The last bits of summer…& a little giveaway

….giveaway is now closed. thank you so much.

Its almost that time. That one day a year that I get so caught up in what they are wearing, what their hair looks like, whether their shoes are tied right, what they eat for breakfast… That day that I think about [yeah perhaps even obsess over just a bit] probably more than they do. I am both so looking forward to it and dreading it. Its tomorrow. 

The school supplies have been acquired with minimum problem. Dare I might say that it was fun. Well, maybe not quite fun but not horrible! Staples and Target with 3 kids and 4 lists of things that need to be gotten… well, it can be just a bit overwhelming!

I registered my oldest in Jr. High last week. He got a locker. And gym clothes. And there were girls flirting with him. God forbid, I think he was flirting back. Even though he doesn't quite know how.

Their clothes have been mostly taken care of. Until next week when someone decides that there is something that we have forgotten that they can't live without. At least none of my 3 know what a brand name even is yet. Or care. They are dressed from head to toe in Old Navy and Target and they couldn't be happier. At least for now. At least the boys. The girl might have a little something else sprinkled in here and there, but not much or just a bit of handmade. Its all good. Until she discovers boys or what's "in". Hoping that day comes later rather than sooner. On both accounts!  For today she is my little office helper…


When I am not answering writing questions for the "helper", I am trying to finish up some projects and work on pattern instructions. The next fabric group has gone to print and I will see advance yardage sometime in October. I know, in October!! Not sure how we are going to make the booth work this year, but we'll do what we can, right? It might be interesting to watch!

Strikeoffs you ask? Cuz you know  you're asking…. well here is a very small peak at some of the strikeoffs that made the cut. 


… more on that later.

Besides all of that, I am a bit distracted. Thinking of the summer, staring out the window, daydreaming… kind of wish we could be back at the river. On a canoe. 



Hope you're daydreaming too. And enjoying your last days of summer.

How about a GIVEAWAY in honor of daydreaming? Haven't done one of those in like a… a year!

Tell me what you are doing with your last days of summer or what you are daydreaming about these days and we will enter your name to win a Fresh Cottons honeybun, a pack of ALL the brand new Fig Tree patterns and a Le Fig Kit. Why? 


Because Fresh Cottons IS summer, the patterns are fun and the fig, well anyone can knock one of those out in a few hours and feel accomplished!

Talk to you soon.



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  1. pam | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m not going to lie, I’m dying over le fig.

  2. mamarolf | 23rd Aug 10

    OOO! I love a good giveaway! And, what beautiful fabrics!

  3. SarahB | 23rd Aug 10

    Your strikeoffs look beautiful! And you can’t help but want to pick up that cute fuzzy fig!

    Summer is sadly over here. By the end of last week (the 1st week of school) 1 kid already caught a bug of some sort!

  4. Brieanne | 23rd Aug 10

    sigh, my last days of summer are already gone, my baby started school last Thursday (with a smock from your patterns!). Im fundraising for her kindegarten class and daydreaming of Oct, when halloween is around the corner and she’s home all day for 10 days! I’d love to be entered, thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Paula | 23rd Aug 10

    I am day dreaming about fishing with my husband at Summit Lake in Mt Evans!!!

  6. Janelle J | 23rd Aug 10

    We are spending our last bit of summer hopefully finishing up our roof project. We’ve stripped off the old and are getting ready for new! Then hopefully siding will get finished and we will be on to painting. I daydream of lazy summer days next summer and anything fig tree of course!

  7. Marcyne Efraimson | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are filled with canning the last of the garden, enjoying the fresh scent of clothing and quilts just in from the line, and daydreaming of spending more time sewing whatever catches my eye like your fabric and patterns have.

  8. Lynda M Otvos | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are spent chasing around after toddlers who’ve returned from family vacations with new skills: running, saying no, putting on her own shoes….

    I wouldn’t trade my job for anything else:)

  9. Sandy | 23rd Aug 10

    I must admit I’m dreaming of the end of summer. My baby (23 years old daughter) moved away last week and I won’t see her until Mid September. So… I’m dreaming the days going by so I can be with her again.

  10. eileensideways | 23rd Aug 10

    I love the change of season. As much as I have enjoyed the summer bounty, there is something so comforting about apples, pumpkins and pears, cool nights, changingl leaves, fall is in the air. Your colorful cottons lend itself to the season.

  11. Laurie | 23rd Aug 10

    Hi there!
    My children went off to school today – it is so bittersweet! I am anxious to have my alone time – so that I can finally sit at my machine and take as long as I want AND concentrate! But I miss my babies when they are away – I wonder what they are doing, if others are being kind to them, if they have enough to eat at lunch and if they are being kind to others. This morning was so quiet and lonely at home, BUT, I did enjoy the time. I caught up on emails and blogs and news. I even bought some flowers πŸ™‚

    I am daydreaming now of the days that my children will get married. I know that sounds odd, but I pray that they will find wonderful spouses, that their wives and husbands will adore them and that they will have healthy children. I daydream of days when I can teach my grandchildren to quilt or bake or even just go swimming with them. I look forward to those days, while still loving the brief time I have with my children. That’s what I daydream of lately πŸ™‚

    Enjoy these last summer days – I think we both are in a great season of our lives right now!

  12. Tressa | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming about the future home of some raspberry bushes and trying to get the gumption to make that dream a reality…

  13. Karen Maxwell | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent waiting patiently on my son’s exam results! The wait is over tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, children will all be back at school on Sept 1st.

  14. Megan | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m day-dreaming of homemade pound cake, fresh peaches, and ice cream. Can you tell I haven’t had my afternoon snack yet?

  15. niki | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer I am enjoying my children to the fullest. Here in AZ summer is LONG, very LONG. We always look forward to Halloween~then Winter!
    Thank you for letting me enter.

  16. Stacey | 23rd Aug 10

    i am wowing the start of the school year, i have 3 out of 4 kids in school this year, and as for dreaming, i am dreaming of the new shop for my husband’s cabinetry business to be all finished!! here’s to dreaming, and thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. Brittany | 23rd Aug 10

    These last days of summer are being spent finishing up projects. And I’m daydreaming of a motorcycle ride with my husband through the canyon. It is full of fresh air and wind through my hair. Love it. Thanks for the giveaway and the little peek of your new line.

  18. Manda | 23rd Aug 10

    Love the strikeoffs!
    I’m dreaming of going back to Italy where the sun shines and even my bones feel warm lol πŸ™‚

  19. Barb Colvin | 23rd Aug 10

    I love the end of summer. The fall flowers are starting to bloom, and the leaves will be turning soon. The nights are cooler and so are some of the days. I’m thinking about quilts I need to finish (or start) with birthdays coming up and Christmas just a few months away.

  20. Lillian C. | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m hoping to go up to San Francisco and the Bay area during the Labor day weekend to finish off the summer….. A good road trip up the 101 fwy would be a nice finish to this busy summer!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Dottie Nixa | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent finishing a baby quilt with the Dandelion jelly roll by Fig Tree. Sweet baby James is due tomorrow (August 24th) in Summerville SC (there is also a full moon tomorrow!!!)so I must stop daydreaming and get to sewing!!!

  22. Karen | 23rd Aug 10

    My goodness what a great giveaway!! I would love to win. The last days of summer for me has been arriving back home after a long trip in our motorhome! Seven weeks of traveling to the mountains of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and a long detour coming home by way of Wisconsin to visit with youngest daughter and her family – so great to see the grandchildren before they head back to school.

  23. Angie | 23rd Aug 10

    I have been wanting to get my hands on some Fresh Cottons! We are spending this last week getting ready for school. I send my first little preschooler off this year, and I am so nervous. Not for him, he will do fine. It’s me I am worried about πŸ™‚

    I love it all!

  24. JoAnne | 23rd Aug 10

    Daydreaming of ripe tomatoes from the garden–will they ever turn from green to red before the vines soon begin to die? Otherwise, trying to finish up some quilts: some just need a bit more work on the top, several others ready for quilting. Checking out last minute details for some fair and quilt show entries.

  25. Sandy Stoessel | 23rd Aug 10

    What a great giveaway since I am addicted to your fabrics almost exclusively! I am doing my bedroom in a collection of anything apricot from your collections. I will send a picture when it is finished. I am down to the last two free weeks before I go back to school. Of course, I have already spent many days getting my room ready. For the first time I will be teaching Pre-K, 4 year olds. Of course your fabric is in my classroom. I made 4 smocks for my art center and quilts for the dolls in the housekeeping center. I plan to make some clothes for the poor dolls with nothing to wear and it will be with fig tree. I also plan to make some of your fluffy animals, I just hope they won’t cause too many arguments. I am excited, even after 20 years of teaching. I will miss the time I had to sew and quilt this summer. I was able to finish many UFO’s. I finished Bird Song finally and it is beautiful! I hope I win, the giveaway sounds wonderful.

  26. Melinda | 23rd Aug 10

    Here in the South, summer is a long way from over. The kids have been back in school for weeks already but it is very hot and humid. I am looking forward to fall weather.

  27. karin | 23rd Aug 10

    Going to Denver to visit my Mom & Dad & while there visit a quilt shop & stitch shop & try to relax.
    Please add me to the giveaway…I just love that Fig pattern!!!
    Karin πŸ™‚
    in NY

  28. Anita | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m day dreaming about my family’s trip this summer to Cape Cod. What a beautiful place, I wish we lived closer. Hope you are enjoying what is left of summer.

  29. Cathy A | 23rd Aug 10

    I am day dreaming about getting away for the weekend with my beau to a little Island in the Puget Sound. It will hopefully still be good weather in about a month when we’re hoping to go. A last little bit of summer.
    My oldest is turning 13 and entering jr high, too, in 3 weeks. He’s so grown up in many ways! My 9 year old goes back to school in two weeks, and I think he will like that. I’ll have lots of time with my 2 1/2 year old again.
    Enjoy the last bit of summer!

  30. julia | 23rd Aug 10

    *sigh* it seems the last days of summer are already over – it is raining cats and dogs…but somehow that is part of summer, too.
    On my last days of summer I’d love to sit at the lake with a book…, my feet in the water…
    I’d love to do a bicycle tour with my new bike (finally! I don’t have to fear to fall off my bike anymore ;o) ).
    I’d certainly be in the park, lying on a blanket and wondering what the clouds are shaped like…eating the occasional peach or raspberry….
    I hope the first week at school will work out well!

  31. julia | 23rd Aug 10

    p.s. I forgot to say that your little munchkin grew so much over the last year…she’s already a real beauty ;o)

  32. Peggy Siemer | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of being on a trip to Australia. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. So, maybe I should just stop daydreaming and find a way to make it a reality. In the meantime piecing quilts gives me plenty of time for daydreaming.

  33. blop | 23rd Aug 10

    Having some alone time, trying to find a new normal…or nearly normal!
    Love the figgy!

  34. Dawn | 23rd Aug 10

    I homeschool so we don’t start school until the Monday after Labor Day. Labor Day week we are headed to Destin, FL to play and be l.a.z.y and then we come back home and get serious, or at least pretend to, grin. Giddy about your giveaway. Hope you kids have an exciting first day and entire school year πŸ™‚

  35. Kay | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of going to the mountains with my husband. It would be such a nice end of summer trip. I love the new fabrics & would be absolutely thrilled to win.

  36. Konda Luckau | 23rd Aug 10

    Speaking of a Fresh Cottons honeybun — I had fun playing with one recently! My Moda Bake Shop Tutorial just posted for some wonderful pillowcases using your fabric.
    Thanks for the peek at your new line!

  37. Alice S | 23rd Aug 10

    School began for the first time for our family 2 weeks ago. Summer seems like a memory now. I’m daydreaming of fall break and having some time to relax again…maybe.

  38. Becky | 23rd Aug 10

    My youngest son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, had his first day of college classes today. My dream of the perfect Fall day is seeing him at a table in the Cafeteria surrounded by laughing friends, all enjoying one another’s company.

  39. Robyn Brown | 23rd Aug 10

    summer is officially over for me (sniff sniff). The kids are already in school but I can tell you what I have been doing the last little bit, nonetheless. I have been making last minute clothes for my daughter who started kindergarten this year. She’s still at the age where she loves mommy’s clothes.

  40. Covered Porches | 23rd Aug 10

    Cramming in all the warmth and sunshine we can…awesome giveaway— thanks for sharing.

  41. Annie Davis | 23rd Aug 10

    I going to visit a friend out of town. A whole group are getting together to welcome her nephew home from Iraq!!!

  42. Gretchen | 23rd Aug 10

    I am daydreaming about the end of summer. Here in Georgia, it has been one of the worst summers in the 22 years I’ve lived here. In the mid-to-upper 90s since the beginning of June and very high humidity. I am ready for fall weather!!!!

  43. Rebecca Woods | 23rd Aug 10

    Well here in Australia we are freezing our way through the last week of Winter and boy am I dreaming about summer and being able to be outside with my daughter. This year I am hoping to do something about our weedfest outside and plant some real plants and flowers and pretty things. And just spending lots of time with my little girl. But then again last summer we had about 3 weeks of over 40 degrees so maybe lots of lazing under the airconditioner πŸ™‚

  44. marcella | 23rd Aug 10

    I have been dreaming of pickles. How silly is that? I just have a craving to make some homemade pickles. However, after such a cool summer, today, the day I planned to visit the produce market is HOT. Oh, and the refrigerator had problems during the night so I’ve been at the appliance repair store instead. Maybe pickles tomorrow.

    The little bit of your new fabric is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it all soon.

  45. La MaΓ±osa | 23rd Aug 10

    The upcoming fabric is so pretty!

    I spent the last days of summer putting the borders on my first queen-sized quilt! I teach Spanish at the university and tomorrow I get back to work. I’m glad to have the top finished before classes start again.

    I’m dreaming of Halloween decorations and winter break (already). πŸ™‚

  46. beritbunny | 23rd Aug 10

    What fun!

    I’m dreaming of those long, long days of sunshine. (Not only are the days already shortening here in NJ but it’s been rain, rain, rain.) I KNOW it’s better than heat-heat-heat, but…

    Also, I’m wishing I had 4 pairs of hands so that I could stitch an Autumn thing along with the Christmas Ornament I’m finishing! πŸ˜›

  47. Darlene | 23rd Aug 10

    I am dreaming of a month of quality time, including fishing and seeing family, with my hubby after a year of deployment. He returns to me on Wednesday! Thanks for a chance to win!

  48. Dawn H | 23rd Aug 10

    Oh Joanna,your little helper is the best kind…and your little sneak peek is gorgeous… can’t wait tio see what your up to with it.. Lol
    Hugs Dawn x x x x

  49. BethG. | 23rd Aug 10

    I love your fabrics! As we get ready to return to school, it is reinforced how much time I spend at my “part-time” job. I still need to take a look at the school supply “stash” and determine if more stuff needs to be purchased. The 17 year old is going to have to be on his own this year, and figure it out! I’m good, but I can’t do it all. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Susanne | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer include a last minute lunch bag making, and possibly a little gift for his new teacher.
    Your little fig is SO CUTE!
    Hey-and thanks for the giveaway. I hereby promise to follow you faithfully and not be a fly-by-night wishy-washy follower.

  51. Maja | 23rd Aug 10

    IΒ΄m trying to get more time!
    My boys will go back to school this week and itΒ΄s their last year in school!!!
    Where have all those years went?
    I collect Figtreefabrics and are going to sew a big quilt to our bed with the ones that I can get my hands on!
    Have to try here!
    Lots of love!

  52. Regan D'Agostino | 23rd Aug 10

    oooooh…love le fig…we just got back from a two week vacation south so I am just gonna chill till labour day!

  53. Margaret | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m relaxing by the ocean right now, reading, stitching, relaxing. It’s wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway — I’d so love to win!

  54. Stephanie | 23rd Aug 10

    It’s so wonderful when kids don’t know name brands! My kids are in their 20s. Is it acceptable, yet boring, to daydream about the days when they are financially independent? :o) Thank you for sharing your sneak peek. Always lots of goodies to see here.

  55. Dallas | 23rd Aug 10

    The last days of summer are pretty hot. I day dream, more than I care to admit, about having a pool. The water feels so wonderful, the air feels good when you get out and the chlorine smells like safety to me. Why? When I was little we were at the lake on a floating dock. My brother and his friend swam ashore leaving me alone on the dock. Only to yell to me to be careful of the turtles the size of a truck that will pull me down and eat me. OMG. I want my water to have the smell of chlorine and a blue bottom. No turtles.

    I adore your fabric and if there ever was a give away I really wanted to win this would be it. Oh hope.

  56. Kathie L | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of going back to classes. I take free classes at my husband’s college each semester just to keep me inspired and fresh. Last semester it was geometry and this one it’s history. Kathie L in ALlentown

  57. Susan Adams | 23rd Aug 10

    I am waiting for the last days of summer in your country to bring our daughter home. She has been in the USA at summer camp enjoying summer and now travelling before coming home to the last days of winter here in Australia. I would love to use some of your fabrics to make her something to remind her of her summer in America. Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  58. Carrie L | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m getting my daughter ready for preschool and hoping for a nice, long, beautiful autumn. We’ve had a HOT summer and even though fall is not my favorite season, I’m looking forward to it this year!

  59. Kathy | 23rd Aug 10

    My 4-year old granddaughter starts pre-school on Monday, so Gramma is busy making fig tree apron/smock for that lst day. It is looking so cute.
    Love, love, love your patterns, fabric. What a great giveaway for those last days of summer. I’m dreamin that I’m the winner. Thank you for sharin the wealth.HEHEHEHE

  60. Sandra Davidson | 23rd Aug 10

    Yes summer has almost come to an end, I miss that going back to school my grandbaby is going to nursery school for two morning so I will make him his first backpack. We are moving this fall to be nearer to our grandson so I am daydreaming about all the fun we are going to have living closer. Thanks for your give away I love your fabrics and especially that little fig. This will be an interesting year for you with your son in junior high. All the best to your children for the new school year. Sandra

  61. Melissa C | 23rd Aug 10

    I am dreaming of starting to cut my next quilts. Your Rosettes and Cameos. I finally collected everything I need for them, and can’t wait to get started. Thanks for showing the tease of the new fabric and for the giveaway.

  62. Nicole L | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m a high school teacher so my last days of summer are busy prepping for the new school year. I don’t mind though, even as an adult I still enjoy back to school.

  63. Jane McCarthy | 23rd Aug 10

    The dog days of summer just won’t end here in broiling Texas. We sent our youngest daughter off to begin her senior year in college, and I am going to escape to our family cabin in northern Minnesota. I’m packing my favorite cds, several quilting projects, some new books and music. Ten days by myself…….it will be an interesting experience! I will spend the last days of summer dreaming that I win your fabulous give-away!

  64. Laura | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of spending a little time with the grandbabies this week and sharing the last week of summer vacation playing with them. Telling stories, playing in the sprinkler, making cookies, colouring in the colouring book, making sidewalk stories with chalk, you know…..all the fun stuff.

  65. Laurie in Iowa | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer include the final weeding of the garden beds, moving house plants from the garden to the sun porch and welcoming the first signs of fall. Some of our trees are starting to turn already.
    Thanks for your fabulous giveaway.

  66. Karen | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of cooler weather and beautiful fall colors. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It is so fun decorating with pumpkins and halloween themes. Thank you so much for the great giveaway and the chance to win. Thank You, Karen

  67. sherri | 23rd Aug 10

    The strikeoffs are gorgeous! Enjoy the last day of summer!

  68. so we added chickens | 23rd Aug 10

    Summer has escaped from me too quickly this year! but the addition of a new little one has made it a very good summer. Now I look forward to next summer with dreams of sailing and kayaking and watching two little ones play as well as sewing and creating.

  69. Sheryl | 23rd Aug 10

    In Australia, we are still cold, it’s raining so I’m daydreaming of summer! Of days at the pool, sunshine to dry all the washing, and time at the beach with family!

  70. Linda K | 23rd Aug 10

    Day dreaming of cooler weather, for sure. And planning some fall projects, with pumpkins, and finishing my Patisserie quilt that just needs borders. Would love to have another FigTree project- Thanks for a chance to win!!

  71. Jenny | 23rd Aug 10

    i have been daydreaming about a new quilt…a la gwen marston inspired by new issue of fons and porter…creamy dreamy prints like yours!!

  72. Andrea | 23rd Aug 10

    We’re having such fun basking in the sun, visiting family, and heaven forbid, planning a big move away from our dream home….many changes ahead! One absolute essential in our new home: a massive, bright, beautiful quilting room!!! I must focus on my quilting haven, and all will be good =)

  73. Safieh | 23rd Aug 10

    I just got back from a fabulous trip to Turkey, so my last days of summer are going to be spent working and catching up on flickr swaps. Some parts are better than others πŸ˜‰

  74. anna fogg | 23rd Aug 10

    …my last days of Summer? Well, as a mom of 7, with 5 still at home, and still homeschoolin…we got lots and lots going on…Here we hold out on Summertime until it TRULY ends, Sept 20. We got to our pool everyday until it closes, we are checking our gourds and getting plenty tomatoes everyday. We languish at the creek, keeping our toes cool and finding the smoothest rocks. We are reading a ton of library books and making yogurt. My son is skateboarding every minute and still sleeping until 11 or 12 when he’s allowed. I love your color palettes. Would scream & jump up and down and then up again. If I win.
    Thanks!! ~anna

  75. Madame Samm | 23rd Aug 10

    I am never sad to see summer go, I am a winter bunny which brings along cross country skiing, horshowing and many hikes on the peninsula. I will daydream of returning to an open fire and hand quilting to the wee hours of the morn. I will also daydream of anything Fig to quilt with…blessings ms

  76. Amy | 23rd Aug 10

    We’re taking a trip to California….walking in the Redwoods, watching some races, and visiting Alcatraz!

  77. Ester | 23rd Aug 10

    I am dreaming of going back to Brazil to see my family!!!

  78. Clay | 23rd Aug 10

    I just want to win this, so I can give the prize to my wonderful wife!

  79. Jodie | 23rd Aug 10

    Here in Australia we are going through our last little bit of winter! I live in one of the warmer states though, so not really winter!! Still can’t wait for summer, bring it on! Here, we are about 3/4 of the way through our school year, this last few months till christmas is very busy with a School Ball and subject selections for senior high school next year! Thanks for the giveaway. Count me in!

  80. Cindy B. | 23rd Aug 10

    Where did the Summer go! It has been so hot and humid here that I am dreaming of sunny Fall days with cool Fall nights and what I would make with my Fresh Cotton Honeybun!

  81. Beth | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent finshing up projects and replacing summer plants with fall ones, like some Mums, getting a few more margaritas in watching the sunset with my favorite guy. My two kids are already (?) grown up so there’s no back to school stuff to do, but I will probably go buy my self some new crayons anyway!

  82. Dawn | 23rd Aug 10

    While your memories of the first day of school make me miss those days when my children were small and cute, I am now looking forward to something totally opposite – in a way. My baby (I have 4 children) is going off to college about 450 miles away. So my last few days of summer are busily buying and packing to move her away. BUT – I kind of am looking forward to that empty nest! for a few months at a time anyway! It is kind of nice knowing it is only temporary!

  83. Alicia Merlino | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are trying to find a job…actually this has been a whole summer of trying to find a job….

    But in the mean time I am trying to finish up all the half started projects that have been laying around….

  84. Barbara | 23rd Aug 10

    Ahh the last days of summer. I’m daydreaming of my little guy’s first day of school.

  85. Amy C | 23rd Aug 10

    I am daydreaming big time! I would love to go to New England. Sigh! But alas, this is the busiest time of the year for the company I work for. Just a reminder to self – It’s great to have a job.

  86. Robyn | 23rd Aug 10

    Summer, well that’s something for me to look forward to as I’m in Australia, your fabrics are nothing more than beautiful & they do remind me of Summer, they are fresh & cool looking

  87. Jodi | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m excited about my daughters senior year of high school! I’ll be getting busy finishing up the many projects I’m doing out of fresh cottons so I can be ready for ‘breakfast’…..and the strikoffs look awesome…I love everything Fig Tree!

  88. Lynda | 23rd Aug 10

    It doesn’t feel much like summer is winding down here temperature wise. We’re still in the 90’s everyday. But I am looking forward to less humidity and lower temps. I don’t have any little ones heading back to school anymore, and I kinda miss the school shopping. I love everything you do…..can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  89. dee | 23rd Aug 10

    So excited, my 6th grader-middle school-called me excited about her year and teacher, alas her best friends are not in her class, but there will be 15 new kids from other schools. So, been thinking of the smell of new shoes, pencils and erasers. Dreaming of quality fall quilting time to finish my guild “row” quilt. Also dreaming of fig tree patterns:) Have a wonderful fall! Can I come and be your people at market:)?

