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Daily Archives: April 21, 2016

Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along #2

I hope you guys had fun making cream 4-patches… I loved it!!! I kept adding more and more creams because I couldn't just stick with what I started. Having a bit of serious fabric ADD around here right now. I have a very real feeling that right after Market I might just be making an entire quilt with nothing but these cream beauties. I think you might want to join me there too. I think it might be the perfect summer throw. Just saying. ** WE HAVE MORE SHERBET BUNDLE AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP AND WE NOW HAVE A NEW CREAM BUNDLE TOO** Anyway…..   Okay… so in terms of the solids, this is what I am doing. We are going to be making these fun PUMPKIN SEED SHAPES for the entire quilt.   Now before you panic and decide that you are out because it is appliqu…