Just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for playing along on our crazy, crazy 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE. It was something we started on a whim many years ago, and we would have never guessed how it would grow and how many of you would look forward to it each and every year. We still have some of our original customers, who participated and cheered us on that first year, still shopping with us so many years later. Giant shout out to you guys especially!

A couple of points of business:

  1. The boxes are starting to ship out today. We are of course going as fast as we can go and trying to get as many out as we can. Even with that, it will probably take us about a week to get all of the boxes out the door so please, please be patient. We will not be able to track anything or check anything for you on the boxes during this process… you have no idea what the office looks like during this time and how many boxes there are stacked on every spare table and shelf. It is a bit comical actually!
  2. If you forgot to purchase your box for the 2nd round of goodies, or your items spill out and above the large box upgrade that we give you for free, we will simply add an additional box charge to your account and pack up all your goodies. You do not need to worry about that.
  3. If you purchased anything outside of the sale, we will try to get those items out before the bulk of the 12 DAYS shipping.
  4. I know I promised a BACKING SALE today but we will have to wait until tomorrow for that one. I promise they are coming, just trying to get everything done for the 12 days sale first.
  5. As promised in the 12 DAYS rules, if you did not get as many things as you had anticipated, we will send your items in an envelope and donate the the $ to our local food bank. We will match the amount. We will let people know how much was donated next week.
  6. If we find random stuff while we clean up , or extra kits for any of the sold out items, we will add them to a sale day next week.
  7. If you are participating in any of our BLOCK OF THE MONTH PROGRAMS, we are still shipping those out this month, but just on a slightly different schedule due to everything else. HALLOWEEN FIGS BOM is going out this week and WOOL BOM will go out next week. CREAM AND CHARCOAL BOM and FARMHOUSE MYSTERY will go out at the end of the month after Christmas. Because… you know… we have to sleep and take a few days off somewhere in there :-).
  8. And lastly but certainly not least, would you take a minute and leave me a comment about what item or items you loved the most this year and why. And what you would like to see more of!! If you didn’t like something, we understand, but you can just keep that to yourself :-). Just positive comments please. EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS AND ANSWERS, WILL BE ENTERED INTO A GIVEAWAY FOR A CHRISTMAS BUNDLE. We really want your feedback as we plan for next year!!!

And again… THANK YOU. Love, Joanna and Eric [and the elves Misty, Megan, Maggie and Cheryl]

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  1. Coreen Burnett | 10th Dec 19

    It was fun. I set my alarm to get up at 3 AM (EST) to check the website! I spent too much but am excited that I got Vintage fabrics & the reds & red & cream bundles! I am looking forward to receiving my goodies!!

  2. Florence | 10th Dec 19

    Another great year for Fig Tree and me!

  3. Neva A. | 10th Dec 19

    Thank you JoAnna & team for fun sale! This was my first time & I loved the anticipation! Its like I was little again, waiting for Santa! I like that you posted the times for the next day, in the blog! Would like to see more kits & bundles next year! AND the fun coffee cups with fat quarters! Such FUN! Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

  4. Sunny Bristol | 10th Dec 19

    It was a blast! Waking up at 3am was a bit difficult but more like checking to see if Santa had come. I’m also not used to shopping EVERY day, but now I think I’m good at it! Best of all, I have the most beautiful fabrics/eye candy on the way to my door, and will have another year to create and transform them into quilts, toppers, and more. Thank you Joanna, Eric, elves, and your family for your time, talent and giving us a fantastic experience that the joyful sewing world needs! We are now quite merry!
    Sunny B

  5. Susan Dowhaniak | 10th Dec 19

    I was like a kid, waking up and running to check the site for new items. I’m an organizer, so the wooden box spoke to me. Can’t wait for it to arrive at my home. Was hoping to have seen the fig scented fabric flattened. Thank you for being such a great Christmas elf, now may the elves take care of you and May you, your family and staff have a merry season.

