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Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

First & Last Quilts…. kind of

Well, I have finally caved to peer pressure. MANY of you have been tormenting me for days…. you know exactly who you are… Camille and others…. about joining these festivities that Carrie and Camille started last week. What were you gals thinking of anyway? You all just needed something good to chuckle about didn't you? Slow summer :-)…? I kept telling you that I had absolutely no idea where my first quilt was or exactly how to find it.  You didn't believe me. I know it sounded like an excuse. But it is all true. Really!  I finally went through my quilt closets this morning and couldn't find any trace of it. I know I still have it somewhere, its just been a long time since I actually located it.  On a side note, our local quilt shop…