Last week, I introduced you to a small sliver of the FRUIT SALAD book with the cutest, mini pincushions made by my creative friend, Susan! Now it’s time to delve into the main projects of the book…and a few other sweet bonuses along the way!

This book is JAM-packed (…get it? fruit…jam..)

Let’s get to it! The beginning of the book offers full instructions for the eight main quilts in the book:


Want to see a trunk show featuring these quilts? Check it out HERE!

In the second section, you will receive cutting instructions for a single fruit, daisy, or stem block. This is where Susan used her quilty math skills to make the fruit pincushions in a reduced size! Be sure to check out that blog post HERE.

Susan is so talented, isn’t she?!

Next up in the book – a SAMPLER! You all know how much I adore sampler quilts, so I couldn’t resist adding this in! It’s important to note that not all of the fruit blocks are the same finished size, so pay attention to how many of each sized block you will need, then mix and match to your hearts content!

Then comes a few more bonus projects:

Lemon Squares Table Topper

Americana Pie Table Topper (2 options shown)

Ambrosia Table Runner

Fruit Wreath Pillow (2 options shown)

And of course, to round out the book, a few tried-and-true fruit-filled recipes from our Fig Tree Friends. You won’t want to miss these!

See?! It’s the only cook- (I mean pattern-) book you’ll ever need!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, creating a book is very similar to the stages and feelings of having a baby. You are very, very excited about at first, then it seems to take forever. The process is much longer and more painful than you thought it was going to be. At some point, you swear you’ll never do it again and what were you thinking!! Then, when it comes, all you remember is how beautiful it is and how excited you are that it’s here! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll do it again in the future. 😉


But let’s not stop there! Come join us over on our FACEBOOK PAGE to take part in our FRUIT SALAD SEW ALONG starting April 7th! It will be a relaxed event with each week featuring a new fruit from the book. We will keep the fruit line-up a secret to keep things interesting, but you are free to sew along with any fruit block, project, or quilt you desire! We are pretty great cheerleaders!

If you haven’t already picked up your copy of FRUIT SALAD, it can be purchased HERE.

Next up will be a blog post detailing all the inspiration behind my latest collection FRUIT COCKTAIL, which is shipping now! Stay tuned.

Happy quilting, Joanna

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