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Daily Archives: February 11, 2021

Stitchery Sampler Sew Along: Block #6

Welcome back to Block #6 info for our STITCHERY SAMPLER SEW ALONG. If you need background information, please click HERE or HERE. BLOCK #6 INFO & VIDEO This block is our STEMS block, and a perfect opportunity to really utilize some of my favorite SEW AND FLIP method… the one that I talk about all the time in so many of my patterns. The pattern is pretty straight forward but there are a few HINTS & TIPS that I would love to share. Come on over to YouTube to see my scrappy version and all the things I think you might want to pay attention to. Enjoy! CLICK HERE for the VIDEO. Happy Sewing! Follow us on Instagram HERE: For some special INSTAGRAM ONLY SEW ALONG GIVEAWAYS throughout the project for the upcoming weeks. Come join us in our Facebook Group: Fig Tree Quilts Friends HERE to see us…