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Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Off to Alden Lane Quilt Show

Jelly Girl Taking a little break from the sneak peak photo bonanza tonite and prepping my materials to teach a class tomorrow at the Alden Lane Outdoor Quilt Show in Livermore, CA. I will be teaching angles, diamonds and angled blocks made easy from my Jelly Girl, Jelly Stars, Sweet Sugar Swirls & French Kiss patterns. This unique show is kind of a Northern California legend, started and sponsored for years by Alex Anderson and a beautiful local nursery and garden center. Each year a huge variety of quilts are hung in 100 year old oak trees throughout the gardens. Quilts include those of the two featured artists along with other local quilters. The nursery is decorated for fall and the result is pure quilting magic! Classes are completely sold out but the show itself will continue throughout Saturday & Sunday and will be showcasing 40 of my favorite quilts…