As we start to organize and sort and pack up the boxes this year, I just wanted to thank you guys again for an amazing sale and your unbelievable support of our small family business.

You guys definitely keep us on our toes and there is never a boring day around here!

As always, you guys showed up to the sale in a serious way and we can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for your enthusiasm, your kind words and your loyalty!

We have the best customers ever!

This year even though we had more kits and more bundles, you all were SO fast and they sold out in minutes on most days. I know so many of you happily plucked them up and checked out in the blink of an eye [so congrats to you] and our condolences 🙂 go out to those of you who left empty handed. As always, you never know what you might get or what might get swiped out of your cart!

We continued this year with some new FIG TREE SWAG that we will try to carry in stock. We also made some of our sought after ZIPPER PULLS available and plan to add more of those next year. Please check back in the category of FIG TREE SWAG in our shop in the new year for some fun new stuff!

We love our customers so much. Here are a few of my favorite comments from this year…

As always, this was super fun! Waking up in the middle of the night or running with my phone like a crazed maniac at work to the backroom to check what’s being posted. (My coworkers all think I’m nuts)🤣🤣🤣I was able to scoop up some cool goodies and am excited for my box to arrive! Thank you for this exciting, crazy event and I look forward to doing it again next year 🥰 …Christine

I’m sure my box is overflowing. Didn’t get much today. Kinda glad it’s coming to an end. My hubby asked me what I want for Christmas. I said I already have it. What I really need is a bigger sewing room. -Rita

I’m so happy that I was able to get todays bundle in time. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I will love making something beautiful with it. It’s my birthday present to myself as todays my birthday. I LOVE FIG TREE!! -Tami

I can’t believe I got one! I forgot and logged in late. I love 🍄 so I am super excited. I thought for sure it would fall out of my cart checking out. -Kim

Yay! I was finally fast enough to get my order to go through! Worth staying up late for 3:05 am😊Thanks Joanna for the wonderful things you are offering! -Marcia

Purchases made. Now what do I do? I’m wide awake at 3:06 am!❤️💚❤️😂 -Beth

Thanks! This was my first year and I was nervous going into it because people talking about how fast things went. Even with the computer issues I kept having on my end, I mostly got what I wanted. Part of the fun was the “did I get it in time”? -Michelle

I know this must be such a crazy amount of work and yet you guys keep doing it each year because you know we love it. I love you guys! – Alex


Joanna and Eric and the rest of the very tired Fig Tree elves too :-).


And we have had MANY MANY requests for some extras on a few things that we will actually be able to restock this year. Check back with us in the next few days and we will have more of the following: CHRISTMAS CREAMS, GINGERBREAD RUNNER, MUSHROOM RUNNER KIT and the MUSHROOM WOODLAND pattern too. Starting tomorrow, we will also be adding a variety of specialty BACKINGS for many of the kits from the sale.

Please remember that nothing purchased now or after the sale will ship right away. NOTHING BUT 12 DAYS ITEMS WILL SHIP UNTIL NEXT WEEK AT THE EARLIEST.

And for a fun little GIVEAWAY CONTEST…

Tell me your ONE FAVORITE ITEM [whether or not you were able to get one] from the whole sale this year to be entered to win a FREE CHRISTMAS BUNDLE! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Michelle Busch | 28th Nov 22

    I think I am going to love the mushroom runner kit! I have never worked with wool. I think it will be a good newbie thing to try. I have seen all the wool stuff however felt it would be over my head. Guess I have to swim now that o got it. 🥰

  2. Lois Morris | 29th Nov 22

    I love the wooden box of minis, of course I loved it all, but the minis are so cute

  3. Janet Friedrich | 29th Nov 22

    The one that got away! The Christmas creams bundle. I looked at it, decided I didn’t “need” it, then changed my mind but it was gone! All in all, tho, I was pretty lucky at grabbing things up! It’s a coin toss about y’all managing to fit it all in one box (not the first time). Thanks again for the fun!

  4. Earlene | 29th Nov 22

    By far my favorite item is the little star pattern…pulling my Figgie fabrics today and going to stitch a few for my tree

  5. Karen Jones | 29th Nov 22

    Unfortunately, was not able to snag anything this year since once it hit my cart was it gone. Really missed the bundle of creams. Fortunately, there is always next year! Happy sewing everyone!

  6. Sonya Hayes | 29th Nov 22

    I had so many favorites but the first one that comes to mind is the grab bag in the felted mushroom pouch. I can’t wait for that to arrive!!! As always, thank you for hosting this event every year. I know it’s alot of work but really do appreciate it. I have been participating for several years now so this event has become part of my holiday traditions. Merry Christmas!

  7. Barbara Rodin | 29th Nov 22

    The Christmas bundle with the pinks in it that was such a great set of fabrics!

  8. Susan Haneline | 29th Nov 22

    There were ‘sew’ many fun things to choose from! I did get a Christmas mug & fat quarter set to make a patchwork star for my daughter which is having hip surgery next week, I know it will brighten her day!❤️

  9. Katie Otto | 29th Nov 22

    I think my favorite was the pineapple Christmas quilt kit that you offered on the first day. I’m really excited to start that one (for Christmas 2023). And my second favorite? EVERYTHING ELSE! Thank you for a fun, adrenaline-filled 12 Days!

  10. Nancy | 29th Nov 22

    The thrill of the race!!

  11. Jolene | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item was the Fig Tree Favorite bundle. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to grab one.

