A mini walk through the Cottswalds

As I walked around the British countryside known as the Cottswalds, I kept thinking about how I was going to capture what I was seeing. I mean I took 5 cards worth of pictures, many of them of my family, many of them of the traditional thatched roof cottages prevalant in that part of the country… but yet somehow I wasn’t sure that I could explain what I was seeing.
So I thought I would take a short late afternoon walk, after our traditional tea [now there is a custom I could get seriously used to… tea with scones covered in clotted cream… uuummmmmmm] and take as many small shots as I could. Here is the result of my walk and the hope that at least you might be able to imagine a tiny bit of what I saw….


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Diana Marlow | 10th Jul 08

    What wonderful pitures! Thank you for posting them. The stone piece really caught my eye. It would be a wonderful applique pattern. I guess you already know that. I can’t wait to see where all this inspiration leads!

  2. Diana | 11th Jul 08

    Love these pictures – thanks for putting them up. Why, is that that just looking at them you know they are from Europe?
    I have enjoyed reading about Italy in your blog and now Britian! I hope that you have wonderful memories and put them on paper or in other form for your children and their children and so on………….
    I just finished a fabulous travel memoir titled Without Reservations. It is wonderful – she travels to Italy, France and Britian to find out who she is without the definition of her career. I highly recommend it. Wonderful, wondeful book.
    take care – working with charm packs of Dandelion Girl now – loving it! Thanks!

  3. brigette | 15th Jul 08

    i’m still swooning over your “door” pictures and now this. thank you show much for sharing with us. they are just beautiful. it made me feel like i was out for a little stroll myself, noticing all the lovely things around me!

  4. Jenny Forbis | 15th Jul 08

    What a wonderful snippet of your vacation you’ve shared with us. Sometimes we’re so intent on Big Pictures we forget the little delights! They are truly beautiful.

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