Various & Sundry…

For the longest time, I had no idea what the words in that phrase above in the title actually were. Variousandasundry….. I just kind of said it all as one work, never stopping to think about what I was actually saying. Then one day I found the cutest little store in San Rafael CA… called, you guessed it, Various & Sundry [I don't even think it's there anymore].  How's that for your vocabulary tidbit for the day… most of you probably already knew it 🙂

So here is a few various & sundry items that i have been wanting to share with you…

So here is a few various & sundry items that i have been wanting to share with you…

1. I once again have had the wonderful invitation to go to Paris… well to work & teach in Madrid for MODA and then to play in Paris this November! How lucky can one girl get, I ask you? This time I am trying to be prepared and am asking all of you ahead of time if there is anyplace that I really need to see or experience…. Please feel to email me or leave a comment… I would absolutely love any and all advice. 

Paper paris eiffel


….. just because you know this is how I dress when I am in Paris….. 

2. I was over on Paula's fun blog the other day and found these amazing paintings she had just finished. I can't wait until she makes them into prints or cards or anything!  Have I ever shared with you that I have a
thing for chairs?  Yes, love those chairs…

3. Loving these little coasters from MODA…


4. And last but definitely not least, a little sharing of a tiny swatch from the upcoming line we've been talking a bit about, debuting in Houston this fall…. 


Talk to you soon.

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  1. brigette | 10th Sep 08

    okay, you’re making me wanna go to paris!!! it’s a shame you’re not going before halloween, when claude monet’s garden close for winter. if you’re ever there between i think may and oct 31st, you should go. i can’t imagine more of an inspirational place than the garden of claude monet. when he was asked what his greatest piece of artwork was, he said it was his garden. so if you ever have the chance, hop on over to giverny and visit that little wonder for me!!
    i’m excited for you to go on this wonderful trip,and what a great honor!

  2. polly | 10th Sep 08

    I have never been out of the US so take lots of pictures and post to your blog so I can see it with your eyes…How exciting and what an honor…enjoy:)

  3. Stefanie | 10th Sep 08


    You are so lucky to be going to Paris! That would be my dream vacation! I am sure that everything will be divine and inspiring! I can’t wait to see what you bring back!

  4. Cara | 10th Sep 08

    I know you have probably been but when I was in Paris my favorite place was actually the Mont Martre- where all the artists hang out…there was just that je nais c’est qois about it…probably the creativeness of the area, the cute boutiques and loads of inspiration! I know you will have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see what you are inspired by over there!

  5. Mary Anne Drury | 10th Sep 08

    OOOOOooooo!!! You ARE a lucky girl! AND, don’t ya wish we all still dressed like that …. well, everything that went out of style eventually comes back in style … so maybe a few years from now ? You never know!
    P.S. … LOVE that fabric!!

  6. Cathy Ray Pierson | 12th Sep 08

    Well of course the Louvre and The Dorsay. There should be time for visiting Galleries Lafayette for a bit of retail therapy Paris style. I enjoyed finding the Picasso Museum and searching out the Chanel Shop on the Rue Cambon. And, OMG, eat, honey, eat. There isn’t anything better than a good croque monsier.
    All best,
    Cathy Ray

  7. mary's cottage quilts | 12th Sep 08

    Lucky you!!! What a fun time you will have!! I can’t wait to see the new fabric at market!

  8. Robin | 13th Sep 08

    That fabric is so pretty– can’t wait to see all the new designs! Paris? You lucky….. All of it is nice, but one thing I didn’t expect to love so much was the Sacre Coure (sp?)– a big, gorgeous cathedral on the outskirts of the city… I remember the walk I took there included many fabric stores ;)Eat and enjoy!

  9. Tif | 16th Sep 08

    Ah, I love Paris! The City of Lights!

    I loved Musee d’Orsay more than the Louvre, I have to admit…I would suggest super stylish walking shoes because IMO it’s the only way to experience the city! And scarves, baby, scarves! each and every season. I am green with envy!

  10. Anita | 18th Sep 08

    Love that coat advert! I would wear it. 😉

    I have no advice for Paris. I’m sure you have been everywhere that I have been and more. If you want to venture outside of Paris, you could visit my friends at Best of Quilting in Marcoussis. They would love to meet you!

  11. Jane | 19th Sep 08

    Paris – wonderful. I would recommend Musée de Cluny ( Full of beautiful medieval artefacts. One of the best collections in the world. Worth a visit just for the spectacular Lady and the Unicorn tapestries – glittering gold, rich reds and deep blues, all exquisite and beautifully preserved from the 15th century. Sigh.

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