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Daily Archives: April 13, 2016

Winners and Updates

SHERBET & CREAM QUILT ALONG UPDATES For those of you who have started following along on our Sherbets & Creams Quilt Along, here is some info: Question #1: There are more Sherbet Bundles coming… and then more after that! For those of you who have ordered already, your bundles have either already gone out or will go out on Friday when the next set of fabric arrives. Question #2: Yes, we have another cream bundle up on the site as of 5 minutes ago!   Question #3: You can join in any time you like. I will give some instructions on the solids next weekend but if your bundle hasn't arrived by then, don't worry. Just start when you can! We will be "quilting along" for at least 4 weeks! I am also posting some photos as I go along on Instagram, just…