A Little Stash of Goodies…

There is a little giveaway going on over here. You might want to check it out.

Talk to you really soon. I think the UPS truck might have dropped off some goodies here this morning…

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  1. Dallas | 26th Apr 10

    I read on the blog you reference about Emma and Lucy. Why no pictures of them? I have three beagels and can’t imagine now showing them off.

  2. Stephanie | 26th Apr 10

    Wonderful article. Thank you for leading us to the wonderful giveaway. I’m still hoping the dishes will wash themselves!

  3. sherri | 26th Apr 10

    Great article…must talk to my husband about grocery shopping soon!

  4. Mary Jean Price | 27th Apr 10

    Love all your designs and fabrics.Just this morning finished two of your little bowls and going to start the cherry blossom pin cushion next.

  5. Paige Hill | 27th Apr 10

    Great Job Joanna! Wish I could enter:) Have a great night! Paige

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