nicole | 18th Jul 07

    Love the new Dandelion Girl line! The best thing about your fabric designs is your consistency in your color palette. It is just fabulous to be able to combine a new line with fabrics from a previously released group for an even scrappier look. I buy them all, so believe me I know!

  5. Lisa D. | 19th Jul 07

    That Dandelion basket block is just beautiful! I can’t wait to see the pattern for it. I should make one as a tribute to all those pretty yellow flowers in my yard! I can’t wait to see the new fabric line – you never fail with your designs and colors!

  6. sharon | 19th Jul 07

    Can’t wait to see the whole Dandelion Girl line. I love your fabric. Can’t get enough of it.

  7. Sandi Henderson | 20th Jul 07

    OOh so did you end up getting a new camera? Those pictures are looking pretty good. 🙂


    PS-I’m totally jealous about your swatches, I haven’t seen any of mine yet.

  8. Mary Anne Drury | 24th Jul 07

    WOW !! I LOVE that quilt you’re working on !!!!

  9. Alicia | 24th Jul 07

    Love your dandelion fabric, brings back memories from my childhood when I used to pick them for my mom. An empty lot down the block was covered with them and they had wonderful long stems. Can’t wait for the fabric.

  10. Sue (One of the Sue's from Utah) | 25th Jul 07

    All of your new things are sooooo cute I can’t stand it!

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