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Well… its here…. 2008! I’m assuming that this might find you cleaning & organizing, planning, sorting & recycling [can you believe the amount of trash that Christmas & the holiday season seem to generate? Its unbelievable with three little kids I tell you!] thinking about starting afresh and ofcourse making those infamous… RESOLUTIONS!!

Here too at the Fig Tree Studios we are cleaning & organizing, doing inventory & making resolutions both personal & professional. I thought I might share a few of them with all of you…

Resolution #1: Regular walks alone. For me walks provide a few very necessary elements to the creative process- quiet, nature, time to think & reflect and did I already mention… quiet.

Resolution #2: Keep the offices organized. It all looks and feels so clean right now and I just LOVE it. But with all of the people in and out- the patterns coming & going, the fabric yardage, the scraps, the projects, the strikeoffs, the books, the sketches…. etc…. etc…. it doesn’t take long for it all to got to —- in a hand basket as they say. Hey we are even considering hiring one of those closet organizers to make sure that our space is being used in the most possible efficient way. I have to tell you that it is easier to work when everything is organized.
However, the thing I love organizing the most…. my fabric! Now that helps me to really work!

Resolution #3: Learn how to use Flickr [if anyone wants to assist me with that particular one… please, please email me]

Resolution #4: Spend time painting each week. Working on painting on a somewhat regular schedule seems to be quite elusive for me. I have relly been inspired by Barbara’s resolution last year of “a doodle a day”, just to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll see how it goes. I think maybe it will have to be “a doodle a week” for me…

Resolution #5: Add some tutorials to the blog.

We’ll share some more later.

We still have a day left on our After Christmas Sale where we have been happy to pack up & send out loads of Christmas related patterns. I hope all of you are enjoying them.
All the Jelly Rolls were gone the first day…. sorry for the short supply & large demand but we do still have several handles left and ofcourse we always have patterns!

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Sandi Henderson | 1st Jan 08

    Oh I can help you on the flickr part. I’m not a “flickr giant” but I think I’ve finally figured out how it all works. 😉 Give me a call!


  2. Jackie | 1st Jan 08

    I can help you with flickr…next time I see you. Great resolutions – it always helps to put them in print!!

  3. Laurie | 6th Jan 08

    Hi Joanna! I need to get more organized, as well…..I love all your aspirations for the new year! Go check out my bird/nest pillow!
    Cheers, Laurie~

  4. Bari | 21st Feb 08

    Did you figure out Flickr yet? We’ve all got you covered on that one, I think. Let me know if you still need help. See you soon!

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