Fresh Vintage #14 is out the door!

So our newest issue of Fresh Vintage… issue #14, has finally started to ship. We have all of the auto shipments out and most of the stores and distributors out the door as of yesterday morning! Halleluiah!

Now this was definitely a labor of love this time around, I tell ya. Haven't had this many snags with the printing and delivery of a pattern for quite a while. But its all done so its all good and we're MOVING ON, as my husband says.


For those of you who have been asking and emailing, the infamous tree skirt from the previous post is the secondary pattern in this issue. 

We have a limited amount of these patterns available at this time  [don't ask] so if you are dieing for one, you might want to grab one now and start working on those wonderful little baskets or a tree skirt for next year!


As I've said probably at least a dozen times before [btw, at what age is okay to start repeating your stories? My dad uses that excuse & I am just wondering if I can start using it?], I just LOVE basket quilts. Not sure I have ever really disliked one, but really love how this one turned out.

It is a truly scrappy quilt. We used a combination of our current Mill House Inn line, the upcoming Whimsy collection and snippets of Patisserie here and there. I love the result. The main quilt is a bit softer, staying away from the deeper tones in those lines and focusing on some of the softer and medium options. The other version replaces the softer, cream based prints with a variety of those delicious plums from Mill House. So… two different looks just to show you what one color substitution might do for the overall feel of the quilt.


Among other things, the issue also includes a fantastic simple pan apple cake recipe… a variation on a recent SUNSET magazine recipe. We have been eating these for Saturday breakfasts lately and that's really saying a lot around here because I usually don't bake. 
This recipe is quick and simple and given that it is chalk full of eggs and apples and not a lot of sugar, it qualifies as breakfast for both us and the munchkins! Yum, yum, yum.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. Sinta Renee | 15th Dec 09

    Oh Joanna! I’ve got mine! And I never met a basket block that I didn’t like also! You have put temptation in my hands… and right before Christmas! The quilt is beautiful and the tree skirt looks very “doable”… maybe a project for tonight?!!

  2. Stephanie | 15th Dec 09

    Thanks to you I’ve already ordered it! Not only do I love the tree skirt but I love all things baskets!!!

  3. amber | 15th Dec 09

    Oh I love that quilt. It is beautifuil and I really need that pattern. I will have to order it. It’s beautiful!

  4. sherri | 15th Dec 09

    I love the tree skirt and…love, love, love the basket quilt on the cover!

  5. Kathryn | 16th Dec 09

    You spoil us! I’m loving it!!!

  6. Dianne | 16th Dec 09

    Can’t wait!!!

  7. Miss Jean | 16th Dec 09

    Yea, a new Fresh Vintage!! I can’t wait to get my issue and see how the skirt is made. I saw the recipe in Sunset and had planned on making it for the grandson’s. Thanks for the reminder.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  8. Brittany | 16th Dec 09

    Beautiful. I will have to add this to my ever-growing collection of Fig Tree patterns. Thanks. I just finished the Madeline wall hanging pattern. It’s so darn cute! And came together in a jiffy.

  9. mary | 20th Dec 09

    I LOVE THE TREE SKIRT!!! You simply MUST make it into a pattern because I want to make one for me!!(if it’s already a pattern then I missed the memo…) It is so simple and just darling! (I really like all the pics you took of it too) 🙂
    have a great holiday season!

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