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Just wanted to share that there is just something about tulips that makes me happy. Really happy.

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  1. Mary | 3rd Feb 12

    mine too. they’re the only flower that keeps growing when cut. there’s probably a deep lesson in that but I’d rather look at them than think about it!

  2. Andrea | 3rd Feb 12

    definately agree. A sure sign that spring is close!

  3. Brooke | 3rd Feb 12

    Just want to say that there’s something about your drop dead gorgeous photos of tulips that makes me really, really happy. 🙂 They are my favorite flowers, and the pics you got are really amazing. Who can tell it’s winter with those around? Beautiful!

    (Give you any inspiration for a fabric design? I’d buy yards and yards of pink tulip fig tree fabric. Just sayin’.)

  4. BJ | 3rd Feb 12

    So pretty and the setting for the pic is perfect! Thanks for sharing.
    Isn’t is amazing that tulips continue to grow after they are cut?

  5. Joanna | 3rd Feb 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Mary submitted a comment on TGIF Tulips

    I never knew that about tulips! Thanks for sharing,


  6. Pepe | 3rd Feb 12

    Tulips and ranunculus: the most beautiful flowers in the world! 🙂

  7. Amy Hart | 3rd Feb 12

    Good morning ladies! Tulips are my favorite as well. Just wanted to share that if you put a penny in the water your tulips won’t droop nearly as much as they age. I tried it and it works. Can’t wait to see pictures from the upcoming Spring market!

  8. Tina in Nevada | 4th Feb 12

    Oh my gosh! These are just so beautiful!! Love the colors – the pinks and greens! Truly breathtaking!! Thanks so much for the beautiful picture.

  9. Judy C in NC | 4th Feb 12

    I love the tulips because they always do what they want and the whimisy of the arrangement is so appealing to me. They change from buds to beauty and grow and change right before your eyes. I love red and white tulips at Christmas. Thank you for sharing. Judy C

  10. Tammy Edwards | 4th Feb 12

    Simply beautiful! Have a happy day :0)

  11. Brenda | 4th Feb 12

    Love the color. Isn’t it amazing how the things that cost so little are the things that give us the greatest joy? Everyday in the spring I look out and see another change in my yard, another flower blooming or tree budding (or even just green grass), and somehow getting out of bed seems like the best thing that I could ever do!

  12. Marianne | 4th Feb 12

    I haven’t grown tulips since we lived in upstate New York. Yours are beautiful. I could never bear to cut them and bring them in.

  13. toni-anne | 4th Feb 12

    Yes absolutely beautiful..and there’s that thing about defining beauty. It is so illusive yet we all seem to “know” beauty instictively when we see it.. tulips seem to have all the right qualities and affect me deeply too. A single tulip or a gorgeous bunch of them can have a reviving effect upon my spirits and these glorious pictures are provising a similiar effect, thank-you for sharing them.

  14. mary | 5th Feb 12

    When you live in Ohio, tulips in February are pretty much a requirement for getting through the winter!

  15. Joanna | 6th Feb 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Amy Hart submitted a comment on TGIF Tulips

    Thanks for that great tip! I never knew that,


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