It’s here! Our FINAL week in the FRUIT SALAD SEW ALONG. This week, it’s all about ASSEMBLY! No matter which project you chose to work on, here is where it all comes together!

You may have decided to create one of the seven different fruit patterns featured at the front of the FRUIT SALAD book. These include:

  • Cherries Jubilee
  • Pears in a Row
  • Pineapple Picnic (classic yellow) or Pineapple Fields (multi, honeybun-friendly)
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Candy Apples
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Orange Blossoms

You may have, instead, followed along with us in the Facebook Group and joined Susan in making the FRUIT SALAD SAMPLER to get a taste of ALL the different fruit, daisy, and leaf blocks. More on that below!

In addition, there are several other BONUS PROJECTS in the book, including:

  • Lemon Squares Table Topper
  • Americana Pie Table Topper
  • Ambrosia Table Runner
  • Fruit Wreath Pillow … I made a cherries version, pic below, to celebrate the sew along with you!

Lastly, we also included several *other* BONUS PROJECTS throughout the sew along. Details for these can be found within each week’s featured fruit blog post! Some brand new, and some made by freshening up an older pattern!

Hint of the Week

If you are working on the FRUIT SALAD SAMPLER, ensure you follow the instructions for how many of each sized block to create in order to ensure your vertical rows all measure the same dimensions when you begin assembly. Not all of the fruit blocks are interchangeable, though many are.

Your [b] sashing pieces can be made from a variety of low volume, cream scraps. The more variety you add here, the more visual interest your quilt will have. Have fun, and don’t overthink it too much.

Special Project

Be sure to come visit our blog TOMORROW for another FRUIT SALAD related super fun project from Lacey! HINT: it uses mini fruit blocks again and it is pretty fabulous and a fruit themed GIVEAWAY.

Meet the Maker

Susan from the @thefeltedpear worked on the FRUIT SALAD SAMPLER quilt throughout the sew along. You may remember reading about how she organizes herself for a sew along in our introductory blog post. It’s worth a re-read! She is back sharing photos of her flimsy with us! Check out this beauty!!

Susan’s Sampler finish with just the red border.

Look at those blocks sparkle with all of that lovely, low volume goodness.

Sew Along Wrap Up

It has been incredibly heartwarming to know how many of you have decided to sew along with us to celebrate my new FRUIT SALAD book. Whether you followed one of the patterns within the book, or used the single fruit “ingredients” patterns to create something brand new – I applaud you! I hope this book continues to bring you creative joy for years to come!

We will be sharing some special GIVEAWAYS in our Facebook Group (search: Fig Tree Quilts Friends) and on INSTAGRAM so be sure to check both and enter to win!


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  1. Linda stewart | 26th May 23

    I have made four projects with the delightful Fruit Cocktail fabrics. Blue pineapples still my favorite! I haven’t had so much fun with fabric in quite a while. Thank you !

  2. Linda Pennington | 31st May 23

    I am making the Cherry blocks and having a problem with the leaves. Where can I get help with this?

    • | 31st May 23

      Feel free to email me a specific pattern question anytime.
      There are no changes or corrections to this pattern.
      Make sure you are trimming the squares, have cut correctly and are facing the pieces in the correct direction. A few of the background squares are different sizes to create different size blocks.

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