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Daily Archives: December 17, 2009

Amelia & Me: Winter Version

One of our newest patterns, Amelia & Me, just got finished up a few weeks ago and started shipping last week. It is one of my favorite pattern covers with my daughter on it. I think she looks very Southern Belle, doesn't she? Maybe its just me, I am a bit biased after all! As soon as it started shipping, we had a sudden freeze in Northern California where we live and somehow the sending out of a sweet spring girls hat pattern, just didn't sound right [even though I know stores will be using it for their early Spring stock, yada, yada].  So we whipped up a wool version that turned out even easier than the original… no lining or interfacing of any kind. Just wool, felted is better so it can be washed later. And voila, a wonderful winter version of Amelia…