  6. Kathy Goodnight | 10th Dec 19

    I love 12 days of Christmas its my gift to myself . I love it all I was so happy you put up more fabric for Christmas fig book
    My granddaughters want Christmas Quilts so of course I needed more of your dreamy fabric
    And your greens and reds wow. Thanks for another year of my gifts to myself. Looking forward to next year of course

  7. Elizabeth Smith | 10th Dec 19

    Thank you to all of you at Fig tree for all that you do to help us with our love of quilting . I love seeing your kits, patterns and bundles. I enjoy all these sales and even though I set my alarm for the middle of the night releases I didn’t need it because my internal clock had me awake way before I needed 😂. I feel like a little kid waiting for my goodies to arrive.

  8. Shannon Vonnegut | 10th Dec 19

    This was so much fun, thank you for doing it. It took me a few days to catch on to how it all worked but I still got some good stuff. I like that you throw notions in, I experiment to see what works best for me so I love seeing suggestions and that you give the details about why you like them.

  9. Barb Elenbaas | 10th Dec 19

    Going thru withdrawals, loved the event! My favorite project is the Christmas Mum kit! I was very bummed that I missed out on it the first time around, but, was lucky to find it posted again. I love everything in my first box, so excited to get the next one. Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into planning and pulling it off. Merry Christmas!!

  10. Joyce | 10th Dec 19

    Loved the notions this year. I wasn’t very good at getting to the site to see all the goodies, but I’m so happy with everything I purchased!

  11. Monica | 10th Dec 19

    My favorites this year were the retro items and the small kits. I like having some quick Christmas kits to do before Christmas. I have participated for many years now and always enjoy it!!! My request is for summer version but less demanding for Fig Tree & Co. , Thanks so much for doing the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

  12. Sharon | 10th Dec 19

    I’ve been active with your 12 days sale for quite a few years now and always enjoy it and find several things I can’t live without! I enjoy the kits in any size
    and fabric bundles to fill in my stash. I know it’s crazy busy, so thank you for all the effort!

  13. Lori H | 10th Dec 19

    Your 11 days of Christmas is awesome!! I loved the mug with the fat quarters, kinda wish I would’ve bought 2! I’d love to see more smaller kits, and if possible I’d like to see a wooden fig tree box like you had a few years ago!

  14. Joanne J | 10th Dec 19

    I always enjoy the sale. It’s exciting when I am able to pick up a new kit or bundle of fabric. This year I was lucky to get a few kits and a beautiful cream fabric bundle. I like when patterns are offered as an extra sale item. Thank you for all the hard work. Looking forward to receiving my box of goodies.

  15. Michelle | 10th Dec 19

    I really liked the vintage/retro items like the holly bag/Village (even though I missed it😉) and the gift tags , loved the cups with fat quarters, and the smaller kits like the prairie point mat( missed that one too 🤦🏻‍♀️) but I got some fun stuff ! Thank you for you hard work!

  16. Michelle | 10th Dec 19

    I really liked the vintage/retro items like the holly bag/Village (even though I missed it😉) and the gift tags , loved the cups with fat quarters, and the smaller kits like the prairie point mat( missed that one too 🤦🏻‍♀️) but I got some fun stuff ! Thank you for you hard work!

  17. Kelly K | 10th Dec 19

    I’ve been with you for the 12 days sale since your very first one, and have loved every one of them! I look forward to this event every year, so thanks to you, your family, and the elves for all your hard work!!! I think what I am always excited to see (and get😁) are your kits, particularly of a new design we haven’t seen yet! Those special Christmas quilt kits are among my favorites, and I’m looking forward to getting my new kit from this year!! I do have to admit, all the notions are fun to see, and I always end up with at least one new pair of scissors! I also appreciate the sale on your patterns! Thank you again, and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

  18. Karen | 10th Dec 19

    This was my first year and I had so much fun! Sad it is over! I was lucky to get a Christmas mum kit which I am so excited about. I also loved that you put your patterns on sale so I could pick up several that I have had my eye on. I would love to see the bundles of fabric continue. Loved those. And I got a mug with fat quarters the second time they were posted so am excited about that! Can’t wait to see what you put out for next year. And I really love that the extra shipping money goes to a local food bank. What a great thing you are doing by donating and matching.

  19. Maryann Heide | 10th Dec 19

    I really liked this he bundles that you presented. It was fun always checking in to see what was being offered., it’s a lot of work to do, so thank you❤️ Take your time with my box, I don’t need it before Christmas.

