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Daily Archives: March 4, 2020

MODA Blockheads:Block #8

Welcome to Week #8 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS SEW ALONG! This week is brought to you by the quiet but hysterical Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson. She is the Simpson and her sister Polly is the Minick. But Polly doesn’t quilt. LOL. Long story. Check out her blog HERE. She is a master appliquer and hand quilter. Yes, a lot of those amazing quilts she shows on her blog and Instagram… yes, hand quilted my friends. She also does fantastic large stitch hand quilting… which is one of the main things that inspired me to buy my Sashiko machine. True story. I will never find the time or, let’s be honest, the patience to do that kind of stitching but I absolutely love love love how it looks. So my Sashiko machine is the closest I am going to come. Just saying. Laurie…