Fig Tree Goes Grunge!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m excited about today’s blog post because I get to show you something new to the Fig Tree shop. Over the years, many of you have reached out to me to ask which Moda Grunges coordinate best with Fig Tree fabrics. I’m happy to announce that I can finally answer that question for you!

For those of you who love Grunge, I don’t really need to say any more. But if you’re new to quilting or just haven’t heard of Moda’s Grunge collection, here’s a little background info from our friends at Moda:

“If you’re not familiar with Grunge, it’s a unique fabric that is dyed first, then printed on one side to create a unique, textured look.  While the printing is the same for all Grunge fabrics, the final look of them can vary widely depending on the number of colors applied, the subtlety or contrast of those colors, and so on.” (Find the rest of the blog post HERE.)

The Grunge collection was created by Basic Grey designer Rachel Benchley, and she usually adds at least a few new Grunge colors with every collection. At this point, there are almost as many Grunge colors as there are Bella solids. Well, maybe not quite as many, but it definitely felt like it as I went through the whole line up to pick the Grunges that coordinate best with my fabrics! I wanted to get a range of colors to create a Grunge take on the classic Fig Tree rainbow, so in the end, I settled on several creams, a light yellow, wheat/warm orange, green, aqua, blue, mauve, red, coral, and peach.

Here are the Grunges that I picked:

  • White Paper
  • Manila
  • Cream
  • Peach Nectar
  • Papaya Punch
  • Geranium
  • Blush
  • Decadent
  • Feldspar
  • Heritage Blue
  • Lemon Grass
  • Elafin

Don’t they look yummy all stacked up together?

I admit that I had a specific project in mind when I was pulling together this bundle! I really wanted to create a Grunge bundle that could be used to put a slightly modern spin on my Popsicles quilt. I just thought that pattern in particular would work really well with Grunges. I recolored Popsicles with the Grunges in this bundle to test my theory, and I really like the result!

What do you think?

My “Fig Tree Goes Grunge” bundles are available now in my shop! You can find them HERE. Each bundle includes (12) 1/2 yd. cuts of the Moda Grunge fabrics listed above for a total of (6) yards of fabric—enough for your own Grunge Popsicles quilt or any other project you have in mind!

If you’ve been waiting for a Fig Tree-inspired bundle of Grunges, I hope that this bundle has been worth the wait…and if you’ve never sewn with Grunge before, I hope you’re inspired to give it a try.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Melanie | 10th Jul 20

    Thank you for this! I have trouble choosing grunge colors online! You need to see it in person to really pick the perfect one.

  2. Deb Belcourt | 10th Jul 20

    I’m absolutely loving these grunge fabrics to combine them with your fabric lines. These are gorgeous! 😍 I use grunge many times in my quilts! Why? I feel it adds another texture & depth to your quilts!
    Thank you Joanna for adding these beautiful grunge fabrics! I look forward to seeing these.

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