It’s Bag Day at Fig Tree!


I know most of you are here today to see who won the SPELL IT WITH FABRIC BLOG HOP… so let's get that out of the way first before I start talking to you about bags!

For the winner of the fat 1/8 bundle…

On 2/22 at 1:47 pm, Meredith said:

Anything made with you utterly beautiful fabrics will be amazing! I credit Fig Tree with changing my fabric palette from dark country to your stunning, fresh designs. I would love to see a fig tree quilt, with a centre medallion of a tree, or a basket quilt. Thanks for the constant inspiration and the chance to win!

Thanks Meredith for the awesome comments!


For the winner of the charm pack and bundle of mini charms…

Joanna, First, I really LOVE your website & visit often for inspiration. Your fabrics & patterns are some of my all time favorites. I'd love to see something with a "French Farm or French Farmhouse" theme. Perhaps an applique design with a view from a window looking out over a window box with flowers to the gentle rolling hills, quaint stone walls/fences, sheep, cypress trees, gardens, etc. A bike charming bicycle w/basket leaning against an old stone wall/fence. Two chairs with an umbrella in between looking over a low stone wall to rolling hills. Another idea is to do a line of houses/cottages. You could name them with unique names Rosewood Cottage. Another idea would be to do "signs". In Europe they have some beautiful shaped & scripted signs. It would be nice have a "customized" sign like 'Welcome to the Lynch Home' or some inspirational saying or greeting.
Laura sure has some awesome pattern ideas!

For the winners of the pattern idea contest…. well you will have to get back to me on that one or I will have to get back to you actually! Several of the ideas are actually patterns that we are already working on and there were so many other great ideas out there that I really want to have some time to go through them and see what I can do. It does surely sound like we will have to do some kind of a Fig Tree sampler in the near future!!

Oh… and I had to share one customer's work…. OMG- she really took her SPELL IT WITH FABRIC BLOG ALONG seriously!!



Photo-2 copy 3


Photo-2 copy

Susan, you're amazing!


Now that that is all taken care of, I wanted to share a few new BAG goodies with you. Our best selling ONE PIECE BAG is available today as a kit. With the exact fabrics as shown on the pattern!




 Click HERE for more info.

We also have a few EVERYDAY ZIPS kits in the classic grey and red combination…



And finally we have several of the HEXIES bag kits with the Honeysweet collection as seen on the cover of the pattern. One Honeycomb pack will make up to 5 HEXIE bags! Each kit contains a full Honeycomb pack, gusset fabric and inside snap [button is not included in the kit] as well as the pattern.






Click HERE for more info on any of the above.

And HERE is the link for all of our bag patterns. Special offer this weekend… buy any one of our printed bag patterns [kits and pdf patterns not included] and we will include another bag pattern in your order FOR FREE! Can't beat that.

Now I know that some people have been having a little bit of trouble figuring out how all those hexagons fit together to make the bag so as soon as I have my next fabric collection done [in the next 2 days], I will do a tutorial on the blog about how to put these little guys together. So be ready with your pattern and we will work through it together. Check back in with me before the end of the week… and then pester me if I haven't posted it yet :-)!

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  1. Nicola | 28th Feb 14

    So pleased to see Susan’s quilt on the blog – in all it’s Figgy loveliness – as I have been watching her progress on Instagram over the past few days! Good luck with the new fabric, we all so look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next: no pressure LOL!! x

  2. Rebecca Woods | 28th Feb 14

    I am so glad you are going to explain the hexi bags. I have the pattern and for the life of me can’t figure it out. :-). Thank you!!!

  3. | 28th Feb 14

    I just placed on order for bag patterns! Thanks so much for such a great offer– I’m SO EXCITED!!!! I crocheted my fingers off for xmas gifts last year…. this year, I’m sewing!!! 🙂 I requested my free pattern choices in the comments section of checking out– hope that’s alright? Wasn’t sure how else to do it. If you need any clarification, I’m Robin Chapa, and my email is

    THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joanna | 28th Feb 14

    Free patterns will be chosen based on what we have in stock. Thanks for understanding.

  5. Meredith | 28th Feb 14

    Wow! I cannot believe it! How absolutely fantastic that I have won, I just LOVE your fabric! How lucky, thank you SO MUCH!!

  6. Joanna | 28th Feb 14

    please email us your address!

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