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Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

Introduction #7

Back to Introductions today… are you tired of these yet? Sometime I wish you could talk right back to me so i knew what you were thinking… but I guess that's what twitter is for. By the way, are you on twitter? Its kinda fun, on the days when you have time to play with it. Just saying. Anyway,  this is my favorite jelly roll pattern in a long time. Something about it. Its simple. Its classic and so far, I love it in any color combination I have seen it in.  Actually it doesn't even use the whole jelly roll, can you believe that? Just 30 strips if I am remembering my math correctly…. … this is the cover shot of Jelly Parfait. Made from Fresh Cottons with a cream background and a very light sashing strip. Almost completely blends…