  90. Charlotte | 23rd Aug 10

    Like you, I am spending the last days of summer preparing for the beginning of the school year. But, I am hoping to get a little sewing time to myself. Thanks for the inspiration and a fabulous giveaway!

  91. PaulaK | 23rd Aug 10

    I am trying to enjoy quality time with my grandson before the pressures of 4th grade sweep this summer feeling away from us. I dream of having time to do everything. I will soon start work on small items for holiday gifts. All my Christmas quilts are done!

  92. Danielle | 23rd Aug 10

    One more beach day if we can squeeze it in… one week left before the back to school routines fill our days. Thanks for the giveaway, lovely strikeoffs!

  93. Jessie | 23rd Aug 10

    My last days of summer are going to be spent getting ready for our new baby due next month. I am daydreaming about having that sweet little baby in my arms soon!

  94. Valerie | 23rd Aug 10

    I love your blog … thanks for all the inspiration! Although I love the cooler weather that comes with Autumn, and all the cute decorating, another summer has come and gone rather all too quickly! But here’s to Fall it all its lovely glory!

  95. Nichole | 23rd Aug 10

    Well our last days of summer include a broken air conditioner, my husband living away as he’s taken on a new job in another state…so the kids and I are packing and doing school just waiting on our house to sell! But not my sewing stuff…I have to pull sanity from somewhere and would love to win, it would cheer me up so! πŸ™‚

  96. Rebecca in Tennessee | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of next summer since our ended about 3 weeks ago………next summer #1 child will be able to drive #2,3,4,&5 around to all their events and I won’t have my whole summer sucked dry by all their activities……I’m kind of tired of being a taxi…….want to get some beautiful stitching in…….

  97. Laura Tawney | 23rd Aug 10

    I would love to hole up in my quilt room for a day and just sew but haven’t been able to as kids and grandkids are calling:) I’ll be glad when autumn is here and I can get back to quilting and knitting! I would love to be entered into your generous give-a-way:)
    Laura T

  98. Liz A. | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about when all the residing and painting of the house will be completed along with planning our trip Labor Day week to Hells Canyon and eastern Oregon. Must decide what hand project to take along for all the hours in the bus (VW camper, that is.)

  99. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 23rd Aug 10

    For these last days of summer, I’m going to spend more time on the lake.
    Have to say I’m daydreaming about the next dress I’m going to make for my granddaughter.
    Hope their first day of school goes well. I remember those days.

  100. Mary Lou | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming about how I can’t wait for Wednesday when I’m flying to California to meet my newest grandbaby, just born today! Sweet baby Adelyn, Mommy (my daughter), Daddy, and big brothers Quinn and Gray! Can’t wait to see all of them!!!!

  101. Peony | 23rd Aug 10

    Daydreaming…a cottage at the lake…fudge pies…finishing the Coney Island quilt…which quilt project to start on next…coconut cakes…cooler days and nights…

  102. Jean | 23rd Aug 10

    I watched my grandsons this summer and they went back to school August 11th. Now I’m dreaming of cool weather, getting my house organized and quilting. But mostly I miss the boys!!! We’ll have to introduce your daughter to my 8 year old grandson, Samuel! πŸ˜‰

  103. Angela | 23rd Aug 10

    lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Well, here in OK it’s too hot and humid but no dramatic weather to enjoy…I’m daydreaming of some good OK storms to clear the air!

  104. Robin H. | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m spending the last days of summer weeding as it’s been too hot to garden this summer. I’m daydreaming about when it’s all finished and looks beautiful and I can spend time inside sewing while it’s raining outside. I hope I’ll be sewing up some Fig Tree stuff. Thanks for the chance!

  105. JennyG | 23rd Aug 10

    My first born started kindergarten two weeks ago in the scorching heat. It is so strange to walk him to school in flip flops. So I have been dreaming about those delicious Pacific Northwest fall days of my youth.. when you could actually wear your new school jeans the first week of school — that first crisp breeze, a cold rainy day. mmmmm. how i miss them.

  106. Kristy | 23rd Aug 10

    So loving the fabric…….and speaking of loving… my last few days of summer are being spent on the last minute plans for my only daughter’s wedding this weekend. I also still enjoy those back to school fun days as my husband and daughter are also both teachers. I would love to have your prize to give me something very special to work on when all this fun slows down and they are back to work.

  107. Jackie | 23rd Aug 10

    Still a few days of summer left. I noticed the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. I’m looking forward to lower temps and spending time on our porch. Also getting ready for football season to start.

  108. Amy | 23rd Aug 10

    Summer is finished in our neck of the woods. School started today. I am hoping for an early fall because the over 100 temps are not fun. As you can tell, I am daydreaming of the fall and cooler weather and maybe to win some Fig Tree fabric and patterns!!

  109. Cat Wilson | 23rd Aug 10

    the last bits of summer are always filled with longing…for the projects that were intended, but never quite finished (new deck, anyone?), the autumn harvests yet to come, warm days with cool nights, and sunsets that you can enjoy with a glass of wine. Soon it will be warm nights by the fire, with a glass of wine and binding in my lap, just a different season of longing….so, until then, I’ll just long for le fig…..

  110. Marge | 23rd Aug 10

    I love the new fabrics…..actually I love your old fabrics! So beautiful!

    I’m looking forward to 10 days on the North Shore in September, my favorite time to camp in Minnesota. It’s been way too hot for me this summer!

  111. Kathy | 23rd Aug 10

    I am helping my husband build an outdoor fireplace during these last days of summer and dreaming about sitting out by the fire wrapped up in a cozy sweater and blanket during the cool autumn evenings that are just around the corner. I’m also daydreaming about your awesome giveaway!!!

  112. Stephanie | 23rd Aug 10

    School starts Monday, but there’s still a little bit of summer fun left. I’m dreaming of going to the Fair and looking at the produce and animals and eating corn on the cob and funnel cakes and putting the kids on the rides at the midway, listening to some music and visiting the powwow. πŸ™‚

  113. Lisa | 23rd Aug 10

    The last few days of Summer here we’ll go for a kayaking picnic and we’re anticipating the start of football. I have to say, your strikeoffs left me breathless (really, when I scrolled down to read the rest of your post and those lovelies scrolled past I kind of hyperventilated). Honestly, fabric has never done that to me.

  114. Vicki | 23rd Aug 10

    I love the new fabrics and that fig looks like you could brush it against your face….so soft looking. I love it πŸ™‚ Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway as I so would love to win :)Thanks heaps.

  115. Sarah C | 23rd Aug 10

    Oh, fabulous! Not going to lie – I am daydreaming about cool fall weather and apple picking Very over the heat here.

  116. Christine M | 23rd Aug 10

    Hopefully I will be sewing a new quilt with your beautiful material. That would make the end of my Alaskan summer wonderful and the winter warm and cozy.

  117. Lynne | 23rd Aug 10

    This weekend we are throwing a wonderful 80th birthday party for my Mother! So excited! Know we will all cherish the wonderful memories. Love Fresh Cottons! Just ordered 4 charm packs!

  118. Wileen | 23rd Aug 10

    I am dreaming about how nice our family reunion was this summer and that I can’t wait for next year. The summer has really flown by. Those grankids grow up way too fast.

  119. Annessa | 23rd Aug 10

    We are already in our 2nd week of school! I’m wishing we were still camping on the coast, walking down to the beach every morning and evening, and sometimes after lunch. Ah….next summer.

  120. Monika | 23rd Aug 10

    Hi Joanna,
    we enjoy the last summer days with the fruits from our garden, apples, plums, blackberries and, and…..

    And of course sitting in the sun for sewing a little present for a lovely quilting friend!

    Enjoy these last warm days!

  121. Ellen | 23rd Aug 10

    What I’m daydreaming about? That is an easy question: about winning the give away of course ;o)

    Enjoy the last days of Summer. Here in Belgium we have had a lot of rain and storms yesterday, but luckily today the sun is shining again.

    Hope your kids will do fine, I’m sure they will, just like you ;o)

  122. Tammy W. | 23rd Aug 10

    I totally understand the day dreaming! Just got back from vacationing in Santa Barbara and looking for the palm trees here…can’t find them! Thank you for a fun give away to lift my spirits!

  123. irene | 23rd Aug 10

    I am enjoying the last days of summer, because I know they are the last days, we had a VERY HOT summer and am daydreaming of the cooler weather ahead and getting some energy back to enjoy all the new fabric coming my way!

  124. Beatrice | 23rd Aug 10

    These last days of summer are being spent finishing up quilting projects…like every months ! Thanks for the giveaway & hugs from France.

  125. Christine | 23rd Aug 10

    This year the last days of summer have been really bittersweet. We took our two oldest daughters off to college today and now our youngest is the only one home with us so it was teary goodbyes all around. In preparation for today the last week was spent tying up loose ends, spending time with friends going to different schools and having a week long movie marathon( translate REAllY LATE NIGHTS) culminating in a Gone With the Wind cry-fest. As tired (zombie-like) as I am I would love another month of summer with all of its noise and craziness, it sure is quiet around here.

  126. Polly | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of quilting. Particularly, starting your darling Cherry Picnic kit that I just had to have. I’ve been so busy w/grandma duty, vacation, church service it’s been waiting a long time. Cant’ wait to get it made. Oh yes, and I love Le Fig. BTW – a quick fig recipe: Cut fresh figs in half. Lay a piece of blue cheese on the cut side and wrap w/a thin piece of proscuitto. Broil until bubbly and drizzle w/reduced balsamic vinegar. Williams Sonoma has Crema Balsamic and it’s divine! Enjoy

  127. Susanne | 23rd Aug 10

    Oh, I hope to spend my last 2 days of this summervacation in my sewingroom and get a lot of stuff done. Daydreaming of nice, warm and sunny days, to sit outside and enjoy, relaxing.

  128. Kathleen | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m already dreaming of fall, my favorite time of year, and wondering if it’s too soon to decorate! The holidays are already on my mind, and all the quilting projects I need to finish before then.

  129. Sarah | 23rd Aug 10

    I’m spending the last days of summer getting the kids ready for school. I’m also weeding through my endless project piles and trying to decide which one I’m doing next.. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  130. Anne Ida | 24th Aug 10

    Oh, love the peeks of the new fabric group – looks so warm and comfy. And thanks for the fabulous giveaway – need I say “pick me”? *lol*

    My last days of the summer has mostly been spent doing something I won’t get you depressed by telling, but I have been doing a lot of daydreaming about being back at our family summer house, standing in the blueberry patches with the sun on my back, hearing the buzz from the verandah where the family is listening to summer hits on the radio. Especially today when the rain has been hammering on the windows… autumn is definitely on it’s way…

  131. Florence | 24th Aug 10

    what a great give away !!thanks !
    I’m teacher so … Last holidays = preparation of the comeback !!

  132. Anne D | 24th Aug 10

    We are leaving winter and heading towards spring here so I am daydreaming of a summer not too far away. Now we are back in Australia after 3 years in the middle of the US. I am looking forward to just hanging out at the beach and continuing to paddling in the outrigger canoes but in warm weather. YAY summer.

  133. Kim | 24th Aug 10

    My last day of summer includes sending my youngest off to his senior year at college, helping my middle son paint the inside of his new home he just bought and helping one of my daughters finish up plans on her Oct wedding! Love your fabric line! I am hooked! πŸ™‚

  134. Debbie | 24th Aug 10

    Love the fabric, cute fig! Well it’s still winter here in Australia and I am looking foward to Spring. Not sure if I can enter or not, so thought I’d try.

  135. bliss | 24th Aug 10

    As i sit out the last few days of winter here i yearn for the summer days that will follow the hopefully beautiful spring, as i like to say i can’t wait to spring into summer. We’ve recently moved into our beach house, yes the beach is across the road and that’s were l’ll be head on those hot summer nights. I’II take with me a beach towel and some hand stitching, probably some hexagons. Enjoy summer on your side of the world.

  136. Cathi O'Neill | 24th Aug 10

    We have spent the summer at nana and papa’s house in Oregon and are now back in Ireland with a week to buy new uniforms, school supplies and shoes! My work is cut out for me!

    Love your fabric designs and patterns!

  137. Trish | 24th Aug 10

    These last days of entertsining the kids and getting ready for school to start next week. Along with school comes the anticipastion of the school year, school schedules, soccer schedules and all the fall entails. Oh yeah and some cool weather..
    Love the fig!

  138. Christine | 24th Aug 10

    Here in Tasmania (Australia) it’s still winter so I’m dreaming of warmer spring weather and our school holidays at the start of September. I plan to catch up on my sewing … even have a couple of Figtree projects I’m hoping to start. Thanks for the chance to win.


  139. polly | 24th Aug 10

    Summer is over for me! Schools have started and the sound of school buses driving by has started. I just love driving by the schools and seeing all the kids laughing and jumping around.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  140. Barbara K | 24th Aug 10

    I love those fabrics. So fresh. At the moment I am planning what to do for my birthday on Saturday. Quilt shopping is high on the agenda. I am dreaming of summer to come. Yes I’m Down Under and it has been cold, windy and lots of rain for the last few weeks. Can’t wait for some warmer weather.

  141. Dora Dis | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent admiring my brand new grandson who is perfect !

  142. Siobhan | 24th Aug 10

    Oh my GOSH, those fabrics are b-e-a-Utiful! I can’t wait to see what you do with them, and I’m daydreaming about what *I* will do with them! πŸ™‚

    Last days of summer for us means running around getting the kids’ school clothes sorted, finding a place for my daughter to rent while doing her clinical semester in Dublin, and looking forward to cooler days that encourage creativity.

  143. Catherine | 24th Aug 10

    Well being downunder in NZ I’m still looking forward to summer this year. The last days of summer last year we went to a local river to swim at a secluded swimming hole and this summer I plan to float down that same river in big tyre tubes. A great way to cool down!

  144. Gert | 24th Aug 10

    I spend the last days of summer checking out my fabric stash and start planning some new projects for the coming Autumn and Winter. And of course buy some new fabrics as well for these new projects. But I also enjoy the last rays of sun.

  145. Florence SCHNEIDER | 24th Aug 10

    These last days of summer are the first of my vacations !! Ahh! Daydreaming is allowed all days!! My programm: hiking and patchwork …
    Your little fig is very, very cute ! It’s my favorite fruit, the white or the violet kind you find in the south of France…soooo good ! I cross my fingers for the giveaway…Thank you for doing it !

  146. Barbara | 24th Aug 10

    I’m spending the last days of summer trying to finish up some things in the house before the windows are closed up tight. I love having my windows open with fresh air coming in but I’m also looking forward to the crispness of fall. I love the soft colors of your new line, can’t wait to see all of it.

  147. Lou | 24th Aug 10

    Our youngest just went to college–BIG sigh…the house is quiet and we are remembering our trip to Alaska with him, dreaming about being on the river there fishing. I just love your fabrics. I’m working on some basket blocks with Fresh Cottons and love the way they are turning out. Not sure what I’m going to make with them just yet, but I know it’ll be a summer remembrance from 2010.

  148. Rosemary | 24th Aug 10

    What a lovely giveaway! We trot off to school tomorrow. We went to visit Grandma last week and it was the perfect end to lazy days!

  149. Debbie | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are going to be spent recuperating from our wonderful vacation on the lake, getting ready for school and training our new puppy. Summer seems like it’s just flown by. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  150. Karyn | 24th Aug 10

    My how quiet my home is with my daughter at school. Miss her already! I have been day dreaming of fall & holidays fabric & patterns to dig into! Pure bliss!!! The first project is with a Mill House charm pack!
    Thank you for the give-a-way of your BEAUTIFUL fabrics!!!

  151. katherine schaffer | 24th Aug 10

    I’ve been spending the last days of summer baking with my 4 yr old granddaughter (pepperoni bread tops her list of favorites) – with lots of extra pepperoni to nibble while the bread bakes. More time spent making baby quilts for the 1st grandson – due to arrive in early September! If there is one thing more fun (and special) than your chilren – it’s their children!!

  152. Tracy Dawson | 24th Aug 10

    I am dreaming of a little bit of piece and quiet! Kids went back to school and I want to sew sew sew! I love le fig!! I love all your patterns as well and those strikeoffs are awesome!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tracy Dawson

  153. Sheri Schoenebeck | 24th Aug 10

    I have to admit I’ve been wishing the summer away. Too many days of too much heat. So ready for crisp, cool fall and remembering the scratchy sweaters my mother made me wear once the temperatures dropped below 80!

    Love all the Fig Tree stuff, thanks so much!

  154. Frankie | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer include a big family camp-out this weekend . . . I can’t wait! And there will be plenty of gardening until we start to get frost. I’m hoping for a nice long finish to summer so I can harvest lots and lots of tomatoes for canning — having homegrown tomatoes in the winter gives us a longed for taste of summer to come. πŸ™‚ I have to admit though, I’m not all that sad to see summer go — fall is my favorite season of all!

  155. Kris | 24th Aug 10

    I’m looking forward to Labor Day weekend and a visit from a friend I haven’t seen in over two years!

  156. Florence Papin | 24th Aug 10

    Hello ! For me the summer was very fast and I feel sorry next week the children go back to school !!
    My second daughter goes to university and our family life will really change .
    I try to finish a quilt I promised to myself to finish during the summer. And I made some plum jam from the tree of my garden. Have a nice day !!

  157. Rhonda | 24th Aug 10

    end of summer for me means more time with grandbabies. My grandsons mom teaches college classes and my granddaughters daddy is a football coach-math teacher. I take care of them while their parents work.

    Next weekend, hubby and I plan on taking a one day road trip to an Amish store-cafe a few hours drive away

    that pear is so nice!

  158. paty z. from Mexico | 24th Aug 10

    My kids started school yesterday but it is still summer in Mexico. Raining in the afternoon but still hot in the mornings. I still have to do a lunch bag for one of them and maybe some bags for the market. I am starting to think about winter decorations and holidays but is kind of difficult when you see all the colors of flowers in the garden. Is it too soon to start planning your next summer vacations? Oh those lazy and long days!!!!

  159. Elizabeth G | 24th Aug 10

    My last few days of summer are over! My daughter started first grade yesterday. I can’t believe it!!

  160. Mary Ann | 24th Aug 10

    More yummy Fig Tree coming, I am excited. I am in the midst of a end of summer day dream too. Since my kids are long gone its a dream of fall decorating and the holidays. One Christmas quilt done, well the top anyway and a tree skirt laid out to do next!!

  161. Kellie N | 24th Aug 10

    Looking forward to the State Fair (traditional end of summer event) and dreaming of cool fall days and football season starting!!!!

  162. Eleanor | 24th Aug 10

    Le fig c’est magnifique!

    I’m going to spend the end of summer on vacation, quilting up a storm! I have to clear the decks so I can make room for Fall Market projects. πŸ˜€

  163. Amy | 24th Aug 10

    My summer’s end daydreams: cookies and milk after school, decorating with sunflowers and acorns for fall, and starting up my very own Etsy shop by October!

  164. diane | 24th Aug 10

    Well, since you asked, I’m in the middle of a two day colonoscopy prep and I’m dreaming of doing anything other than a two day colonoscopy prep!

  165. Diane Wingo | 24th Aug 10

    Summer’s end?? It’s still in the high 90’s in Tennessee, dreaming of cooler less humid weather, not cold just cooler. Son in school for several weeks now, still trying to get that morning routine down pat so I’m not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. This time of year I start gearing up for raising money for my son’s Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. Can’t wait for the leaves to turn colors, go to the pumpkin patch and make this year’s Halloween costume.

  166. Jeanine | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about the kids going back to school and me having more time to finish a growing stack of UFOs!!!

  167. Mary Grace McNamara | 24th Aug 10

    just enjoying time with my kids before they all go back to school. My oldest will be starting her second year of college, my middle starting second grade, and my youngest going to school for the very first time for full day kindergarten. Don’t know if I am ready for this, but they sure are! I daydream of long days at the lake that we spent this summer which were so wonderful. I like having my family all to myself! Time to let them go though.

    Love your new fabrics!


  168. Karin | 24th Aug 10

    I’ve been daydreaming about the arrival of my first grandchild- a girl, who will be named Emma Sophia, and I cannot wait! I have so many projects lined up for her it’s ridiculous. Even the guest room (which was her mommy’s room) will have a bright new look for when she comes to visit.
    The strikeoffs are beautiful. But, then, would they be anything else? Love the fig. πŸ™‚

  169. Pam E. | 24th Aug 10

    Even though the calendar says summer is coming to an end, here in the desert southwest (Las Vegas), the weather is going to feel like summer for a while longer. In a couple of weeks, we’ll get our vegetable garden ready for the second planting season.

  170. Peg | 24th Aug 10

    In terms of weather, I am dreaming that we will have some of the nice warm, dry (no humidity), days where it is pleasant to sit on the deck with a bit of sewing, knitting, or a good book and a great refreshing beverage. As all my ‘kids’ are grown, I have the great joy of watching my grandchildren excitedly preparing for new school adventures (how is it that beautiful first granddaughter is starting high school?), and their parents rushing around to get everything in order! On the near horizon, my youngest grandson will be 1, so there is a trip to WI next week; and my oldest daughter will be visiting in mid September from her home in FL, I haven’t seen her for a year!
    And, always, there are beautiful dreams of lovely quilts being made from fabulous Fig Tree Fabrics and patterns.
    Thanks for your beautiful designs, colorways, and sharing.

  171. Cyn | 24th Aug 10

    These last days of Summer I’m gardening and enjoying the nice weather. Summer seemed to come and go fast this year but I’m also looking forward to Fall which is always beautiful here in Canada. Your new fabrics look lovely – thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  172. Mary Kate Wilde | 24th Aug 10


    Your new fab sneak peak is wonderful as usual……

    My last days of summer are spent getting ready for the new Brownie Year with my grand daughter, age 7-and viewing all her new clothes that she can’t wait to start wearing-and remembering doing the same thing with my own children-won’t reveal how long ago that was. It’s still fun!!!

  173. Mary Anne Drury | 24th Aug 10

    My oldest son just moved into an apt with 5 other guys at PSU this past Saturday ….. he’s in his 3rd year (sigh) …. and my baby boy will be starting his senior year of high school tomorrow …. his last “first day ” of school …(SOB) ….. so I’m daydreaming about their first day of kindergarten (which seems like just last year!)

    Enjoy your kiddos and all the drama of school, etc … it FLIES by !!!

    ….and thanks for this great give away you’re doing!

  174. nana k | 24th Aug 10

    Tomorrow I start teaching 1st graders to embroider – 27 of them. I don’t know who’s more excited! About half of them were in last year’s kgarten sewing class, so they’re old pros. We’ll do an auction quilt in the spring. So I’m already dreaming of sprintime fabrics and butterflies flitting across a quilt designed and sewn by little hands.

  175. Terry Schwandt | 24th Aug 10

    These last days of summer I’m thinking about starting a new Halloween project – ready for cooler weather! Great giveaway – I’d love to win!
    Thanks, Terry

  176. Cheryl Forward | 24th Aug 10

    I’m day dreaming about wanting summer to get here in Western Australia, I hate to the cold, I know we really need to rain, but just wish it would rain at night and have warm clear days. I day dreaming about being warm love summmmer!!! T shirts, shorts thongs Yeah!!!

  177. Mary Jean Price | 24th Aug 10

    It’s cool and rainy here today in NY and feels more like fall but your giveaway made me dream of winning one of your prizes. I love your creative spirit and hope it inspires me.

  178. Karen | 24th Aug 10

    Putting the house back together after 1 week with having the grandkids here ( ages 4 yrs. and 14 months). Trying to get done so I can find the sewing room!

  179. Mama Spark | 24th Aug 10

    I am spending the last days of summer with my DH on vacation. We both have this week off and will go out on a mini vacation tomorrow. Thanks for the giveaway. You are on my Bloglines and I follow your blog that way. I also receive your newsletter!

  180. Laura | 24th Aug 10

    **swoons** Such goodies!!

    I am spending the last days of summer studying. πŸ˜‰ Studying Art of The Western World . . . and starting my own photography business. I do believe summer ended for me weeks ago. πŸ˜‰ But I am loving these last blissful warm days. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfection.

  181. Christiane Boone | 24th Aug 10

    Just back from a big Quilt exhibition in Birmingham friend and I invaded 250 shops! to find some fabrics from Fig Tree,alas to no avail,come on Europe !!(mostly Belgium where I live ) just help us finding this yummie fabrics, so at last we can start a quilt with these fabrics.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed !

  182. Nicole | 24th Aug 10

    My oldest starts tomorrow, and my youngest (I only have 2) starts kindergarten a week from tomorrow. Where did that 5 years go??

