Christmas Figs Quilt Along Giveaway … update

Hello Friends-

I am having so much fun reading all of your comments and so glad so many of your are doing the Quilt Along with Pat. It has been a crazy week for me with several major deadlines, some REALLY FUN projects coming up and some personal things that have rearranged my schedule completely.

Please give me until Monday… when I might just pick 2 winners… that’s the least I can do since I am late, right? Come back and see us then!



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  1. Cheryl Warstler | 21st Sep 18

    sounds fair to me!!!! LOL. take some time Joanna…I’ve got my fingers crossed!!!

  2. Teri Hackett | 21st Sep 18

    Ditto on that, Cheryl Warstler! My fingers are crossed too! Maybe we could share! Haha!

  3. Denise Benson | 21st Sep 18

    I just bought the book. I always love your fabric.

  4. teresamnj | 21st Sep 18

    Cool, we can wait a few more days! Especially is you’re picking two winners!!!

  5. Kathy | 21st Sep 18

    Thanks. I love everything that you do. I have your new book and bought your material to make it for Christmas. I also have another one of your books and kit to do it too. I have to get sewing. Waiting for results.

  6. Kathy Lambert | 22nd Sep 18

    No problem. Looking forward to Monday. Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. Kristy | 22nd Sep 18

    Take your time, we will be here. We all understand how life happens. AND your gifts are way beyond waiting for!

  8. Brenda | 22nd Sep 18

    Take all the time you need!

  9. Barbara Schneider | 22nd Sep 18

    I’ve already left a comment in keeping with the contest; however, on reflection I would truly have to say that I would save my vintage quilts. That is not in keeping with the responses needed to win a contest but is certainly my heart’s answer . I treasure the quilts of my two grandmothers and a beautiful quilt I received from an elderly church member. They all bring great joy to me. Take your time, have a cup of coffee, or adult beverage of your choice and read away!

  10. Vivian | 22nd Sep 18

    You know what they say, good things come to those who wait! Good to know that “life happens” to people in the industry just like to the folks at home!

  11. Patty Baptiste | 22nd Sep 18

    Happy Autumn!

    Your fabrics are an obsession of mine (along with my incredible grand daughter and my brand new – born 9-20-18 – grand nephew) but I am such a newbie that your quilt designs look a few years past my current skill level. And that’s okay with me because I get such joy out of your designs and colors. Obtaining your fabrics has proven to be a different story. My quilt store doesn’t carry your collections 🙁 and so I have purchased some through Etsy and some through Ebay. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • | 24th Sep 18

      Well you can definitely sign up for any of our more straight forward programs, like Charcoal and Cream which is an easier program. For yardage online, the Fat Quarter Shop always carries every single one of our collection as do many other online shops like Missouri Star, Shabby Fabrics, . Another great resource for older collections, is For an online search, your easiest way is to type in the name of the collection you are looking for and the words fig tree with it and many options will come up.

  12. Marsha | 22nd Sep 18

    Thank you, Joanna, for your generosity!

  13. Diane | 23rd Sep 18

    Take your time and enjoy reading and hopefully enjoying the fall weather.

  14. Stacy Ganga | 23rd Sep 18

    Cheryl Warstler and Teri Hackett that makes three of us…lol. My fingers are also crossed. I’ll wait!

  15. Patty Baptiste | 24th Sep 18

    Thanks so much for your suggestions!!!!!

  16. Laura Fisher | 29th Sep 18

    Just signed up for 2019 BOM, this will be my second year to do the BOM, wish I had discovered it long ago. Can’t wait for each envelope to arrive!

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