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Hello my Quilty Friends!

Its been a while since I have blogged and I sooooo want to get back into a better habit of doing this because it really is a place where I can share so much more than I am able to do on Instagram, which is where I am most of the time these days. Why? Because it is SO MUCH EASIER for me and with the totally insane schedule I seem to keep, EASIER is sometimes the only way it will happen!  I would love it if you would join me there if you haven't already. I am figtreeandco !!

Anyway, I have been getting A LOT of questions and requests lately for teaching and folks wondering why I don't seem to be doing it so much anymore. Well….. traveling to teach takes a lot of time and energy and frankly a lot out of me. True confessions…. I hate to travel alone. Really, really hate it. I absolutely LOVE BEING IN A NEW PLACE and there are places in the world and in the United States where I have been that I would love to return to on a regular basis. But for me it is the process of traveling that makes the whole thing distasteful enough that I say NO to it more often than I say YES. Its not a logical anxiety and not one that has anything to do with a fear of flying… it is all about all of the things that could go wrong, the things that I could forget, the things that need to happen before I go, the things that might go badly at the airport, the fear of being completely out of control…. etc, etc., etc. That is probably more than you ever wanted to know about my issues with travel.  But the next you might wonder, why I don't seem to be teaching as much as I used to that is a big part of it.

The other thing is… well, its about the munchkins. As we transitioned our oldest child out of our home and into college this past year, I realized once again how short life is and how much I don't want to miss the little things that I still have left with the other two. They are both at such wonderful ages and are so full of life and wonder and activities and energy and questions and on and on… and I just don't want to miss too much of it. The time will come when it will be just me and the hub. I think I will enjoy traveling to teach much more then… at least that is the plan!

But all that to say…. I have agreed to teach in several different places this year and I am looking forward to these venues quite a bit.

March 23-15: Thimbles & Threads in Draper Utah.

I can't wait to stay at this amazing lodge and teach some really fun classes! I am dragging the family along for a part of this one and they hope to ski while I work!




Click HERE for more information. I will be teaching my awesome Blue Ribbon quilt with a wonderful secret variation only for class members [trying to tease you just a little LOL] and I will be sharing all of my wool tricks of the trade while teaching one of the FIGS AND WOOLIES. I sure hope you consider joining me next month at this beautiful venue! I do believe that there are still spots open!


Main blue ribbon






We are still working out details for this one and if you are not in the guild but are interested in the workshop, you would need to contact Laurie Grant, Program Chair, to see what you can do. I am not sure of the rules on non-guild members etc in this situation.


September 19-23:  QUILTFEST 2017 "RUBY JUBILEE" in Layton, UTAH.

I will be 1 of 4 national teachers teaching at this wonderful event. We are still firming up which classes and on which days but it sounds like its going to be a wonderful event full of classes and opportunities! Stay tuned to their website if you are interested in this one. Sounds like its a favorite of you Utah folks! Click HERE for more info.


September 28- October 1: Quilting with Alex Anderson Retreat in Pleasanton, CA.

Have been looking forward to joining these ladies for a few years now [scheduling here takes place 4 years in advance LOL] not only because I know more than a few of them but because this particular retreat experience happens to be 45 minutes from home for me!! Click HERE for more info.


Hope to see some of you there!







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  1. Taunja Kelvington | 14th Feb 17

    I can totally appreciate what you are saying. Thanks for sharing your anxieties . . . it helps others feel less alone when they experience the same thing! Best to you!

  2. Sally Crawford | 14th Feb 17

    You have to come to Florida sometime!

  3. Tammie S | 14th Feb 17

    When you feel like you want to explore the southeast, Tennessee will welcome you! Thanks for sharing your heart with your fans.

  4. Patti Reed | 14th Feb 17

    I’m trying to recreate the orange quilt that you offered on day 2 of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Could you please tell me the color name of the orange solid? Thank you.

  5. janet | 14th Feb 17

    i love that you are keeping the real important things in life in proper perspective. You won’t want to miss these sweet times with your family. One of the things I appreciate about you by watching your videos is the sense of peace that runs deep in your life and the sweet joy that warms your face. Enjoying the simple things and keeping things simple are a treasure in today’s world – thank you! I’m cheering you on. Thanks for sharing your love of fabric, color, quilting with us as you have time.

  6. Linda Mitchell | 14th Feb 17

    Joanna, I am a mother of two, now very loving and all around wonderful adults. I also, many years ago, found myself having to make decisions such as yours. My daughter and son always remained my first priorities, no matter how tempted I became at times to navigate through my other passions. You seem to be finding the right balance for yourself and your family right now, and I just want to say you will never regret taking this time for them, while they are still home. I have never regretted it, and can look back to all my wonderful memories, and look at my daughter and son with such pride. Peace be with you.

  7. Miss Jean | 15th Feb 17

    I have had travel anxieties for a long time. Just thinking about traveling makes me anxious. This spring I am taking Amtrak from Denver back to California and then home again. Yikes!!! It is good that you are thinking of your family as they grow up so quickly. Wish I could attend one of your seminars!

  8. Joanna | 16th Feb 17


    You are so sweet and your words mean so very much to me. Thank you for taking the time to write them! Joanna

  9. Joanna | 16th Feb 17

    It was a part of MODA’s CROSSWEAVE collection and unfortunately I believe that it has been discontinued at this time. The color is called “pink yellow” and I think that it is still available online in various locations.


  10. Diana | 20th Feb 17

    Yes, I agree – thank you for sharing. I too do not like traveling by alone & it gives me such anxiety!! Love all the Fig Tree goodness, your fabrics are so beautiful. Would absolutely be in heaven to retreat with like minded gals & you teaching. A girl can dream, right? Cannot wait to finish more Fig Tree quilts!!

  11. Helen LeBrett | 22nd Feb 17

    Those all look fun: I’m going to have to decide which one I can do. 🙂 Hugs, H

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