  12. Cheryl Warstler | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item this year was the Mushroom Runner, so cute and unique. Love that I was fast enough to snag one.

  13. Becky S | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the Pink and Red Retro bundle! thanks

  14. Julie Lane | 29th Nov 22

    I always love the fabric bundles and the patterns. The Liberty pin cushion was so pretty. I was in the slow lane, had three strikes in three days in my basket! But I found a some lovely items I will love.

  15. Sharon | 29th Nov 22

    I got the Yuletide Spruce kit in taupe and hope to get the Christmas creams bundle if it becomes available again. Always a joy to shop with you at Christmas and all through the year! Merry Christmas Johanna and all the elves!

  16. Jacquie | 29th Nov 22

    Well, unfortunately, I was not able to get anything. But this is my first year trying to participate in this, and so I didn’t realize how quickly everything went even though y’all said it was gonna go fast, you were not kidding! If I could’ve had anything from the sale. I really loved the Bundle of beautiful, creamy fabric. maybe next year will be my year to get some thing. Hats off to you, you guys did a great Job of managing a whole bunch of us crazy Fig Tree fanatics. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and have a happy prosperous new year.

  17. Jane Corba | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item was the mug with fat quarters. I wasn’t quick enough to get one but I will try again next year!

  18. Brenda | 29th Nov 22

    I love the Christmas creams bundle

  19. Christine Randall | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the mushroom pouch. I hemmed and hawed and before I knew it, it was gone…

  20. Margaret | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite thing is not really a thing. It’s the excitement leading up to this 12 Days event, and the anticipation of each day’s selections. I look forward to it each year. I know it must be a lot of work for you and your elves, but this 12 Days celebration brings a lot of seasonal joy to your fans.

  21. Melanie | 29th Nov 22

    By far the Yuletide Spruce in neutrals!! I can’t WAIT to start working on it!

  22. Cydne | 29th Nov 22

    I love shopping for the bundles! They are my favorite. Sure wish I could snag a cream bundle!

  23. Nikki Kelly | 29th Nov 22

    The Yule tide spruce really caught my eye but unfortunately it wasn’t for me this year. I loved checking in everyday to see what you had!!

  24. Debbie | 29th Nov 22

    Definitely the retro Christmas bundle! I have always loved anything retro and know you always have something unique in that area. Super excited to get my bundle!!

  25. Tonia Zeiler | 29th Nov 22

    I love the mushroom runner kit and was able to snag one of those! I missed the Liberty pin cushions. I had so much fun and look forward to next year!

  26. Henrietta Sheffel | 29th Nov 22

    Christmas creams bundle

  27. Myra Williamd | 29th Nov 22

    I think the Christmas bundle with the pinks was my favorite.

  28. Glenda Isaacson | 29th Nov 22

    So many favorites! But I think my favorite is the gorgeous red and pink bundle that by some miracle, I was able to snag!
    I’m also so very excited about the darling zipper pulls. ❤

  29. Paige McFall | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the vintage Christmas bundle, and I got it! So excited to begin a new project.

  30. Rita Herzberger | 29th Nov 22

    Someone said it already, the thrill of the race. I loved the suspense of what was going to be out there. I think I got about everything I wanted. Also love the bundle with the pinks. (I got it) Can’t wait until next year for the sale.

  31. Jean Blankenship | 29th Nov 22

    I don’t have a favorite, l truly love them all.
    Such a great artist with a keen eye😍 joy to the world we have fig tree fabrics 😍

  32. Sandy | 29th Nov 22

    Bundles, especially red and green Christmas! And then there were the mugs!❣️

  33. Roxanne | 29th Nov 22

    The Christmas cream bundle was oh so sweet…but it is so wonderful!

  34. Jane Opp | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the Christmas mug full of fat quarters but alas, I wasn’t quick enough to get one. There’s always next year! Thank you to all at Fig Tree for another fun 12 days sale!

  35. Dana Haskell | 29th Nov 22

    It was fun to watch and see what was offered. I was always late. I even set my alarm a few times, but either my phone would ring right at the time of posting or I’d be out of the house. One day I was following hubby to the another State a couple of hours away, to pick up a vehicle for his job. So I had to pull over to see if anything was posted. I really loved the red/white bundle and that wool mushroom project was so cute! I think I’d have to have a small hedge hog added with the mushrooms. 🙂 I love working with wool for applique. I also loved the stockings made with the toweling. So pretty and of course, I wish I could decorate the way you do!!

  36. Lois | 29th Nov 22

    I wished I would have gotten the mushroom runner. So adorable but I wasn’t fast enough. Such an amazing 12 days.

  37. Jaylene B. | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite 12 Days of Christmas item was the Pinwheel Wreaths kit.

  38. Jennifer Reed | 29th Nov 22

    I was able to get quite a few “hot” items, but I think the one I was most excited about was the mushroom 🍄 runner kit! Loved that there were a few non-christmas items for a little variety! Thank you!

  39. Lisa | 29th Nov 22

    The wooden box of minis was my favorite

  40. Beverly Lawler | 29th Nov 22

    I love the thrill of ;seeing what will come up everyday! My favorite item was the cream Christmas bundle! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for all your hard work and talent- I love making your quilts!

  41. Katrina | 29th Nov 22

    The mushroom stuff!

  42. Kathy | 29th Nov 22

    Love the Christmas bundle with the towel! It was yummy….