  20. Terry B. | 10th Dec 19

    Every year I start out with a spending limit and every year I blow past that limit in about two days… But I sure do have fun! My favs are always the fabric bundles. And, I’m a sucker for an enameled pin. Thank you for another great year!!

  21. Elizabeth | 10th Dec 19

    Every year I tell myself not to join the 12 day’s because we are traveling but I can’t resist. Loved everything I ended up getting. Fig Tree has been my favorite fabric for a long time and I realize most of my quilts I make are from you. You make it so easy.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Gail W. | 10th Dec 19

    Thank all of you so much for your efforts to make this a very special 12 days for us! As a first-timer I enjoyed the the daily anticipation and love all the items I put in my 12 Days box. I’m eager to receive my items, but no rush, and look forward to next year’s 12 Days of Christmas sale. Thanks a bunch!!!

  23. Maria L Zook | 10th Dec 19

    I really appreciated knowing when the items would be posted each day. I always look forward to getting a new Christmas kit. I look for a lap size or table or wall hanging size and i am very happy that I was able to get your Christmas Twinkle.

  24. Vicki S Winders | 10th Dec 19

    I am not going to say that getting up at 1 am was a pleasure, but so worth it. I did get one gorgeous kit featuring scarlet and sage, just sorry I missed the wonderful rick rack runner. Job well done!!

  25. Debby Tepen | 10th Dec 19

    I have enjoyed this year….I ended up with 3 quilt kits, one being the Twinkle quilt kit. I think I really enjoy the quilt kits or table runners most. Thank you again for a fun Twelve Days of Christmas!!

  26. Melanie M. | 11th Dec 19

    I enjoyed the bundles with patterns and quilt kits. I look forward to completing these projects in 2020, Merry Christmas and thank you.

  27. Deb | 11th Dec 19

    Thank you for the sale…always fun!! This year I really liked the cups with the fat quarters stuffed in….but they were gone b4 i got there. Everyone else must have loved them too!! I also liked the calendar panel close to the last day. Thanks for the Fig love!

  28. KRISTIE | 11th Dec 19

    So many nice items to choose from! I think my favorites were any of the fabrics, whether that be fat quarters in mug, quilt kits or bundles. Thank you again for all of the work involved in putting this together, really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  29. Sonya Hayes | 11th Dec 19

    I have been a Fig Tree customer for many years but had never participated in this event before. I loved the variety of products offered, I loved the “extras” if you made a purchase that day, I loved that the time changed everyday (yes, even the 3AM time-slot) and I loved reading the social media posts when one of us got something we were really excited about because let’s face it, who else would truly understand but a fellow Fig Tree quilter? My favorite, which is kinda hard because I loved it all, would be the project kits and the vintage Christmas themed items (I missed out on the canvas Christmas Village scene tote and I’m still sad about it.) Adding more quick project kits would be awesome, like placemats, table toppers (missed out on that one too) and table runners (I got that one, yay!) or even just a nice block kit (maybe a new block kit per day that used together would make a quilt top or if we miss out on a block kit, the block(s) we do get can work on their own in another project). I can only imagine all the hours and hard work that goes into organizing and supporting an event like this. Your hard work and commitment to this event is very much appreciated. I had a great time and will definitely be participating again next year. Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

    • | 11th Dec 19

      Those are some fabulous ideas Sonya! I really really appreciate that. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  30. Victoria Webb | 11th Dec 19

    This was my first year participating and I will be back next year! I was hoping to pick up a Christmas quilt kit and got two that I wanted! Also got some fun gift items for friends. Loved knowing what times things would be posted for sale. Thanks for the fun!

  31. Sharon Shergold | 11th Dec 19

    This is my first year participating and after reading everyones likes etc I realize I somehow missed so much. I guess its the ultimate first come first served lol. So next year I will remember never to show up at the party late. I picked up the Fig tree favourites bundle and can’t wait to use it.. Suggestion wise I guess smaller projects would be my choice, but thats because I am a slow quilter. Heres wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

  32. Stephanie Otts | 11th Dec 19

    I have so much fun participating every year. My favorite item this year was the mug with the fabrics – they sold out before I could snag one but I thought that was such a cute idea. It could be fun to do that with other items like little baskets. I also loved the smaller kits you were offering this year for the table runners and wall hangings. I think it would be great to see more of those as a complement to the larger quilt kits. Of course, I love the big quilt kits too and was pretty excited to get the Little House in the Woods kit. I adore that layout with those houses and trees. Thanks so much for your hard work in running this event. It’s got to be so hard to keep everything organized and running smoothly!

