Today we would like to introduce, Patisserie, our latest collection of yummy cotton fabrics for MODA!

PIQF In Between Stitches38

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  1. Kim | 25th Oct 08

    very pretty!!!

  2. kathie | 26th Oct 08

    oh my that looks just so yummy!
    can’t wait to see the line in person. I love working with these colors once it starts snowing here…makes you feel like spring is really coming!

  3. Julia | 26th Oct 08

    Hi Joanna,
    hmmmm…they look yummy…I love those little pieces of heaven & from what I can see I’m already in love with your ‘Patisserie’…
    – Julia
    P.S.: I’ve seen a picture of your booth on another blog {sorry, can’t remember, which one} – it is adorable. So well done, I’m sure, Quilt Market will be a huge success!

  4. Stephanie | 26th Oct 08

    What a clever, yummy display!!!

  5. Betsy Pratt | 26th Oct 08

    Wonderful!!! I can hardly wait to see the whole designs!! Way to go AGAIN Joanna!

    Hope you’re having fun in Houston!

  6. Miss Jean | 26th Oct 08

    It was a great show and I so enjoyed your booth and all the treasures. If you ever need anyone to babysit any of your quilts, I’m here for you! Really! I mean it! LOL!

    Have fun in Houston!!!!

  7. Cathy K. | 27th Oct 08

    Lovely colors!

  8. Carrie P. | 27th Oct 08

    Oh Boy what a great display.

  9. Tif | 27th Oct 08

    Ah! Beautiful!!!

  10. tina | 29th Oct 08

    Your display is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to see more! Yummers!

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