    As for these last few days, we are just relaxing, spending time at home, and creating a slew of “fairy crafts” Wands, crowns, habitats….you name it. Aurora told me they have to get things settled for the fairies before school starts because “before you know it fall is gone and the winter is here.” Ah, I love those girls!

  183. Karen Quinn | 24th Aug 10

    Our last days of summer will be spent with my son coming home from Montreal, a bbq and back to school shopping!
    I’m dreaming of a patchwork table runner with some of your beautiful fabrics in soft fall colors.
    Love your fig too – last year I made your pumpkin!
    Karen Q.

  184. Margherita | 24th Aug 10

    This summer is a bit different than those past. I lost my father in January, a man I took care of all my life it feels like, but in the last 5 years, he was chronic and passed away in January. We still have a few weeks here in Canada before the kiddies are off, but my last days have been filled with things I did not get to see very much over the years, the laughter of my kids, the rabbits tresspassing in my garden. I saw a mother deer and her babies enjoying a feast on a neighbour’s lawn, but most of all, I saw the sun and its warmth and this summer was definitely full of sunshine. My daydreaming will consist of looking out the window more often and embracing all the blessings I have surrounding me…

  185. Robin Chapa | 24th Aug 10

    I not only have to get my kids ready for school… I have to get me ready, too. I’m a teacher and I’m making a big grade level change this year so I have lots of prep I’m doing. When that drives me crazy, I day dream about England! The Lake District, the Cotswolds, Oxford…. man…. I’ll go back someday! In the meantime, thanks for the GENEROUS and beautiful giveaway. Enjoy your time as well!!!

  186. Martha Dunning | 24th Aug 10

    The end of summer has arrived and I’m working on a block of the month for a new year and I picked Fig Tree fabric line for my quilt. What better fabric could I’ve choosen. I luv giva aways….how fun!

  187. KaraB | 24th Aug 10

    My boys don’t start school until after Labor Day…..we’re trying to eke out a few more days of summer, but it’s hard when all it does is rain!!! Ah, well, perfect sewing weather…..and what better to sew than Le Fig to put us in the mood for fall? I need to get to dresses for my nieces using my Fig and Plum jelly roll and your great pattern.

    Can’t wait to see the new fabric!

  188. Maria | 24th Aug 10

    I’m going outside in five minutes to sit on my deck and knit!!!

  189. Chris | 24th Aug 10

    Here in Florida our summers last longer than those north of us. I’m looking forward to cooler days, open windows and lovely, breezy nights…..and your strike-offs are lovely!

  190. viv | 24th Aug 10

    It’s still summer here but the grandkids are starting their 3rd week and I’m staying with them while their parents are in Florida. I’m dreaming about finishing my Blooming Meadow quilt when I return home. Love those fabrics and can’t have enough. viv

  191. Linda | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of going camping w/o the rain! lol..

    I love your fabrics! and maybe dreaming of making a nice apron with them…

  192. Miss Sherry | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent sewing up a storm…. a delightful storm, but never the less, a storm. My daydreams are of brand new crayons and those delightful sharp unused tips just waiting to be unleashed…….. ahh, those days are far behind me but my grandkids are just embarking on them. Now that’s delightful!!!!

  193. viv | 24th Aug 10

    …3rd week in school..that is (viv)

  194. Barb | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are spent getting together with friends and family before I head back to the house in the city. I will miss the afternoons at the pool and stitching and reading on the porch.

    I love all things Fig Tree. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to maybe spend more time with your lovely fabrics, and patterns. You add so much beauty to our lives.

  195. Jess | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have been spent watching a friend go through a hard time, and realizing I am so thankful for my husband and cute children. Crossing my fingers for the prize

  196. Wendy in Montana | 24th Aug 10

    What a wonderful giveaway chance! Thank you so very much!! Whimsy and Fresh Cotton already live here … they are destined for Milk & Cookies and a table runner πŸ™‚

  197. Davinie | 24th Aug 10

    I love that fabric! I think it’s a perfect blend of my vintage/homespun preference and the pink and blue that I need to use for my girl’s bedroom. Pick me!

  198. Irene Parker | 24th Aug 10

    So nice to read your end of summer comments. I myself have wondered how come the summer goes by so fast? When my children returned to school I had the same feelings as you. Also,I was a teacher and I loved setting up the classroom for a new school year. New books, pencil, and crayons and a new set of children! Now I project my feelings unto my grandchildren. One in junior college, one starting high school and one in 6th grade.

    My daughter-in-law in Santa Barbara had the same crowds to face while buying school supplies!!

    Great to meet you at camp Watch-a-Patcher. Your fabrics are so soothing to the eye.

    Irene Parker

  199. Susan | 24th Aug 10

    Ahhhhhh, the last hot & humid days of summer and I’m daydreaming of an Indian summer to relish for the rest of the cold winter.

  200. Dawn Liubenov | 24th Aug 10

    Your fabrics are inspirational! Thank you. And now a giveaway on top? Okay, I’ve been spending the last days of summer hemming pants, fixing buttons lost last school year and making covers for the outdoor equipment (wood splitter, bbq)! Once the grunge sewing is over, I’m planning my winter project: a new quilt! Yay!

  201. Wendy in Montana | 24th Aug 10

    What blog roll would be complete without Fig Tree Quilts??? Not mine, I tell ya! Thank you for sharing the beautiful inspirations!!

  202. Donna K. | 24th Aug 10

    Loving that fig! Our summer is over; school has been in here in the south already three weeks. I’m dreaming of being home by myself (I’m at work) sewing some of your beautiful fabric!

  203. Kim Dow | 24th Aug 10

    I don’t want summer to leave to soon but I do love fall. I just got a Fresh Cotton jelly roll and the ribbons pattern. Can’t wait to start it and I can’t wait to see the new line this fall!

  204. Jacque | 24th Aug 10

    Love love love your fig… I am spending the last days of summer working and helping my 2 grand daughters get over their tonsil/adnois surgery so they can go back to school on time. They both received a Project Linus quilt when they came out of the recovery room and were thrilled. — seemed more thrilled with these than the quilts I have made them… so I want to start making quilts for Project Linus and the GO would certainly speed this up.

    Thanks for a chance.

  205. Louisa | 24th Aug 10

    OOHH Pick me pick me! I love your fabics and patterns!! Can’t get enough of them!! No kids in school any more but can’t wait for the cool weather to start new quilts!!

  206. Shanny C | 24th Aug 10

    We get to play games and stay indoors because of nasty high temps and bad air quality. Can’t wait till it cools down so we can swim! Kind of backwards, I know.

  207. carmen | 24th Aug 10

    I know you are going to hate this but … we still have 20 days until we go back to school!!! So we will make a last trip to the beach, then go buy supplies (ugggg) and then worry about the hair cuts and the rest.

    When my eldest girl was little, I too wondered at some point when she would start making an issue about her clothes. A friend of mine with older girls told me not to worry … the ones that make an issue of it start at a very young age, she told me. At about 2!!! LOL. She was right. My eldest girl was never a problem … my little girl started trying on 40 things every morning, before going to school, at the age of 3 … and this drags on …

  208. tammy | 24th Aug 10

    i have to admit a little heartbeat-quickening at that sneak peek! such pretty colors AS USUAL. my youngest girlie is starting kindergarten this year; it seems i blinked my eyes and she went from sweet newborn to schoolgirl…

  209. Carole Michelsen | 24th Aug 10

    Turning leaves, crisp air and the first warm hearth fire light.

  210. Dara Jackson | 24th Aug 10

    Even though my son is 32 and has a son of his own now, I still look forward to the cooler days of fall and the hope of a more organized life when school begins. Apple Cider, and home made granola to keep me nourished while I pull out fabric scraps and begin a new project.
    I have to admit I am relieved when I walk near the school supply isle and can veer off in another direction. Bless all of you ladies that are in that stage of life and try to enjoy the journey…it’s gone way too soon!

  211. Kelly Wenhold | 24th Aug 10

    My husband, son and I spent out last weekend together at Bethany Beach, Delaware in a beautiful victorian B&B right on the ocean. It was beautiful! When we arrived home Sunday afternoon, we packed up our son and sent him to college as a sophomore – so I guess you could say our summer ended on Sunday! PS – My son still loves Old Navy!

  212. Krista | 24th Aug 10

    I’m learning guitar (for *my* gearing-up-to-learn project); and for Kiddo, we’re coordinating back-to-school sales with other needs, like 72-hour kit backpacks… πŸ™‚ Kiddo’s most excited about his highlighters, though. πŸ˜‰ [I’m teaching him at home, but he’s only 4, so it’s mostly acquiring things that might interest him and nurture his creative tendencies.] πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and ditto to all the oohs and aahs over the upcoming fabrics! πŸ™‚ I love how *gentle* your patterns are! πŸ™‚

  213. Tricia Heimbigner | 24th Aug 10

    Hi There. Well what I am daydreaming about is just relaxing and thinking about the wonderful memories I have made and shared with family and friends. Of course in Lake tahoe or by some beautiful river. I love your figgy products and love making and creating things with them. Fondly tricia

  214. Kathy Brigham | 24th Aug 10

    I am busy filling advertising for our Marching Band program, to be given out at our big band competition October 2. How could it be the end of August already? How could it be time for the kids to go back to school? As if reminding me how cold it was at last year’s competition, the weather has turned cool and rainy. Oh, how I need some Fig Tree patterns & fabric to console myself!!

  215. lori weigel | 24th Aug 10

    Oh, my little helper is off to college. The end of summer came too fast and Sunday we move him across the country to his dorm in Boston. Time goes by so fast. Enjoy every moment, making lunch for your kids, finding moments to pick out fabric, hearing the birds in the morning.

  216. Bev | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer I enjoy having a cup of coffee in my backyard looking at the beauty of nature there. I love to listen to the birds chattering and feeling the wind blow through my hair and the feel of grass on my bare feet. I enjoy a chat with my wonderful neighbor and sharing a new receipe or best of all a new quilt pattern or idea. I have been daydreaming about the fun times I had with all our children, their spouses and those precious grandchildren in July. It was so great to be together. We enjoyed campfires and Grandpa surprised everyone with an amazing firewords display in the evening. I also daydream about those new projects I want to start. God is so good, to give us family, friends, hobbies and this world to enjoy. Thanks for your beautiful fabric. I look forward to seeing the new fabric come out and make it up into something special for someone. Your giveaway idea is a good one, it would be great to win. It will make someone very happy and excited. Thanks!!!!

  217. Synthia Noble | 24th Aug 10

    I am busy getting two quilts ready to take to my longarm quilter and preparing blocks to applique at our Guild booth at the State Fair. Please enter me in your drawing. I would love to have your beautiful fabrics and patterns.

    Synthia (with an S)

  218. Tina Gordon | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent preparing school books for school since I home school my children. Then over Labor Day weekend we will drive 10 hours for 3 days of camping returning just in time to begin school September 7. And I am dreaming of sewing for fun and not for others. I love fabric!


  219. Frances Hudson | 24th Aug 10

    As the summer winds down, I find myself dreaming about the wonderful fall colors, not that I’m going to give up my warm summer colors, just put them aside for a while. September takes on a different look after the kids are off on their own; September becomes the time to do things at a more peaceful pace. Quiet beaches to stroll for miles.

  220. Bev | 24th Aug 10

    Hi, again!!
    So sorry I should have reread my post as I see I put that Grandpa surprised us with an amazing firewords in stead of fireworks!!! I am sure you would be able to figure it out but thought I would correct my error. Have a great day.

  221. Sequana | 24th Aug 10

    I am SO looking forward to the end of this summer and the terrible heat we’ve had! What I plan to do is to get back to my usual quilting schedule. It’s really been interrupted.

    btw….I love Fresh Cottons. I’m using it in a star sampler quilt-along.

  222. Brennie | 24th Aug 10

    It’s time to put up salt and pepper corn, so the family can dream of “summer into fall,” all winter long!

  223. Leslie | 24th Aug 10

    We finally have a little summer weather here in SoCal. Wish I had time off to enjoy it more.
    I’m looking forward to school starting and my kiddo is WAY past all that!

  224. elizabeth | 24th Aug 10

    I know what you mean, when I dropped my son off for his first day of high school, I couldn’t believe he was going to be with all those TEENAGERS!

    For the rest of the summer, I’ve decided to can and/or freeze fresh peaches from the farmer’s market. I’ve enjoyed them all summer and now the fun can last through winter!

  225. paty z. from Mexico | 24th Aug 10

    I would love to win some of your patterns!!! You have wonderful designs. Thank you for the double chance to participate.

  226. Kathy V | 24th Aug 10

    I also hate to see summer end as the days get shorter and the darkness comes too quickly. Love all your fabrics!!

  227. Leslie | 24th Aug 10

    I’m hoping for another chance at your giveaway. Forwarded your email to my creative, sewing daughter!

  228. Karen Beigh | 24th Aug 10

    Who wouldn;t love a give-away!

  229. | 24th Aug 10

    Living in Florida our last days of summer are a LONG way off! Enjoy your patterns and have made some of your bags…keep up the good work!

  230. Kelley | 24th Aug 10

    I know just what you mean. School starts for us next week, dd is starting grade 3 already! She is both young and old at once (looking for fairies while rolling her eyes at things I say!) I am enjoying this week while still looking forward to not being interrupted ALL DAY LONG! πŸ™‚

  231. Marija Vujcic | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are especially sweet – my oldest son is getting married on Saturday!! YAY!!
    Middle daughter just came back from Bangladesh where she was working for the good of all people (she is an epidemiologist) and now the whole family is together and getting ready!! Last few beads on my soon-to-be daughter in-law’s veil and final fitting of my daughter’s bridesmaid dress, gathering some memories and enjoying every moment – that is how my last days of summer are going!
    So – once I get my life back, those gorgeous fabrics will be soooo welcome!! πŸ™‚

  232. Ferne | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have been spent observing the first garden planted in our new home and working up ways to prepare the harvest to last into the winter.

    I have been a loyal follower and always enjoy your blog and especially your new fabrics! You and your husband make a very creative team!

  233. Mary Jo | 24th Aug 10

    These fabrics are so pretty!!! Look good enough to eat!! My last few days of summer are filled with finishing up canning my tomatoes, canning peaches and starting to think of Christmas gifts I need to get started on! I’ve been working on a quilted table runner and just gave a couple of red work towels I made to some birthday girls! Love warm weather but looking for some cooler days! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  234. Kim in Calgary | 24th Aug 10

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! With the last days of summer, I’m trying to enjoy some of the nice weather (we finally have some) and I’m daydreaming about the days when the kids will be back at school and I’ll come home to a quiet house for a few hours of quilting before the kids rush in.

  235. Abby | 24th Aug 10

    I <3 the le fig! SO.CUTE.

    My last few days of summer are going to be spent packing up my apartment to move to a smaller apartment and getting ready to go to Hawaii to see my boyfriend who is stationed there who I haven't seen in 3 months! πŸ™‚

  236. yvonne craig | 24th Aug 10

    I LOVE all your fabrics and would love to have my name entered in the give away. I do not have a blog so hope I can still enter.
    Our summer days continue for a few more weeks. My favorite season so hate to see the end come soon. Will enjoy the pool as long as possible.


  237. Lee B | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer I am dreaming of the cooler nights ahead. I’m enjoying the fruits, and veggies of this season. I love the the little figgy, and of course the fabric. Now you got me dreaming of my next project.

  238. Corey | 24th Aug 10

    Lovely! Today I am pondering my oldest daughter starting Kindergarten tommorrow–bittersweet is the perfect word for that. In highschool I very vividly remember my English teacher telling us that as we got older our emotions would often be two-fold–and this is definitely one of those moments.

  239. Lisa C | 24th Aug 10

    We spent our last day on the lake fishing! Today is the first day of school for my four little and not-so-little guys. I’m looking forward to getting back to my pile of quilt projects!

  240. Bev | 24th Aug 10

    School supply time always makes me think back to my kids being little. Reminds me how much I miss those days while at the same time being grateful that they are grown. The new fabrics will look wonderful with the new paint in my living room!

  241. Mindy in Kansas | 24th Aug 10

    Right now I am daydreaming over the wonderful respite we have had from the 90’s and 100’s we have had. It’s even supposed to be in the high 50’s tomorrow morning. Yea!!! I like the greeness of summer but not the heat and humidity. I am working on my new HQ Fusion – attempting to get better and better. Would love to win those goodies!

  242. Doris Marie | 24th Aug 10

    Longing for cooler temperatures, fall leaves, and all the fall festivals!
    And dreaming of maybe winning this wonderfull give away?
    Thanks for offering it, the little figlet is adorable.

  243. mary kathryn | 24th Aug 10

    Thinking it will be fun to dust of the 2nd grade books again for my youngest child, I homeschool and haven’t done 2nd grade for seven years. My older children are turning 25, 19, and 15 soon!

  244. Linda | 24th Aug 10

    Beautiful fabrics!!………looking forward to seeing more!

    Last days of summer here are being spent quilting while I wait for the white bean harvest to begin……then sadly (and happily) I will leave my sewing room to spend my days in a tractor.

  245. Christine Dougal | 24th Aug 10

    I don’t have any children to send off to school, but I do look forward to fall and all the beautiful colors and changes that come with it!

  246. Jill | 24th Aug 10

    I can’t wait for cooler days. I am dreaming of time in the mountains with my husband and four children. School started yesterday for us, and we just came back from a mountain vacation last week that was wonderfully relaxing and fun.

  247. Lisa Sheets | 24th Aug 10

    I am soaking up the sun..and sewing on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama..on vacation!!!!and loving every bit of it..and you want to know something”THE BEACHES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THERE IS NO!!!!!OIL”

  248. Peg | 24th Aug 10

    I have totally fallen in love with your fabrics and your books. I was so thrilled when you answered my questions about Bella. I would be so thrilled with something from you! I love antique pictures and your fabrics capture that image of dreams of the past.
    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

  249. karen | 24th Aug 10

    What beautiful fabrics you design! The colors are “delicious”! I have recently dusted off my sewing machine and decided I need to do something for myself and “get creative” again – we all need to remember to take a little time for ourselves – time goes by so quickly!

  250. Susan Bailey | 24th Aug 10

    It’s hard to believe that September is just around the corner. It’s really hot in So. Cal. today, so it’s hard to think it’s almost the end of summer! No children young enough to send off to school or college… I just love the little Fig and started daydreaming about what my Thanksgiving table will look like with those Figs as place settings!!!

  251. Judy Lapak | 24th Aug 10

    When you live near the beach the last days of summer are super sweet-looking forward to fall coolness snuggling under a soft summer colored quilt and reading a book. Catch those last long late summer nights on the porch listening to a ball game savoring each delicious season as it comes then makes way for another!

  252. Kay Devaney | 24th Aug 10

    Daydreaming at work, at computer
    wishing I could be home in my sewing room
    Daydreaming at work, at projects piled high
    wishing I could be home to work on sewing projects
    Daydreaming at work, looking out the window
    wishing I could be home!

    My attempt at creative…will work harder at this~!!!
    Thank you for the give away.
    Kay in MN (K Devaney)

  253. Jenni | 24th Aug 10

    I am daydreaming about lazy days at the lake near the house. It’s been so beautiful up here (I recently moved from hot, hot, hot Phoenix), I can’t get over the fact that I can actually spend summers outside…or with the doors open!

  254. Barbara | 24th Aug 10

    You are my fave designer. Love new collection.
    Hope I win.

  255. Jane Anderson | 24th Aug 10

    I love the pictures of summer here at Fig Tree. I was just trying to arrange a “Take Your Featherweight To Lunch outing”, and then looked at my mail, and there you were! Tres jolie! From, tres-retro. We hope to get many quilters to eat together, and if I win a Prize, it will be the door prize for sure!!!!!Thanks, Jane

  256. Darla Szasz | 24th Aug 10

    My kids are grown, but I live in a university town. So I see all the “kids” coming to school – some, young and a little nervous, some seasoned students. Fall is in the air – it’s colder at night, the flowers are starting to die, but – snow is coming! Bliss…

  257. jodie viall | 24th Aug 10

    mmmm, i think i could eat this bunch of fabrics…. :]

  258. kslaughter | 24th Aug 10

    Our last days of summer are being spent trying to settle in a house in Belgium as we commute on weekends to Paris. It’s not a glamorous as it sounds ; ). I am missing my two older kids who are in university in the states–daydreaming about Christmas together. What a lovely giveaway–and what a generous lady you are!

  259. laura Cahill | 24th Aug 10

    I am dreaming about my forthcoming trip to Venice. Can’t wait!

  260. Angie | 24th Aug 10

    We’ve spent our last days of summer in Yosemite Valley. It was hot, beautiful and really not very crowded. My husband loves to hike and this is his place which is now our place.

  261. Kaye | 24th Aug 10

    A week from today, my grown son is moving to Seattle- on an adventure with the love of his life, Michelle. I also learned this week that I was blessed to find a cancerous mole early enough to stop it in its tracks. A lot of emotion in our family these days, but a lot of excitement and thankfulness, too, at the same time. My first grandchild starts school on the first of September, and my two-year old grand-daughter can spell her name! Things are pretty good here, too. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and being one of my quiet refuges. Kaye

  262. fran tocci | 24th Aug 10

    How wonderful to read your end of summer comments…. I ditto them …and as soon as fall hits I will be sewing again with your beatuful fabrics and patterns

  263. Sandy | 24th Aug 10

    Its been a brutal summer even for Texas. I am so ready for fall! I am readying my garden for planting, yep time for the fall garden to on in here.

    Its also kidding time (baby goats) here at the farm, just had a pair of twins born and more will be coming over the next several weeks. I have twins picture on my blog. Nothing cuter than a baby goat!

  264. Melissa | 24th Aug 10

    Alas our summer is over, the kids are back in school, and volleyball has begun! We love it! I am really ready for it to feel like Fall, it is so hot! But now it is time to sew all that I can before holiday preparations begin! I love this transition time, just wish it would feel like fall!

  265. Bobbie | 24th Aug 10

    The last days of summer! Picking the last tomatoes for canning and juicing and planning to dig the potatoes on a warm day with no chance of showers. A blackberry cobbler is in the oven from our berries! My favorite season is almost here! The night sounds, the crisp air, the leaves changing, the blue, blue sky.

    Four quilts are cut and stacked awaiting a day without the seasonal outdoor chores, i.e, cleaning the flower beds, the gardens, moving strawberry plants. May take until November to get to them. I have a large group of Fig Tree fabrics with patterns waiting for winter.

  266. Robin Maughan | 24th Aug 10

    I love the fabrics. My last days of summer are being spent on putting in a little “secret garden” outside my bedroom that I can enjoy this fall as I sit there and read my quilt magazines.

  267. Sandra Davidson | 24th Aug 10

    Hi Your news letter said we could have a second entry if we are a member of your blog ,which I happily am so have a wonderful day.

  268. Jean Miner | 24th Aug 10

    It is crazy that summer is almost over once again! I can hardly wait to see the next Fig Tree line. I remember seeing the Fig Tree booth at Portland market–that would have been the one that was probably 8+ years ago–even before Moda so brilliantly grabbed you up! I bought and made your pattern for a hooded baby towel and stuffed star!! How far you’ve come and I have loved your stuff forever! Thanks for your wonderful creativity.

  269. Sharon | 24th Aug 10

    My last weekend of August is all about company. I have over 50 people coming to my place for a long overdue housewarming party. The weather is supposed to cooperate, I’m all about the weather. I dont’ have room for 20 people in my house, so it’s gotta be nice outside!

  270. Mary | 24th Aug 10

    Darling daughter, darling fabric! Would love to win the giveaway! Thanks for sharing.

  271. Jane | 24th Aug 10

    What am I doing with my last days of summer? Packing up to sell our home (in NC) to move where it will feel like summer much of the year…Florida! I’m storing the winter clothes and paring down on everything but my quilting fabric/supplies…it ALL goes! Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

  272. Leslie | 24th Aug 10

    Last days of summer, that went quick. Getting ready to send my son back to school and to try and enjoy these last few days of sun.

  273. JoyLyn | 24th Aug 10

    I am dreaming of a clean organized sewing room with everything in it’s place so when the winter snow comes I can sew, sew, & sew some more. But what I am really doing is picking beautiful Roma tomatoes and enjoying the last breath of summer in my garden. The smells, the tastes, the warm sun on the patio. Oh and as far as school goes, we could skip it and I would be alright with spending more time with the kiddies!

  274. Emily Gail Wyett | 24th Aug 10

    i am dreaming of just using my time to finish my quilt that I started with you at Camp Watch a patcher….

  275. Jennifer C | 24th Aug 10

    Headed to the beach on Sunday. Your fabrics are so beautiful thanks for the chance to win!