    • | 11th Dec 19

      Yes! It sounds like we will definitely be doing more of the smaller quilt kit items next time around. Thanks so much for your input!

  33. Leslie T. | 11th Dec 19

    This was my first time and it was a lot of fun. My favorite item was the fabric bundle with the Christmas Figs book. I love all of your fabrics and bundles — they are very classy, sweet, and soft. I’m looking forward to making a nice Christmas quilt! Hope you catch up and get to rest and enjoy the holidays.

  34. Cheryl | 11th Dec 19

    I love doing this each year – thanks for the fun. I love the Gingiber kit you usually have something of theirs. Also, wish you had more smaller kits……under $50 if possible. I don’t personally believe they need to be all christmas related, just thought I’d throw that out there…… just enjoy the fun.

    thanks again.

    • | 11th Dec 19

      Absolutely. That is what we are thinking of doing more of next year. Thanks for the feedback!

  35. Cathy McMann | 11th Dec 19

    This was my first year participating. It is a lot of fun, there is an element of anticipation that makes it unlike regular xmas time sales. I particularly like the kits for quilt tops and the fabric bundles. I also like that you showcased notions and quilting supplies that you especially like using yourself, like your favorite pins. My wish for the future is that you offer some kits that aren’t Christmas themed. I’m not a prolific quilter and January would be the right time for me to start a Halloween quilt, for instance.

  36. Nicole Sterzer | 11th Dec 19

    I’m excited for everything! Especially the favorites Christmas bundle and book! Thank you!!

  37. Lisa Neely | 11th Dec 19

    I love this event, have been doing it since the beginning and I look forward to it every year. I love the kits you pit together this time of year. Such easy cute patterns. I have always wondered what the room looks likes during this event with all those orders being packed up. You should post a picture! Merry Christmas!

  38. Ellen Reibling | 11th Dec 19

    I always love it all but would love a clever not Christmas project on smaller side or a set of small decorative pillows using wool. Maybe autumn themed using the current fabric line? Or Halloween? Also waiting for the Fig Tree bag program…bags are so hot but in your precious fabric lines that would be so fun. Also maybe make the woodland animals from your quilt come to life? A hedgehog or owl? Just a thought. Thanks for the fun!

  39. Nancy Christoffel | 11th Dec 19

    The kits are always my favorite part, followed by fabric bundles. I look forward to this sale every year! ❤️💚

  40. ELaine Durst | 11th Dec 19

    This was my first 12 days sale and I loved it. I bought some beautiful Christmas fabric bundles and the house kit. Would you be able to add some wool items next year ? Thank you for a fun sale.

  41. Kirstie Kampen | 11th Dec 19

    I absolutely love the Little House in the Woods kit because of its cute appearance with the Christmas fabric colors. I look forward to making it! Kits are one of the top items I look for as well as cute notions items, like the stork scissors and the red Moda tins. The Christmas mugs were also a wonderful notion item that I was not lucky enough to get, but no hard feelings. Just another example of notion items that would accent my sewing room wonderfully! Thanks for running this sale!

  42. Sue Lowry | 11th Dec 19

    First of all thank you to you and your staff for the hard work so we were able to play along! I had an advantage since we were in Hawaii part of the sale so the midnight postings were only 10 pm there 🙂 I loved the bundles, kits and the coffee cup with fat quarters! Maybe some more smaller kits we can get done in a jiffy would be fun. Also smaller bundles of half yards or fat quarters and the scrap bags of fabric would be a treat! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  43. Teresa Derrow | 11th Dec 19

    12 Days of Christmas was so fun! I really loved the quilt & table topper/runner kits and also the candles! I cant wait to get my Harvest candle!

  44. Ann | 11th Dec 19

    Loved the rick rack quilt as it is a small project that can easily done. Also liked the Little House in the Woods quilt. Thank you for a fun week of Fig Tree shopping. A very merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best in the New Year!

  45. Donna | 11th Dec 19

    I’m so glad I got 4 bundles of the beautiful fabric!

