Paris…Taking It All In

One of the things I notice most when I am in Paris are the details…










I love the cobblestones, the lanterns, the ironwork, the designs on the buildings. Maybe its because I am actually slowing down enough to see them or because this city just has a magical amount of details and character… or a combination of both.

Either way, it always seems like my life slows down a bit when I am here. Whether or not there is the lovely craziness of family around me and I am negotiating a million things at once or I am completely alone and doing nothing but absorbing what is in front of me.







Aside from the buildings, there is of course the food. And the color. And did I mention the food? And whether or not we were eating it, we were certainly taking it in with all of our senses.






Parisbakery I-2small














In the rare case that we weren't gazing around us, eating or window shopping, we were sitting and relaxing.












See you tomorrow.

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  1. Elaine K | 6th Jul 15

    Beautiful city, beautiful photos. Lovely to see it through your eyes. Thank you.

  2. Suzanne | 7th Jul 15

    I also love Paris and can see that you will be using the color and design in future fabric collections. Can’t wait!

  3. Martha Cook | 7th Jul 15

    My favorite picture was of you in that pretty dress against that door . Of course you achieved the perfect bslsnce and color.

  4. kitty | 7th Jul 15

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures!!

  5. Diana Marlow | 7th Jul 15

    Great Vacation dress! Is it a pattern? Enjoy the trip. Beautiful adventure!

  6. kathleen waldron | 7th Jul 15

    What a beautiful family you are!

  7. gailss1 | 7th Jul 15

    What a great way to see Paris….love your pictures and felt I was there too! Best part is the memories….thanks!

  8. Sinta | 7th Jul 15

    I love your vacation “slideshow”~ what a beautiful place to visit! I absolutely love the last photo of you in that dress! I can see it in B&W… so classic! And French!

  9. Nona Davis | 7th Jul 15

    Breathtaking!….If that dress isn’t available in pattern form….it certainly should be.
    Your family is simply charming.
    Nona D.

  10. Helen LeBrett | 7th Jul 15

    The colors are just amazing!! I can see why you love Paris: it has all those warm, beautiful colors that you love to design with! 🙂 You look great (I was just thinking that you were taking all of the pictures and weren’t in them, but there you were in the last one!) And your daughters dimples are so sweet: her smile makes me smile!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  11. Regina | 7th Jul 15

    Thanks for the revisit,there last summer with my husband and daughter.
    Soooo loved it.
    P.S. You have gorgeous children.

  12. Marjory Wilkin | 7th Jul 15

    You look so pretty in the final photo! Did you make your dress, and if so, is it an available pattern? I love it. All the photos are great.

  13. Sherri | 7th Jul 15

    Oh my goodness…so much inspiration! I feel like you should just keep sharing as many photos as you have!!!

    And what a fun dress you are wearing in that last photo! What a great vacation with your whole family!

  14. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    I have a lot more! So I will keep sharing until I run out!


  15. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    Thanks for the compliment! I loved the retro feel of the dress when I bought it and it just felt like Paris to me!

  16. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    It is a dress from ModCloth… an online dress shop. They have so many retro styles… you should take a look!

  17. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    Thank you!

  18. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    Now I want to go and change that photo to BW!!

  19. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    It is a lovely little retro dress from Modcloth… an online dress shop. I love the feel of so many of their dresses. You should go and check it out!

  20. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    Thank you Helen. Yes, there is definitely something in the light in Paris. Everything feels a little bit different. I don’t know what it is but it has to be more than just the fact that I’m on vacation!

  21. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    Thank you Regina. Our kids definitely got the best parts of both of us!!!

  22. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    The dress is from Modcloth, an online shop. Its wonderful!

  23. Mary | 7th Jul 15

    Thanks – I feel I’ve been on a mini-vacation, too. You have a beautiful family, so glad you are taking time to spend time together.

  24. Taunja | 7th Jul 15

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos. I really enjoy looking at them. You have a talent with the camera!

  25. Taunja | 7th Jul 15

    And dare I ask . . . can we be expecting a fabric line inspired by these beautiful photos? I can’t even imagine how wonderful that would be! 😉

  26. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    So glad to bring you along with pictures!

  27. Joanna | 7th Jul 15

    These colors are always inspiration but who knows where it will all end up!

  28. Beth Beal | 8th Jul 15

    Lovely scenes and family! It is very easy to see how your work is influenced by Paris.

  29. Deb | 8th Jul 15

    You have such a gift with the camera . . . beautiful photos.

  30. Pam | 8th Jul 15

    Love all your photos! Especially that one of you, so happy and relaxed! Perfect Paris dress!

  31. Joanna | 8th Jul 15

    Thank you so very much. I love playing with my camera. I hope to learn more about it this summer!

  32. Joanna | 8th Jul 15

    Thanks Pam! I thought that the dress was a perfect Paris pick!

  33. Quiltingholliday | 8th Jul 15

    Thank you for taking me to Paris with such beautiful pictures! Joanna ~ your dress is wonderful ~ perfect for Paris!

  34. Janice King | 8th Jul 15

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful city and sharing your lovely family with us, also.

  35. Mary Kay | 8th Jul 15

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for getting me away from this rainy day and taking me to Paris through your fantastic pictures!!

  36. Pamela | 9th Jul 15

    I have been thinking about the photos from your last post. ** sigh ** I’ve always dreamed of Paris as a romantic old world city. Your photos absolutely make me want to go and spend some time there.
    Thank you for sharing Paris with me. I adore it.
    I hope you continue to have a lovely time there with your family.

  37. Joanna | 9th Jul 15

    Thank you so much Pamela. It really is a lovely city. I don’t really do much of the touristy things when I go. I just watch and walk…. a lot! Hope you get to go one day!

  38. Joanna | 9th Jul 15

    Thanks Mary Kay!!

  39. Jan | 9th Jul 15

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip. Just beautiful~all of it!

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