  276. Janet | 24th Aug 10

    Just making my comment so I can be in your givaway!! I would love to have a chance to create with those fabrics!! They are beautiful!!

  277. dq | 24th Aug 10

    please enter me in the giveaway. Anticipating the start of school next week – ugh! I hate to see the kids leaving, the days getting shorter and the nights cooler.

  278. Elizabeth | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are going to involve moving (on Saturday!), trying to finish graduate school (or get as close as I can), and having a baby! (although the baby isn’t due until the fall, so “growing a baby” is more accurate). Busy, but all good things as I try to remind myself πŸ™‚ Love the sneak peek of the new fabric collection!

  279. Cindy | 24th Aug 10

    Oh I can’t believe it is almost Labor Day. Summer was steaming for MN but still better than ice and snow. Ha!
    I am looking forward to October but not so much for the weather as I’ll be having knee replacement surgery which I have been waiting for 11 years!! Yeah!!!
    I’m still too young according to my doctor (58 yrs old how nice to be too young for something!! ;<)!!!!) but cholesterol is climbing and so for health reasons and mobility issues it is a go!!! I can't wait to ride a bike again and walk among the fall leaves to enjoy the crisp autumn air before "old man winter" arrives. I'll have 3-4 months off of work so my sewing room awaits my arrival ASAP!!! Thanks for your wonderful ideas turned into patterns and the wonderful fabrics!!! Cindy in MN

  280. Janet Schiefferly | 24th Aug 10

    Last days of summer and helping plan our bi-annual quilt show for the Napa Valley Quilters – yikes, I too, would rather be on a cruise in Canada somewhere.

  281. Bettie F | 24th Aug 10

    I am spending the last days of summer hoping the heat in Texas will end soon. Yesterday was 107 degrees! My sister is visiting this week and we plan to hit the fabric stores and think about fall projects. Love your fabric!

  282. Janet Schiefferly | 24th Aug 10

    Last days of summer and helping put together our bi-annual quilt show with the Napa Valley Quilters – I think we will all calm down after it is over.

  283. rebecca brammell | 24th Aug 10

    Is summer gone already? My “little” girl (11) is at camp for her second week and the weather has been cool, cloudy, and rainy. The highlight of her summer, and a chance for me to craft uninterrupted! Yet I have lazed about, made some cards here and there, finished a small quilt or two, read a few of her scholastic books (I think I like ordering more than she does!) and mostly wondered how and what she was doing!
    We get her on the 28th and then school is just a few days after that! I’ve sewed her two bags to use for school as I was informed that a back pack was not in her plans this year!!
    I am happier in the fall – not a big summer fan! I will look forward to more FTQ fabrics, patterns, and goodies…and daydream about winning just a little something too!
    Joanna, thank you for the opportunity to share in your wonderful fabrics! You have been a favourite of mine for years…I even have a FTQ bin for fabric and patterns!!! I made several of the little sugar pumpkins last year for gifts and they were absolutely a hit!
    Take care! BB

  284. Nancy Mangel | 24th Aug 10

    We are enjoying having family time together before everyone gets busy with their own lives again – I think the older I get, the faster summer flies by. I’d love to start my fall with a new project!!

  285. Diane Dodd | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of cooler weather and no more mowing grass, weed-eating grass and pulling weeds. After all, God created all four seasons, and frankly I’m ready for the next one! πŸ™‚

  286. Christine | 24th Aug 10

    Wow, what a lovely give-away!!Since I love ALL of your fabrics (and have quite a stash by now) these precuts would be very welcome!!
    What have I been thinking these last summer days? Frankly? Christmas!!!! It’s been so rainy and gray this entire august in the Netherlands, I started planning my christmasquilt!!
    Thank you for giving me an extra entry as a newsletter-reader. Looking forward to who will be the lucky one!
    Love from Holland!

  287. Leanne | 24th Aug 10

    Dreaming of:
    A picnic blanket on grassy ground
    A day at the lake
    A late night date with outdoor seating

  288. Debbie | 24th Aug 10

    I am dreaming of cooler weather. Your email today has totally inspired me to get back to work on my quilting. I love Fig Tree fabric designs. They are so delicate.

  289. Sandy Bovee | 24th Aug 10

    We live at the beach in SoCal and have had family all summer, with little time to sew…
    I’m dreaming of sewing, sewing, sewing, very soon.
    I love Fresh Cottons and also the sneak peak at your new line…I hope you will have plenty of patterns using the new fabric…

  290. Jeannie Schlitt | 24th Aug 10

    Well here in TX summer is not over until November. School did start yesterday though, the first day of high school for our girl. I am trying to begin sewing projects that I’ve dreamed about and haven’t started. Your new fabrics are so dreamy, I hope I can find them here. Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. Colleen Arnold | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of cooler weather & quiet time for appliqueing. I think I would love to be a mouse in the corner of your studio, enjoying all your creativity & maybe a little cheese!!! Would love to win the drawing. Thank you!!!
    Colleen A. in Ia.

  292. Lucille Rossouw | 24th Aug 10

    I love the end of summer and one more concert on the wharf before winter. I also love the fresh cottons line and the fig is perfect.

  293. Mommys Thimble | 24th Aug 10

    The end of this summer has me daydreaming about how boring it would be WITHOUT my 4 kids…without homeschooling them…without all their fights…without all the snoogle snuggles from my son at 6 in the morning. All my friends can’t wait to send their kids back to school so they can do whatever it is they do without their kids around…I’m not sure what that is because my kids are always with me. When I do get a few minutes to myself, I hesitate to say that I don’t know what to do with myself. Then I remember…hey!..go sew! I’m thinking about how I am going to add one more schooler to my small dining room table. Whenever I wish I could be sewing, I think that my oldest is now 11 and she was just 3 like ….yesterday. I daydream about the things I would sew and patterns I would make if only I had an extra 5 hours in the day…or night.

  294. Lynn Merring | 24th Aug 10

    It is finally hot out my way so I am making lots of iced tea and lemonade and finding shady spots to enjoy with my dogs. And quilting as often as I can get my butt behind the machine!

  295. Phoebe | 24th Aug 10

    what am i doing with my last days of summer? why planning my wedding of course. just 18 short days away. . .

  296. | 24th Aug 10

    Well, I have to say that it seems my last days of summer are spent preparing for the end of summer and the beginnings of Fall. I have been canning up a storm all of summer’s bountiful fruits and vegetables…peaches, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes and pickles…as it will be another year til we see them again! There is nothing more reminisent of summer than a jar of fresh peaches overtop vanilla icecream! I am definitely looking forward to the change of season especially with the leaves turning to the vibrant reds and oranges, the smell of hot apple pie in the house and warm cozy sweaters to keep the chill off….oh, and most importantly, getting back into the swing of things in my sewing room!
    I do have to say that the ‘Fresh Cottons’ collection is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of a summer day at a cottage with a front porch swing where you could sit all day with a good book…what a great picture!

  297. Hopeful Homemaker | 24th Aug 10

    Summer is over for us, but we’re still enjoying the evening weather at soccer games. I’m wishing for some time to sew, but the outside activities still command first priority for now.

  298. vivian helena | 24th Aug 10

    I love looking at your blogs and web site, makes me feel all fuzzy and warm, better in Oct, then right now, when they are saying 105 in Central CA. But working with the fabric during the summer, says cool and fresh as Spring, which is the season I love most..
    Thank you for visiting here in the Sierras, and enjoyed your talk.. also saw you at Camp WatchaPatcher in So. Cal this summer.. will post a photo that I took of you, just have not done it yet.. vivian

  299. Laurie | 24th Aug 10

    I am finishing a quilt for my neice who just graduated with her Master’s degree. (She is the first one in our family to earn a master’s degree.) I am daydreaming about the next quilt I will make which will be for a new grandson that will be born in October! I love your fabric and patterns!

  300. sandi | 24th Aug 10

    My last bits of summer consist of getting off the high of hot and sunny weather we had at the lake this year. IT probably was the nicest holiday so far at the beach. ALl the family came and boating was good and all the rest of it. I love your new fabric it is delicious as always. Keep up the good work. Sandi

  301. Adrianne | 24th Aug 10

    Three CHEERS for summer!! You have the 2nd cutest helper in town. ; ) I’m excited for Breakfast at Tiffany’s to hit the shelves.

  302. Adrianne | 24th Aug 10

    You’re in my reader. : )

  303. Kandis55 | 24th Aug 10

    Still fondly remembering your visit to Beach Cities Quilt Guild. I’ve got your bunny quilt as one of my works in process…seems like I have to stop to make a gift. It’s hot in CA so good time to enjoy the AC and get some sewing and quilting accomplished. Like your new line. Thanks for offering the giveaway.
    Candy in CA

  304. maria elena blecha | 24th Aug 10

    Your fig is sew adorable. Am dreaming of cooler and drier days here in Florida and the coming of the fall colors. I love a giveaway too

  305. Gwen | 24th Aug 10

    Fresh Cotton, new patterns and Le Fig!! What a lovely way to end the summer. Hoping, hoping, hoping it is me!

  306. Jannette | 24th Aug 10

    My youngest starts his 3rd year of college next week, so I’m not involved in back-to-school efforts anymore.
    I am spending my day finishing 4 bridesmaid’s dresses for a wedding on Sat. – just the hems and a bit of bling to finish them….
    Your Buttercream and Figs fabrics were the first quilting fabrics that I bought – still love them! (I should have bought lots more!) Maybe I’ll make that my daydream – unending bolts of Fig Tree Fabrics!

  307. Sarah | 24th Aug 10

    Just a few days left before school starts, older boys back at college and the little one begins after Labor Day. Started some really fun snowmen with lots of different tweed wools, maybe ahead of the curve this year?

  308. Margaret | 24th Aug 10

    I’m in Spain where it will continue to be very hot for at least another couple of months.
    I dream of cooler weather!
    I love the figs and am reminded that I need to finish off the pumpkin that I started from one of your patterns last year.

  309. Kathy | 24th Aug 10

    I’m just trying to relax and enjoy the nice weather before the cold and rain starts. Hard to believe in a few short months the holiday season will be upon us. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  310. Linda | 24th Aug 10

    Do I see a little bit of “yellow” in your new line — or am I just wishing… Anyhow, I am busy organizing the kiddos for back to school. My son starts high school this year! I would love to win some of my favorite Fig Tree fabric or patterns. Thanks for the giveaway! ~Linda~

  311. Ramona Chester | 24th Aug 10

    Aaahhhhh Summer and Fresh Cottons! Besides sewing, I’ve been trying to recapture my own youthful fun by going roller skating and playing miniature golf. How cute are some of those little golf courses? Keep up the great work Joanne. Your fabrics are scrumptious!

  312. Gwendie | 24th Aug 10

    I have a new artistic outlet – plein air painting – and am dreaming about how to translate that to a studio. And about when the weather is cool and I can finish my really big quilt. And then starting another! I have your book and lots of your fabric and one of the quilts in the book is next.

  313. Diane | 24th Aug 10

    I would love to win your giveaway. I have all our yur lines and they all work together so well.

  314. Scrappingirl2009 | 24th Aug 10

    With my last days of summer, I am enjoying as much pool time as I can. I am also working on a wool quilt project, scrapbooking, and reading.

  315. Debbie | 24th Aug 10

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’m daydreaming about going to Oklahoma (in Sept.) to take care of 3 grandbabies for a week!!! Cannot wait!

  316. Diane | 24th Aug 10

    I receive your newsletter via email. Thanks. Sign me up again.

  317. Joanne Smisko | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are filled with finishing projects I started. I need to complete them so I can start fall projects. I love your patterns and fabrics. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!

    Joanne Smisko

  318. Amy | 24th Aug 10

    OK – I forwarded your newsletter update to my sister. I am blogless, but love reading other people’s blogs.

  319. ShirlM | 24th Aug 10

    I’m afraid that living in the deep South right now doesn’t feel much like the last days of summer as we’re still in the throws of a heat wave. I’m so looking forward to some cooler weather. I’m spending the last bit of summer finishing some UFO’s. A quilt for hubby (for when it eventually does cool down!! HA), a baby quilt for Quilt For Kids, plus several more. Theeen, maybe I won’t feel too guilty about starting more projects and using some of your fabulous fabrics. Your color sense is sensational!!

  320. Jody Nowak | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer won’t arrive until mid-October! I live in Tucson. I am dreaming of a time when my husband and I can retire in a cooler climate and look forward to a real autumn.

  321. Lisa | 24th Aug 10

    How adorable! Can’t wait for the rest of your line!

    Enjoying 96 degree weather here in California! Wow it’s been hot now that the kids are back in school!

    Enjoy… Lisa

  322. Margaret Goddard | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent trying to get a quilt for my son and daughter-in-law finished before I see them next in Canada. Actually summer here (UK) seems to have finished sometime ago as the sky is grey and the wind is blowing – Happy Quilting everyone.

  323. Karen | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of spending a few days in Northern Michigan now that it has finally cooled down here. Also, looking forward to early October drives to see the “color”.

    Would love to win a prize!

    Hugs, Karen

  324. Francoise | 24th Aug 10

    During my last days of summer, I went to Italy to pick up my granddaughter who spent 5 weeks vacation with family in Alberi in the Sorrento Peninsula, what a great place even though it was extremely hot. I came back with great ideas for sewing and lots of projects in my head as I exchange with my cousin about our hobby. For the next few days after getting over jet lag I will do my tomatoes preserves for the winter, work a bit in my garden and start to plan my fall house cleaning. I forgot that I need to catch up on my sewing as well. Why don’t we have days of 48 hours instead of 24…….
    Thanks for the great idea of the drawing, I love the fig and all your patterns and projects

  325. Debbie J | 24th Aug 10

    My husband and I had sweet times with our sons, daughters-in-law and five grandchildren for two weeks this summer – precious time together since they live in Belgium and Texas. We are now longing for cooler weather, crisp mornings, colorful leaves, and time to pursue hobbies in the evenings: quilting and cross stitching for me! Thanks for sharing your family’s back to school adventures and your giveaway!

  326. Robyn of Coffee and Cotton | 24th Aug 10

    I am soooo daydreaming about Autumn and crisp air and soups and squashy type foods and warm bread and…
    I AM DYING IN THE TX HEAT! This coastal NorCal girl needs a break.
    I love everything you create!

  327. CindyI | 24th Aug 10

    I’m trying to get the most out of my swimming pool. Sad to think we’ll be closing it in a few weeks. On the bright side, fall gets me out of the pool and the garden and into my sewing room! Bring on the new fabrics!

  328. Arlene | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about fall – clear blue skies and cooler temps. Bring it on!

  329. Constance Ruppender | 24th Aug 10

    My darling husband and I are headed to Mount Dora for a long, luxurious Labor Day weekend! We’ll park the car and bike around this quaint little Florida town and savor the final moments of summer! Love the little fig! And, the fabrics are to die for!

  330. Ramona Chester | 24th Aug 10

    Just forwarded my email to my quilting buddies down in San Diego county who I miss so much now that I have moved to Washington state. Thanks for a second chance option at your generous End of Summer Giveaway Joanna.

  331. | 24th Aug 10

    I love everything you make , it is all so cute. What a great end of the summer giveaway.

  332. | 24th Aug 10

    Hmmm…let’s see…the list is long for what I am trying to fit into my last days of summer but last weekend we went camping with wonderful friends and did alot of laughing. Also made a new tote bag, getting my son ready for college…sniff…and taking walks. Also want to say how much I love your blog and all your products, fabric and such! Keep up the wonderful work and hopefully keep your kids only wanting Target and Old Navy as long as you can!!!

  333. TerriW | 24th Aug 10

    Beautiful fabric as always, Joanna. Personally, I have never been more ready for fall. Crisp, cool weather; making soups and apple pie; hiking in the brightly colored woods…ahhhh

  334. Susan Vicary | 24th Aug 10

    I love all figs!! Real fresh figs, fig preserves..and now Le fig…but most of all I love Fig Tree fabric and patterns!! Oh,
    how I’d love to win.

  335. Omajean | 24th Aug 10

    Wow!!! You give away the best stuff!! We have had such a hot, dry and humid summer and this is the year we chose to remodel. I am dreaming that fall is here AND everything that we want done to our home is finished!!!

  336. maureen dobranski | 24th Aug 10

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. Your helper is such a cutie! We have been enjoying as much time at the lake as we can possibly squeeze in. I love summer but I am looking forward to getting back into a fall routine. Fall is a beautiful time of year too. I am excited to see your new fabrics and projects. The pear is too cute! thank for a chance to win.

  337. Flatlander (Linda) | 24th Aug 10

    I’ve been spending a much time as I possibly can sitting on our back desk in the cool of the morning or as the shadows grow long in the afternoon thinking about what a wonderful summer it has been but how exciting that Fall, with a beauty of its own, is almost upon us. I have been staying true to my new year’s resolution (!!!!) to finish a project before I start a new one … hard to do but sticking to my guns!!

  338. Liz M. | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of having an empty, quiet home, but my heart aches so bad knowing my daugher is leaving for her senior year in college and my son is getting married next month and leaving me too.
    Your fabrics always brighten my day! Thank You!

  339. Darlis Johns | 24th Aug 10

    Last days of summer include more sewing. Purses for my daughter and granddaughter.

    Your fabric colors are so beautiful.

    Love the little fig. So cute!

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  340. Andrea | 24th Aug 10

    Last few days of summer are a flutter of activity getting ready for back to school. I’m looking forward to having some more time during the day while the kids are in school to sneak in some quilting time!

  341. Helen | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about being at my friend Jean’s house on Whidbey Island and working on quilts. She has a perfect house for working on quilts–lovely view of trees and Puget Sound and lots of room to spread projects out without having to worry about people, cats, and dogs walking on it or sitting on it. It’s quiet there. Jean is great company. And I always leave there feeling relaxed and inspired.

  342. Judy S | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have been spent canning & freezing our garden’s bounty. It’s time to close up the swimming pool and on to helping the kids with their homework.
    I’m sad to see the Summer wither away! I love the extra time I get to spend with the kids. Oh well…now I get to spend more time sewing! YAY!!

  343. | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are spent getting my three boys off to school. Also, I am dreaming of a project, re-decorating the flex room. A flex room is sometimes the reading room, tv room, video room and music room. I love your fabrics and am thinking of using the colors in your new line. Hey…I could actually call it the Fig Room!
    Kim from Cleveland

  344. Julia | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of my little one’s NOT being sick. And hoping my other one’s don’t get sick! And wishing that summer was going to be here for a little bit longer.
    Thank you for the giveaway! I love your fabrics and patterns!

  345. Jessica F | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of cooler weather! Here in Texas it is H.O.T! My garden is suffering and would love to look out the window and see a lush garden rather than one that’s wilty and barely surviving!! But good news is that since it’s so hot, I can stay inside and sew!! πŸ™‚

  346. Jessica F | 24th Aug 10

    I get the newsletter and forwarded it along to a friend! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  347. Sharon | 24th Aug 10

    Hi, My last days of summer are going to be spent with my grandchildren. My grandson’s birthday party is Saturday and he has picked marbles as his theme. He is 5. So we are having a marble cake, marble painting, marble games and of course a bag of marbles to take home. Finishing his marble shirt and his sister’s dress are the highlights of this week.

  348. Liz T. | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming about the kitchen expansion plan that we just started! I don’t want to wish any time away, but I will be happy when Thanksgiving rolls around and we are all done. (At least I hope we are all done by then!!)

  349. Lizzie | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are getting some sailing in (first time in 2 summers) , playing tennis, golfing, canoeing and watching the grandkids this weekend while their parents go to a wedding! LUVA, LUVA your fabrics and what a cool giveaway….hope I can be entered to win! dreaming:)

  350. Angela | 24th Aug 10

    My kids went off to school, my oldest started Jr High too! I’m dreaming of beautifying my home, although I doubt I’ll have much time because of my 2 little girls still at home. A kit would sure help! Love your fabrics as always!

  351. Kim | 24th Aug 10

    As we wind down the last few days of summer, I am busy getting my boys off to school. I am also dreaming of a re-decorating project for my flex room. Our flex room is also the reading, tv, video, game and sometimes craft room. I love the colors in your line, and would like to use those colors. Hey….I could call it the Fig Room!

  352. Julie Knudsen | 24th Aug 10

    I am canning batches and batches of peaches. Some to give away at Christmas. I am teaching one of my daughters tonight how to can, and I am babysitting for the other while she picks today. I still have pears and applesauce! No wonder I never get any quilting done. Love the strikeoff’s, but I love EVERYTHING that is Fig Tree Quilts. I am dreaming that maybe hubby and I will get away long enough to be alone.

  353. Janice Rudgers | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are easing up on the garden work that I so enjoy during the warm season and getting back to quilting and using those beautiful flowers and colors as inspiration in my quilt blocks..

  354. Natalie Francis | 24th Aug 10

    Over here in AZ, we dream of summer finishing quickly as the cooler months are fast approaching. I dream of spending our days outdoors, hiking again & long walks at night. It will come, but not soon enough!

  355. Natalie Francis | 24th Aug 10

    I forwarded your newsletter email to my lovely sister who can’t get enough of your Fresh Cottons line. Thank you!

  356. Chris | 24th Aug 10

    Well, summer is over for me as I work at a college and am back to work but no complaints because I had the entire summer off. I am dreaming about the fun week we had at a friend’s camp with my DIL and adorable grandsons. Fun, fun, fun! Can’t wait until next summer.

  357. Karen Tuttle | 24th Aug 10

    I have been busy sewing back-to-school skirts for my granddaughters. Very cute too! They would look fantastic in some of the new fabrics!!! I’m enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face before the snow starts to blow again. I am doing some watercolor landscapes and starting to sculpt Santa faces for the Jolly Old Elf’s I hope to get finished. I am listening to birdsong, breathing the soft warm wind in my face and hair, getting ready to enjoy my favorite football team (Go Broncos of Boise State) and enjoy the everyday wonder of life! I love your fabrics and patterns (I own more than my share) as they give me a feeling of joyful peace, serenity in pattern, and a smile on my face. Thank you for bringing extra beauty to life for all of us. You have been blessed with a wonder talent and better still, it looks like really great kids!!! K. Tuttle

  358. Barbara J Mcgowen | 24th Aug 10

    I’m so looking forward for the Fresh Cottons yardage.
    Love the blended colors and designs. Every line you produce goes together so well.

  359. Jeanne S | 24th Aug 10

    I love your fabrics and le fig. My last days of summer include weeding and checking cows, because we start having calves in late August.

  360. JAN RUTHERFORD | 24th Aug 10

    What a wonderful summer it has been. These last days I’ll be relaxing with my 1yr. old grandbaby and also going to the fair. As always I’m so inspired by your patterns and fabrics. Thanks for the give away and free patterns. You Rock!

  361. Colette Lee | 24th Aug 10

    The kids are off to school and that makes me sad! Love when they are home because these times fly way too fast! The silver lining is the fabric and quilt I have started is calling me!!! I love all of your fabric!
    We had a wonderful summer at the lake and your picture of canoes brings back great memories! I’m daydreaming of being on the lake in our canoe at Thanksgiving! The water is so calm and the leaves are turning to gold! Beautiful!!

  362. Barb | 24th Aug 10

    So wishing the summer heat would end here in Texas. So excited about all things Fig!

  363. Barbara | 24th Aug 10

    The last days of summer will be spent recovering from our son’s wedding last Saturday; picking the last of the figs; packing to go to the ocean for Labor Day weekend; and planning our itinerary for a trip to France in late September. In the meantime I will work on projects set aside when the wedding events began to get hectic.

  364. Barb | 24th Aug 10

    I forwarded the email to a friend. Thanks for two chances to enter your giveaway.

  365. sy | 24th Aug 10

    i’m daydreaming of going to the water park πŸ˜€ thanks for the giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  366. janita | 24th Aug 10

    love what you do. My advice for the Sweet little office helper….KEEP HER! Love Smiling faces πŸ™‚ I have a blog…
    though the posting eludes me I’ve set some goals to work on that ;0) Hard to teach a grandma new tricks! If I am on the computer than how do I sew and do miss momma tasks and if I sew and do miss momma tasks how do i get time on the computer??? HUM.

    But one thing I do have is You on my Blog list on my Blog!!!YEAH Thanks for the sweet giveaway and a chance to win!

    Thanks for your beautiful fabric in this place and time Love it all …. it’s Heaven on Earth!

  367. Edie | 24th Aug 10

    The last days have not come for me. Sunny Florida is HOT! I am still quilting – thank goodness for air conditioning. My boys are all grown up and out of the house so school supplies are a thing of the past. Now it is just sewing supplies and fabric, fabric and more fabric! Love the Fig Tree line! Can’t wait for the next one to hit the stores!