  46. Dorothy Fletcher | 11th Dec 19

    The twelve days of Christmas was very fun!!! I missed the mugs with fabric and the wooden carrier, so of course i’d like more of those. I’m very excited about what I bought. Scheduling the start times on different days was great!!!
    Your mini patterns with a fabric bundle would be a good kit: pear mini pattern with summer fabric or the cherry one with fabric included.
    Congrats and thanks for a great sale.

  47. Joni M. | 11th Dec 19

    Thank you for another fun 12 Days of Christmas. I have been joining in for several years, and enjoy it every year! Like several others, it would be fun to see a few more smaller projects. I love the dish towels every year. The notions and gifts such as the Christmas tags and the ornament, and other assortments are fun too! But I love it all, thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  48. Wendy | 11th Dec 19

    I love the 12 days. My favorite things are the kits and fabric bundles and that’s mostly what I purchase. I agree with the other comments that projects other than Christmas would be fun and I also wouldn’t mind bigger quilt kits. I like to make bed size quilts in addition to the throw and topper sizes. This year I managed to snag a Santa tablecloth and I love it!

  49. Mary Jane Minnick | 11th Dec 19

    I loved the vintage holly and vintage bags–was able to gift them right away, and they were loved by others also!
    I love the BOMs– I’m sure that’s a surprise, but what I really really like are the scrap bags! Always love looking at new unexpected treasures 🙂
    Thank you for what you do!

  50. Traci slomba | 11th Dec 19

    Being on the east coast, there were a few late nights of anticipation and alarms set for 3am but it was so worth it!! I always look forward to the 12 days every year! I get to use the excuse that my birthday is Dec 30th and since it sometimes get overlooked I treat my self to my favorite things! Its the one time of the year my husband can expect quite a few large boxes from fig tree! I always love the kits and special vintage items, I think the only thing I missed out on were the vintage gift tags. When opening my first box that arrived, I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the twinkle kit! I can’t wait for my mums and marigolds kit! I’m also excited for the mug filled with fat quarters. What a personal touch Joanna! Your always so thoughtful and clever! Thank you to the Figueroa family and all the little elves that make this so very special for us every year!!! It is appreciated greatly! Happy holidays, XOXO

  51. Traci slomba | 11th Dec 19

    Oh, and I can’t forget to mention all the beautiful curated bundles! They are amazing as alaways!!! I think I may have gotten all but one. Lots of happy sewing for the new year, 2020 is going to be figalicious!!!!!!

  52. Renee Arnett | 11th Dec 19

    Thank you Fig Tree elves for another fun year! My husband thought I was crazy whenever I set the alarm for the middle of the night but he slept right through it! Haha! I enjoy the variety of items you offer…fabric bundles, kits, towels and notions. I always love your patterns and kits inspired by vintage quilts. My favorite precut is a layer cake so anything made from it is great! I can never have enough notepads so maybe something inspired by Fig Tree (seasonal or generic) would be of interest to others as well.

  53. Kathleen Conner | 12th Dec 19

    I just loved those snarky bags & the Cavarilli Christmas bags. I always love a good bundle too.

  54. Carole Adjemian | 12th Dec 19

    This was my first entry into fig Christmas. Liked the adventure but mistakenly hit the order complete box before the last day, so my order was limited to that day. I guess I found the instructions confusing. I also am having trouble downloading the two pdf patterns I purchased. I received the codes but they do not respond.

  55. Jennifer Collins | 12th Dec 19

    Thanks Joanna for another 12 Days of Christmas. I like the fabric bundles and kits best. I personally don’t like”little things” so I don’t buy them. I love the white ceramic house pictured with fabric bundles. I would buy Christmas decor and I did buy the tablecloth. A suggestion for next year….table runner or table mat in smaller sizes. I am lacking Christmas decor in that area.

  56. Patricia Joki | 12th Dec 19

    Love the fun of the sale Joanna. Thanks to you and the ‘elves’ so much for making this happen. My favorite goodie was the fat quarters in mugs. Very unique idea and gift. Unfortunately i missed purchasing these both times, but alias, maybe next year? Have a wonderful holiday season!

  57. Kim D. | 13th Dec 19

    I like that you have different and fun items as well as easy things to make. My favorite is still the dotted burlap bag that you only had to make the bow!

