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While wandering around Chelsea in London, I found one of the places I have loved for years without ever having been there. I have the books, browse the sites and the store was just, if not more, magical. An entire wall of pillows, racks of fabrics, dozens of vignettes. Wonderful ideas for home and children and office. I think I spent 2 hrs in there just looking around.

The Designer's Guild founded by Tricia Guild was a treasure trove of visual goodies. 

Unfortunately they wouldn't allow me to take any pictures indoors so most of these shots are from the outside windows. But I figured these were better than nothing…



Talk to you soon.

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  1. robin | 10th Dec 09

    Oh my god….that’s all I can say…OMG

  2. Kaye Prince | 10th Dec 09

    Gorgeous! This definitely seems like a place I’d like to visit too!

  3. Anita | 10th Dec 09

    Wow that looks like a great shop. Do they sell they any mid-weight cottons that could be used for quilting? My husband is from London and we visit his family every other year. We are due for a trip next year. Last time I visited a quilt shop in Seven Oaks in Surrey. I would really love to visit quilt shop near Kew Gardens this trip. I’m wondering if I should add this shop to my list of shops to visit.

  4. amber | 10th Dec 09

    Wow. That looks like an AMAZING place! How did you get such beautiful pictures just from standing out side!?! Lucky you to go to such a wonderful place.

  5. Lorraine | 10th Dec 09

    I love DG !!
    I worked nearby many moons ago & used stroll up to the shop after work & drool on the windowpane !!

  6. Miss Jean | 10th Dec 09

    Thanks for continually taking us all on your many adventures. We get to see places we normally wouldn’t get to.

    Have a blessed holiday season.

    (p.s. how is the broken leg on the munchkin coming along?)

  7. Joanna | 10th Dec 09

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Anita submitted a comment on Designers Guild

    They mostly do decorator weight fabrics for the homes. But its still a beautiful place to be.

    Happy Sewing,


  8. Brittany | 10th Dec 09

    Thanks for sharing your eye candy. Great pics & inspiration.

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