  43. Kathleen | 29th Nov 22

    I love the stocking garland and that’s what I got! Excited to start on that project

  44. Lisa Rettig | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the retro bundle with pink. I would have never put that together myself, but it is absolutely adorable. I can’t wait for my box!!

  45. Deb Myers | 29th Nov 22

    WOW… Hard to pick only one favorite item! If forced to choose, the taupe Yuletide Spruce kit would be my absolute favorite item! I was SO excited to actually score a kit; it was the 1 item that I desperately wanted & hoped to get! SO excited. My favorite item that I wasn’t able to get was the pink/red/green retro bundle…
    Thanks for a wonderful 9/12 Days of Christmas. Sure was a blast 💥!!!

  46. Misti Creach | 29th Nov 22

    I totally enjoy the thrill of the 12 days of Christmas sale. I had alarms set on phone and was ready to buy each day even at 2:00 in the morning and was able to purchase lots of beautiful kits. Thanks for the fun times and I’m looking forward to opening my box when it arrives. My favorite was probably the beige spruce quilt kit or maybe the pineapple quilt, it’s so hard to decide! Merry Christmas all! 🎄

  47. Nancy Burdulis | 29th Nov 22

    I loved it all!! I bought so much!! One of my favorites is the stocking kit!! I love Christmas stockings & these look cute & fun!
    My second favorite is the mushroom table runner with all the yummy wool!! Thank you Joanna, Eric & the busy elves for all you do for us!! ❤️💚

  48. Kathy Korn | 29th Nov 22

    I love your bundles. The fabrics are so great together. I can’t even imagine how you & the elves handle the Twelve Days Of Christmas sale. It is obviously enjoyed by your faithfuls. I didn’t get anything but enjoyed the excitement. Everything went very fast. Love your fabrics & your pictures.
    Happy Holidays & A Wonderful New Year to you, Eric, your family & your Elves & their families.

  49. Heather Payne | 29th Nov 22

    Oh the Christmas creams was my favorite and so pretty! The pincushions were so cute too!

  50. Shannon Vonnegut | 29th Nov 22

    I am most excited about the mushroom pouch, my daughter is going to love it!

  51. Linda Hoover | 29th Nov 22

    The Christmas bundle but I missed it. And I always love the quilts. No success this year but last year I really snagged a ton!

  52. Peg Gonzalez | 29th Nov 22

    I think my favorite is the mushroom table runner. It called to me as soon as I saw it and I was so happy to get one even though I kept getting an error message while checking out. Because of that I accidentally got 2 kits but that’s not a bad thing since I know my sister will love it when I give it to her for her birthday in January.

  53. Julianna Hedges | 29th Nov 22

    I think my favorite was the cream bundle. I love the 1/2 yard cuts and can’t wait to use the yummy bundle for the “Simply Half Yards” SAL. My second was the mug of FQS. I love them every year and this ye are I finally was fast enough. Again thank you so much for the fun filled days!

  54. chenn Waggoner | 29th Nov 22

    I had so much fun as always with the sale! I think my favorite item was the cream bundle. but it got snatched from my cart! Thank you for all the work you and your team put in to this event!

  55. Patty Heuer | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite is the tan and cream Yuletide spruce kit!! So excited to receive my goodies!! Thank you!

  56. Rita Smick | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the Pinwheel Wreath quilt kit! This was so much fun! Thank you for all your hard work

  57. Theresa | 29th Nov 22

    I especially like the Christmas cream bundle! But it was all fabulous. It has become a fun tradition for me.

  58. Cathy Howe | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the Yuletide Spruce in neutrals (but missed it)!

  59. Sandra | 29th Nov 22

    My favourite item was the Christmas fabric bundle with the creams, pinks and reds. Oh so so so beautiful! And I managed to have it stay in my cart while I checked out. Thank you for such beautiful products.

  60. Judith McLaren | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the mushrooms table runner! I’m in love with it!

  61. stephanie | 29th Nov 22

    Cream bundle

  62. Maria Raab | 29th Nov 22

    The Yuletide in soft neutrals…swoon. I’m working on my second quilt (ever!)…Christmas Cottage and I just love each and every sweet fabric. Merry Christmas, Figgy Friend. 🎄

  63. Kathy | 29th Nov 22

    Although I was unable to get any of the bundles or kits, my favorite was the spruce tree kit. I really want to do one of those.

  64. Laura C | 29th Nov 22

    Christmas creams bundle

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 29th Nov 22

      We have that in the shop now. But it probalby won’t last very long!

  65. Kathy Orr | 29th Nov 22

    Although I was unable to get any of the bundles or kits, my favorite was the spruce tree kit. I really want to do one of those.

  66. Karen Monday | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the Yuletide Spruce kit…beautiful. I wasn’t fast enough to get these goodies, but maybe next year. Thanks for the fun.

  67. Sue Schultz | 29th Nov 22

    It is hard to choose one favorite. All your bundles were so beautiful and your mushroom runner I am in love with. My one favorite is the pinwheel wreath quilt. I love it!

  68. Heidi Mathews | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was “the chase”. I had something to look forward to everyday. You guys do an amazing job!

  69. Michelle | 29th Nov 22

    The pinwheel quilt was a favorite. It was crazy to watch items disappear from the cart instantly! I started timing it!

  70. Jean Apple | 29th Nov 22

    The one that got away, the reds, pink, green bundle I had fun, thank you!