  58. Kerri Arthur | 13th Dec 19

    Thank you for the fun sale! I missed out on the one thing I REALLY wanted – the wool pincushion! but that is my bad. I personally would have liked to have more wool options available for purchase or another colorway of the table runner kit. other than that – I had fun seeing the new items each day! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  59. Lois Zeitnet | 13th Dec 19

    LOVE, LOVE your 12 days of Christmas. This is my 4 th year of participating and have enjoyed each and everyone. Unfortunately I wasn’t as successful this year but was able to grab a couple treasured ones. I especially love the smaller quilt tops and runners. And of course I loved the cups but missed getting any. Maybe next time. Thank you so much for all your hard work putting this together to make us happy.

  60. Deanna Small | 13th Dec 19

    I enjoyed your 12 Days of Christmas! I would love more fun pincushions, wool options and fun notions. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  61. Karen S. | 13th Dec 19

    This event is such fun. Each year I tell myself I’m not going to spend much, and then all my resolve disappears when I see what you are offering. The little kits were wonderful. One item I hesitated about, and then missed, was the wool pincushion. That was a terrific item. And of course, any of the figgy fabric items were wonderful. And the scissors were great, as always. You have such a good eye for what to offer. Don’t have any ideas for improvement. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this. I’m trying to imagine all the boxes waiting for shipping! Wishing you, your family, and all your staff a wonderfully blessed Christmas!!

  62. Mary Kolb | 13th Dec 19

    Fun shopping – the wooden box was my favorite. Missed the holly bag. Would prefer items to be offered at best price rather then offer them for sale price the day after I purchased for higher price. Small kits for table toppers etc. are fun.

  63. Karen Uhrik | 13th Dec 19

    I am new to quilting and loved participating in the 12 days. The anticipation of each day was fun! I love all of your material and the patterns.

  64. Cindy Karas | 13th Dec 19

    I thought the mugs with the fat quarters were great. I also liked the new pattern was awesome, I just didn’t need the kit. I also liked the candle. I just watched this year as I am saving for your spring release and all hallows eve, it took all my will power, a few things I put in my cart-but I walked away-Phew it was close. Thanks for s great year!

  65. Margie F. | 13th Dec 19

    I love the 12 days! Can’t wait to start the house in the woods kit I got! Love the two bundles & notions I snagged. Thanks for all of your hard work!!

  66. Carol | 13th Dec 19

    I am a fan of all your patterns, fabrics, etc. While I didn’t participate in the shopping this year (because I have enough projects to last me a lifetime), I do love to look! I participate in the Liitle Box of Figs and love each and every one!

  67. Rebecca Stipe | 13th Dec 19

    I liked the mugs with the fat quarters and like that you include notion items. Love the 12 days of Christmas. Thank you Merry Christmas 🌲

  68. Donna Sproston | 13th Dec 19

    Reading the comments, I realize that I missed some items because sometimes I sleep and I do not own a smart phone! I was online starting in the mid 90s and when I retired, I promised myself I would never buy a smart phone because I did not want to be connected to the outside world 24-7! I guess I missed the mugs with fat quarters and some tea towels and a darling table runner, but I am sticking to my pkan! I did manage to get two wonderful fat quarter bundkes, some scissors, and something else which I probably ordered at 4 a.m. I will be thoroughly excited when the box arrives and I see the surprise. It was lots of fun.

  69. Katherine | 13th Dec 19

    What a whirlwind of quilty delights! Don’t know how you manage this every year. It has been such fun pouring through each days offerings – thanks so much for ANOTHER 12 days of Christmas fun!

  70. Patti | 13th Dec 19

    I was glad to get the Gift quilt kit. I had seen it last year and was trying to draw out the pattern but this will be alot quicker. Also like the twill tape ribbon.

