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Daily Archives: March 31, 2021

Springtime Wool Goodies: Bunny Mat

I couldn’t quite stop after making the lavender sachets – I had all sorts of springtime wool projects on my mind!  While setting out our Easter decorations and changing out our springtime quilts, I thought what fun it might be to make a small wool mat to pair with a candle and a bouquet of fresh flowers on my kitchen table.  I started doodling a running bunny with some strawberries and the Springtime Wool Bunny Mat was born. We thought you might enjoy making a bunny mat for your spring décor too! If you purchased our SPRINGTIME WOOL GOODIES, all of the shapes are in the kit. If not, you can draw your own, look for free shapes online and/or use ours as inspiration! Click HERE for some of the wool goodies we have. MATERIALS NEEDED 9” x 17” Hand dyed Weeks Wool in…