  368. Donna M Johnson | 24th Aug 10

    As summer ends I begin to daydream of fall projects and new things to do in the winter. Always more projects than time! Anticipating your Fresh Cottons line was definitely worth it and that is why I find myself anticipating what’s coming next. Ah, to continue the daydreaming…….

  369. Yfarraway | 24th Aug 10

    These are the last days of summer. I am getting ready for our grandchildren to go back to school. I babysit them during the school year, & this year my little grandaughter wants to learn to sew! How fun is this going to be!? I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you pick my name! Yvonne.

  370. Joan B | 24th Aug 10

    I’m trying to get three grandkids ready for school! I’ve had a great summer doing lots of sewing. I just finished the 2010 Fig Tree Club Summer Criss-Cross Throw which is at the quilter right now, just received the Whimsey Fresh quilt in the mail, and have another quilt at my quilter also. As soon as the kids are back in school I’ll be starting a couple of new projects. I love all your fabrics and would love to win some. Thanks for the opportunity.

  371. Kathi Miller | 24th Aug 10

    Late summer/early fall are my favorite time of the year. When I was a child (a long time ago!), we called this Indian Summer. As the days get shorter again, I don’t feel as guilty about spending more time at my sewing machine. Looking forward to your new fabric line. Each one is a “must-have”. Your fabrics and patterns have a special section in my sewing room. Yes, it’s that bad!

  372. | 24th Aug 10

    Ahhh, the last days of summer… That wonderful scent of new crayons. Gets me in the mood to create something. Sew something. Ah, the fig!

  373. ina | 24th Aug 10

    I’m spending my last days of summer working on a signature quilt from a baby shower, Christmas sewing, and one quilt for myself! Always juggling 4 or 5 projects at one time… ;0

  374. Lani Ichikawa Ennis | 24th Aug 10

    Love all of your fabrics and patterns!! Thanks for having this give away. How much fun!!

  375. Annette | 24th Aug 10

    Our summer was great but it was extra hot so I’m dreaming of cooler weather. And we are getting it…you can feel the change in the air already.

  376. Ruthann Smith | 24th Aug 10

    I am spending the last days of summer with my daughter in Germany where she is expecting her first child and my first Grandchild. They know it is a little girl and I’m so thrilled to be here with her and her husband. I love the figs! I am looking forward to November and your workshop in West Linn, Oregon.


  377. Maja | 24th Aug 10

    Today is the perfect sneak peek and promise of a Virginia fall: 68 and overcast, it’s wonderful! This time of year is one of my favorite: the promise of cooler weather, the anticipation of a new school year with new-smelling school supplies and uniforms… All filled with the promise of new beginnings, of new sports or activities to try out, new teachers and classes with none of the actual hectic shuttling of people and grievances of lengthy homework. The excitement of a new routine without the feeling of ‘daily grind’ settled in yet. The promise of getting back on track with the household and not yet feeling the sting of to-do’s. The last suitcases aren’t yet unpacked but in my mind I’m getting into new projects, plans are taking hold. The joy of reclaiming my house for myself is bittersweet because soon I’ll be missing the easy mornings and unscheduled days and my kids. That’s what I’m dreaming about.

    Thank you for making beautiful things for all to enjoy!

  378. Thelma | 24th Aug 10

    I have had little time for sewing this summer, I’m hoping to spend these last few weeks in my sewing room! I need to finish up a quilt for my father-in-laws 90th birthday which is this fall.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  379. Miche'le | 24th Aug 10

    WOW, I have only just got my hands on my first (of many I hope) Fig Tree layer cake – I’m so excited and now need to find a pattern for it, that is unless I win another *wink*. I just love your fabrics, and thank you for the chance to be in the draw.
    hugs – Miche’le in NZ

  380. janita | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of a quilt made out of fig tree fabrics using the trip around the world pattern because i think I might love it. And now that summer is coming to a close I’m dreaming that my husband will soon be employed again. It’s been 2 long years. Cutting corners hinders buying fabric for the reason… “I”m buying this just because it’s beautiful and I love it”. So, now I’m Working harder to finish up projects already started. Let’s just say that is the Bright side of the story! Thanks for a chance to win something beautiful! Beaucoup Blessing to your day!

  381. Sue | 24th Aug 10

    I too am wondering where summer went. I had the best of intentions-clean out those cabinets, closets, and drawers. And, I did start off trying to get caught up on all my UFOs. (I really did get one or two done.) But then somehow summer started slipping away and it was time to help get the grandkids ready for school. But before the last of summer was gone, we took off to Colorado to enjoy a few more cool Colorado days and nights.

    I would love to win. Your fabric is gorgeous!

  382. Nicki Lundeen | 24th Aug 10

    Our kids started back to school August 8…so my summer, more or less, ended then. I have spent the last bit of summer school clothes shopping(and since mine are in middle school and high school they want whats “IN”), buying school supplies and finishing and starting a quilt.

  383. Donna | 24th Aug 10

    I’m spending the last days of summer getting one organized for university and the other organized for college. My house is going to be so quiet come September! (one bonus however – more time for sewing!)

  384. Sue | 24th Aug 10

    Daydreams – of being on a beach, of having several days to sew free of any interruptions, of . . . Love your fabric lines and love that fig! I’m ordering a kit right now, have to make one for my friend who let me pick and eat a few figs from her backyard fig tree, and they were warm from the sun and juicy and amazing! Thanks for having this give away, you’re the best.

  385. Beverly | 24th Aug 10

    On these last days of summer I am thinking about goals for my piano students. A few are new so I have high hopes for the excitment they bring to the lessons. My group of students have not been firmed up yet so I hope I will have a good group this year. A former student will get a piano themed quilt soon. Will she ever be surprised!!

  386. Marianne | 24th Aug 10

    My son is getting married next month. I am busy with the wedding plans.
    I am dreaming of sewing time after the wedding and until then, I have to be content with scanning my quilting magazines!

  387. Sarah Bisel | 24th Aug 10

    Look at that beautiful little girl. She’s adorable.

    Thanks for the giveaway. And….yes, you are on my blogroll.

  388. Sivje | 24th Aug 10

    My youngest already started 1st grade last week, so I guess that summer is kind of over for us.
    But what I am doing, is gorging myself on the brilliant vine ripened tomatoes from our garden. I can’t seem to get enough of them. No other food will suffice right now, so we are enjoying them to their fullest.

    What I am dreaming of is a possible new place to live in Sonoma County. We may be moving back to my favorite place in the world and I am so excited!

    And I have to admit to also dreaming of winning the prize package! Oh please!!


  389. carol | 24th Aug 10

    My end of summer is putting six courses online to start teaching August 23. Last week was all inservice activities from 8:30 to 4 p.m.

    I could really use a “refresher”

  390. LaurieC | 24th Aug 10

    Last days of summer are when we most enjoy sailing – and with no children going back to school (other than a daughter who is a teacher!), we can extend the time into September. But…I am also looking forward to the crisp fall weather – and more time to sew!

  391. | 24th Aug 10

    I have been in in-service meetings all lasst week; loaded six courses for online this week and am now TEACHING.

    I could really use a refresher moment.

  392. amanda | 24th Aug 10

    We have one family reunion left and then, hopefully, it will be time for a quiet peaceful fall!

  393. Michelle | 24th Aug 10

    Oh, I love your fabrics!They’re so fresh – I just want to ditch work and sew!

  394. | 24th Aug 10

    End of summer is all about teaching. Inservice and uploading to set up six online courses. TEACHING

  395. Sharon Parker | 24th Aug 10

    In my last summer days…I’m thinking how I need to complete another one of my Fig Tree Quilt Kits. I just finished Whimy Diamond Table Runner and can’t wait to begin your Blooming Meadow Quilt! Always love your instructions…they are so easy! Love your fig and keep up all your lovely work. Would love the chance to win Fresh Cottons or anything you have to offer. Can’t wait for the fall and brisk cool weather!

  396. liz grundvig | 24th Aug 10

    These last scrumptious days of summer I’ll still be riding my newly painted 1960 Schwinn Tiger around the blocks, diving into the sparkling pool (sometimes backwards), and lollygagging. Lots of lollygagging! πŸ™‚

  397. Vicki J Papin | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are spent still enjoying my beautiful garden of sunflowers, morning glory, and of course blackeyed susans……….sitting in the backyard every chance i get.

  398. Marcia W. | 24th Aug 10

    Wonderful giveaway! My last days of summer were spent preparing for afterschool daycare for my grandniece. She just started kindergarten and is squealing gleefully right now eating her macaroni. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  399. Pam A | 24th Aug 10

    Oh what a great give away! My last days of summer are spent dreaming of cooler weather, and making a fast quilt for a wedding gift.

  400. Jen in NY | 24th Aug 10

    I am enjoying the last 2 weeks of summer vacation with my kids…entering two vegetable competitions in the NY State fair…and dreaming of autumn, my favorite season of the year!

  401. Jen in NY | 24th Aug 10

    I am enjoying the last 2 weeks of summer vacation with my kids…entering two vegetable competitions in the NY State fair…and dreaming of autumn, my favorite season of the year!

  402. liz grundvig | 24th Aug 10

    Oh! You already are on my blog roll, and now I’ve posted a bit about your giveaway! Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  403. | 24th Aug 10

    Love your fabrics and postings – it’s nice to hear what you and your family are doing or the places you have visited.

    I’m thinking about the wonderful fall weather coming up – my favorite time of year! It’s way too hot for me right now(over 100 degrees). Last weekend we went to pick blackberries and I made some great jam. We are hoping to do this one more time before the blackberries are gone.

    Thank you for a chance to win!

  404. ellen | 24th Aug 10

    Summers are hotter with more than the usual humidity here. I am daydreaming of snowmen! P.S. I love your blog and love your fabric designs. I also enjoyed your vacation via photos–that’s my kind of daydreaming!

  405. Diane | 24th Aug 10

    As always at this time of year, I’m getting my quilts ready to enter in our county fair — always a fun time. I enjoy your blog very much — and your fabrics are fantastic. Looking forward to what’s coming!

  406. Vicky | 24th Aug 10

    I’m working at the end of summer, but daydreaming about my trip home where people talk “right” next month! Thanks for a fabulous give-away! I’m hoping I win because a gal can never have enough Fig Tree!

  407. Robin (rsislandcrafts) | 24th Aug 10

    I’m having shoulder surgery on Monday so my last bit of summer is being spent doing chores. Cleaning the house, getting the freezer stocked with easy dinner ideas. I also plan to clean and organize the sewing area afterwards. If I can’t sew at least I can play with some gorgeous fabrics πŸ™‚

  408. Lynn D in NC | 24th Aug 10

    We’re doing a last of summer Labor Day weekend at Cape SanBlas with DS, DIL, and GKs.

    I’d love to win this little giveaway. Granddaughter is asking for a new quilt and these fabrics would be perfect for her.

  409. Brenda | 24th Aug 10

    The rest of summer for me is finishing up a quilt I am making with some Allspice Tapestry fabric I was saving. My 3 girls headed back to school last week, so I now have some extra time.
    I love, love, love the fig!

    Hope you enjoy the last days of summer.

  410. Christina Childress | 24th Aug 10

    As my husband and I have had a heck of a year,following his lay off, My mind,body and soul seem to be somewhere way up in the mountains in a little old house with a wrap around porch. Invisable to the world and the only things that matter in life are simplicities such my children picking pretty yellow daisy’s overlooking a world the way it should be:))

  411. sandy w | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer included trying to can the last of the garden yeilds, and relishing the cool breeze that has returned. Turning my face into it and smiling. How nice! I am forwarded this to my friend Jane. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win some really nice gifts.

  412. Sigrid Wilcox | 24th Aug 10

    Summer here in AZ is going to last a little longer although my 3 year old went back to preschool almost 3 weeks ago. We’re taking our summer vacation in CA at end of September then going back to the UK to visit our families for Christmas. Can’t wait.

  413. Carolyn | 24th Aug 10

    Just enjoy the show… Life is a maze we get to travel, so just lose yourself in the perfection of the moment. Sweet figs, gentle waters, beautiful sunsets, fabrics to adorn bring but one thing to mind…oh, la la! Count me in on this terrific giveaway. See you in Minneapolis?

  414. Kathryn | 24th Aug 10

    I am drawing some new craft ideas as fast as I can in my little memo pad while the girls are napping to keep me busy this fall… as if two little ones don’t keep me busy enough!! I can’t wait to see the new patterns, etc… Yay for giveaways!!!

  415. donna | 24th Aug 10

    The colors look perfect for my bedroom and am looking forward to a new project with this line.
    Last days of summer… just finished helping my son select a ring for his lovely girlfriend. i remember his first day of school.Time flies by fast. Guess i will be making a wedding quilt this winter.
    A mantee just gave birth just by our dock. There areoo many calves i cannot count them all. I have been on dock most of the day in awe of the cute little ones with their adorable snouts popping out of the water.
    Being in Florida I am looking forward to the fall and cooler weather with no hurricanes coming our way.

  416. Sharrieboberry | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of cooler weather and being able to work in the fall garden. Here in Texas, we have spring, and then in summer, everything just barely hangs on, and then another blush of blooming and color in the fall. Yes, fall–come quickly!

  417. Bonny Smelser | 24th Aug 10

    Actually I cannot believe we will be into fall. But will be happy- love the cooler weather, beautiful colors and new projects to start!!
    I must add your adorable daughter looks like you!!:)
    looking forward to your new fabric!

  418. Fabraholic | 24th Aug 10

    Lucky us, we have still one week of summer and the sun is shining. As I don’t want to think of the end of summer I’m planning a 5 week trip to the sun in November and December whenever I have time. I’ve got to prepare my birthday party in a couple of days and I’m thinking of strawberry cakes and icecream. You see, we have still summer…

  419. Jean C. | 24th Aug 10

    On one of the last Fridays of Summer we took our little grandson up to our Church Camp out! It was fun having him be sooo curious over every little thing. Seeing him just playing with a flashlight and feeling like WoW this is sooo cool! He is almost 5… and lets just say, he’s good at it! He is a big brother and it was good for him to get a way from little sis and little brother for a while. Sleeping in the tent looking at the stars, learning how to play Bocci were all fun things we did with our little guy. Makes me appreciate the fact that Summer is a special time, and spending it with family makes it even more special.

  420. Katarina Johansson | 24th Aug 10

    On top of already being burnt out, this summer I had to take care of all kids myself since their father had a reaction to antibiotics and his brain swell and he was hospitalized.So it has been a worrisome and stressy summer.Workcamp. Now he is recovering slowly and everything is looking brighter.:) What I am looking forward to is an autumn of relaxation and getting back to “normal” again. I love fabrics, colours and shapes, always gives me inspiration to make something. Your textiles look lovely, would be a pleasuer to make something out of them! Kind regards, Katarina

  421. Suzanne | 24th Aug 10

    For the remaining days of summer I intend to dream about what I’m going to be sewing once the kids are back in school πŸ™‚

    As always and forever loving your fabrics. The fig has me speachless.

  422. Marcia W. | 24th Aug 10

    I follow Joanna! mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  423. Fran Noyes | 24th Aug 10

    Hi Joanna,

    Our county fair here in MD just ended and I thought you might like to know that I had made your Dandelion Girl quilt and entered it – I got a 1st prize! I fell in love with those fabrics. I’m actually looking forward to Fall and the cool quilting weather! This giveaway sounds great – I will continue to follow you —

  424. Mjsta2001 | 24th Aug 10

    I’m still daydreaming that I cleaned up my fabric stash this summer — funny how that never seemed to even get started. – Can’t wait to see the new line of fabric. Best Wishes for the new school year!

  425. Eileen R | 24th Aug 10

    Luscious fabrics in that peek!
    This end of summer may be my favorite ever, because we’re expecting our first grandchild at the end of September! So I’m doing some sewing & other crafts, but in one part of my mind, I’m always day dreaming about the sweet little someone who’s coming into our lives very soon!

  426. Laura Barnes | 24th Aug 10

    These last days of summer I’m thinking about last spring’s milestone of our last child graduating from college and thus completing the cycle for good of the annual “back to school” show that began some 25 years ago with my oldest daughter, middle son and now youngest son. A bit melancholy but all a part of life. In the meantime I am enjoying listening to the cicadas sing while work on baby quilts for my nephew and his wife who are expecting twins.

  427. Rose M | 24th Aug 10

    I am really not a summer person,too hot for me, but I get to spend time with my 9 year old grandson and that is a good thing. Can’t wait for fall and winter to get back into quilting, have two big quilts waiting.

  428. Dee | 24th Aug 10

    Being the first day of college for many students and me working with them, I enjoy reading your blog immensely.
    I can escape to blissland and dream of making everything. Summer just went by too fast.

  429. Bonnie Novak | 24th Aug 10

    I know its late in the summer but I got married on Aug 26, 1978 when I knew the weather here in the Northeast would b beautiful…so i always take that week off from work..I get the best from fruits and veggies and make easy suppers and spend my days relaxing and sewing with your beautiful fabrics..They just go with everything. Your new fabric line looks wonderful and I cant wait to start creating. Thanks for the inspiration.

  430. Alicia | 24th Aug 10

    Just last week a customer of ours brought in a REAL FIG! It was Delicious! Love the new fabric and would love to win!

  431. Carla | 24th Aug 10

    Summer was so hot this year. Looking forward to the cooler days of Fall. My youngest child started college this year; I guess that makes me old. My quilting friends and I are meeting once a week to get some serious sewing time in. Lots of projects to make by Christma. Love Fresh Cotton and can’t wait to see the new line. Thanks for having the giveaway

  432. Karen | 24th Aug 10

    I am tired of the oppressive summer heat and humidity and can’t wait for that nip of fall in the air.I am already making deadlines for myself to finish quilts for Christmas gifts, dreaming of the perfect Christmas quilt while doing something for Fall too! There are great arts and crafts shows to take in! It means making time for College football (Go SEC!), tailgating with friends, and taking along a quilt to keep warm on the cold days. Lastly, I’m looking forward to curling up in front of the fireplace with some handwork to do! Yippee! I love the days of Indian Summer.

  433. Karen Grabowski | 24th Aug 10

    Daydreaming about fall being around the corner because, here in Pittsburgh, it is feeling a little cool at 72 degrees after so many hot days this summer. My daughters have 3 days left of summer. (not counting weekend!) At age 6 & 7, they loved “Nanny McPhee Returns” today. And I guess we’ll be hitting the pottery painting place because I’ve promised all summer we would go there and they have not forgotten! Little elephants!

    Karen G.

  434. Nicole | 24th Aug 10

    The end of summer is sad. We all had so much this year, bubble, side walk chalk, swimming. I wish there was more time to swim with the kids. The little we did was so much fun and I long for more. Winter swimming indoors is not the same.

  435. Brae | 24th Aug 10

    Living in the southwest, the last few days of summer mean it’s our rainy season. I love the cloudy, drizzly days that are so infrequent here. Thanks for the chance to win. I really love your fabrics!!

  436. Judy Sullivan | 24th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about my trip with three other ladies from my church to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. I had never seen sea roses!They were on York Beach in Maine. Beautiful!

  437. Michele | 24th Aug 10

    ooooohhhhhh what a fun giveaway! honestly I’m dreaming of when summer is over…here in the south I am so very tired of the heat and humidity. Hurry fall!

  438. Barb Dawson | 24th Aug 10

    Let’s see…Planning a family Labor Day “get together” & looking forward to SNOW DAYS! (I’m in education & a SNOW DAY means extra time for sewing! YAY!)

  439. Amy | 24th Aug 10

    I am daydreaming about my upcoming anniversary/conference trip to San Francisco with my awesome husband…without kids!

  440. Jane | 24th Aug 10

    We are just to embark on Spring in the southern hemisphere and it is time to make beautiful quilts from FRESH new cotton fabrics. I love all your fabrics and cannot wait until they are released. I am excited about the giveaway and have been day dreaming about making a quilt that I can drape over the wicker chairs in the garden amongst the grevillia and gardenias.

  441. Belinda B | 24th Aug 10

    The little fig leaf is seriously cute! Down under we are still dealing with frosts, rain and mud! So hearing about canoes and lazing in the sun is very warming!

  442. Janet | 24th Aug 10

    I’m busily scurring around doing all kinds of projects I should have done earlier in the summer….and I love, love, love le fig!

  443. Ann | 24th Aug 10

    What a wonderful summer this has been! Newly retired (loving it) and missing the days when my children were young and going off to school each year. The grandchildren aren’t quite old enough yet for school either. So my days now are dreams come true – I have much more time for quilting.

  444. Jan Richards | 24th Aug 10

    I love your designs. Thinking of the end of summer, I am busily sewing some new clothes for the two youngest
    grandgirls to wear back to preschool. They are 4 and 5
    years old and still love the fun fabrics and designs.
    Actually, the almost 9 year old grandgirl is requesting a dress made from Lila Tueller’s new designs. Thanks for a chance to win some of your beautiful Fresh Cottons and other goodies.

  445. betsy | 24th Aug 10

    Thank you for the chance to win this great prize. Well since I am a teacher our last days of summer are being spent in a classroom. I do hope to go kayacking this weekend if the weather permits.

  446. Patty D from NC | 24th Aug 10

    Great giveaway… last days of summer I am trying to get in as much pool time as possible!

  447. Jan Richards | 24th Aug 10

    Also am on your blogroll feed and love hearing about this contest there.

  448. Carol Broughton | 24th Aug 10

    Here in Florida I am dreaming of temps that will dip below 90 degrees, even better, being able to shut off the AC and open the windows for a cool breeze! Dreaming about starting a new quilting project!

  449. Penny | 24th Aug 10

    I really enjoy your fabrics and can’t wait to see the new group.
    Our grandkids are back in school already and the rest of the family is trying to get ready for the fair later this week — and finish harvesting. August is really a wild time around here, but there never is a dull moment this way!

  450. Marianne Karp | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are very special this year. Iam getting ready for a trip to Italy. I leave on Sept. 10th for 17 days. I am dreaming about the harvest and the golden hues of Sept. in Tuscany. A perfect place to fantasize about Buttercream and Figs. I wish that I could take you all along.

  451. Dortha C | 24th Aug 10

    I am just wishing for cooler weather. It has been so hot here in Alabama this summer. Love the idea of a giveaway and winning fabric, patterns or a kit. Thank you so much.

  452. KatieQ | 24th Aug 10

    My “baby” is getting ready to leave for her senior year of college. I will be driving her to all of her yearly doctor exams (eyes, dentist, annual physical, etc) she has scheduled before she leaves and her road test (she doesn’t like to drive so she keeps putting it off). I’ll need a new project to keep myself occupied once she leaves.

  453. Dewana Bobo | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer, getting into school myself hoping that in the next two years, I can still do a bit of quilting between papers and clinicals!

  454. PaisleyPam | 24th Aug 10

    I’ll be doing a little canning, working, washing windows and hopefully going to the Minnesota State Fair!

  455. Katie | 24th Aug 10

    What an amazing giveaway!

    While the summer has been fun, I’m daydreaming of autumn leaves, hoodies, football, cooler weather for running & sitting around the fire pit on the back patio on a cool autumn evening.

  456. Shirley Barnhart | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have been filled with a malfunctioning hot water heater that flooded our basement. We have spent the last two days getting the water drained, the basement dried out, all the damaged boxes emptied, sorted and trashed or hauled off to Goodwill. Now we can face fall knowing that a job we have been putting off for a couple of years is now completed. AND looking forward to a new grandbaby due in 8 weeks. I have been sewing like crazy on baby quilts, booties, and sleeping buntings. I look forward to fall with a joy filled heart.

  457. Janice Porter | 24th Aug 10

    School is already in full swing here and I’m having fun with Jr. Highers! Love your blog!

  458. Louise | 24th Aug 10

    Hi, and thank you for the lovely giveaway offer. I’m planning on ending our summer here in No.California with a trip up to the Sierras with my husband. We’ve invited a couple of my sewing buddies to come up and join us over the weekend. We all like to get together and have a “sewfest”, it’s so much fun, and we get to gab and see what each other is working on. I do so love your fabrics, I’ve made the large purse for myself, and one for my sister, using your pattern. Always get such lovely compliments on the fabric choices! Love your line of fabrics, and the colors are just awesome.

  459. Kim | 24th Aug 10

    With our last days of summer, my husband and I are finding the all of the fireworks dislays within a 100 or so mile radius and making sure it goes out with a bang! Baseball games, Longwood Gardens, where ever!

