We are eagerly anticipating the shipment of our brand new Christmas collection any day now from MODA and to say that we are excited would be an understatement. It came out so good you guys!

I know it feels so strange to be talking about Christmas in the middle of the summer but that is the way of the fabric world. Christmas fabric needs to arrive to shops during the summer so that everyone can plan and prepare for the holiday madness at the end of the year.

So CHRISTMAS STITCHED is due to arrive here sometime soon and one of the ways we are celebrating is with this simple throw quilt that utilizes the stitchery panel in the collection. This is what the “panel” fabric looks like below. It is running yardage with a few of the main stitchery panels and a bunch of individual motifs as well as an alphabet in each “set” which is about ⅝ yd. of a yard “each” panel set.

It comes in a red and green version as well but we focused on the red and white one for our pattern.

Using two “sets” of the panel images, we have made up a simple pattern for you to use. If you are a shop, please feel free to use this to make kits or hold in store promotions. Click on image below to download PDF pattern.

I hope you enjoy the freebie, have some fun and create something beautiful and simple all at the same time. Meanwhile… here’s to waiting for Christmas!


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  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs | 29th Jul 22

    Oooh, beautiful!! Can’t wait to see this line in the stores!!

    • | 3rd Aug 22

      Me too!!

  2. Ann | 31st Jul 22

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some Christmas Stitched fabric! Thank you for the pattern!

    • | 3rd Aug 22

      Me too. So excited and eagerly anticipating it!

  3. Karen Calloway | 6th Aug 22

    Is there going to be a kit for this quilt with instructions?

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