  71. Barbara | 29th Nov 22

    I loves the chase and the bundles , but really, how do you pick a favorite…it was all so cute you just wanted it all…

  72. Michelle N | 29th Nov 22

    I wish I had seen the apron! That was super cute and I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat!

  73. Ann | 29th Nov 22

    Love the excitement of the 12 Days of Christmas sale! I missed out on my favorite the pink fabric bundle! I do so LOVE pink! Thanks for a fun shopping event.

  74. Stacey Hunter | 29th Nov 22

    I would have enjoyed the little wooden box of mini charms. I had fun watching it all disappear even though I was not able to participate. So glad it was a booming success!

  75. Karen Dellinger | 29th Nov 22

    Mushroom runner was my favorite! Fun to sit back and enjoy watching the sale this year. What a great Fig Tree community.

  76. Wendy | 29th Nov 22

    Love the 12 days! So hard to pick a favorite but if I must say ONE it’s the Yuletide Spruce kit that I got in the middle of the night. Thanks for a fun 2 weeks!

  77. Mary Kolb | 29th Nov 22

    The Yuletide Spruce quilt kit was exquisite!

  78. Terry G | 29th Nov 22

    All the bundles were so beautiful but I was fascinated by the taupe yuletide spruce kit. Of course I did not snag it fast enough but hope collect the fabrics to make it one day soon.

  79. Sandra McDaniel | 29th Nov 22

    The creamy bundle was beautiful….wasn’t able to snag it but it was great to look at!

  80. Candace Koester | 29th Nov 22

    Oh I loved the wooden box of minis!! If I wasn’t able to grab one single other item, just that would have made it all worth it. (I did grab a couple other little things, so I’m extra happy!) Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  81. Julie Rogan | 29th Nov 22

    Oh, the elusive mug of fat quarters is my favorite item. One day it shall be mine! It was lots of fun this year, despite the fact that I remain mugless 😀 Thanks for all the hard work!

  82. Debra Taylor | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite thing you posted this year was the cream bundle and the zipper pulls! I wasn’t able to catch most of the posts this year, but next year is coming! Happy New Year to the Fig Tree Family

  83. Diane Ruby | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the cream bundle! We were traveling and it escaped me but I see it is available in the shop. Yay! Again, thank you for the 12 days Christmas sale — sew fun!

  84. Darlene | 29th Nov 22

    The Christmas bundle. Love that they are 1/2 yard pieces

  85. Lorna D | 29th Nov 22

    I enjoyed following along with the fun, checking the Blog each day to see wbat I missed!! My favorites were the box of mini charms and the cream FQ bundle!

  86. Maureen Aksamit | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the cream bundle!

  87. Tamie zolman | 29th Nov 22

    I was unable to snag anything this year. The Christmas cream bundle is what I really wanted.

  88. Penelope | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the Neutral Yuletide Spruce Kit; I chose to not stay up for the ‘wee’ hours launch! Missed that one and certainly did not miss the second one! I am grateful to have picked up a couple of items and look forward to next year’s festive shopping experience🎄

  89. Kristy Barlond | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the Yuletide Spruce kit.

  90. Leanne | 29th Nov 22

    That neutral Yuletide spruce kit was beautiful!!! My fingers were not fast enough and POOF it was gone! Maybe next year😂
    Fun to check out all of the items and read the blog daily.

  91. Stephanie Otts | 29th Nov 22

    The beautiful Christmas bundle with the pink fabrics! It was so unexpected and so fun to see. I logged in too late grab it but I can’t wait too see what the lucky ones who got one put together.

  92. Lori Hubert | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item was the fat quarters in the mug….can’t wait to see what beautiful Christmasy mug I get this year, my kids and I love them!!!

  93. Maridel Armstrong | 29th Nov 22

    I think my favorite was the cream bundle. I didn’t get it but love the colors.

  94. Alicia Merlino | 29th Nov 22

    I love the zipper pulls! Don’t even have to make something to use them. I can just pop them on my favorite bag.

  95. Jeanie | 29th Nov 22

    Wooden box of minis!

  96. MLiss Hunter | 29th Nov 22

    Your mushroom runner kit. I love it and it would go so well with the woodland Christmas quilt I am almost done wit.

  97. Ruthann Lindsay | 29th Nov 22

    This was the first year I was able to get anything…..was so much fun. Missed out on my favorites the retro bundle and zipper pulls. Love zipper pulls Hope you have some designed from Fruit Cocktail fabric.

  98. Kim | 29th Nov 22

    Tan and cream Yuletide Spruce, wasn’t quick enough to put in my cart :), but had lots of fun and love what I was able to get! Thanks for all you do!!

  99. Elizabeth | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the neutral trees kit and in addition to not remembering the name I’m not sure if I got one! 🤣 I know that I managed to get several beautiful items but honestly can’t remember what they were. This box will truly be a Christmas surprise for me 💕

  100. Rita Nichols | 29th Nov 22

    I like the Christmas colors bundles or the creams.

  101. Eve | 29th Nov 22

    A toss up between the mushroom runner kit (love your wools and your mushrooms) and the Gingerbread House Table Runner – I’ve been wanting to make this in Cinnamon and Cream since the collection was announced.

  102. Grammi Sharon | 29th Nov 22

    Was not able to participate this year but I watched everyday for the fun of it. I salivated over every fabric bundle. Next year…..

  103. Susan Dowhaniak | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the mug with fat quarters and the Fig Tree Sharpie pen. Didn’t get either one, but there is next year. Thank you for all your hard work.

