Whimsy Fresh Kits…

Do you remember these yummies?



Or these?

Stackof quilts


We wrote a bit about them in the fall when the fabrics were first shown to the wholesale trade at the Houston Quilt Market. We were so happy to report that folks just couldn't seem to get enough of the colors, the beautiful feel and the soft texture of them! 

It shouldn't have surprised us so much, I guess, because all three of our munchkins started fighting over the rolls of Snuggles the moment the MODA boxes were opened up. Now I'd like to say that I get that reaction every time a new collection arrives in the studio… but alas, no!


as we have said before, we leave most of the business of selling fabric to our distributors and to the wonderful fabric shops who faithfully carry all of our collections year after year. However once in a while we love to offer a kit or a special product that we have created just for you, directly from us. This is one of those days. We just couldn't resist those Snuggle fabrics & all of your requests for a kit using them.

So we have kitted our very popular Whimsy Fresh pattern, choosing the main quilt in the pattern and have a few of the kits available for you…

It includes absolutely everything you need- back, side and front!

Perfect for kids of any age or even for you. I have to tell you that my kids, ages 5-12, the older being boys, fight over this quilt several times a week to see who will get to snuggle with it on the couch. Even the 12 year old doesn't care about the ruffle… hope none of his friends read my blog. But then they would have to admit that they read my blog… so I think he is safe!

To top if off we have a special offer that we worked out with our quilter extraordinaire, Diana Johnson.

If you purchase the kit, piece the very simple quilt and send it back to us, she will quilt if for you exactly the way she quilted this one. In fact if you like, she will add the ruffle and bind it as well!  Can you imagine!?!

To quilt the top exactly as seen in the pattern in her signature overall feather pattern, outline the applique……. $80 [price includes the price of shipping the quilt back to you, domestic US only]

To quilt the top exactly as seen in the pattern in her signature overall feather pattern, outline the applique, add the ruffle to the edge and bind the quilt so it is completely finished…..$125 [price includes the price of shipping the quilt back to you, domestic US only]

Thank you Diana for your special offer! We appreciate you so much.
If you are would like to be put on the list for Diana's offer, just let us know when you purchase your kit & we will send you the necessary information.

We have some new pattern pics to show you this week.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. happy zombie | 8th Feb 10

    OHMYGOODNESS! I can actually SEE the softness of the Snuggle in you photos. Along with the beautiful colors… I think my head might just spin off!

  2. elizabeth | 8th Feb 10

    That is so super cute and since I’m well acquainted with Diana’s skills, that’s an AMAZING offer!

  3. pam | 8th Feb 10

    Diana does an amazing job so it will be perfection, so cute and so well done!!!

  4. Joanna | 8th Feb 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] elizabeth submitted a comment on Whimsy Fresh Kits…

    I thought so too! She has the best deals around I tell you. And to think that when someone at our local school told me about a local quilter, I thought to myself, how good could she be. Oh the horror if I hadnt gone to check her out. Love her!

  5. Camille Roskelley | 9th Feb 10

    I want one! Snuggling up on the couch in one of these must be divine. Smart boys you’ve got there.

    And yep, Diana’s work is amazing!

    Gorgeous. All of it!

  6. Joanna | 9th Feb 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Camille Roskelley submitted a comment on Whimsy Fresh Kits…

    Personally, I think both of your boys need one so get busy girlfriend. We could change the flowers into circles or stars?! LOL. Because I am sure you dont have enough other stuff to do.


  7. Blankets | 12th Feb 10

    These are some super cool quilts I have come across. I have heard a lot about Diana’s skills and I can see why she is so well-known. 🙂

  8. Brittany Davis | 12th Feb 10

    Very snuggly! My little boys love softy blankets. Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  9. Kathryn | 13th Feb 10

    I saw this post the other day went wild!!! I’m so excited to see snuggle fabrics in this kit, now as soon as I’m able…I’m going to purchase, I can’t wait!!!
    Your right there will be lots of fighting for this one, I’ll make sure I figure out some way to incorporate those delicious snuggle fabrics into quilts (9 of them, and 8 are boys) for my children! Your a wonder!!
    I would have commented sooner, but we lost power for 4 days *blek*!

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