Welcome back! Are you ready for more Vintage Halloween goodness?! If you missed PART ONE, you can find that blog post HERE.

I have a few more fun pattern remixes to conclude our Halloween “blast from the past”, but that’s not all! I have also added a few NEW mockups to share with you, as well as some ideas from our Fig Tree ladies using the 2023 Vintage Halloween bundle [now sold out].

Ready? Let’s go!

Fresh Laundry turned SPIDERWEBS

Available via PAPER or PDF.

Such a great pattern for beginners since so few seams have to match each other.

Catalina Stars turned HALLOWEEN STARS

Available via PAPER or PDF.


Available as a BOOKLET.

Blue Ribbon turned HALLOWEEN RIBBONS

Available via PAPER or PDF.

Black Dahlia turned HALLOWEEN DAHLIA

Available via PAPER or PDF.

French Quarter turned HALLOWEEN QUARTERS

Available via PAPER or PDF.

Pumpkins & The Beanstalk turned HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS

This version was completely inspired by our friend Greg from @greydogwoodstudio on Instagram. The moment we saw Greg’s version, we knew we had to create a mockup, as well.

Quilt top photos are both thanks to Greg!

Available via PAPER or PDF.

Such a retro spooky version of this quilt…

2023 Vintage Halloween Bundle Inspiration

This year’s bundle [now sold out unfortunately] has inspired some of our Fig Tree ladies to create even a few more ideas to share with you! Presenting….MINI HUGS/HUGS and COBBLESTONES!


Susan and Cynthia created blocks for the MINI HUGS and HUGS patterns, respectively. Take a look at their amazing progress!

MINI HUGS available via PAPER or PDF. Notice the tiny little centers on the Mini Hugs version by Susan.

And Cynthia worked on HUGS [the larger of the two blocks] available via PAPER or PDF. These blocks are quite a bit larger and here in Cynthia’s version, have no center.


Cobblestones available via PAPER or PDF.

Lacey created a few COBBLESTONES blocks with an ivory background and a simplified sashing, but I’ve also mocked up the original in a dark background. So much fun to see how these are turning out with this bundle… such a different feel!

I hope that you are officially in the HALLOWEEN spirit! If you plan to make up any Figgy Halloween projects this year, be sure to let me know your plans in the comments!


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  1. Wendy | 24th Aug 23

    Thank you for two very inspirational posts. I’m going to finish Halloween Roses which has sat as blocks for WAY too long. Also pulling fabric for a Halloween Manor quilt. Love these additional ideas since I have a lot more fabric from the annual bundles. 😉

    • | 25th Aug 23

      Yes, finish one and start a new one… sounds like a perfect combo.

  2. sharon | 24th Aug 23

    really like the Pumpkins and Beanstalks

  3. Polly | 24th Aug 23

    Can I buy yardage of the orange floral on top of the stack?

    • | 25th Aug 23

      We don’t sell yardage other than solids and backgrounds and some backings available in the yardage portion of our online shop.

  4. Maria Zook | 25th Aug 23

    I have a completed Harlequin and Acorn Dance that will soon be out for the season. I am working on Pumpkins in a Row table runner for my raised fireplace hearth and I hav plans to make a couple of Stars of the Harvest pillows. I love your fall color palette.

    • | 25th Aug 23

      sounds like a perfect combination!

  5. Greg | 25th Aug 23

    What a nice surprise to see my Pumpkins & The Beanstalk here! That is one of my favorite quilts – I could make that pattern over and over again!

    • | 28th Aug 23

      That was one of my all time favorite customer remixes~!! Thank you for inspiring us!

  6. Lorraine | 28th Aug 23

    Love the Cobblestones and Blue Ribbon quilts

  7. Angela | 30th Aug 23

    Lacey’s cobblestones are so great!

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