  460. Andrea | 24th Aug 10

    I have so much enjoyed Reading all the above comments – seems the simple things in life are mainly what we enjoy most. I am looking forward to the dark nights drawing in and lovely warming comfort food. Also dropping off to sleep at night, cuddled under a warm quilt and listening to the rain on the windowpanes. Would love to be entered into your kind giveaway – your fabrics are gorgeous xx

  461. jill redding | 24th Aug 10

    I am getting my kids off to work, college and junior high one of each so they all have different needs. Scrambling to get the summer reading project done while they are trying to fit is as much social time as they can! It would be a great boost to win a prize!

  462. Agnes "Pat" Linville | 24th Aug 10

    My dream is to finish this endless renovations and sell this house and buy a house that has room for a studio where I can finish my Ufos. All my “Stuff” is shoved out of the way of construction and my projects are just waiting till this is done which should be soon. Agnes “Pat”

  463. carol lewin | 24th Aug 10

    I am day dreaming about finishing my jelly roll baskets quilt and starting another fig tree projecy. Thanks for the give away.

  464. Jenny W | 24th Aug 10

    Beautiful patterns and fabric! My last few days of summer are filled with quilts and pickles! Trying to preserve all the summer bounty while keeping a relaxing balance of hand applique. (My summer is actually over already with the school year starting last week, but let’s pretend with this giveaway!) Thanks so much for the chance! I would use it well :o)

  465. Barb | 24th Aug 10

    I’m getting started on some small handmade projects that I’m going to give to friends and family this Christmas.

  466. | 24th Aug 10

    Well, at the risk of being called old fashioned I am canning the fruit in my garden and what my neighbors share too. I always make time for sewing projects though. I just finished dresses for 6 of my grand daughters.

  467. | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are getting football gear ready for my son’s football games, making cheer bows for my cheerleader and getting my hand applique ready (Creme Fraiche) for all the road trips. This is my favorite time of year!! What a great give-away!

  468. Debbie Bauer | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of our final get away for the summer.Next week my husband are heading up north(saskatchewan) for a fishing trip.It should be very quiet and peaceful as most people are finished their holidays.We plan on resting,reading,fishing and dreaming.Debbie

  469. Sandy | 24th Aug 10

    I always love your fabrics so my delight in the new line is no surprise, but they are yummy!
    I’m retired after 30 years in education, but this time of year is still when my brain gets to thinking of new beginnings. So even though every day is Saturday for me, I know when school starts and I’m getting ready to start new projects. Pumpkins and schoolhouse blocks, I think.

  470. Betty | 24th Aug 10

    My project is your bella bag pattern that is all cut out and ready to sew. I love your fabrics and colors, all so pretty and fresh.

  471. Lynn Wingard | 24th Aug 10

    My little ones are all grown with nearly grown kids of their own, except the tag-along grandson who is nearly one, but I remember the “getting ready for school” days. I’m dreaming of the cruise hubby and I are taking and the project or two of hand work that will go along with us. Also in the back of my mind is a feminine Quilt of Valor and these fabrics would make it a very proud quilt. Lynn

  472. | 24th Aug 10

    I am sitting here dreaming of the baby quilt I will be starting for my first grandchild due in October. My baby started the 10th grade today and he has informed me that this was the last summer of his true childhood. How sad to think that my babies are all growing up. His big brother is off to college next week and I think that calls for a new quilt as well. I.m going to need to stop daydreaming and get started on all those quilts.

  473. Becky | 24th Aug 10

    LIke so many other moms here, my last days of summer have been spent getting one child set for another year of high school, and the other off to college. While not trying to wish the summer days away, I’ll admit my daydreams have been autumn-based — visions of “sugar pumpkins” and all the other “fabric goodness” coming up at the Creative Connection. Looking forward to your class very much! Thanks for the sneak peek at the new fabrics.

  474. ann reichert | 24th Aug 10

    I’m looking forward to finishing a halloween quilt and two fall weddings. Love the fig and I just bought one of your purse patterns today at Thimblecreek –my next project.

  475. traceyjay | 24th Aug 10

    Happy first day of school!

    We just got back from a little end of summer camping trip on the coast… my 16 month old did so great and loved it!

    I was a teacher before he came along — so I’m just enjoying not going back to work! πŸ™‚

    Beautiful fabrics. I’ve got a Breakfast at Tiffany’s layer cake waiting for me. πŸ™‚ Would love to add some of these goodies.

  476. Lynn S | 24th Aug 10

    I am waiting for summer to end so we can turn off the air conditioner and use the money for quilt fabric and maybe some new books. I love the new fabrics they are just yummy.

  477. Carol J. | 24th Aug 10

    I think that fall brings lots of time to make a new quilt! Any of your fabrics will be super.

  478. Phyllis | 24th Aug 10

    Oh my gosh. I would love to win your giveaway. My last days of summer are being spent by dreaming about our trip to a country fair in Ohio. Hopefully it will be cooler there. Here in the midwest it has been hot, hot, hot. Can’t wait to see the new fall group.

  479. Cara | 24th Aug 10

    Cute littel helper! :o)
    Oh the last days of summer….gone to fast but we spent them swimming and enjoying the last days of free time! The kidlets are off to school tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for your giveaway and I love the strike offs sneak of your new line! Can’t wait!

  480. Lauren | 24th Aug 10

    Hmmm. Last days of summer. Hoping to finally get around to my “Spring Cleaning and Purging” just in time for Fall . . . if it ever arrives! Love what you’ve shown us so far and would love to win it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  481. Denise Handy | 24th Aug 10

    I’m day dreaming about my children & grandson who live in Switzerland (where I resided for 28 yrs but now live in Bend, OR) and how I would love to spend more time with them. I did visit them in May for 3 weeks but it’s never long enough. The last time my daughter came for a visit, we made a quilt together with your fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  482. Diane | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer include making some fig preserves and now I’m finishing up the pear relish and preserves. I really like your cute little fig. Love your giveaway and wouldn’t mind having it to get me back into the swing of quilting after the last 24 days of over 100 degree heat.

  483. Monika Griffin | 24th Aug 10

    Here in Australia, I am dreaming of some warm weather so I can sit outside and finish of some binding of quilts. Love your blog and fabrics AND patterns. Would love to win something and add to my stash.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  484. | 24th Aug 10

    I am still trying to get the last of my canning done. Come Monday morning I am going to my daughter’s for a couple of days. And then hopefully I can begin sewing again.

  485. Rhonda Gerbaz | 24th Aug 10

    Daydreaming of finishing just one more quilt! And swimming in a pool of fabric!
    The new line looks fabulous!

  486. Sondra | 24th Aug 10

    I’m enjoying my last days of summer because not only do my little darlings start school but also because I’m heading back out in to the workforce and this is my last summer off for awhile… *sigh*… but I’m enjoying my last few free days with quilting, day trips with the kids and anything else that sounds totally fabulous.. (that might include a little fabric shopping too!) Thanks for your fabulous give away, you have no idea how much I love everything you make!! You’re seriously fabulous!!

  487. Sondra | 24th Aug 10

    oh… and I forwarded your fabulous newsletter to a fabulous friend of mine who I think would just love to subscribe… she’s a fig tree lover aswell! Who knows… I think I might just start a following for you and your fabulousness!! Cheers!!

  488. Ruth Wright | 24th Aug 10

    Longing for the weather to start to cool off, cannot wait for fall and winter……..Leaving the best of summer to the last, a family reunion in San Diego with everyone (except my Dad who passed away 2 years ago). Happy times and the making of wonderful memories. Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway. Love surprises especially if they are fig tree related!! Ruth Wright πŸ™‚

  489. Nancy Woods | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are especially exciting and a little sad with my youngest grand-daughter just starting kindergarten. She thinks she is sooooo big now and doesn’t even want her mommy to be waiting for the school bus in the afternoons.

    How wonderful … I love a Giveaway! Especially when the prizes are some of your fabrics and patterns. I have already made a couple of quilts using your wonderful Dandelion Girl fabrics and of course I had to use your Madeline pattern on another one … simply beautiful!

  490. Nancy Woods | 24th Aug 10

    I forgot to mention that I added this blog to my blogroll. I’m so happy to be able to do that!

  491. Sandy Allen | 24th Aug 10

    Great give away! Thanks for the chance to win some fun! Last days of summer here are being spent behind a desk at work and daydreaming of a vacation somewhere with beautiful beaches and sunsets…not that I’ll get there any time soon! πŸ™‚

  492. LeAnn Frobom | 24th Aug 10

    Love the fabric!! My last days of summer will be spent taking 3 grandsons to the zoo, and driving to CO over Labor Day weekend to visit 4 more grandkids.

  493. Karen | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer??????? Hmmmm, I am daydreaming of having a home on a lake where I can sit on the porch, sip a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise while waves lap on the shore…..

  494. Linda | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of the cooler days of September! The heat has been brutal this summer but winning your giveaway would make up for all that suffering! Thanks for the sneak peak at your new line – I love it, as always!

  495. Bonnie Nyquist | 24th Aug 10

    i am getting ready to sew my quilts for Christmas! I am so in lovew ith the Snuggle fleece and Whimsy, I am making things from that line. I know I can use the Fresh Cotton line also. Just love your colorways! Wonderful and sweet giveaway. Thanks for thinking of us. Bonniesline at aol dot com

  496. Brenda | 24th Aug 10

    AAhh the end of summer. This morning it was 36 degrees while on my way to work (granted that was 6 in the am) but I love the fall and am looking forward to the wondeful fall colors and then once winter comes I will be wishing for summer again – Go figure !

    thanks for letting me enter your giveaway !!

  497. Karen | 24th Aug 10

    I follow your blog too!!!! Count me in on your giveaway!!!!!

  498. Sharon Martin | 24th Aug 10

    I am not the luckiest person at winning anything; maybe I will be lucky this time. Regardless, your site is fabulous. I have ordered those beautiful little girl dress patterns, hat patterns and some of those beautiful quilt fabrics that you showcase. Love the Fig.

  499. Jamie | 24th Aug 10

    Just finished the before school shopping on these last days of summer. Now, onto a good cleaning of the sewing room. (also, the rest of the house-Ugh!) Once there is some organization back in place I will start the latest Fig Tree Club project. I just love your fabrics! What a feast for the eyes – it is a joy to work with such lovely colors and designs. Hope I win your giveaway – thanks for offering it!! I am a huge fan.

  500. janan doster | 24th Aug 10

    As we say goodbye to Summer, welcome Fall! Your fabrics are wonderful Fall colors and so VINTAGE.
    Vintage peaches and browns! I can hardly wait to see the new collection!
    Janan Doster

  501. Beverly Lawler | 24th Aug 10

    Hi! Would love to win you giveaway!!! I am spending the last days of my summer trying to get some quilt projects finished and also dreaming about my first grandchild that will be born in January!!!
    Love the little fig! Thank you! Bev Lawler

  502. Pati | 24th Aug 10

    My summer is over! Thank God the last kid is back in school! She moped around all summer because she didn’t have anything to do!! At least with school she has plenty to do. Besides, the summers here are hot, hot, hot and I’m more than ready for Fall and Winter!!!! Bring it on!!!

  503. corinne | 24th Aug 10

    Having a hugh family campout, with famly coming from all over. I am blessed to have a beautiful family. I also, love your stuff that is why I read your blog. Your patterns are beautiful and the fabric is soft warm and wonderful. Thamk you

  504. Carol Yates | 24th Aug 10

    Love to win!! Love the fabric!

  505. Amy | 24th Aug 10

    My end of summer is wonderful – I just spent 2 weeks sewing and quilting with my 78 year old Mom. She just finished chemo for kidney cancer and is in remission. This is her 3rd bout with cancer. While undergoing chemo she quilted a Wizard of Oz quilt and has entered it in a quilt show in Gainesville, Florida. One of our sewing projects is an heirloom christening outfit to leave for one of my three nieces so they will have something to remember from their grandmother.
    Please enter my in the giveaway – I just love the fig pattern.

  506. Karen in Breezy Point | 24th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of sunny days and cool nights–seems we never have enough of those!

  507. Kelley Simmons | 24th Aug 10

    spending every possible minute outside, eating lobster, spending time at camp on the lake & soaking in the smells and sounds of summer….they are WAY too fleeting here in Maine!

  508. Ginny | 24th Aug 10

    The last days are awaited anxiously by my youngest, Rebekah who wants to get on with school!! I am totally daydreaming about being at the lake again, and wish it were a little closer!
    This summer, I visited the Quilt Shop in Mich. that carries Fig Tree fabric and wanted to see more of your beautiful fabric. I’m trying to figure out how what to make to take on my bike rides πŸ™‚

  509. Linda | 24th Aug 10

    Yeahhh giveaway… I would love to win some patterns and fabric!!!

  510. Joan G. | 24th Aug 10

    A giveaway? yippee! I am daydreaming about my new craft room and how it will look once I get it organized and hopefully I will be completing a lot of unfinished projects.

  511. Lisa | 24th Aug 10 granddaughter started kindergarden yesterday. She came by before school so I could see her in her cute little navy and white uniform. She said she thought she might cry a little bit, but didn’t want her teacher to see. She came back after school and everything went well. I spent the morning working on my Butterscotch Tart quilt that I started at Camp Watch-A-Patcher in July.

  512. patty | 24th Aug 10

    I’m spending the last days of summer going through my fabric stash, making cotton tops in darker colors and eating the last fresh watermelon of the season. I love summer and am not looking forward to seeing it end. The temperatures are supposed to drop into the 80’s this weekend. A sure sign that summer is wrapping up and preparing for a beautiful long fall.

  513. Aunt Ruby | 24th Aug 10

    Love your post today. I’m a retired teacher so the last days of summer make me think of the many, many school years that I started. The nerves, the fun, the two precious daughters, the shopping, the excitement, the pictures,–I can go on & on!!
    I loved it all!! Now, I try to stay really busy with outside work on these wonderful autumn days. I love hunting in my garden for the very last bites of veggies. Mowing the lawn is so good when it is winding down. I mow and I think of summer days when I was growing up and how great they were and how I miss my Mom & Dad who waited for me to get off the bus. We were farmers and they would be harvesting the last crops when school started. Now, I need to look forward to winter days and the quilts and needlework that I will enjoy!! Happy autumn and enjoy every school day with your childrn!

  514. Cynthia | 24th Aug 10

    I’m getting my oldest ready for another year of college and my youngest ready for another year of High School. Busy days!

    I’m dreaming that hopefully after both schools start, especially after oldest returns to college, that I have some more free time to work on my quilting and stitching. πŸ™‚


  515. Pam | 24th Aug 10

    Hi Like your Australian fan I am dreaming about the summer that we are about to enjoy…being two seasons behind or in front wich ever way you want to look at it…We have had a miserable winter and with the daffodils now peeping out we have the promise of better weather. Love your designs…both fabric and quilts….Tuck up warm for your coming winter and keep the lovely designs coming.

  516. Deb | 24th Aug 10

    We just returned tonight from a 10-day celebration of our 30th anniversary in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Canada was beautiful! And it was a perfect trip to end our hot summer here in VA.

  517. donna | 24th Aug 10

    can’t wait to get my hands on your new fabrics.

  518. donna | 24th Aug 10

    summer is over? it only just got warm in napa!

  519. robin | 24th Aug 10

    my last days of your summer (in mississippi summer doesn’t end until around october) i just finished a quilt and need to finish a bible cover for my brother’s birthday. then on to making baby girl things for my not yet born grand-daughter. then on to making christmas presents. all this while chasing my 4 year old son! life is so crazy. to win your fabric would be a bright spot in my day!!

  520. Erlene Slingsby | 24th Aug 10

    Summer is almost gone. A season to remember. Our
    baby son got married. Quilt top is to the quilter. The binding will come next. The school
    where I work has started. I am daydreaming of
    the canoe trips on our rivers where the cotton-
    woods will display their bright yellow leaves.
    The Fall season of my life with retirement
    dreams are just across the room. The sewing
    machine is set up and ready to roll. Oh, what
    fun it will be. Thank You for the fun of
    sharing with us. Erlene

  521. patty miller | 24th Aug 10

    As summer ends we made peach jam, today, and yes peaches from the tree in the garden. The jam is the color of amber and will make great Christmas gifts. Sadly, to say the g’babies are all in school this year, so I’ll have lots of time to sew, quilt and plan.

  522. maureen | 24th Aug 10

    I daydream of my true love coming home to me after being overseas (working). I am enjoying the last days
    of summer with my kids hanging by the pool and listening to the crickets at night.

  523. terry cortez | 24th Aug 10

    During these last days of summer I realize that I’ve made it thru another summer with many ufo’s still waiting to get done. (In January, I promised that I would complete a ufo each month – this lasted until about March when I began to slip.) I guess I can still dream. Got to get going on fall stuff and then Christmas is close behind. Love your fabrics and look forward to your quarterly flyer.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  524. Jodi | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are filled with baby quilts in whimsy fabric–many friends and family are having babies in the early fall!

  525. Kim P | 24th Aug 10

    I am spending my last days of summer at the NJ shore for 2 days, then back home to the reality of a baby shower, a birthday and my daughter’s wedding in October. I am making quilts for babies and newlyweds, a ‘man’s’ diaper bag for my son out of golf fabrics and all of the nursery accessories, curtains, a dust ruffle, pillows, a wall hanging & a quilt with owls an trees for the coming of my first grandchild. I am reading on the front porch swing with 4 dogs at my feet and listening to the birds, watching the butterflies and looking for the fawns in my woods who still have some spots.
    I am picking green beans, tomatoes and peppers from my garden.
    I relish the shorter days and cooler nights but will miss the slower pace of summer!

  526. Sherri Vieau | 24th Aug 10

    Buying school supplies was the best part of getting the kids ready for school. Nothing like new pencils and a new box of crayons. If life could only stay that simple. Its hard to hold on to that forever.

    Spending the last days of summer soaking up as much sun as possible. And the warmth…. Here is MN the winters are long and cold. But great weather for quilting!!!! I love the new fabrics!! I can hardly wait for the new patterns!!! Hurry I am dying to see them!!! Thanks for keeping us all inspired!!! We love FIg Tree!

  527. candy vickery | 24th Aug 10

    I am swimming in out towns outdoor pool everyday until they close!!!

  528. Donna | 24th Aug 10

    Summer is quite over here, 103 today and 105 tomorrow. The tomatoes are ripe, and sauces made and even some tried. They are so pretty dried, a shame to eat them. Have pulled out all my Fig Tree fabrics and beginning to think of a new quilt to remind me of summer once the cool weather comes. Have that wonderful runner pattern call Harvest Beauty by Robin Nuhn all done up in Fig Tree fabrics, perfect for the fall season. My last days of summer remind me that holidays soon will follow, and gifts need to be made for those special people.

  529. Deb | 24th Aug 10

    My babies are all grown up, but I remember well the anticipation of that first day of school, for them and me. Cherish the days you have with them, give them an extra special squeeze.
    Now my husband and I look forward to the Minnesota State Fair to end the summer and begin the fall.

  530. Dora, the quilter | 24th Aug 10

    My summer was over a couple of weeks ago when I headed back to my classroom. So I’ve already started dreaming of next summer when I’ll have more time for quilting and tinkering with sewing machines and am trying to fit as much of that into each day as I can (although sometimes it’s several days before I can get back to my sewing room).

  531. | 24th Aug 10

    Looking forward to one last weekend to get outside with family and friends because when winter hits I will be indoors sewing (my new favorite passion)like a mad woman, lol

  532. Heather | 24th Aug 10

    ACK! Over 500 comments! Well, first off, thanks for offering a giveaway! I know the chances are slim with so many entries, BUT, all you need is ONE entry to win! I am enjoying the last of summer by taking an applique class before winter sets in, finishing up with garden tending (potatoes, beets, and carrots went crazy this year), and enjoying at least one more trip to the mountains for enjoyable scenery and company with friends (the Rockies at Banff & Canmore that is).

  533. Beverly Schwark | 24th Aug 10

    after two years of fighting kidney cancer we are finally going to Bandon which is one of my favorite place on the Oregon coast. They have a neat quilt store and great seafood. I just love your fabrics and cool patterns!

  534. Kay Shakespear | 24th Aug 10

    Last week I had my three grand daughters for their last days of summer with me. We made doll dresses, a circle skirt for them for fall, hiked Bryce Canyon and swam a lot. It was soooo great to do a little school shopping with them. I didn’t realize how I missed those kind of things until we were in Old Navy and just the smell made me tingle with memories of shopping with their dad and aunts. Isn’t life so good. You just have to love family and being a mom/grandma. Take care.

  535. DEBBIE | 24th Aug 10


  536. Erica F | 24th Aug 10

    I absolutely love your fabrics. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  537. Erica F | 24th Aug 10

    I forwarded your email to my mom. She loves Fig Tree and your patterns! Great giveaway!

  538. Sharon | 24th Aug 10

    Here in Southwest Colorado the leaves will start to turn yellow & orange/red before we know it and the nights will get cooler and then cold. There are a lot of quilt shows in this area in September so much fun to go and look at what other guilds have made. Then soon we will have high mountain snow.Burr!!
    Loved your new fabric collection..wonderful!

  539. Bridget | 24th Aug 10

    I love your fabric, and gosh a giveaway, hope I am lucky!!…. and your patterns are the BEST!

  540. Betsy | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent putting my bedroom and closets back together after a new paint job and new carpet! Yay! I have big plans to complete a quilt for the bed. It is made from blocks my grandmother hand pieced before I was born. My job now is to add the border(s) and binding.

    Love those fig tree fabrics!

  541. Sally | 24th Aug 10

    We are so looking forward to Fall in Wine Country in California where we live. End of summer is not a melancholy time but rather a time for renewal. Of course in reality that means probably painting another room in the house! The chance to start a new quilt project also dances in the distance. The new fabrics are beautiful and thanks for the opportunity to preview. Wishing you all the best at Fall Market.

  542. Bridget | 24th Aug 10

    oh, I forgot to tell you what I have been doing>>>>>, well I started a new job, so unfortunately, less time to sew.. but still trying to finish up a quilt top for an Oct. quilt show coming up.. Didn’t get to go on vacation with family this year, so I really got into my gardening, the Italian sweet peppers, zuccini, and roma tomatoes look and taste so good. And my flowers did real well too. Day dreaming????? Getting away to the beach, and sewing for the afternoon, reading a good book with a glass of wine, watching the sunset while out on the beash.. My happy place, wish I was there!!!

  543. Debbie Hays | 24th Aug 10

    It’s that time of year when I begin thinking about the cute, bright, fun, clothes I have the privilege of making for the sweet girls that bless my life. I can’t wait!!

  544. Penny | 24th Aug 10

    Lucky you, just now saying good-bye to summer. I started back to teaching a week ago. So my says are filled with setting up routines, getting to know new faces and personalities and waiting for some me time on the weekend.

    I’ve also been picking figs–so the Le Fig kit would be perfect for me. Did you know that it takes almost as long to make fig jam as to make a “Le Fig”? What we won’t do for some summer flavers in the winter.

  545. Shanna | 24th Aug 10

    I have loved your fabrics and patterns from the beginning.Love Le Fig!There will be 31 of camping this last week of Aug.Fun!

  546. cathy j payne | 24th Aug 10

    heavy sigh its bittersweet to have my baby back to school this week…. I cant believe she’s in the 8th grade!!!!!! Seems as though it was just the last day of school just the other day. Time flys faster the older we get….Ive been hearing the geese flying overhead as they make their way south once again…a blink and the holidays will be here!!!!! The strikeoffs are awesome….thank you so much for the giveaway!!!! Hope to see you at PIQF soon. Thank you for all your great work!!! Nurse Payne πŸ™‚

  547. Jenan | 24th Aug 10

    Thanks for a chance to rec’v a gift from your giveaway!
    I love Summer, but I think I love Autumn even more! Warm weather, dramatic colors, feelings in soul…. so good!
    For those last few weeks of Summer I will need to get a few more outdoor projects done before the rain starts again.
    I have been a fan of your fabric line, and patterns, and now get a chance to meet you at your event in West Linn, Oregon in Nov. I am really looking forward it.

  548. | 24th Aug 10

    I am going to spend the last days of summer with my husband, friend and lover (one person!) spending the weekend at a B&B and taking a limo tour in wine country.
    Nancy M

  549. Lorraine | 24th Aug 10

    Well here down under I am dreaming of summer. Some signs of spring are around but it has yet to warm up a little. Love those figs and I do hope I can meet you in Houston – so looking forwad to that trip too πŸ™‚

  550. Sheila | 24th Aug 10

    Love your fabrics.
    I may be one of the few who are desperate for the horrible hot, humid days of summer to be over and the glorious cooler days of autumn to arrive. But it could be some time here in Sunny Spain!

  551. Debi Abshier | 24th Aug 10

    I’ve been daydreaming about the cool, crisp days of fall, my favorite season, & what projects I’m going to make. So now I will also be daydreaming that I’ve won this giveaway!!! Thank you!

