French General

During my jaunt to Long Beach I had the great opportunity to take one little side jaunt to a little place that I had wanted to visit for such a very long time. So after we walked the show, I put my vintage fabric goodies in the trunk of the car [I’ll have to show you those another time], my MODA colleagues in the front [they wouldn’t fit in the trunk :-)] and then… picture this…. I rolled down the top of my RED CONVERTIBLE rental car and headed out toward Hollywood!  Okay, if that doesn’t give you a visual…. I don’t know what will! So here we are, navigating the infamous LA freeway system, that’s right, let me just say it again, in a RED CONVERTIBLE…. could we have been any more Southern California?  I don’t think so!! Anyway, but I am losing my train of thought with that whole… did I mention a RED CONVERTIBLE?…. okay, sorry I digress…

Anyway, we arrived at our destination, a tiny faded pink California bungalow, just one little turn north of Sunset Blvd. smushed in between a new hotel construction site and a parking lot I believe. I must admit we were a bit nervous that our trip had been in vain & that no one was there but once we pushed aside the overgrown bogunvilla, pressed the “entre” button and were let in by a charming lady, we knew we were indeed in the right place. We had entered the tiny shop known as French General, the shop, studio and workshops of Kaari Meng [you won’t want to miss her sweet blog, “Daily Vignettes” either]. As soon as we entered, it felt like we had stepped into another world, a place of wonderful vintage French fabrics, of notions and buttons and ribbons and lace. A place that smelled heavenly of lavender and roses, filled to the brim with amazing inspiration… the colors, the vignettes, the dozens and dozens of jars filled with the most beautiful little things….  words won’t do much good to describe the little oasis that is French General so let me show a few pictures. 
Disclaimer:  I apologize for the shots. I forgot my camera at home & had to borrow just a simple automatic from my friends. Hopefully with a little of Photoshop work, these will show you even just a glimmer of the prettiness there…..


And if you don’t know about French General, then personally I think you are missing something really special. Take a look at her current book, A French Inspired Home or read about her new book, about to be out in book stores, Homesewn-press the “Journey Ahead” button to read more about it. Hopefully you will be hearing a lot more from me about Kaari in the months to come….

Talk to you soon.

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  1. brigette | 7th Aug 08

    thanks for sharing your little adventure with us. and your convertible matched most of the little shop! must have been a thematic day… makes me want to hop into my nonred, nonconvertible, and drive to hollywood and hang out in that shop. i’ll definitely go there next time i head to socal.
    have a great rest of your week… and a wonderful weekend.

  2. Mary | 7th Aug 08

    Before I read any of your post and just saw the pictures, I knew you were talking about French General and I was so excited. I happened upon her book just a few weeks ago (yes, I am quite late to this party) and have been enchanted ever since. Thanks for the link to her blog.

    Oh … the red convertible sounds sweeeet.

  3. Susan | 8th Aug 08

    My green eyes just got greener with envy. How I love to fall into the pages of the French Inspired Home and you got to see it up close and personal. What a lucky chick you are to be able to see all that Kaari has to offer, don’t you just adore her displays?? Great inspiration to take home with you, have fun with that.

  4. Diana | 9th Aug 08

    Again, thank you so much for taking the time to post these amazing and so beautiful pictures.
    I have to say that today I had a yard sale to pass all of my country collectibles, small furnishings and other items on to new owners so I can decorate in a Fresh Vintage way! Cannot wait to go pick out my buttercream paint color!
    I must pick up her book and will study these pictures until my eyes are blurry. Love the colors and the way they compliment one another.
    So glad your enjoyed your joy ride – sounds like an amazing day! 🙂

  5. liz | 10th Aug 08

    Oooh, YUM! I have read about French General. I would love to visit! Luck girl!

  6. Tammy | 11th Aug 08

    French General AND a red convertible?!?! What a dream!!

  7. brandy | 11th Aug 08

    I am wondering if you have an variations of the summertime stars quilt by fig tree quilts. I see you sell the pattern on your store. Any information would be helpful. I love that star!

  8. Karen N | 11th Aug 08

    Oh my goodness what a fabulous shop!!! Thanks for the photos. Isn’t it just fantastic when you find these little gems of places (in a red convertable)? How could you bear to leave? I would have spent hours just wandering around the shop and probably finding something different each time. The red and white looks so divine.

  9. Tif | 12th Aug 08

    what a great place! thank you for sharing that!!

  10. Julie Stewart | 31st Aug 08

    Joanna, what a wonderful place. I can’t wait until my next trip to so cal, so I can have a little adventure there! Julie

  11. Deena | 29th Oct 08

    My favorite fall thing…pumpkin spice latte! Sipping it warms me through and brings all my memories of carving pumpkins, baking pies, playing in leaves, watching trees turn their beautiful colors back to me! LOVE your pictures!!!! LOVE you new pattern for the scarves and the little cakes!

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