Winner coming up!

Just wanted to thank all of you for your lovely compliments, comments, stories and opinions! You guys are just the best!

We have closed the comments at 685 to give me a chance to catch up and because we thought that was quite enough competition don't you think? I am reading them all and am about 100 or so behind at the moment so bear with me!

I will post winners on Friday as promised, but most likely Friday night [California time] so I can read through every single one and then generate the winning #'s!

For now let me tell you what I have learned:

That QUILTING is taking an ever so slight lead over SEWING. But that a large majority of you are looking forward to both. 

That so many of you started in one area and have over the years moved to the other and then back again. I tell you, this book is especially for you!

That you guys are a committed & talented group of ladies [& perhaps gentlemen too].

That you guys are the best fans a girl could ever have.

That I am so excited that you are looking forward to the book!


Okay. Off to bed for now. I'll be back tomorrow night!

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  1. Elizabeth Foss | 23rd Mar 12

    I didn’t get a chance to comment, but I wanted to tell you any way . I’m new this year to both sewing and quilting. I read somewhere that if you can sew apparel, you can definitely quilt, but if you quilt, you can’t necessarily sew apparel. I’m finding the opposite to be true. I’m having great success sewing for my little girls and I’m enjoying the process. I’m having a harder time quilting. More mistakes, much tenser sewing shoulders. All that said, I have a full fat quarter bundle of California Girl waiting to be cut into today. It’s destined to be a king-sized quilt for my husband (and me) to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I must have showed him hundreds of possible fabric choices and he was really hard to please. He picked yours. He doesn’t know what he picked it for, but there you go! So, thanks. Your art is beautiful.

  2. Jennifer Gwyn | 23rd Mar 12

    I really like the new blog site layout! Been browsing it a bit too long here before I have to head into work. I can’t wait to get more reveals on your upcoming collection, although I haven’t stopping staring at my California Girl projects yet. Those colors just make me feel happy! Thanks!

  3. Linda in aus | 23rd Mar 12

    Wow 685 comments, good luck with reading them all.

  4. Maria do Carmo Pezzuto | 23rd Mar 12

    Bom sono e sonhos,e obrigada por tudo que tem me ajudado.Beijos.Olá,BOM DIA!!!.

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