  71. Linda Klemenz | 13th Dec 19

    Hi I love your fabric but was unable to partake in the 12 days of Christmas! In Canada and our dollar is poor and the shipping is a killer! But I’m always looking for your fabrics in my Canadian shops and it comes home with me!! Keep up the great fabrics and patterns!! Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

  72. Faerie Pabich | 13th Dec 19

    I loved the fabric bundles most of all, but it was all fun. Thank you so much, Joanna. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  73. Donna > Fraher | 13th Dec 19

    I love, love, love your fabric. This year I loved your All Hallow’s Eve. I purchased enough for 2 quilts or more. I still love Fig Christmas even though it is 2 years old. I also love the bundles. Thank you for all you do. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  74. Susana Soto | 13th Dec 19

    I really enjoyed checking everyday to see what was offered. I picked up the retro Christmas bundle and can’t wait to receive it. I kept looking at the Farmhouse Christmas bundle till it was gone. I’ll know better next time! I’m also excited for the simplicity tape measures. They remind me of when I used to go to the fabric store and look through all the pattern books to find my next project

  75. Kim Pope | 13th Dec 19

    I love my Little Boxes of Fig, each one is so cute and has great projects and sweet gifts in it! Even tho we are downsizing I signed up for them again in 2020, I just couldn’t resist!

  76. BJ | 13th Dec 19

    LOVE the little gift items and notions ! Things I know Joanna picks just for us to enjoy. Of course ALWAYS the fabrics and holiday kits !

  77. MARY MARUSIN | 13th Dec 19

    Twelve Days of Christmas is such a fun time. I’ve been doing it a long time and remember waking up in a hotel room at 5am and under the covers scored a Christmas kit. I was such a die hard and am looking forward to another year of kits, gift items and special little items that are hard to resist. Merry Christmas Joanna and all your little elves.

  78. Stephanie Valdez | 13th Dec 19

    Fig Tree Quilts is special to me. One of my first quilts I made was done using the Dandelion Girl line. Since then I was hooked. I am looking forward to the new Catalina line and the block of the month!

  79. LeAnne | 14th Dec 19

    I loved the little house quilt kit and just saw the cute cream backing with little red trees! I love everything you do, and even if I’m not fast enough to snag an item, I still think it’s fun to see all the beautiful goodies you find and offer.

  80. Kathleen Ness | 14th Dec 19

    I enjoyed the trip to the pop up store in San Leandro.

  81. Karen Maloley | 14th Dec 19

    I always love your curated bundles. They are great to replenish my stash of Fig Tree fabrics. Thanks so much.

  82. Mary Jo Beddows | 14th Dec 19

    Your fabric colours make me want everything in your store and the patterns are so appealing to family and friends when I show them your products. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄!

  83. Lynn M | 14th Dec 19

    I love everything you do (throughout the year), but this year I wasn’t fast enough to snag any of the 12 Days of Christmas items as I was busy with life, LOL! However, I still think it’s fun to see all the beautiful goodies you find and offer.

  84. Barb K | 14th Dec 19

    I like the smaller items like the wooden box or some notions–everything you have is just lovely!!

  85. Renee Dargie | 14th Dec 19

    I loved the sale and yes, even set my alarm for 2 am! I love the rick rack table topper and the sparkle kit. Also, the Christmas tote bag is one of my all time favorite totes! Thanks for a fun sale!

  86. Darlene L. | 15th Dec 19

    Thank you, Joanna & staff, for all the effort you put into this fun event every year! It is great to see so many new people participate this year! I personally look forward to the fun unique bundles you put together for this sale. I live on the east coast, so I, too, had to stay up late to grab some of the items, but it was worth it. I loved the wooden notions caddy and was so happy to add one to my box! I would like to see more unique quilting gifts like mugs, coasters, ornaments, etc. and some handmade wooden items like small trivets, boxes or signs. I know these items would probably have to be offered in limited quantities. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday! Hope you can all get some rest now.

  87. Judy Clark | 15th Dec 19

    Thanks Joanna for all the work in keeping the 12 dats going. I look forward to seeing all the fun items. I was not a diehard this year so missed out on some of the hot items. I did get some cute retro items for gifts. I’ve enjoyed this from the beginning. It would fun to see more smaller kits next year. Thanks again.

  88. Sarah | 16th Dec 19

    I loved that you posted the times so we would know when to check – even in the middle of the night! I also like how you have a variety of items & price-points each day. I hate that I missed the FQ coffee cups-that was a super cute idea! Thank you for another fun year!

  89. Janette L | 16th Dec 19

    Agree with other commenters that it was very helpful to post the time for the next days sale. I enjoy the variety of items (full quilts, bundles, gift items). I think this was my third year participating and love that you do this!

