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Daily Archives: March 16, 2022

MODA Blockheads IV is almost here!

For those of you who have participated with us before, you know the weekly fun of MODA BLOCKHEADS. Last year when we participated, we made a red and cream masterpiece that will go down in the books… that quilt was a lot of work and we loved every minute of it but we are ready for something a bit more straightforward this year [feel free to scroll back to some of last year’s posts if you want to see more about that quilt]. This year the program is a bit more subdued and a bit shorter [previous years have lasted the full year and included 50+ blocks] with 28 MODA designers participating, each contributing a single block and MODA adding in a few bonus blocks to round out the group for those of you who want to keep going for a bigger quilt. We are very excited…