  104. Susan Matthews | 29th Nov 22

    The Lone Star is my favorite kit, but I love all of your kits!

  105. Jennifer | 29th Nov 22

    I’m looking forward to making the little stockings! They’ll look great in my kitchen that I do in red & white!

  106. Angela | 29th Nov 22

    Although I missed out on the goodies, it is always fun to see what Joanna comes up with each year. My favorite thing was the Retro pink Christmas bundle…beautiful!!

  107. Chela | 29th Nov 22

    The wooden box of minis was so cute! Maybe I will be able to play next year.

  108. CarolAnn Hawkins | 29th Nov 22

    The Fig Tree favorites bundle was my favorite item. This was my first year, it was a crazy awesome event! I’m disappointed I wasn’t fast enough to grab the toweling stocking bundle. Looking forward to joining the craziness next year!

  109. Anna Chapman | 29th Nov 22


  110. Marcia Archer | 29th Nov 22

    Tough to pick just one favorite but I think I’d have to say the Retro Whimsy bundle.😊I wasn’t fast enough to get that one but I was able to pick up several things I wanted on other days. This was my first year participating and it was great fun! Thanks everyone!

  111. Sarah | 29th Nov 22

    Everything!!! I love all the Christmas fabric. Didn’t get to buy anything 😭 I wasn’t fast enough. Hopefully I will next year!

  112. Debbi Murray | 29th Nov 22

    Love it all. Unfortunately with my work schedule every time I got a chance to check for specials everything was sold out! Christmas creams would be at the top of my list. I did enjoy seeing everyone’s posts of projects.

  113. Renee Bolden | 29th Nov 22

    The mushroom runner! I would turn it into a wall hanging. I did not get it but it was my favorite. Next would be the Christmas tree quilt.

  114. Myra Hampton | 29th Nov 22

    I loved everything but if I had to choose 1 item it would be the Neutral Yuletide Spruce Quilt😍🥰. Thank you again Joanna & Elves! I racked up this year and am looking forward to next year already!!!

  115. Kathy English | 29th Nov 22

    I enjoyed all of the Twelve Days! I actually had a hard time figuring out what to get! I set my alarm and only miscalculated my time difference once, so that day I missed out. The one thing I wish I had gotten was the PinWheel Wreath quilt kit by Susan! It’s gorgeous. I also wish I had gotten the cream bundle. So soft and pretty…

  116. Susan W | 29th Nov 22

    The Christmas creams fabric bundle is my absolute favorite!

  117. Mary | 29th Nov 22

    This was my first 12 Days of Christmas sale . At first I was disappointed because I wasn’t able to buy what I wanted. On Day #4 I had an eye doctor appointment and couldn’t work my phone quickly enough to purchase what was probably my favorite, the Red and Neutral Christmas bundle. But from then on I threw caution to the wind and had several successful shopping excursions including at 3am. Thank you so much for all the work that goes in to organizing this awesome program!!!

  118. Shelley Nichols | 29th Nov 22

    I loved the Christmas Cottage! I had it in my cart but it got snagged away while I was entering my PayPal password 😩.

  119. Beverly Webster | 29th Nov 22

    I really, really, REALLY wanted the reds and greens bundle on day 8 – We were travelling back home from Thanksgiving vacation and I had missed most of the days due to spotty internet in the mountains, but I got on my phone and had it in my cart , and was paying for it – and then Lost it! Oh well, I did get a couple things and it was great fun! Thank you and your fantastic team for all the beauty!

  120. Jaime Reardon | 29th Nov 22

    The bundles were gorgeous. My favorite, the pinks and reds💕❤️

  121. Denise | 29th Nov 22

    I was way to slow to get anything,but it’s always the fabric for me!

  122. Krystal Bray | 29th Nov 22

    I missed sooo many great things but especially missed the cream bundle. That bundle is absolutely gorgeous!

  123. Kristin Scott | 29th Nov 22

    The pinwheel wreath kit was definitely my favorite!!!

  124. Cindy Garaas | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite was the only bundle that I snagged.

  125. Rebecca Blair | 29th Nov 22

    Sadly, I was unable to participate in the sale this year due to a family emergency, but I did enjoy watching how quickly things disappeared. I did have my eye on the Retro Whimsy bundle though. That little touch of aqua makes my heart go pitter-patter!

  126. Jan moher | 29th Nov 22

    I love the pink and red retro bundle. Everything was just adorable

  127. Vicki Tritle | 29th Nov 22

    This was my first year for the 12 Day Sale and unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to get any of the items during the sale. However, I was able to get the Gingerbread Table Runner kit when more were made available afterward! I was hoping there would be some version of the Gingerbread pattern in the sale, so I’m really excited to get it! Thank you!

  128. Heidi | 29th Nov 22

    Such fun ! The bundles were definitely a favorite 🎄

  129. Stephanie Adams | 29th Nov 22

    I think the Christmas Stitched Yuletide Jellyroll Snowflake Kit was Magnificent! Thank you for all the hard work on your end organizing and sorting. This was my first time participating and it was easy to see it was no small feat to put together.

  130. Lynn | 29th Nov 22

    I tried and tried but no luck getting to purchase anything this year or last. I really liked the Fig Tree Favorites bundle. I recently bought the Christmas Figs Sampler book and this would have been perfect. I also loved the kit that was available the first day, no luck with this either. Maybe next year. Until next year’s sale, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for better luck and faster fingers.

