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Hello Fig Tree Friends! Have you heard that we are are about to start our first ever SEW ALONG?We will be doing one of our brand new patterns, just released this week… it is called CROCHET… even though it is obviously not crochet :-)… it is a quilt that is my personal ode to the gorgeous art of the granny square afghan! For as long as I can remember, I have loved the classic granny square afghan, each multi colored block on a black crocheted background… just love them. I have tried to learn how to crochet and knit and its just a NO GO for me LOL. Believe me I have tried on numerous occasions. So one day, I set out to design a quilt that felt like everything that I loved about that granny square afghan and this is that pattern. I will talk more about this each week as we work along together, but I really think that the best way to enjoy the process of this quilt is to work on it one by one or two by two and not try to power through it. Pretend that you are working on an actual afghan, one crocheted block at a time. So here below will be our schedule!
OFFICIAL CROCHET SEW ALONG SCHEDULE: We are going to take it slow and give people plenty of time to enjoy the process. Each one of these blocks is its own little masterpiece and we want to make sure that you are able to enjoy the process of each square so that you love your final “afghan” as much as we do! Each week as you complete the step, post a picture of your progress to the hashtag #crochetsewalong Each week we will choose a winner from the photos… and we have some fabulous prizes in store for you from MODA, from FAT QUARTER SHOP and of course from us at FIG TREE. There will be goodies, fabrics, gift certificates… oh my! Each week will be a new drawing and a new chance to win. Regardless of how quickly or how slowly you decide to go as long as you post a photo of your progress and it is within the parameters of that week, you will be entered to win the prize. Anyone can follow along of course on any social media, but we will only be choosing winners from the photos on Instagram.
… CROCHET on ivory background
We will have much more info on the prizes soon but here is the schedule. Each Friday following the “working time” we will choose and post the winner for that segment!
black CROCHET blocks…


We will give ourselves 2 weeks for this one. We will get our pattern, choose our fabrics and talk about background choices. We will talk about prints and solids and color!

June 7- June 13: CUT FABRIC

This week we will cut out at least 1 block… more if you have the time… and the whole quilt if you are totally committed!

June 14-June 20: MAKE A BLOCK

This week we will make our first block or at least one block!

June 21- June 27: MAKE 2 BLOCKS

This week we will make our second and third blocks or more!

June 28- July 4: MAKE 2 BLOCKS

This week we will make our fourth and fifth blocks or more!

July 5- July 11: MAKE 2 BLOCKS

This week we will make our sixth and seventh blocks or more!


At this point you will have decided if you want to make the full quilt or a smaller throw or a runner. Finish up your blocks by the end of this week.


Regardless of what size you have decided to do, we will be talking about putting together our finished quilt.


Show us your finish. There will be a special prize for anyone who has a quilt top ready for quilting by the 26th! That’s all the info for now. More coming soon. But for now, get your pattern and be ready to talk “FABRIC PULL”! Remember that we are figtreeandco on INSTAGRAM! So excited to do this with you guys!

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  1. Carolyn Solomon | 23rd May 19

    This is so exciting! I am anxious to get started and will order the pattern ASAP!

    • | 23rd May 19

      Glad to know you will be joining us!

  2. Ann | 23rd May 19

    I’ve always wanted a granny square afghan, but don’t know how to crochet either! Maybe this is my chance. Now to decide on the light background or black. Every time I look at the quilt I change my mind!

    • | 23rd May 19

      I know! its so hard to decide. Now I want to make one with a green or yellow background!

  3. Robin | 24th May 19

    Curious. We buy our pattern now. You mentioned talking about fabric choices and talking about background colors. Where are you talking about this? Not sure where the discussions for this will be.

    • | 24th May 19

      I will do that here on the blog. On tuesday I will have a post about fabric selection and backgrounds so you can tune in then!

  4. Karen | 24th May 19

    I love the colors of the crochet quilt shown. I want the same fabrics for my sew along and want to make sure I order the same fabrics as shown. Which bundle do I order?

    • | 24th May 19

      Not sure if you are looking at the black or the cream one but here is the scoop. A SEW ALONG assumes that everyone chooses their own fabrics. We do have a “rainbow crochet” bundle available in the shop right now but it probably wont last long because we only have a few dozen- you can pair those fabrics with black or ivory or any other color background. On tuesday when we talk fabric selection, we will also link to some other sources. You can of course also choose fabrics from your stash. If you want your quilt to look just like the cream version we showed, that is from our upcoming Scarlet & Sage collection which will not be due out in stores until October so you can’t really do that one and participate in the sew along now. Unless you would like to do two quilts… or one table runner or small throw now and the full one then in October when that fabric releases. I hope that answers all of your questions!

  5. Marcia | 24th May 19

    I remember those granny square afghans. Almost every house I went in had one over the back of the sofa or a chair. Thats just where I plan on putting mine. This sounds like a very fun project.

    • | 24th May 19

      I never had one, but always loved them. So I figured it was time to do something about in a quilty kind of way. Glad you are joining in!

  6. Marcia | 24th May 19

    I’m talking about the 70’s.

    • | 24th May 19

      I figured 🙂

  7. Bonnie | 24th May 19

    How long do we wait for the product code to unlock the pdf? I’m too excited to wait.

    • | 24th May 19

      If you purchased with a credit card, then it was sent to you right away but sometimes it goes to spam or junk since it a system generated email. If you ordered with PayPal, it might take a bit longer because someone has to manually unlock it. If you have any other questions, please email us. We don’t always see the comments here until much later. Thanks!

  8. Karen | 24th May 19

    where do we buy the pattern at?

    • | 24th May 19

      On the featured page of our shop!

  9. Diana | 25th May 19

    Really looking forward this QAL!
    Pattern is ordered & I will be going through my Figgy fabric stash for this one.
    This I’ll be a light colored spring/summer quilt.
    Thank you for allowing plenty of time in the schedule. I will definitely need it!

    • | 26th May 19

      Glad you are joining in! I figured if we gave ourselves a bit more time, we would actually increase our changes of moving forward!

  10. Susan S. | 25th May 19

    Looking forward to this sew along and Thanks for the extra time!

    • | 26th May 19

      So glad you are joining us. I figured it was good to go at a pace that people can actually keep up with!

  11. Rhonda | 28th May 19

    I have never participated in a “block of the month sew along”, but this one I love! I do crochet and love this granny square quilt! I hope I can get organized and find the time to do this!

  12. Angelia May | 29th May 19

    I love the look. My grandmother always crocheted granny square afghans. When I was pregnant I requested an orange, yellow and white one. Yes, it was 1974. :). I may have to attempt this.

  13. Michele | 7th Jun 19

    I have my fabric, I have the pattern and I printed out the weekly schedule so I can keep up with getting what needs to be done for submitting pictures to #crochetsewalong. Since I have never participated in your sewalongs I am curious how this one works? Do we just follow the schedule on our own and post pictures or will you be posting something each week before we post pictures of our progress? Do we look here on the blog or at #crochetsewalong? Thanks

  14. Dianne Huling | 14th Jun 19

    I am looking forward to making the crochet quilt. In the process of going through my stash, I found some Fig Tree fabric that was tied together and had a tag with it that said – Somerset, CFKIT 20230-1. That’s all the information I have about what is apparently a kit. There is no pattern with it. I’m hoping that you might be able to give me some more information to help me to identify this kit and/or tell me what pattern went with it. Thank you for your help in this matter.
    Dianne Huling

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