  90. Diane Gill | 16th Dec 19

    I love the table runner kit. I like mini quilts and small projects. It was so much fun shopping this year! Thank you.

  91. Elizabeth M | 16th Dec 19

    I enjoyed participating in 12 days. It was a lot of fun. I like the fabric bundles the most. Thanks.

  92. Sue Marshall | 20th Dec 19

    This was my first year doing a BOM and I loved it! You have great clear directions and beautiful patterns. Thanks for doing this for us!

  93. Diana | 20th Dec 19

    This is becoming a Christmas tradition for me! Thank you for all the FUN! Merry Christmas and get some rest!

  94. Anne | 20th Dec 19

    I appreciate the retro Moda items. The quality is superb and I can’t find these items anywhere else. This year I purchased the Moda Santa table topper. Everyone comments about it. The kits for smaller items always catch my eye. I also appreciate your descriptions and narratives about each item.

  95. Alisa | 20th Dec 19

    I loved the Gingerber kitchen towels!! Such a great price with enough to share…and keep my two favorites! And I always love the retro items!.

  96. Carol Hiebert | 20th Dec 19

    I LOVE your 12 days of Christmas sale! I like everything you offered this year, but especially kits! I got mums and marigolds… which I’d wanted for months prior. Also love all the cuteness in notions for my sewing room. Thank you for continuing this fun tradition.

  97. Tina | 21st Dec 19

    I just learned about this so I didn’t participate but I will be ready for next year.

  98. Cynthia Karas | 21st Dec 19

    I liked the little table topper and the red tape. I also saw the Christmas Figs 2-so cute, you never disappoint! Have a wonderful holiday and New Year.

  99. Linda Kay Smith | 21st Dec 19

    The small kits are winners. Who can go wrong with the wonderful fabrics included?

  100. Mary | 21st Dec 19

    Love the little christmas kits—I didn’t get to it early enough, but hope you will make 5 times as many next year.

  101. Halley Becker | 21st Dec 19

    Love the 12 Days of Christmas. Some favorites are the kits and gift items like the moda calendar towel and the Gingerber tea towels. The fat quarters in the mugs were adorable! Love it all! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  102. Marlene Leonardo | 21st Dec 19

    I especially loved the Halloween fabric this year.
    I certainly bought a lot of it and am looking forward to my Halloween fabric I have on order.
    I also love that you’ve opened up a seasonal shop. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to take a trip and visit during one of your opening.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  103. Barbara Rodin | 21st Dec 19

    I loved the 12 Days of Christmas! I did not get all I would of liked to but a lot. I would like to see a nice big
    Halloween kit in the 12 Days of Christmas just for fun and a little bit different, I would of picked that up for sure.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  104. Judy D. | 21st Dec 19

    I love waiting each day to see what is going to be offered. My favorite things are your kits. Please add more next year. The tea towels are another item I like. Easy to finish for gifts. Thank you and your crew for all your hard work putting this together each year.

  105. Sandra Weston | 22nd Dec 19

    The 12 days sale is so much fun, with the added anticipation of not knowing when it releases. I love seeing your kits to complete a whole project and bundles to make my own.

  106. Hannah | 22nd Dec 19

    Your fabric is lovely. The wooden notions organizer caught my eye this year. Tea towels are usually a hit with me.. thanks for all you do!

  107. Ninon G | 22nd Dec 19

    I love the concept of making your own box out if sweet little surprises that you get to choose (the first gift) then receive(second gift and then disseminate to friends( third gift). This year I especially loved the quick projects 3eg the runner and the table square, a fun doable holiday making project- and the candles, always fun to find new scents and companies and the fat quarters in a cup-
    Thanks for making it special !

  108. lee | 23rd Dec 19

    I love your tea towels and kits! Love your fabrics of course! I missed doing the 12 days but read some of the tips and looking forward to doing this next year! Happy Holidays!

  109. Colleen Marty | 25th Dec 19

    Been a fan of the Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas since the beginning….cannot wait for the next fabric line Christmas Figs II, sew many possibilities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  110. Bev F | 25th Dec 19

    It was a fun sale. Loved all the retro/vintage items.

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