  131. Misty | 29th Nov 22

    I think my favorite thing this year was the pinwheel quilt. So cute! I did not get one bit loved it. The one thing I was disappointed in was not being able to purchase the pattern I wanted with the 25% off pattern sale. I actually was waiting specifically for that sale to purchase that pattern so that was a bit disappointing.

  132. Linda Kjorstad | 29th Nov 22

    By far was the Christmas creams bundle! Wasn’t lucky enough to get it, though! Maybe, hopefully it will be offered again!

  133. Kris | 29th Nov 22

    The pinwheel quilt was awesome

  134. Sherri | 29th Nov 22

    I’m thinking my favorite is the Yuletide Spruce kit in taupe ! Cant wait to work on it 🙂

  135. Candy | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item if I had to choose one, it would be the Liberty apple pin cushion. Although I was not fast enough to grab one, it was so cute. ❤️

  136. Sherri | 29th Nov 22

    my favorite is the Yuletide Spruce kit in taupe ! Cant wait to work on it 🙂

  137. Joyce | 29th Nov 22

    The pinwheel quilt.

  138. Tami Palmer | 29th Nov 22

    I’m so beyond thrilled to have been able to get the gorgeous 1/2 yard bundle on day 8! I can’t wait to see what I decide to make with it. I was also hoping to get the mugs with the fat quarters but I couldn’t get my information in fast enough. I will try again for it next year! This was so much fun!!!

  139. Debra | 29th Nov 22

    I definitely missed out on the Christmas pineapple kit! But everything is just so pretty. Happy end of November!

  140. Suzanne Nelson | 29th Nov 22

    Your mushroom wool and fabric table runner is the BEST. I hope I’m able to get it in the future. Thanks for making so much cute stuff!!!! Happy days ahead!

  141. Mary | 29th Nov 22

    My favorite item was the Yuletide kit in the gorgeous creams with that splash of red. I missed it, but wow, it is so beautiful, i have been crazily trying to find those specific fabrics to do my own kit. Just a very classy look!

  142. Karen Sanford | 29th Nov 22

    Always so Fun to participate in 12 Days of Christmas! I Loved the Christmas Apron but unfortunately wasn’t able to get one due to not being available during that time. I was able to get the taupe version of Yuletide Spruce at 1:00 am 😂

  143. Colleen | 29th Nov 22

    I love a challenge! I had the best time keeping my mind busy! I had a lot going on this year and it was a perfect escape from my reality sale! Loved every item!! I didn’t get the Yuletide star kit but loved it!! Thank you ladies! Good game!

  144. Mary | 29th Nov 22

    Oh my goodness this is always a fun adventure. I’ve been hooked on this maybe since it first started. The Christmas pineapple kit was a win this year! The mushroom table runner was adorable but I waited too long. Thanks so much to the Fig Tree team for us Figgy fanatics ❤️

  145. Betty Dettore | 29th Nov 22

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick up anything. I tried to fill up my box every day. This was the first time trying the 12day sales! I loved it. I had the retro pink bundle in my cart, but it was grabbed up before I could finalize the sale. I think it would be a beautiful quilt.

  146. Holly Hehenberger | 29th Nov 22

    Loved everything! Can’t wait to get the retro bundle.

  147. Charlotte Castine | 29th Nov 22

    Christmas cream bundle! Love all the Christmas fabric!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  148. Beth | 29th Nov 22

    I would have loved the box with the mini charms. Merry Christmas to all of you at fig tree.

  149. Cheryl Sparks | 29th Nov 22

    I was just hoping to get something involving fabric. Anything. I would have been happy with the little mini charms just to look at and pet. I struck out, so here’s hoping I do better next year.

  150. Lisa Parlett | 29th Nov 22

    Hard to pick but the Pink and Red bundle sticking out just little bit more. lol.

  151. Sandra Johnston | 29th Nov 22

    What I loved the most was the neutral trees kit, which I slept through. But I got so much stuff, I won’t miss it, lol.

  152. Shirley L | 29th Nov 22

    My bat signal didn’t arrive in time for most things that I wanted. By the time I sprang into action, they were sold out. I’ll have to figure that out for next year. The Christmas creams bundle is the one that really makes my heart pitter patter and I missed it today too. Lol

  153. Karen Christiansen | 29th Nov 22

    I’m super excited for the box of min-charm packs. We moved this year and my quilting supplies have been packed up since March. The renovations of our basement, which will create my new studio, should finish this week. When it’s done, I’m making a bee-line to IKEA to buy a big set of Kallax cubes and I envision a cute display of those and any more I unearth in a nice big jar.

  154. Gail | 29th Nov 22

    Loved the little star pattern. Gathering fabrics today.

  155. Jeanine Knight | 29th Nov 22

    Your fabric bundles are always amazing! I was really lucky and snagged the little box of mini charms which I’m really excited about. Thank you for an exciting and fun time! ❤️

  156. Barb Craft | 30th Nov 22

    I would have to say the bundles are my favorite, but the mini charms are a close second. Hoping I get lucky enough to grab one during a sale sometime.

  157. Carla M. | 30th Nov 22

    My favorite was the Christmas creams bundle. I was not able to buy this year but the fun of watching the race was just as rewarding. Looking forward to the fruity fun coming up!!!