  552. Jackie R. | 24th Aug 10

    My fanciful thoughts dream about the long mountain views in and around Yellowstone National Park. I’ve visited often through my computer, but I long to actually stand there, take in the sights/sounds of this rugged nature.
    Beautiful giveaway πŸ™‚ Please enter me into it.

  553. Jill | 24th Aug 10

    Well down here in the south in Australia it is raining buckets and it is very, very cold…the cats haven’t moved from their spot in front of the fire all day. Now what am I dreaming of? Summer, summer and a bit more summer. In fact some Californian summer and in six days time I will be winging my way to the lovely USA so please save a little bit of sun for me. I love your little fig and would like to be entered in your giveaway please. Jill

  554. Angela | 24th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are going to be spent with my beautiful 9 year old, Emma. All those long days I had to work are going to pay off with a little R &R and some one on one time with her, before she no longer wants to spend time with her “mother”. A trip to the Santa Monica Pier for some carnival games, sea air and screaming on roller coasters. Next a mother/daughter trip to a seaside resort. A friend for a sleepover and some quality pool time. Maybe some horseback riding. Trying to cram all that we can in a week before we all go back to the work day grind and homework.

  555. Jeanne | 24th Aug 10

    Your new fabric line looks beautiful as always. I would love to be sewing with some right now. I’m helping care for an elderly MIL, and a DIL with cancer, and try to work in some minutes here and there to destress. Working with Fig Tree can really LIFT my mood. πŸ™‚

  556. Liz | 24th Aug 10

    I took my first class of the school year yesterday on non-native plants. (I teach Math, Science, and History in a middle school.) It was hard getting up at 5 and staying up! I have had a very difficult few months but now I am thinking about projects that await me in my sewing room. I’m thinking I need that little fig! I love patterns and seem to collect them.

  557. Renee B | 24th Aug 10

    I watch my grandchildren go off to school now. Reading your blog brought alot of good memories back for me. Enjoy this precious time you have with your children, its over so quickly!

  558. Kimberly | 25th Aug 10

    School starts on Monday for my second grader, and it was 105 degrees today! I’m daydreaming of cooler weather and lots of time to quilt and try out some of my Fig Tree patterns.
    I love the new strike offs and I’m daydreaming about them being at the Fig Tree booth at P.I.Q.F. in October! See you there, and thanks for having the giveaway.

  559. Shdale | 25th Aug 10

    Well first of all, your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!! I really miss having little ones. Maybe I’ll have a grandchild soon. :O) I love your patterns, fabric, etc., and would love to win the contest. I’m spending the last weeks of summer working on my “Whimsey Fresh” quilt. I bought the kit a while back but just got started last week. It’s so soft and squishy!! I love it. Other than that, I’m spending alot of time on the deck in the mornings watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and occassional deer wander around the woods behind my house. I’m ready for cool weather, roaring fires and more quilts!!!

  560. Coral | 25th Aug 10

    First of all I have to say your helper is gorgeous!

    We are in Spring here in the southern hemisphere, and it is wonderful to have warmer days. My tomatoes are growing and I am envisioning salads and warm BBQ days.

    I wish for health for my grandson, 16 months old and has leukemia. This is my biggest wish. Poor baby has missed so much on life as he has been in hospital 27 times already.

    A give away sounds divine!

    Enjoy your autumn, or should I say fall?

  561. Lara | 25th Aug 10

    I live in the southern hemisphere… so I am day dreaming about spring. My DP and I are finally getting married this Spring so its a very special season for me.

    Can’t wait for the warmer weather too!

  562. Meredith | 25th Aug 10

    The last days of summer are always filled with thoughts of those long days, picnics, watermelon….but I also love the colours of fall (or autumn as we call it here in Australia) and the thought of warm fireside evenings and all the sewing I might get done..and the fig jam I will make, and Le Fig pincushion kit which I received the other day which I am still daydreaming about making! Thanks for the chance with your giveaway.

  563. Kathryn | 25th Aug 10

    Is it pink and lucious on the inside??? Love the fuzzy figs!

  564. Carolina | 25th Aug 10

    Here in Portugal classes start only in three weeks, and the summer is still on its best, but I can’t help searching for new fabrics for my Autumn creations!
    I guess that I miss leaves falling all over…
    And I love scrolling through your blog and just dream of all these beautiful colours!

  565. Janelle Crouch - (Addictive Stitches) | 25th Aug 10

    Where I live in Australia apart from a few weeks we have summer all year round.So our lifestyle is out doors most of the time. So I get to dream all the time. For me me Life was ment to be dreamy……
    Oh to dream a dream. Your designs and the fabrics are beautiful

  566. Lisa | 25th Aug 10

    Summer is over for me…teachers reported to their first day today and my own children will join me at school on Monday. During the summer I quilted a couple quilts and pieced a couple. I cut out a couple of quilts and I’m dreaming of the double wedding ring quilt that I cut out and I’m going to sew over the next few weeks!! My kids are getting older and don’t do a lot of school shopping or prepping with me any more. Enjoy the days with your young ones!

  567. Patsy | 25th Aug 10

    These last days of summer are slightly bittersweet for a retired teacher like me. I relish not having to hit the alarm clock, but miss the excitement of the first days of school with the shining, happy faces ready for a “fresh” start. I’m daydreaming of maybe being the winner of the wonderful giveaway. The Fresh Cotton fabric is soooo “fresh” and yummy. Patterns, oh my; and Le Fig kit…………..ummmmmmmmmmmm!

  568. Christine Brown | 25th Aug 10

    Hi, I love your fabrics and love the give away. I bought the Fresh Cotton FQ bundle this summer along with lots of “extras” for borders, bindings and background for an appliqued quilt I will work on this fall(B. Brackman’s Carrie Hall Sampler). And since I now have so many extra’s I also purchased your Parasols pattern, to hopefully use up the leftovers.

  569. Prue Cowley | 25th Aug 10

    Hi, my name is Prue,and I am from South Australia. SUMMER I can’t wait we have had our highest rainfall for the last decade!!It has been so cold and wet, mind you I have really enjoyed being indoors no excuses, I just have to quilt ,quilt yes and more quilting!
    Ahh just to be warm again.
    By the way I Just purchase the last of Cornicopia green spot searched the net…just love your fabric.

  570. julie love | 25th Aug 10

    My daughter is grown now – I’m mostly wondering just exactly where the summer went! It was so long when I was young – flies by now. I’m busy planning quilts, and making quilts and planning trips to quilt! It’s all about the quilt! It would be fun to win a giveaway! I enjoyed reading about your children – brought back fun memories of back-to-school!

  571. Annemieke Vlaar | 25th Aug 10

    I’am dreaming for more holidays. The children are still free from school but I’am working. It is nice weather and I will work at my quilt.


  572. Christine Brown | 25th Aug 10

    Hi, just added a link to your blog onto my blog.

  573. Sally | 25th Aug 10

    We’re caught up in that end-of-summer rush, getting in last sleepovers, making time for pickle-making, hoping the rain doesn’t crack the tomatoes….it’s a good and rich time, if a little wistful.

  574. Linda ~ Madamquiltsalot | 25th Aug 10

    Oh I havve been lusting after this fabric ! and the patterns, well what can I say. YIPPIE ! Summer is leaving yes but it just gives me more time to blog hop and creat ! Thanks for the giveway.
    Madamquiltsalot ~ Linda

  575. Sherena | 25th Aug 10

    I’m spending my last days of summer at our vacation home at the lake, finishing up a quilt for our quild quilt show in the fall, walking among the changing trees, enjoying friends and the summer life. I’m not ready for it to end. I’ve had two full months for my own personal quilt retreat here at the lake. It’s been awesome, but now it’s back to the real life next week.

  576. Linda ~ Madamquiltsalot | 25th Aug 10

    I love everything you creat ! Your fabric is to die for ! Summer is ending, but what can we do ? Create !
    I ‘ve been a devoted follower for quit some time and wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Madamquiltsalot ~ Linda

  577. Marianne | 25th Aug 10

    I bet you didn’t know this, but I am your biggest fan! Love the Fresh Cottons line. I am spending this last month of summer enjoying my daughter before she’s off to Oxford for her Junior year. Enjoy your three, they are at a wonderful age!

  578. Barbara | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent with my daughter, moving her into a new apartment. Then the last summer gathering with my husbands family for the annual lobster cookout when we cook about 30 lobsters and pounds of steamed clams. Must say I’m looking forward to the end of summer though, as I hate the heat…and I LOVE fall!!!!

  579. Kate Lange | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are flying by way too fast! However, I am daydreaming about the upcoming blustery fall days and the warm winter days inside stitching and creating. That of course is while the woodstove is cranking out the heat warming my cozy home. I will also be enjoying those things that I have canned!
    Canning and pickling are taking up my last days of summer and I am enjoying the feast of color and wonderful aromas that are emanating from my steamy kitchen.
    Today I am embarking on my annual trip to our local county fair with a friend, it’s our once-a-year-for-sure girls day out! Can’t wait to see what the quilters have done this year – they have been showing nicer and nicer quilts each year. My friend can’t wait to hug all the 4-H animals!
    The litlle fig and the beautiful colors included are very inspiring, It would be wonderful to play with the beautiful colors and prints!

  580. rebecca | 25th Aug 10

    Always great to get a post from Fig Tree. Summer is almsot over. I better hit the course and golf, golf, golf!!!! I shoud probably round up a fall quilt project. Fig Tree is my choice!!

  581. Sue Jean | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent making jam and making a new bag to take with me on my trip to Japan in September!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  582. Susan | 25th Aug 10

    I love your fabric! And I love giveaways!

    My kids have been back to school for a couple weeks, so summer’s over. We live in the Atlanta-area…Hot and Humid, so I’m dreaming of fall. North GA mountains, hiking, pumpkins, apples, cinnamon scented candles, pies, JACKETS….

  583. Judy Knorr | 25th Aug 10

    Spending one day this week with each grandchild.Their school starts next Thursday. Went shopping yesterday with 8 year old granddaughter. She wanted to be sure that I was a cool grandma so now I’m sporting Silly Bands. I’m cool!

  584. Miwako | 25th Aug 10

    Too many sewing and knitting projects that I want to put my hands on, too little time… I homeschool my children and they started about a month ago. My summer has kind of ended, but before a new baby comes along in a month and a half, I hope to have a little bit more sewing fun!

  585. DebrafromMD | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have my up to my armpits in the final flush of garden produce. I have a date with my canner.

  586. Christine | 25th Aug 10

    My kids returned to school last week so summer has ended down here in Florida. Well, except for the summer heat and rain. Lat weekend I bought the jelly roll and charm pack for your Gypsy Rose and use this to keep in the summer spirit.

  587. Alanna Heet | 25th Aug 10

    We are adjusting our routine since the youngest of 6 children went off to college. Better start a new quilting project!

  588. cloud mom | 25th Aug 10

    I really enjoy your blog. Your ideas are inspiring. I am dreaming of picnics and eating outside. (We only have a short time to enjoy that in MN.)

  589. | 25th Aug 10

    Dreaming and planning on a few more kayak trips, early morning at the beach with a cup of coffee and some more swimming in the cold ocean.

  590. Mary Durham | 25th Aug 10

    This is my first school year of being a retired teacher. Yippee! I babysit my precious 3-month granddaughter every other weekday, and that is a major slice of heaven. I’m daydreaming of all the extra sewing time I’m going to have and all the wonderful things I want to make.

  591. Cindy | 25th Aug 10

    Last days of summer – I am thinking of the spare bedroom that needs to be finished- painting, curtains hung, quilt washed,…etc. I’ve only been working on it since Apr.:) (I don’t like scraping off old wallpaper!!:) What a generous give-away! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  592. kerry Linklater | 25th Aug 10

    I love your fabrics and would love to have some of Fresh Cottons! Am daydreaming about baking cakes as today is my little boy’s birthday!

  593. Bobbie23nc | 25th Aug 10

    I miss making those outfits for the first day of school. Now I try to do a small project for the house to remind me of those days.

  594. Lori | 25th Aug 10

    I have only been sewing for a year. I love all your great patterns. I always want ALL the new fabrics. My house cleaning days have been replaced with sewing days. Much more fun!

  595. Maria | 25th Aug 10

    I love summertime,this year was such a heat wave I am very looking foward to fall.Texas State Fair is one of my favorites followed by Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas, and yes the New year, and the countless sewing projects in between all the fun.

  596. Iris | 25th Aug 10

    Your pictures look so yummy. Sadly summer is gone but I love fall with all its splendid colors. Card clubs and sewing clubs are starting up again and I look forward to visiting with all the gals again.

  597. Shirley in Canada | 25th Aug 10

    Dreaming my daughter would have a good checkup for her fifth year cancer checkup … and she did. Thanking all in heaven for the making my dreams come true. Now I can continue to make gifts for Christmas and that honeybun would fit in great for them! Thank you for the giveaway!

  598. AmberCA | 25th Aug 10

    We are in our last days of summer over here….School starts the day after Labor Day. I am dreaming of cooler weather for sure, it’s been a suffocating 108* here in South Cali. Great giveaway!!!

  599. Jackie | 25th Aug 10

    Daydreaming of falls long ago with cooler temps and beautiful changing leaves………… long ago when I lived up north not in hot, hot, hot Florida……… okay time to get a grip with therapy, my kind of therapy, quilting with beautiful fabrics……..

  600. Stephani | 25th Aug 10


    Can’t wait to see your new line. I keep every scrap of past lines and they find their way into my new lines of Fig Tree fabric new quilts with that for soft, hazy, vintage look.

    My first grandson started kindergarten yesterday, and it certainly brought me back to many “first school days,” my sons, my baby sister, my own. Dreams and memories to keep us linked.

  601. Richy Lainson Jr | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be my brothers wedding and a little quilting.

  602. jAne | 25th Aug 10

    i’m rather new to your blog (2 weeks) and am hoping it’s all right to enter your giveaway. the cotton pear is lovely and would be happy taking its place on my mantle. :o)

    as summer comes to a close, i’m still canning and dehydrating. i dream about getting busy on stitching (embroidery), a bit of knitting, a couple mini quilts, finishing a primitive Americana quilt, and sewing a couple dresses. lots to dream about.

    hope your day is swell.

  603. Barbara | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer …..where did the first days of summer go? It can’t be over already!!! I only have half of the outside trim painted on the house, I don’t have all the back-to-school clothes that I cut out finished, and I haven’t finished reading all the books that I wanted to read this summer. Guess I neeed to get busy and move those books to winter-under-a-quilt reading by the fire.

  604. KellyK | 25th Aug 10

    Personally, I’m glad summer is about over. I don’t do well with the heat. I’ve been dreaming about fall for months now. Ü Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE your fabrics and patterns!

  605. Gay | 25th Aug 10

    I am dreaming about cool weather and rain showers especially after it was 108 here day before yesterday. Gay

  606. Carol | 25th Aug 10

    I am finishing up Fall projects and looking for a new pattern to make a quilt for my daughter’s new home and for Christmas. Also looking forward to canning some peaches!

    I love your fabrics. Just love the colors you have in your collections. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  607. Patty | 25th Aug 10

    I don’t have kids going back to school. But I’m daydreaming of getting my sewing room organized and then being able to get some serious sewing finished.

  608. JFQuilts | 25th Aug 10

    Love le Fig! Not to mention the strike offs … daydreaming? I’m daydreaming about having a week off the week after next – a whole week to sew!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  609. Billie Ratliff | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer have been so hectic getting my baby starting 7th grade. She turned into a young woman from a little girl overnight. I usually consider autumn the start of my sewing season, but your inticements have moved up my project schedule. I want my whole house decorated in Fig Tree fabrics which are always my first choice on the hunt for fabric. Your patters, designs and fabics are my absolutely favorite. I would be so honored to recieve your giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  610. | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer with spending time with three of my grandchildren ended today they went back to school today. I tried to teach them something new everyday, we had fun. Now I will gw=et some home projects done. Will miss the hoopla though. My Mom was always sad when we went back to school.

  611. Linda D. | 25th Aug 10


  612. Michele | 25th Aug 10

    Ahh, finally summer in the Napa Valley even though the evening fog is always welcomed for cool nights. Breezey cotton blouses, fresh cotton blouses or a lawn dress.
    Junior college is back in and a new normal to our household with time to dream and create.

  613. Sandy K | 25th Aug 10

    Love your fabric and would love to win patterns too! These last days of summer are me hoping that our Ohio winter won’t be a repeat of last winter….long and cold!

  614. Pam Holloway | 25th Aug 10

    We are not in summer at the moment, it’s still winter in Australia. We are haviing quite a bit of rain and cold weather, after a few years of being in drought it is vey welcome.
    I love Fig Tree materials and i’m on my fourth quilt using them, A Carpenter’s Star for my mother.
    I really like the fig you have on your blog, it would go with the pear that i have.
    Cheers for all the good patterns and material.

  615. Shawn | 25th Aug 10

    I’d love two chances please since I just made a simple patchwork baby quilt out of Fresh Cottons and posted about it. I added your giveaway link to my post! Love all your fabrics and patterns, you are very creative, can’t wait to see all of the new line. Keep up the good work.

  616. Mary F | 25th Aug 10

    I am working on these last days of summer, however, I did just spend a glorious week in Montana! The weather was beautiful as was the Western Montana countryside! I will just close my eyes and dream I am there still…

  617. Mary in IL | 25th Aug 10

    wow so cute .. that little fig.

  618. Geri Hildreth | 25th Aug 10

    Thanks for the giveaway…daydreams: always about quilting, but also about my baby girl.
    She’s pregnant with her first baby and that is wonderful but bittersweet also!! Where did the time go? Love at your babies they grow up so very quickly.


  619. Lee Ann L. | 25th Aug 10

    Fortunately, my summers last a little longer than those who have children. What will I be doing the last days of summer?

    I’m hoping to make a couple of day trips to nearby towns and cities.

    I’m hoping to go swimming one last time — it doesn’t matter where.

    We’re definitely going fly fishing September 18th for our very first time. We’re taking a free class to learn how. It should be fun!

    PS I found you through “Dolls From the Loft” Blog which I found through the “Happy Zombie” blog. I traveled a long way in internet land to get to you. πŸ™‚

  620. Kathy | 25th Aug 10

    Your new fabrics are gorgeous!!!

    I’m using the last days of summer to finalize school plans & clean out a few nooks ‘n crannies. : )

  621. Brenda | 25th Aug 10

    I’ve been dreaming of when the workers will finally be done with the kitchen so I can get my house back to normal, and what I’m going to do with all the beautiful tomatoes popping up in my teeny-tiny garden. Once my house is back to normal I’ll start on a quilt for my great aunt and uncle who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in November.

  622. Monica | 25th Aug 10

    What am I doing….finally starting my Fig Tree Quilt Fly Away Home quilt kit and machine quilting my Fig and Plum kit. I’m dreaming about all the Fig Tree quilts I can make. I love the Fig Tree club because I can be sure to have all your fabric lines!

  623. Mary Irene Hafer | 25th Aug 10

    I piece all summer long and quilt the tops through the COLD winter months so my last days of summer will be spent finishing all the MANY projects that I have started so that they will be ready to quilt!

  624. Ashley | 25th Aug 10

    I am a longarm quilter. My last days of Summer will be spent longarm quilting before I start the fall of my freshman year in college.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  625. Suzanne | 25th Aug 10

    We aren’t doing too much! Just looking forward to fall…after 14 days of 100 degree weather I am ready! But we are just enjoying the last of the long days of sunlight!!

  626. Robin C | 25th Aug 10

    beautiful little fig. My last days of summer are working every day πŸ™ and daydreaming about a fall trip up north to hunt for quilt shops and yarn shops. Driving in cooler weather, leaves changing colors and finding quaint restaurants with homemade soups and desserts. What more could you want?

  627. Shelley | 25th Aug 10

    I can almost hear the quiet with the end of summer nearing….

  628. Christine | 25th Aug 10

    For the last days of summer we have been spending time outside as much as possible. Working in the yard, taking the kids to the park, going on walks, and just enjoying the nice weather.

    Your fig is adorable!! And thank you so much for this wonderful give away!

  629. Barbara | 25th Aug 10

    I’m happily dreaming of the new sewing room coming my way as so as everyone else gets moved where they are supposed to go. I’ll miss my daughter once she is back in school. At eleven, I am lucky that she still likes to spend time with her mother.

  630. Marianne | 25th Aug 10

    Sent an email to a friend, thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  631. Dania Kinney | 25th Aug 10

    Luckily for us, summer will be here for another month in sunny Arizona. School has started and I’m trying to finish up two charity quilts for my guild’s outreach program.

  632. Dania Kinney | 25th Aug 10

    Luckily for us, summer will be here for another month in sunny Arizona. School has started and I’m trying to finish up two charity quilts for my guild’s outreach program.

  633. Cathy | 25th Aug 10

    To finish off my summer I am going to see my daughter’s boyfriend graduate form boot camp and then bringing him back home to start his last year of High School. The cool weather will bring new waves of creativity to my house.

  634. Kathie Bugbee | 25th Aug 10

    We just finally got some good weather. It’s our second day of 80 degree weather and it is wonderful. They have both been lazy days. I just can’t believe summer is coming to an end!! Oh well it was lovely if not hot πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to doing a little more quilting as the days cool off so your giveaway would be wonderful to win πŸ™‚ Thanks a bunch.

  635. Lynn Matthews | 25th Aug 10

    I love anything free!!!

  636. Becky S | 25th Aug 10

    I am spending my last days of summer eating lots of local peaches, corn on the cob, and tomatoes out of the garden- YUM! Thanks for the great giveaway–I am crossing my fingers!!!

  637. Barbara | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer include enjoying the sunny days and cool evenings. Great giveaway!

  638. Silvana | 25th Aug 10

    I love your fabrics. I love their colours. I love your little fig.I hope to win your giveaway!!

  639. | 25th Aug 10

    Not sure if my comment went through. Does that tell you how my summer is going and how I need a nice calm summer holiday? On the Bay, good food, great music, with friends and family, sunshine, a soft breeze. Sounds good to me.

  640. Sinta Renee | 25th Aug 10

    I am dreaming of when all the tourists leave our area… and then I can go enjoy a little time on a quiet lake. Just like your picture:) I think I am like 9 million 227th to enter your giveaway… good luck to everyone and good luck to you on having your booth come together like you are dreaming it to be.

  641. Tammy Fulinara | 25th Aug 10

    The last days of summer I’m spending teaching. Yes it’s back to school time here in Memphis, Tennessee. I sure miss exploring with my fabrics. I also am having withdrawals from knitting. I love your new line! Keep up the creative work.

  642. Debbie Kennedy | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent getting my son ready for his second year of college. Who knew how much more work there is to this than high school was! Tracking down textbooks and gathering up stuff for the dorm has been a full time job.
    Love your stuff and woud love to be entered in the giveaway

  643. Martha | 25th Aug 10

    I finish summer with canning the rest of the garden’s bounty. I love the lazy last days of summer when I remember all the fun I had with my grandkids this summer and make plans for all the fun of fall! It’s a beautiful time to slow down and catch your breath…holidays are here before you know it!! …love the fig…

  644. Lynn Wilder | 25th Aug 10

    With my last days of summer, I’m designing a quilt called Summer’s Blush using ALL Fig Tree fabric…..from Fresh Cottons to A Day in the Country. Hopefully it will be hanging in the In Between Stitches booth at PIQF! If I stop blogging and start quilting! –Lynn

  645. chris | 25th Aug 10

    OK, I don’t need to win. I just want to HOLD it for a while…….and then run. LOL. Great give away. Hard to believe kids are going back to school. I am not ready. I can smell fall in the air. My UFOs are calling my name. Lazy is over. Time to get things to the quilter, get a fresh start. God Bless all. Chris Beresford

  646. Donya | 25th Aug 10

    Spending the last days of summer with my children and grandchildren….so happy!

  647. Shirley | 25th Aug 10

    Just saw your web for the first time. Love, love, it.
    The fig wasn’t so bad either, at first I thought it was a pear. Oh well, one womans fig may be another womans pear.


  648. Judy | 25th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming about football Fridays, cider mills, and pupmkin pies ( I love fall and we’ve almost made it!) also looking forward to the trees lighting up in their hall finery!

  649. Christine Piazza | 25th Aug 10

    Thanks for sending me the email about your giveaway! I just posted all about it on my blog for my friends to take a peak! I love your fabric and enjoy your blog often. I wish I was in Paris with you. I miss my family in France and don’t get to go to visit very often. I often close my eyes and imagine myself in my Memere’s kitchen eating fresh croissants and hot cocoa. Oh, how I miss those childhood summers spent at her house growing up!