  158. Susan Ingram | 30th Nov 22

    I especially enjoyed this event this year. I recently had surgery and am home recovering. This event gave me something to look forward to. It was definitely the highlight of my day. I love your Pinwheel Wreath kit.

  159. Judith McNabb | 30th Nov 22

    Though I didn’t get it my favorite was the wooden box with mini charms. I had fun watching everyone’s excitement.

  160. Marilyn S | 30th Nov 22

    I love the Christmas Cottage pattern. Your patterns are all just divine.

  161. Doreen | 30th Nov 22

    I’m so looking forward to the little wooden box filled with goodies and the mugs you and your daughter collect and share with us. Sew fun! I did miss that retro bundle of pinks, reds and cream. Hope you offer something like that at your shop.

  162. Beth Anne | 30th Nov 22

    I was lucky enough to snag the mug and fat quarters. I waited too long to make a decision to get the cream fabric set. This was my first year and I really enjoyed the thrill of finding out what was posted each day. My children thought I was nuts, but it was such fun. Looking forward to next year.

  163. Jenny Reese | 30th Nov 22

    @the feltedpear’s table top quilt kit along with her book was my happy purchase this year! Susan is another wonderful designer and I can’t wait to see her quilt for my home alongside my Joanna quilts and projects ❤️🎄

  164. Kitty Moyer | 30th Nov 22

    I didn’t manage to snag anything but the bundle of Christmas creams was gorgeous!

  165. Sharon | 30th Nov 22

    I loved the box with mini charms! One of my many favorites!

  166. Becky | 30th Nov 22

    The Yuletide Spruce kit in taupe – so enjoyed checking in every day and seeing what was offered. Thanks

  167. Michelle Reiland | 30th Nov 22

    I love the stockings the most. I can’t wait to make them.

  168. Shelley | 30th Nov 22

    I loved it all!! I especially liked the retro pink and the Christmas Creams bundle and the gingerbread and mushroom 🍄 runners! I missed out on Yuletide Spruce in the tan but there will be enough in my box(es) to keep me busy for a long time. Cheers to Johanna and the Elves and Merry Christmas 🎄⛄🎄!

  169. Deb | 30th Nov 22

    Christmas creams bundle. I didn’t get anything this year! 😥 We were out of town Thanksgiving week so it was very hard to keep up with the time Fig tree was going live, esp when there are cute grandchildren to play with. 😉

  170. Marilyn R | 30th Nov 22

    I am one of the unsnagables. 🤣 I really liked the mushroom runner, it reminded me of the 70s when my mom had a couple of mushroom designs in some cups. Also I lived the Christmas creams. I’m making a game plan for next year so I might be able to get something. Thank you to you and your elves.

  171. Stephanie Z Hironimus | 30th Nov 22

    I was super excited to realize the vintage spool magnets are made right here near me in Pennsylvania! I would have also loved to snag the wooden box of minis..

  172. Tatyana Hamel | 30th Nov 22

    I love the Little Box of Minis. I got one last year and I’m ready to stack!

  173. Kim Beiswenger | 30th Nov 22

    That mushroom 🍄 kit got my heart! It is going to go so well with my woodlands quilt. I don’t know if a kit has ever got me so excited. I loved the retro stack I snagged but hands down the mushrooms stole the show for me. Please do more with this theme – you are amazing!

  174. Diana Marlow | 30th Nov 22

    Yuletide neutral made my heart leap and my fingers fly!
    I remember my first year with the 12 Days of Christmas that I did not get a thing! I am surprised that I did get my box and some filled. Thank you for making beautiful kits and bundles and wonder ideas to keep us inspired and happy!
    I have moved and do not have a quilt store near by so you have became my only go to for beautiful fabrics and inspiration! Will be a joy to sew and dream visions of Christmas days to come.

  175. Susan Clinton | 30th Nov 22

    I missed out on the minis in the little wooden box. It was so cute!

  176. Sandy | 30th Nov 22

    My favorite was the pink and red retro bundle. Also, LOVE the pinwheel quilt kit by Susan. Thank you for a fun filled 12 days!

  177. Dayna | 30th Nov 22

    What a fun time these 12 days have been each year! I loved the beautiful bundles, the pineapple quilt, but I was slow this year! Wishing you all joy in your sewing/quilting !

  178. Elise | 30th Nov 22

    My favorite was the retro Christmas bundle

  179. Evie | 30th Nov 22

    I just recently discovered your line of fabrics and fell totally in love with Christmas Stitched. And now I’m hopelessly hooked. Merry Christmas!!!!

  180. Deborrah Allen | 30th Nov 22

    I’m excited that I nabbed a gingerbread table runner kit! Favorite!!!

  181. Joni Jecklin | 30th Nov 22

    So many wonderful items, Joanna! The mug with fat quarters was great, and I also enjoy having the little notion kits – just the right price and easy to add to the cart.

    This year I was visiting family, so I wasn’t able to catch things as quickly as necessary – but I am happy for everyone AND for you, that customers supported your business. It’s because we love you and your products, oh so very much.

    Merry Christmas!


  182. Vickie | 30th Nov 22

    I’m excited about the grab bag because I can’t wait to see what is in it. I also love the bundles and the quick project kits. I ordered the lanyards to make for gifts. I got some things I wanted and missed some but am happy for others to have gotten things too. There wasn’t anything in the sale that I didn’t love this year!

  183. Deborah M Kloss | 30th Nov 22

    I missed out on all the goodies….this is my first year…I need to learn the ropes! I would have loved to get the Christmas Creams bundle. I am working on several quilts with Fig Tree fabric and could use a good selection of neutrals. Thanks for the fun!

  184. Stephanie | 30th Nov 22

    Gingerbread table runner kit!

  185. Christy | 30th Nov 22

    Wow you were right in that this sale is crazy! It was so much fun to read along and see the aftermath. LOL I wasn’t fast enough to grab anything, but the one thing that really caught my eye was the mug and fat quarter idea. What a cute gift!!! I absolutely love your fabrics and patterns, and so happy I discovered you through Moda Blockheads.

  186. Diane Wilkinson | 30th Nov 22

    I had a blast, I was on a 7 day road trip, setting my alarm every day!
    My family always asked did you get anything? I was able to get the pineapple kit, and the fob kit ( i.missed out 3 years ago when it was Catalina fabric)
    Sadly I didn’t get the mushroom runner! Always devoted, Diane

  187. Heidi | 30th Nov 22

    Loved the sale! My favorite were the darling mugs with fabric. Couldn’t buy them in time before they sold out though! Maybe next year 😉

  188. Denise | 30th Nov 22

    This was my first time participating, I think my favorite was the Christmas creams. Everyday had something special. Thank you for your hard work. 🙏

  189. Wanda Hall | 30th Nov 22

    I loved and absolutely missed out on everything, but I mourned the loss of the Candy Cane Coasters and the beautiful Christmas Towels the most!! So that set comes to mind quickly! Merry Christmas!!

  190. Kathy Guenther | 30th Nov 22

    I really liked the little mushroom felted pouch with sewing items, as well as the wreath kit by Susan and the charm pack book. Sorry I missed that one! I will definitely be back next year!!

  191. Debra | 30th Nov 22

    Day 4’s Red and Cream bundle was gorgeous and my absolute favorite item of the sale.

  192. Heidi Bretall | 30th Nov 22

    I loved the Christmas mug. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get one!

  193. Susan Gilbertson | 30th Nov 22

    I love the bundles of fabric, quilts, and quilty gifts! My most favorite by far this year is the mushroom 🍄 runner. I could not click fast enough and panicked when the computer was slow at processing the order. I accidentally purchased more notepads than I needed, but that means I just need to find more quilty friends to share with.
    I had to go back and read the blog and not just look at the pictures. I can’t wait to make it! This one is definitely one I will make to myself. ❤️🍄❤️🍄❤️

  194. Susan Prosnansky | 30th Nov 22

    The Christmas creams bundle.

  195. Melanie C | 30th Nov 22

    I loved the Christmas Stitched pinwheel kits from the Charmed Book. So many fabulous products were available.

  196. Darlene L. | 30th Nov 22

    The Pink retro bundle really caught my eye, but I was not fast enough to score one! In fact, this is the first year I did not get anything. Will have to wait a whole year to try again.

  197. Christine | 1st Dec 22

    I’m very excited to have scored the mushroom runner kit! I haven’t even received it yet but already know where I’ll be putting it. I missed the mushroom woodland pattern if that was offered during the 12 days event and I’m pretty anxious to see it offered in the shop (as I’m sure I’ll be needing one🤪) along with the new Figtree swag. It just keeps getting better! Everything is always so Figalicious!!!! ❤️🤩😍

  198. Rori Jensen | 1st Dec 22

    Another wonderful sale and I was able to snag some items and also practice GREAT self-control. The mushroom table runner was so cute and I wasn’t fast enough for it. The pink retro bundle was also adorable.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  199. Yvonne Beyer | 1st Dec 22

    I love the Christmas Creams bundle.

  200. Lysa Arismendez | 1st Dec 22

    My favorite was the Christmas tree kit which I was lucky enough to snag in the middle of the night. This was my first time participating and I loved the experience. Thank you!

  201. Stacy Lindblom | 1st Dec 22

    Oh gosh, I think the star ornament pattern is my favorite. I love everything Fig Tree but that one was my fav this year. Thank you!

  202. Delayne | 1st Dec 22

    I loved the Christmas cream bundle. Happy Holidays everyone!

  203. Kristina DeWitt | 1st Dec 22

    I loved the retro bundle with the pinks! 🎄 of course I didn’t get one- I managed to get a couple things though! I’ve watched for years but first time I participated! Are these the shoppers that scare me out of going shopping on Black Friday!😬😉😁 Just Teasing! ❤️❤️❤️

  204. Shari | 2nd Dec 22

    Christmas Creams bundle. I didn’t get it, but it was so pretty!

  205. Linda B | 2nd Dec 22

    Can’t wait to wear the cute Christmas apron, got my rolling pin and cookie cutters on standby!🍡🍥

  206. Theresa | 2nd Dec 22

    I really like the Yuletide Spruce in taupe…my fingers weren’t fast enough tho 🙂

  207. Jan | 3rd Dec 22

    The Christmas creams were my favorite but loved all others! Tried and tried to purchase but not fast enough! So happy for all the people that got to purchase all the fun things!

  208. Renee | 4th Dec 22

    The retro bundle was my favorite but I did not get one in time. I still had a lot of fun and got some nice things.

  209. Debbi Murray | 23rd Dec 22

    Sadly due to time difference and working full time I wasn’t able to get anything. Everything looked so amazing plus all the extras! Loved everything…would have gotten cream bundle or pinwheel wreath kit. !
    Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas! ❤️🎄

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