  650. Cathy M | 25th Aug 10

    I’m daydreaming of my summer now gone…great memories…great trips…Oregon…Costa Rica…Washington DC…
    Summer–come back again soon.

  651. Joanie | 25th Aug 10

    I am hard at work on my first fig tree quilt pattern Chocolate Passetire….spelling? Anyway its my first large quilt and it looks so amazing. I have always loved it and now the dream is real…I am doing it. What a great pattern for beginning applique. Thanks for designing it. Its a great summer…

  652. cheryl | 25th Aug 10

    The boys are grown up now but for the first time in 10 years we rented a camp. We rolled back the clock and for me time stood still. We went to the swiming hole, ate burnt marshmallows and played the game of Life. This time it wasn’t just the my two sons, now I have a daughter! I was asked on the last day if I would create a quilted Harvest Table cloth. They want their traditions to begin with me! So, I am dreaming of the perfect piece to grace their table.The collections are beautiful choosing one, the perfect one will be oh soo hard! Thank you for bringing beauty & joy to all…

  653. Nancy | 25th Aug 10

    I am dreaming about getting to spend one more day on the Maine coast before cold weather sets in; and getting to Vt. to see one of my granddaughter’s field hockey games. Have flower beds to clean up too.Also dreaming about what quilty projects I will be working on this fall. I promised hubby that I would try to be good and use what fabrics and kits I have in the closet; hope I can keep my word!!! I am currently finishing up my first jelly roll quilt…it was from a blog and was alot of fun!

  654. Roseann | 25th Aug 10

    The last tid bits of summer here are spent going to the local fair! Also, getting ready for my son to go off to college for the first time, UGH. I’m not ready for it!! Have enjoyed the hottest summer in the Hudson Valley yet so far. Wanting to start a new quilt project, maybe it will be a fig tree project. Here’s hoping… Love your fabrics, Joanna.

  655. Eileen R | 25th Aug 10

    We just came back from our last summer fling..five days of sun, sand and surf at the Jersey shore. For us that beach trip marks the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, bittersweet! Love all your fabrics, and especially the restful colors I can see in the sneak peek.

  656. Tamie | 25th Aug 10

    My summer days are over. Two of the girls are back in school. I had foot surgery this morning so daydreaming is about all that I can do at the moment. My sweet husband brought the computer to my bedside so I can at least keep up with the blogs. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  657. cynthia | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer will be spent organizing my time for the fall!!! There is so much to do…..I daydream about the next time I will see my grandchildren.

  658. Pat | 25th Aug 10

    I am winding up summer watching the pumpkins grow and mature in our pumpkin patch. Soon they will be ready for fall decorating. So many local people driving by ask me when they will be ready. I’m enjoying “putting up” the crops of the season. Tomatoes will be made into salsa and canned for chili. Won’t that be good on those cold winter days? The cucumbers will be canned into pickles and await giving away to family and friends for the holidays – if they will let me wait that long. I enjoy sharing all the produce!

  659. Brend | 25th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of Halloween and decorating but looking forward to the Labor Day weekend to hopefully sit in the swing and relax and enjoy the last of summer.

  660. kim | 25th Aug 10

    I am dreaming of putting the finishing touches on my small little corner of heaven on earth….my sewing room!
    I am planning and looking forward to all of the fun things I can make and give as gifts (or keep) and I would like to try one of your patterns!

    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to do just that!

  661. Chris | 25th Aug 10

    WOW! I really love your patterns and fabrics. I would love this little give away. πŸ™‚ Like everyone! πŸ™‚ What am I doing these last days of summer? Well I am finishing up several sewing projects (quilt for my grandaughter, beach bags for all 4 grandaughters for our beach vacation in a week and helping my daughter with a table runner) and finishing up a stain glass panel for my sister. I am daydreaming about our trip with all of our 10 kids, their spouses, 4 grandbabies and LOTS of sweet times that we will share for a whole week together.
    Your new line looks so pretty, I am especially interested in the turquoise fabrics! Yummy!!!

  662. Nancy S | 25th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are being spent trying to beat this last bit of Bay Area summer heat, hoping the deer don’t get all of my tomatoes as they roam hungrily for the last vestiges of food on the local hills, and wishing I was back in Sunriver, biking, lounging at the poolsides with my soon to go off to college kids, and enjoying what being a family is supposed to be…together.

  663. Mary Pernula | 25th Aug 10

    Thanks for having the give-a-way. I am a big fan of your fabric. I am working on my 2nd lap quilt. I will never get tired of your color choices. HUGS MARY

  664. Bonnie Coleman | 25th Aug 10

    Last days of summer in the deep south are so steamy, I’m just dreaming of the first flash of Fall! Just that one cool, dry day when the light changes makes me look forward to colder weather & sleeping under warm quilts! Love all the Fig Tree fabrics and collect the patterns….with dreams of making them all!

  665. Joanna | 25th Aug 10

    I’m right there with you on that one! Best of luck,


  666. Joanna | 25th Aug 10


    thank goodness that they found it in time. Life does feel quite different in moments like those.


  667. Joanna | 25th Aug 10


    Hoping and praying for the best on your surgery!


  668. Joanna | 25th Aug 10


    I”m so with you on that one. Autumn is by far my favorite season!

  669. Joanna | 25th Aug 10


    I would love to have you as a mouse in my studio!

  670. Joanna | 25th Aug 10

    Oh my Gosh! Well giant congratulations to you Phoebe!



  671. Joanna | 25th Aug 10


    Now that is a dream that I could definitely do something about! LOL!


  672. Joanna | 25th Aug 10

    Yes, there is most definitely yellow! In fact, the line is named in honor of something yellow!


  673. wendy | 25th Aug 10

    So glad to join in here. Love reading all of the wonderful comments. Makes me wish it was fall already!

  674. Lucy | 25th Aug 10

    I would love to win that set of wonderful prizes. Wow! Love all that you do, really. Not just saying that becuase I want to win!

    thanks for the chance,


  675. Kate | 25th Aug 10

    I can’t even imagine what I would do with all that Fig goodness. thanks for the chance to win.
    I am surely enjoying the kids first week at school as well. Its the quiet that I love the most and it energizes me for when they return. yeah to schedule!!

  676. Judy | 25th Aug 10

    I am hooked on your fabric and patterns. I really enjoy the summer and it has gone too fast. But I am relishing the last of the garden and sitting out on the porch and enjoying the warmth of the breeze.

  677. KRIS S | 26th Aug 10

    I am so looking forward to the cooler temps, no humidity and natures air conditioning. I love the rhythm fall brings with the kids in school and I’m dreaming of some serious uninterupted time to quilt.
    Love your fabrics.

  678. Becky in Georgia | 26th Aug 10

    Daydreaming….. of a quiet day on the lake, just listening and reflecting. Thanks for stimulating this wonderful daydream:)

  679. Mary | 26th Aug 10

    My summer is already over. I back to doing what I love, teaching Home EC! What ever happened to starting school after Labor Day? I am already daydreaming about my relaxing summer and wanting to sew everyday! Thank you for all of your creative ideas, patterns and fabric!

  680. Jackie | 26th Aug 10

    totally yummy!

  681. Jackie | 26th Aug 10

    Thank you for this!

  682. shellie | 26th Aug 10

    Daydreaming about new patterns and fabrics to conquer for fall. Finishing up some quilts to feel accomplished….two to go. finished two. Always day dreaming about fabric…. la la la

  683. lori | 26th Aug 10

    I am wishing my roses were blooming today, too many beetles have taken their toll.

  684. Michelle | 26th Aug 10

    I’m dreaming of the summer coming as it is a colder and wetter than usual winter here in Melbourne, Australia. I’m dreaming of sunshine, dry grass and warmer weather so that my studio will again be used for sewing and such. I’m dreaming of longer daylight hours and the extra “time” that spring and summer bring and to use this time to turn my fabrics into quilts…

  685. Staci | 26th Aug 10

    We took a last minute trip to see our daughter and son-in-law. We are having a lovely time catching up and sewing like crazy women trying to get a quilt made before we have to go home and she has to go back to grad school! She’s working on her Master’s in Library Science.

  686. Pam | 26th Aug 10

    Youngest starts college in two weeks. I’m looking forward to just focusing on me and my quilting. Does that sounds selfish? After 24 years of 24/7 mothering, I’m ready for “me” time and doing something with all my stash!

  687. Ginger | 26th Aug 10

    End of summer…last family reunion of the year. Good times. Everyone ready for school, I’m ready to start sewing.

  688. Catswhiskers | 26th Aug 10

    Wow… who can resist these lovely fabrics?
    I am daydreaming of winning it!

  689. Linda | 26th Aug 10

    Your fabrics are fantastic. With summer winding down (I wish the temps would reflect that) I am daydreaming of cooler weather – which we won’t see until probably October!

  690. Nanny | 26th Aug 10

    I am dreaming about my first grandbaby! My daughter and son-in-law, far away in Michigan, have just informed us that they are pregnant! We’re down here in Texas, and just dreaming, squealing, and giggling away, thinking about next spring and a new little love to cuddle! Can you tell I’m excited? And dreaming? Dreaming of baby quilts, baby clothes, baby toys. Oh my!

  691. Kelly B. | 26th Aug 10

    I’m counting down the days until my hubby comes back from Iraq! This is probably the first time ever that I can’t wait for summer to end! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  692. love.sewn | 26th Aug 10

    your prints are so refreshing…a little bit of country and little bit of cutesy. LOVE it! i came via confused quilter’s blog. hmmm…im no longer in school and i have no children so summer is just another season for me. i recently went to a waterpark with friends so i could get a little sun on my pale body. anywho…thanks for the giveaway.

  693. Michelle | 26th Aug 10

    I just started a new job, so the last of summer will be more about daydreaming…these days I’m dreaming of traveling to exotic places like Morocco or Istanbul. But there’s also a bit of daydreaming for lazy summer days filled with green grass, white linen, pink lemonade, crisp watermelon, or swinging in a hammock with a good book and a slight breeze. (P.S. – I too am dying over Le Fig….so cute!).

  694. Pam | 26th Aug 10

    Good morning, Joanna. This email is mainly meant to enter the end of summer drawing, however, I also want to express how much I enjoy all the work you do. I love your fabric designs, patterns of all kinds, blog (there are only three that I read and yours is one of them) and creative spirit.

    Let’s see, end of summer . . .
    As the days of August slip by I begin to feel the need to make a final push to finish all the projects I started at the beginning of the summer (washing windows, a Christmas quilt, summer reading list, etc.) Projects that took a back seat to playing on a beautiful summer day or just soaking up the sun on the deck. While I will miss the lazy days of summer (I live in Portland, OR so that basically means no rain), I also look forward to the crisp, clear days of fall and the changes they bring. But to be totally truthful, I have to force myself to be somewhat disciplined: I must wash the windows before I have to go out to rake up all the beautiful fall leaves when what I really want to do is quilt!

    Happy end of summer to you and yours,

  695. Mimi | 26th Aug 10

    This is a fantastic giveaway!! Unfortunately my summer ended yesterday because I had to return to work but I do have a couple of long weekends ahead of me and I am going to dream up some fabulous, creative things to celebrate!! Woo Hoo!

  696. Jorie | 26th Aug 10

    I am spending my last days of summer waiting for my little girl to be born! I am due any day now, and we are inducing next friday, so after that it will just be enjoying time with our little family πŸ™‚

  697. Rose Hunter | 26th Aug 10

    It has been a long time since I had little ones going back to school, now it is the grandchildren’s time.
    It is hot here today and I am dreaming about Fall.
    Sure would love to win your giveaway.

  698. Donna Ernst | 26th Aug 10

    I wish so much that I had the opportunity to post anything BUT what I have been doing this summer. On March 16th of this year, I suffered the greatest tragedy known to any mother. I lost my precious, beloved son, Brian, after a 2 year struggle with cancer. He passed away just 5 days after his 19th birthday. I don’t think I have to say that my life is now, and forever will be, changed. Brian knew how much I loved to quilt and he was always amazed at the things I would accomplish. I had to put aside that part of my life during those 2 years while devoting every minute of everyday to caring for my precious son and trying to keep cancer from snatching him from my arms. I know that he would want me to continue with the things that brought me joy such as working with fabrics and quilting. I have always loved your lines of fabrics and patterns. I just need a little boost and some inspiration to get going again. I’m even trying to think of a way that I could make a quilt in his memory knowing however, that he was such a tremendous young person and so loving, that it will really have to be something special. I love the idea of using your fabrics because the “happy” that they bring looking at them reflects the “happy” that Brian always gave to everyone around him. Nothing drab or dark would do. I hesitated to even write this, but I do need some inspiration to get started back trying to do things that bring me some joy, and like I said before, I know my son would want me to get back to this. It would rekindle the memories of the times he would watch me and praise me even though he was a major athlete and all boy, he still took the time to be interested in what I was doing. Just writing this makes me think back to those happy times.

    One other thing I would like to say after reading so many of the replies and those of you with small children is that (and I know all mothers know this but I can’t help but repeat) they grow up so quickly. Cherish even the smallest of moments. Our children are gifts from God.
    Thank you for allowing me to post.

  699. Lori Kramer | 26th Aug 10

    My daydreams are full of memories and
    school shopping-we went to target too-
    first days-
    and the early arrival of fall in the valley –
    leaves are turning and the temp will be below
    70 this week!! I’m making things as usual-
    jam, new curtains, a lovely fig tree quilt
    for my redecorated living room….

  700. Irina | 26th Aug 10

    I just discovered your blog and your fabrics, they’re so beautiful!
    And the best found… a giveaway…I’ll give it a go, see if I’m lucky…

    what I’m doing on the last days of summer? I’m quilting when my baby is asleep and she wakes up we go walking to the seashore and deep our feet in the water.
    It’s a really beautiful day today, and that’s what we did.

  701. LouAnn | 26th Aug 10

    My husband finally figured a way to add-on to our house to give me a 25′ x 20′ quilt studio!!!! I’m busy planning and dreaming how to design it so it is just perfect!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  702. Peggy | 26th Aug 10

    I’m cleaning up my youngest kid’s room since she moved to San Francisco this month to finish college. Redesigning the closet to an old fashioned one with wood shelves and rod (good riddance to the plastic coated wire system) and putting up a new bed in there. Of course, this involves sewing new pillows and curtains, among other things. And trying to figure out where on earth to store all the stuff she left behind!

  703. Jocelyn | 26th Aug 10

    On Sunday afternoon I had a little fall and am now in bed with a compression fracture πŸ™ So I am daydreaming about being back at my sewing machine quilting and finishing the move into our newer home. Thank you for including me in your sweet giveaway

  704. Becky S | 26th Aug 10

    I forwarded your email about this giveaway to my friends for an extra entry!

  705. Linn | 26th Aug 10

    Love the soft colors of your fabric. Weather is cooling down and i am putting the garden to rest. Dreaming of how to revamp my garden beds and planning new quilts. Thanks for the giveaway. nanasew at gmail dot com

  706. Ana | 26th Aug 10

    Hi,first i want to thank you for the giveaway : ))
    iΒ΄m sewing a lot because next week, i start working and i donΒ΄t have mutch time for that.
    thanks again for the chance to win

  707. Ana | 26th Aug 10

    Hi,and thanks for the giveaway : ))
    IΒ΄m sewing a lot, because next week i start working
    and i donΒ΄t have mutch time for that.
    Thanks again for the giveaway

  708. WandaFish | 26th Aug 10

    I’m passing the last days of summer enjoying spending time with my daughter before she starts pre-school in a couple of weeks. Oh, and planning all the stitching projects I aim to do in trying to take my mind off missing her!
    Thanks for this gorgeous giveaway.

  709. | 26th Aug 10

    I am in denial that summer is coming to an end, but will spend the last days of August finishing my great-nephew’s baby quilt and planning for fall table settings.
    Thanks for having a fun contest.

  710. Pat | 26th Aug 10

    No kids in school, so summer just rolls right into fall – I can hardly wait for fall weather!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  711. Gail in Wa State | 26th Aug 10

    I finished a quilt last week and am now spending my afternoons picking blackberries for the freezer. Trying to hang on to the last days of summer.
    The canoes in your photo totally match your fabrics…love that!

  712. Beverly Johnson | 26th Aug 10

    I’m a grandmother and all my grandkids have gone back to school. I’m daydreaming about what we did this summer and what I want to get started for the fall. So many projects, what to do first.

  713. Piroska | 26th Aug 10

    I’ve been daydreaming of apples…and fall.
    It’s been so HOT this summer, and not too conducive to sewing…or crafting. Autumn is perfect for starting a new project or 3…

  714. Natalie | 26th Aug 10

    That fig is absolutely adorable!

    Luckily summer won’t be over for me quite yet because I’m studying abroad at Oxford next year and the term doesn’t start until October. But I’ve been reading and writing a lot and hope to be knitting again soon.

  715. Joscelyn | 26th Aug 10

    my summer has just begun really, I was in Boston last week for a little vacation and now I’m working on a really fun little table topper.It’s been quite enjoyable

  716. Nicole Gendy | 26th Aug 10

    I’m sewing and painting my bedroom. I’m daydreaming about spending time at the lake and being lazy, reading a book. Ideal summer.

  717. Cheran | 26th Aug 10

    day dreaming….memories of our wedding day three years ago, cool breezes and lemonaid (‘cuz it’s been HOT here) and day’s off with my hubby.

    The sneak peek of your new line is gorgeous!! Can’t wait for Holly Hill to get it! YAY!

  718. Carol Alberts | 26th Aug 10

    It has been a wonderful summer, and did alot of daydreaming about fall riding in the car, coming home from Pikeville, KY. The mountains were gorgeous, all the greens of the trees, and the beautiful sandy tones of the rocks which all reminded me of fabric!
    Getting ready for fall at the grain elevator I work in, will be here by Labor Day. I always make a quilt during this time, sewing a half hour before work here and there, have to find the perfect quilt for this year! Please enter me into your drawing, maybe I should make a Fig Tree quilt this fall! πŸ˜€

  719. Prue Cowley | 26th Aug 10

    Hi, I’m Prue from Adelaide in South Australia….Summer what’s that! we have just had our wettest/coldest August for a decade.mmmm what have I been doing, yep it has been a great excuse to do some patchwork,yes and some more!and a bit more.
    Just love your fabrics they seem to pop up everywhere in my quilts. I have just been on line to find yet more of the Cornucopia in that yummy green spot,managed to find some,so purchased the last couple of metres.
    Love your blog
    cheers Prue

  720. Ethel Snow | 26th Aug 10

    Love seeing the up and coming fabric runs but I dare not even dream of another Β¨”JUST GOTTA DO” until the Summer projects are bound and the garden is made Winter ready. And, as a retire, I’m letting my Summer bring opportunities as long as the weather holds while praying and dancing for an Indian Summer through the early months of Fall

  721. linda phillips | 26th Aug 10

    Have finished all my Christmas pillow cases for the children of the family and found inexpensive pillows to fill them. I am pleased to have such a nice jump on the holiday season and looking forward to a peaceful autumn. Linda

  722. Renee E. | 26th Aug 10

    We just went to the blue ridge mountains on a day trip and had some family drive thru on their way to college. I know here we just started back to school this week so it seems like school is over.

  723. Claudia | 26th Aug 10

    I finished my Christmas quilt and need to add the binding. I’m going to start on my holiday gifts. I’ve been hoarding ideas and fabric.

  724. Katy Lillie | 26th Aug 10

    Your end of summer sounds so much better than mine. I was in both of our class @ Beach Cities Quilt Guild and so enjoyed all I learned. You have a great sense of humor and wonderful smile.
    As I type this I am connected to an electric ice machine due to the fact that I had surgery on my right foot AGAIN 1 week ago. It was over 3 hrs and I have NO weight bearing for 6 – 8 weeks. My pain is off the roof and we just keep upping the pain medicine hoping to find a level that will work. I have one of those scooters that you kneel on to get back and forth from the bathroom, but I can’t even focus yet on hand work since I won’t be pushing my sewing machine pedal anytime soon. Also my husband is scheduled for knee surgery on Monday, Aug 30 and here’s hoping they don’t find any complicating issues with him. My daughter needs an MRI for what the Dr thinks is a torn labrum in her left hip, but she has no insurance and the MRI is $1400 and who knows what the surgery if needed would cost. So as much as I LOVE your new line every penny is precious and I won’t be buying anytime soon. Prayers are needed constantly. Keep those new ideas coming and in time I hope to be buying again.
    Blessings to you and your family and the booth,
    Katy Lillie

  725. Joanna | 26th Aug 10

    I am going to working on a Saltwater Taffy quilt for my sister in law’s wedding this fall. I love the pattern. Thanks!

  726. Oggi | 26th Aug 10

    Hi Joanna, for now I am daydreaming of my sewing room at home in West Australia (nearly the end of winter) where patterns, including Fig Tree, are waiting to be attended to. But I have been living in China for their summer while my husband works here. It has been an amazing experience to have a summer in another country although it has been very hot(max mid 30sC nights high 20sC)and humid. There are no patchwork shops here so I get my fix by browsing the web. Luckily I brought hand-sewing with me or I would have been totally lost. And by the time I go home it will be closer to our summer. LOVE your patterns

  727. Barbara Stein | 26th Aug 10

    My last days of summer are daydreaming about an evening boat ride on Scotts Flat Lake with a picnic basket packed with a nice bottle of wine and snacks and taking in the quiet solitude of a back cove, listening to the sounds of nature… my only child is starting college….can’t believe where the time has flown…still thinking of your beautiful quilts swaying in the breezes of the Livermore quilt show last fall and starting the pomegranete quilt that is one of my favorites…also looking forward to the Santa Clara quilt show in October and hoping to see you in my favorite booth!

  728. Pam | 26th Aug 10

    Last days of summer are hard to find in Chico! Yesterday was 110 degrees. Ah!! I have been getting Christmas quilt tops stitched up and ready to quilt… I have one more month on a long arm and I am ready to go for it! Thanks for such lovely fabrics Joanna! Your school stories make me remember days not too long ago…xo Pam in chico thanks for a chance to win, too!

  729. | 26th Aug 10

    Love,love fig tree fabric. What a wonderful talent you have Joanne. Your little girl is gorgeous, enjoy her because you’ll look up like me and she will be 22. Would love to win!

  730. Elizabeth | 26th Aug 10

    Love,love fig tree fabric. What a wonderul talent you have Joanne. Your little girl is gorgeous, enjoy her because one day you will be like me and look up and she’s 22 like my daughter. Hope I win!

  731. Tina | 26th Aug 10

    The last bits of summer are a bigfamily barbecue, giving all of my boys as many hugs as possible, reminding them to use their manners, counting off the minutes until there is no more arguing for 6 hours…and anticiapation of all of the fun and goodness that one more year brings.

  732. sheri | 26th Aug 10

    I am cleaning carpet will installed in about two weeks and I have collected way too many treasures. I would love to win your fabric and patterns. Sheri

  733. Tiffaney | 27th Aug 10

    I am working on organizing my sewing room. Since my sewing seems to be all around the house it is turning into a bigger job then I realized.

  734. Nancy Sue Phillips | 27th Aug 10

    We are holding on to the last days of summer. These are the ones I love, cooler mornings, and the last of the garden. My mother and I would spend the last week before school started making “The Last of the Garden” pickles. Anything left, beans, cukes, onions, carrots, etc. would be put in a sweet pickle brine and pickled to be specifically eaten at the Thanksgiving meal. It gave us the opportunity to remember to be thankful for the garden, even in November.
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  735. Ruth | 27th Aug 10

    i would love to win!

  736. Betty | 27th Aug 10

    I’m trying to finish as much as I can before school starts – I have many projects for Fall but first I want to finish what I have started! LOL!!! As if I ever do this!!!!

  737. Marta Leggett | 27th Aug 10

    First, thanks for your awesome generosity, you are always thinking of your of your customers. And your designs are just beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity


  738. Ceil | 27th Aug 10

    I have just made my first quilt and and looking forward to learning more techniques. I love your fabrics!

  739. annie | 27th Aug 10

    Still much to look forward to… Mom will turn 88 and we even have family coming from Europe to honor her!!! Love your patterns and love your blog. Hold precious these years of “back to school”. They are so fleeting. XXX

  740. Donna Van Gampler | 27th Aug 10

    In a few days I start my vacation, I love this time when summer ends and fall begins! I thoroughly enjoy my adorable FIG pin cushion that I made this year.

  741. Brenda Debord | 27th Aug 10

    Here in Atlanta I am daydreaming of cooler days. It has been so hot here this summer. I work for the school system and we have been back in school for three weeks now. So I am dream of cooler days and a quilt retreat that I am attending next month. Would be great to have new fabric to take to it.

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